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2011-12-30 :

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Back in 2003 my wonderful mixed shepard got really sick, I spent thousands at another clinic, my pet sitter ( Camp K-9) suggested Dr. Nunn, I had already had an ultra sound done on the dog but they couldn't find his adrenal glands. Dr's placed him on predisone and he is now over 10 years old. They were the blessing in our life. I don't live in Tucson any longer but often think of making an appt and taking him back as he is now a low thyroid patient as well. I believe they would give him the absolute best care in the world, and he is worth it. They also were more affordable then that other vet. They don't have a big fancy building but they offer excellent care. --butte50
2009-11-03 I'd rather fight than switch
Am I dating myself with the slogan of an old cigarette (nasty things) commercial?
Maybe, but it's true. I would not switch vets for anything. I have been taking my three dogs and their sister feline to Suffolk Hills since I moved to AZ in 2000. Before that, I ran a racehorse rehab and breeding facility in NJ for over 20 years. I have extensive experiences with top notch veterinarians and those at Suffolk Hills are no less. They are skilled, friendly, caring and compassionate. Not included on my previous line-up of current pets are a dog and a cat that have passed on. Both situations were dealt with as well as anyone could hope for in a time of grief. Unlike some other places I have been, the staff not only love animals, but are "people persons" as well. Do not hesitate to choose Suffolk Hills for pets needs.
Ellen G. --guest
When I had to find the phone number for the Suffolk Hills Pet clinic--since  somehow it got zapped from my phone memory when I changed phones--I noticed some negative comments about the practice and Dr. Nunn.  I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to Drs. Nunn and Koskie for their personal attention to both of my cats over the years.

After various tests to determine the matter with my one cat, test showed cancer, and he had to be euthanized.  The office charges a very minimal cost for that service, considering how the pet owner's attachment to their pets.  I even received a condolences card the next day from the entire office staff.  Everyone there has always shown great compassion toward the pets and owners.
" --guest
2009-07-24 Dr. Nunn is great!
I have a 3-year old German Shepherd who is reactive at the vet, as he does not like strangers touching him.  I have him muzzled, but he can be very reactive. Our last vet did not handle him well and added to the stress. I was referred to Dr. Nunn by a friend and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!  My dog is still wary, but we managed to get his vaccinations without any sedation or reactive behavior. Dr. Nunn (and his staff) treat us like any other client and are not the least bit put off by this difficult patient. I am optimistic that one day vet visits will not be an issue at all!  Thank you Dr. Nunn and staff for the sensitivity, concern, and wonderful care you give! --guest
2009-06-13 Marybob
The staff and vets at Suffolk Hills are some of the best I've encountered in the 20+ years I have been a pet owner.  We had to put our precious beagle to sleep last summer after Suffolk Hills did everything their power to help him.  He was elderly, had developed congestive heart failure and more than likely had some type of cancer.  Dr. Koski was the most wonderful, caring person throughout this ordeal, as was the staff.  I was hysterical, my husband was very upset, and they were very understanding and caring - the front office told us to go ahead and come back at another date to pay our bill.  Both of us appreciated that more than they will ever know.  Of course, my husband drove to Suffolk Hills the next day and paid our bill.  We returned about a week later to pick up our precious baby's remains.  

I now another precious sweetheart dog, and he has been to "visit" Dr. Koski for checkups, vaccinations and the like.  Not only did she remember who I was and what I had been through, but was thrilled that we are able to open our hearts to another dog.  

Like I said, I have experienced several vets and offices over the years, and I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. --guest
2009-06-11 Best VET I know of
I Took my Boxer to Dr. Nunn for an ear crop and he was the nicest Vet I ever met. He talked to us for over 30mins on what I needed to do and what I could expect. He even told me things that my regular vet never told me. I like the staff at his office and just like a human doctors office you have to wait to be seen. I know no one likes to wait but that’s part of life. I can't see Dr.Nunn being RUDE. He was the nicest guy I've met in  a long time. I would recommend him to everyone I know. " --guest
2009-05-14 Appalied?
I have have taken my dogs to Dr. Nunn for several years and have had the heart ache of losing one there as well. The experience is overwhelming. I understand how a customer could have hard feelings about dealing with the process, but to single out a person to blame is just wrong! There are no "power hungry" people working there - they all love pets and are also heart broken when they lose a pet, but they have to do there job. How do you think they feel when they have to discuss the "bill" Jayne? Probably not so good - but it is their job. When I lost my dog - they cried with me, but we still had to deal with the bill!
Dr Nunn, Dr. Koski and the entire team working there are people who care about pets and people too!
" --guest
2009-03-16 I was and am appalled by Dr. Nunn no
On 2/3/09 our precious Siberian Husky collapsed. He was bleeding internally from a recent surgery (not done there.) Suffolk Hills is about 3 minutes from us so we rushed him there. It was obvious he was dying and in pain, so we had him euthanized. It was traumatic for my husband and me. The second we walked out of the exam room, a girl named Linda behind the counter said, "That will be $191.75." She did not state that would include the cremation, and I became upset, as we aren't wealthy people. We both were thinking that the $191.75 was only for the euthanasia and that in a couple of days we'd have to come up with over $100 more. We've never had a dog cremated before...I pulled out my checkbook and wrote a check, as I had done before when we used them.  I was talking to my husband, telling him that I didn't know how we were going to pay that much (talking about this money plus more for the cremation), and apparently this girl, Linda, heard part of our private conversation.  She had a strange look on her face.  The last words I said to her, looking her straight in the eyes, was, "This check IS good."  The Vet came by at that time and I asked when Dawson's remains would be back and she stated 7 days.  We went home. On the 7th day I called to see if he was back. I was told, "No, he isn't back yet, but we'll call you."  The woman sounded odd, and my intuition told me something was wrong. I called the next morning and asked for the crematory's telephone number. I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes, and then a woman came back and said, "He's still here. We're waiting for your check to clear." I became very upset, crying and asking why they didn't tell me. I was not rude, though. I hung up wondering why, since I had used them before, they had decided to do this.  Later that day I went there. What I discovered is that the girl, Linda, had told Dr. Nunn that she had a 'feeling' that our check wasn't good. This girl is young and apparently power hungry. I will say that I like all of the other people who work there, and they all sided with us, but I am disappointed that they didn't stand up for me.  Dr. Nunn talked with me for a while in an exam room after I insisted on seeing him, but it took him over 30 minutes to admit that this shouldn't have happened. He did offer to go ahead and send Dawson to be cremated, but then we would be looking at yet another 7 days-15 in all.  I told him no, came home and called The Pet Cemetary of Tucson and had them go and pick him up. What I am so very disappointed about is that 1. This young 'girl' has way too much influence over Dr. Nunn  2. The other ladies did not tell Dr. Nunn that I had written checks before and that they had no problems  3. It taking Dr. Nunn so long to apologize, and 4. This young, power hungry girl still works there and is subject to doing this to someone else.  Not to mention that when we left the room where our Baby Boy was dead she showed no sympathy AT ALL.  I am still very upset. Have never written a bad check in my life.  I'm sure you who adore Dr. Nunn will have comments to make, trying to make this my fault, but before you do, call and talk to one of the other ladies who work there. They will verify my story as completely true.  My name is Jayne Butler. I am still very angry at Dr. Nunn, and cannot seem to get past it.  By the way, if they were that worried about my check, our bank is only 2/10ths of a mile from their office, or they could have called me the next morning and I would have taken cash to them. I think Dr. Nunn has lost his compassion and control of his office.  I would never recommend him to anyone.  By the way, The Pet Cemetary of Tucson is incredible. Love those ladies. " --guest
2008-11-20 Dr. Nunn Rude...Never!
I have been taking my dogs to Dr. Nunn for over 25 years.  He is always professional, knowledgable, and kind. I always wished that I could find a pediatrician for my children that was as helpful and thoughtful as Dr. Nunn.  I was shocked to read the "rude" comment, and agree with the other contibutors that the comment has no credibility since it is so out of sync with the reality of Dr. Nunn's practice." --guest
2008-10-28 Dr. Nunn Rude?
I can only guess what the dog's owner must have been like to think Dr. Nunn is rude. Perhaps he should have put the muzzel on the 'guest' who was too ashamed to sign her name. I have NEVER in my life met a more empathetic person. Twenty years ago, I called his clinic for the first time. They had just closed for the day but I told them my little girls rabbit had eaten something and was now having convulsions and looked like it was dying. They stayed open for me and worked on this little rabbit for two hours, putting charcoal down to it's little stomach. My little girl was with me and she was so upset. Dr. Nunn saved this little rabbit and my little girls heart. I was ready to pay anything, but when the bill was $35 I almost cried myself.  Who ever heard of a vet undercharging to that extreme? I still take my animals to him. One of my dogs scares even me when she is around other people. Dr. Nunn just pets her and talks to her...Not afraid in the slightest.  Dr. Nunn is an angel.  Becky" --guest
2008-09-17 Love them!
when our 3 1/2 year old German Shepard was bit by a rattle snake, all of the staff were completely gentle and understanding to what a traumatic experience this is. The Dr's were able to save our puppy and for very reasonable price! I now also have a great dane puppy that sees the suffolk hill staff and they love and cherish our pets just as they should each time we are there!" --guest
2008-08-15 good treatment
Re: Rude to Customer.  Given the years we have taken 3 different dogs to Dr. Nunn, the only way I can fathom that he "snapped" at a dog owner is that she had him by the shirt front and he was protecting himself.  This vet is one of the most empathetic, conscientious practitioners I've ever come across.  He cried as we did when we had to put one of our pets to sleep.  To report that he is short tempered or unsympathetic only makes me question the word of someone who says so.  Clearly the whole story was not told.
C. Boswell" --guest
  From the first time our Cocker Spaniel(Alexander) went to Dr.Nunn as a puppy until now we have experienced nothing but great care and compassion (for both Alexander and us his parents). As a care provider there is a line that can't be crossed for the safety of both the animal and Doctor. Even our mild mannered Alexander crossed that line once and needed to be muzzeled. To this day Dr. Nunn treats Alexander and they get along fabulously which makes the 40 mile round trip worth it. So don't blame the Doctor when they DO know far more than you or I about animal care and the safety of all." --guest
I have been a client at Suffolk Hills Pet Clinic for many years and have found the staff to be ethically sophisticated, completely competent and able to administer proper care and diagnoses and all around kind hearted individuals. Just remember that it is an owners' responsibility to  socialize their animal, and recognize when their otherwise friendly pet may become a hazard to the staff (especially if the animal has anxiety about going to the office) and take steps to secure the safety of their animal and everyone in the office by providing an appropriate mode of restraint (i.e. a leash and possibly a muzzle). Just because FeeFee bit the Doctor on accident doesn't mean you can't be sued. By helping create a positive and safe environment you're not only being aware and responsible but being a smart individual.

" --guest
2007-10-04 Thank You Suffolk Hills!
I have been going to Suffolk Hills for many years, and I have found their service to be exemplary. Dr. Nunn and Dr. Koski have been highly professional, capable and trustworthy veterinarians in all of my experiences with them, and I have found their advice on how to train and improve my pets demeanor and happiness to be nothing short of miraculous in the case of my chihuahua! On behalf of my family and friends, who also utilize the supportive services Suffolk Hills offers, I would just like to say 'THANK YOU' to Dr. Nunn, Dr. Koski, and their entire staff, for always being there when we have needed you.
Sincerely,  S. Piperato" --guest
2007-05-02 Rude to Customer
Dr. Nunn was incredibly rude to me when I took my dog in for a check up.  My dog has some anxiety problems when visiting the vet.  However, other vets seem to have the requesite amount of patience to manage just fine with him.  Dr. Nunn was the first and only vet that needed to put on a muzzle.  When my dog was breathing spuratically I asked if he could breathe ok and whether the muzzle was too tight.  Dr. Nunn proceeded to snap at me by stating that he had more experience with animals and that if I had his experience I would have a better behaved dog.  Needless to say, I feel that that response was uncalled for and given the fact that he needs to muzzle my dog when other vets do not, I question his ability to handle animals.  I would suggest using his associate or finding another clinic all together.  Dr. Nunn has extreme difficulties handling scared dogs and concerned pet parents." --guest

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