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2011-12-30 :

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2012-10-28 Don't Apply
This place is a joke, I went to apply to get work. I applied, I was interviewed and I've never heard the words are you in the "position"? before at first I said yes? until I heard what the cost was $150.00 I just didn't have it I'm trying to make money. As soon as he heard that though this want to be cop, basically kicked me out of the building quickly saying thank you good bye. He even had the gull to tell me when you are in the position just call and say I'm in the position. "What"? lmao!! I knew it was a joke 2 years ago and its a joke now. Considering DPS offers guard card classes for $125.00 now for any individual when the classes are available. Why the hell would I work for them when I can work anywhere if I ever want to be a guard. The guy was an asshole seargent and I don't recommend working for this company. He heard I don't have the money from my mouth and kicked me out of the building." --guest
2011-04-07 Employee
I agree. This had to be some kind of joke. I was shot at during my employment (8 months)just because i was standing near my vehicle getting off to do my shift. I later found out the reason was because the previous officer before me had banged on the door and attempted to make arrests on residents smoking weed in their home. WHAT THEY DO IN THEIR HOME IS THEIR BUSINESS NOT OUR! We are not cops, we are security guards. And when i called dispatch, all you heard was laughter in the background meaning the sergeants were not on patrol, they were at the office. And no one came to see if i was OK, just informed me to stay away....Any many many other accounts that show lack of strong leadership in our management. Oh did i mention that the LT, the CPT, and a srg left? and when i asked them why, 2 of them said that this company was a joke. nice. Risking our lives for low income and no benefits.........ya not worth it. McDonald's offer benefits! 9.90 is not worth my life.
Also they always have positions open, but you have to drive. They will not place it near your home. I live all the way on the north side, and they are placing me far south near the airport. wtf? thats almost 40 miles round trip not including going to different areas as well. And we do not get paid for gas either. I would not recommend this job o anyone, unless your desperate and have no way to get money. So good luck to the company! All the employees i spoke with say the same thing, "this company is not worth it, and i will be quitting soon. --guest
2011-03-18 Valley is a joke
I don't even know where to begin. When I went for the interview I was actually asked if I was ready to kick some ass. WTF lol. The supervisor is a police wannabe failure. Couldn't get into the police.

They regularly told me to falsify my reports. YES, the "Commander" and his subordinates told me on many occasions to lie about incidents on my reports in order to not lose a contract.

The things about pay that are being told are all correct.

[...] There is a 100% turn over rate at Valley.

I received ONE uniform to wear riding a bike 5 days a week.

My vehicle was vandalized on several occasions, and Valley refused to pay for the damage. And NO it wasn't just random. My vehicle was damaged because of who I worked for, and I was told that it was part of the job. LMAO what? Damage to my 30,000 dollar truck was part of the job? Sure must have missed that in the contract.

I caught Sgts sleeping on duty, and other dishonest activities.

Their training absolutely sucks! They want you to go into gang infested apt complexes with 16 hours of training, and be Rambo with pepper spray, and a cheap baton, and actually stop these people and ask if they have drugs on them. lol and the training was done by a demotivating disgruntled EX Border Patrol Agent. Hmmmm Border Patrol to Security Officer whats wrong with that picture?

I have seen many Valley Ofc's have their a**es handed to them for doing what Valley wants, and they don't give a crap about their injured employees.

I would have to leave my complex to take care of other complexes because they weren't staffed, and be back at my complex 3 hours later, and then told to use my imagination to fill in the gap to hide the fact that I was gone for hours on end.

Out of an EIGHT hour shift FOUR of that was writing worthless crap in the nightly report instead of actually patrolling the place. They wanted a minimum of 8 to 10 pages for a shift. There could be absolutely NOTHING happening, and they still want up to 10 pages lol. A cop doesn't even write that much in a shift.

The police cannot stand Valley. I have had MANY conversations with PO's and the consensus is the same....They cant stand Valley. Bunch of wannabe's risking their employees safety for a buck.

If you get armed they don't provide body armor, so you have to buy your own on 12 dollars an hour.

Bottom line is stay away from them. It's not worth the hassle, and legal trouble you can find yourself in. I worked for them for 2 years, so yeah I know what I'm talking about. [...] --guest
2010-12-14 [former employee experience] no
I went to work for VPS in April and i was let go In Dec for charging my cell phone. My Fiancée and Grandfather have health problem and i was on a fire watch i was using my cell phone to talk to them when David Connant came onto the site i was at and verbally assaulted me for being on the phone and sitting down in a chair that was provided by the mangement of the apartment complex i was then accused of things i didn't do and was forced to quit or i would be fired [...] --guest
I worked for for Valley Protective Services of Tucson for approximately two years before I quit. VPST does in fact deduct employees for not turning in or completing legal documents that are required by the company. This is not how it always was. VPST started this because the employees fail to do their simple tasks and required duty's; even thought being put through more training than other companies offer or demanded by the state of Arizona. The paper work is a required facet for any company or corporation demanded by the Sorbane's Oxley's compliance act of 2002 (also known as the SOX) dictated that companies be responsible for their actions (Enron.) I have worked for multiple security companies I was in the military and worked for several different fire agencies. This company is out to make a profit like every other company business or  corporation the only difference is  they offer the best services I have yet to encounter. They attempt to select the best person for the job, both ethically and morally. They demand the most from their employees and give the best they can offer to their client. They do have a high rate of turn over  for their employees because they require them to use common sense (This is not just observe and report like other companies.) While working for this company I witnessed assaults, sexual assaults, drug offenses, thefts and many other acts that should never have taken place. It is a job that has many enemies and few friend. No one will thank you when you take drugs off the street, their is no pat on the back when you stop and arrest a Bilby Street crip while he attempts to steal a Dodge Stratus at Irvington and Park and dont expect camaraderie from the Tucson Police Department when you interrupt a fourteen year old girl who is being raped by seven different males at Prince and Remore. The only compensation is you will see yourself in the mirror and be able to live with it. You are only a private person that wants better for yourself your family and friend and are willing to protect and fight for it. If you are a potential client see for yourself what the difference is between Valley Protective Services of Tucson and others are. If you are a former employee look to yourself and see what you were asked and instructed to do. All employees are provided with 24 hours of level one training, 20 hours of level two training, 24 hours of of level three training and level four and five training. With all the instruction, paperwork and training provided I ask myself how an can an officer fail to follow simple dictation. If I work for any company, be it the United States Federal Government or McDonald's Corporation and I lie, cheat, steal or fail to do my required duties (E.G. fill out paperwork, provide required contractual services, anything that i was instructed to do or not to do) I do not write a bad review about them when they fire me for not completing my required tasks. There is always three sides to a story one parties the other parties and the truth.

Sgt. L.A.D.             " --guest
2010-10-14 Moving to Tucson
I plan to move to Tucson in a couple of months (around spring 2011). I am a professional security officer of 27 years. I checked this company out and don't see any problems. Matter of fact, VPS will be the first company I'll apply with. Hope they hire me, I lack a motor vehicle but will have a mountain bike to get around till I can afford a vehicle when I get out there. I have worked with many security companies in the past and they all have some problems or so, nothing perfect!

So hope to see you out in Tucson! --guest
2010-05-29 Just Interviewed this week 5/2010
I heard them talking about the comments on this site. They were saying how they didn't like them but in NO WAY did they say they were false. They try and charge you for them to do a drug test on you. WTF I have never had to pay for my own drug-screening to gain employment. The employee always bears the burden of those costs. In the interview they said they keep you on the same assignments once started. But I live in apartments who hire VPS & are constantly having different guards. I have not seen the same guard here for longer than 1-2 weeks. So its sounds like they have a huge overturn in employees. Sounds like a VERY SHADY company. They tried hiding the drug screen as being part of getting the Arizona Guard Card. I looked it up and it doesn't require a drug screening, it also states only one 8 hr class, which VPS doesn't pay you for and makes you take an additional 2 NO PAY classes! VPS changed their pay range on the website I applied at after I applied and lied to me when offering me an hourly wage even though it states differently on their application.


" --guest
2010-02-01 law violation
all security guards in new mexico- albuquerque are required to have a guard card- level one a guard can carry a flashlight and recorder, level two is required to carry handcuffs, o/c spray and baton, level three is required to carry a fire arm,
although noble it their approach the albuquerque branch violates these rules by having all their level one guards carry everything except a firearm, the laws in new mexico are very clear on this subject which the branch and operations manager have been informed of how wrong this is and still require or imply that their employees carry these items. can be reached at --guest
2010-02-01 Shady See above for a lot more comments that totally relate to my expirence with this company. I knew it had to be a shady place when the employee agreement stated that I would be fined $150 if I did not complete the 90 day probation period and that I would have my $10.00 per hr wage reduced to $7.25 the federal minimum wage if I did not give two week notice, why would I give a notice and continue working for them for two weeks when it was a violation of my integrity to have to falsify records to not be charged $50 for turning in paper work late? They also charge you $1.75 per pay check if and when you want direct deposit after if and when you make it past the 90 day probation period. They also charge you for your equipment. They issue you worn out uniform items but require you to have a good professional appearance. I worked 4 days for them and it was the biggest violation of my integrity. Their employee turn over is so high because of this and they cheat their employees out of numerous amounts of cash with their UNETHICAL "Hire Agreement" that you have to sign and initial stating if you don't make it thru the 90 day probation period you will have $150 deducted from your pay check and if you self terminate with out a 2 week notice you will have your pay reduced to $7.25 per hour. Bottom Line, this is the shaddiest company, never work for them. If you have their guards on your property and they are harrassing you call the cops, report them to management and see if your property can get another security to do your couresy patrols. Potential property owners who want security, do not contract with these people, they cheat thier employees out of money every chance they get and they over scedule the times the guards are supposed to be on properties so sometimes even though the paper work will say a guard was there at a certain time, they were not or possibly had to leave early to make it to another property. They require so much nonsense in their reports that the guards are so busy doing paper work in one location, they aren't able to patrol your property adequately. is a link to their recruiters blog page on, where I found them, their profile makes them seem straight and all but even this dudes blog contains false information. Lopez told me that he had only worked for them for 7 months in my interview. On this blog he says years. --guest
2009-10-09 Minimum Wage
If for any reason you are terminated or resign your position without a two-week notice, your last pay check will be reduced you to minimum wage for all hours worked, that means up to 2 weeks of pay (80 hours) at federal minimum wage. They also have a current company policy to fine security officers $50 per report that you do not turn in on time." --guest
2008-05-27 seek4thetruth no
true or false? valley protective had security in tucson and about 8 or more officers steal stuff out of colleges apartments and thay got fired from it and they had to replace the the security officer.they should of lost the contract all together" --guest
2008-03-02 Shifts
I like how they have shifts starting one after the other, like 6pm to10pm and the same guy is supposed to be 25 miles away at 10pm, both properties charged for the full time slot, though they are not covered." --guest
2007-11-30 [comments removed]
[several anonymous negative comments were removed at the request of David Connant with Valley Protective Services, who provided a name and contact information and stated that the anonymous comments were false.  For additional comments, if you can provide name and contact information  it will be more likely that the comments will remain on the site; anonymous comments are ok but if refuted by a person providing a name they may be removed.  thank you --Ed]" --guest

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