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2012-09-23 Towed from Taco bell
My car was towed from taco bell recently while i was in tuscon. Apparently the towing company comes and asks customers to identify their car, and they tow the ones that arent. There was a U of A game that day and apparently people park there for the game. im NOT from tuscon or Arizona with clearly stated OHIO license plates, and my fiance and i walked to the 7/11 2 seconds down the street, then walked around campus. also to mention, we sat at Taco bell from 4:30-7 and not a single person asked me to identify my car. When we actually got back to taco bell, we discovered that not only was our car gone, but someone who had a RENTAL CAR was gone too. We contacted the police who got the towing company on the phone with us. Where as there was nothing they could do late at night, they told us they would be open at 9 in the morning. we had to inconveniently stay at a hotel, with no phones because ours died and our stuff was in our car. we woke up and left our hotel, and it was around 11:30 according to the hotel clock. We call the towing company, no answer. we then had to walk back to taco bell to ask the manager about it, and she was completely rude about it. She let us use the phone to call the towing company. A girl named melissa answered and said that i needed to call back and leave a message with my name and number but i couldnt do that with a dead phone. We then walked to mcdonalds to eat, and a nice gentle man and his wife talked to us, and let us use their phone charger. So we had about 15 minutes of a battery on us, my fiance then called the company and left a message. She called us back about 20 minutes later saying we could come pick up our car, and we had to do it before 4:30. Melissawas super nice to us when we got there, and took care of us and got us out immediately. my total was $240.04 and i gave her $260, she gave me $40 back and walked me out to my car, she went out of her way to tell me to inspect my car and make sure there were no damages to it. Where as this was a wrongful tow, she made up for it by being super nice about it all. --guest
B & C towed my car from a lot that is not marked according to the law. Apparently they have a habbit of doing this. If this happened to you, make sure you take a tape recorder and a camera with you to pick up your car. Don't give them a hard time, simply record the entire interaction with their company and then immediately take pictures of your car. If they damaged your car in any way, take photos of the damage, call your insurance company on the spot and then call Tucson Police Department and file a police report. Be forewarned that TPD most likely will not come out but will have you file a report by mail (this is a civil matter).

Make sure you know your rights when it comes to towing. Here is the web address to the laws for those of you that don't know how to look them up.

If they wrongfully towed your vehicle, damaged your vehicle, etc. take them to court. The filing fee is about $30. Don't allow these people to keep getting away with this. If you have the money, contact a lawyer. This company is preying on broke college students and has probably gotten away with this stuff for a long time. --guest
2011-12-20 interesting
i find this interesting that the owners of a business would post comment in defense of their business in a derogatory manner. shady towing companies can be found throughout the world. and tucson, az. is no different than any other city. i see a practice in this city every year around a major holiday with the tow companies cruising through apartment complex's just looking to start some problems. for no reason many times." --guest
2011-09-24 Arizona Law
I see many complaints about the company and although I have never dealt with them I wanted to share some information. ARS 9-499.05 is the statue which regulates towing rates and parking violations. Within the statue it states that there needs to be a written contract or signed tow order. Most cities go with written contract however some, like mesa, require signed orders. It further states that the tow company can not act as an agent of the property. Meaning even if there is a contact/tow order a tow company can not make the determination as to which car is in "violation". They need to be contact by the property owners and told which car is in "violation". Tow DRIVERS which violate subsection C are guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor in Arizona. I urge anyone who visits this website check with state and city/local laws which regulate towing. Your car may have been illegally towed. --guest
2011-09-17 3 hours
I live in a sorority house on campus at the University of Arizona. Someone had parked in my spot, and I had no where else to go. I called the dispatcher who at first refused to tow the car because I was not the house manager, but then finally agreed. An hour passed by before I received a phone call stating that the tow truck was en route. When another hour and a half had passed, the owner came to move the car. Now that I am parked, I am sitting in my room 3 hours later and have STILL not received a call from the driver stating to me that they were here or could not find the car.

I understand that most of the people on here are commenting because their cars have been towed. But from the standpoint of someone who needed a car towed so that she could get back into her house, they are awful and unprofessional. PLEASE do not use them! Thank you B&C towing for wasting my gas and my time. One day, you will be gone and you will end up living in your "make shift" shack of an impound. But nice try on  trying to run a business :) Maybe next time you will figure it out --guest
2011-09-12 During the storm.
These people towed by car during the horrendous storm last saturday WHEN I HAD A PARKING PERMIT.  I pulled into my friend's apartment complex when it was pouring because, my windshield wipers do not work and the roads I needed to take home were closed.  When I told her I was coming over, she went to the office of her complex and got me a registered visitor's pass.  She came out and met me at my car, I put the pass on my dashboard, and we went inside.   Not even twenty minutes later I realized that I had left my ipod in vehicle and went out to find the spot I was parked in vacant.  I am utterly disgusted with the incompetence of B & C's employees.  Apparently they were not able to see my pass though it was in plain sight even when I picked up my vehicle. --guest
all that have complained about this business should forget the better business bureau. if you contact the az attorney general they will investigate your claim and ACT on it if it is in the best interest of the consumer and, if necessary close em down or fine them  for fraudulent business practices if that's what the investigation reveals. even TPD told us today that what happened with us was against the law (i'm not going into what happened with us, but reading all the postings on this website certainly prompts incentive about contacting the az general).as TPD stated, people like this will "turn the wording" of actual law only to benefit themselves and to intimidate the consumer. Melissa may have really gotten her "business" in trouble today with her verbage, we are going to find out. i don't know of too many businesses that contract with "people" like gentle jason  and sweet melissa that actually check the bbb's ratings, which is an F by the way. --guest
2011-03-19 Wrongfully towed, rude service
This evening i had the pleasure of dining at Miss Saigon. Unfortunately, my meal was ruined by coming out to the parking lot to see that my car had been towed.

Before eating, representatives from B&C Towing had come into the establishment in order to determine who was rightfully parked in the back parking lot. My girlfriend gave a description of my vehicle to the men who came in and was told that it was in order to avoid the car being wrongfully towed.

When i came out to the parking lot to find my car towed, i met "Jose," who explained that not only was my car not on the list, but it had been parked there far longer than a simple meal at the restaurant would have taken. After he showed me the list, and noticed that my car was indeed on the list, he claimed that the confusion was caused by a similarly colored car that was parked next to mine which he thought was the same make. He later stated that he knew that said car was not the same as mine and was in fact the vehicle belonging to the owner of an establishment that controlled the parking lot. This was a clear sign that "Jose" was going to lie in order to avoid culpability. After a short heated exchange, "Jose" called "Jason" in order to remedy the situation by returning the towed vehicles.

"Jason" drove me over to the impound lot to pick up my vehicle. During the drive, "Jason" was apologetic and reassuring about the condition of my vehicle. When we arrived at the lot, i looked over my vehicle and could not immediately find any sign of damage. "Jason" used the tow vehicle to pick up my friends car, which had also been wrongfully towed, and drove it back to the parking lot.

When we arrived back at the Miss Saigon parking lot, i approached "Jose" and asked him if i could make a copy of the list which had my car on it showing that the mistake was his and that my car had been towed wrongfully. This was the only piece of tangible evidence available should this matter have to be taken to a higher authority. He refused a copy of the list, saying i would not need it.  

I then decided to approach "Jason" in order to ask him if he could mediate and help us come to a resolution on the issue of acquiring a copy of the list. He stated politely that he could not persuade "Jose" to give me a copy.

In the interest of full disclosure, i should point out that throughout the incident, "Jose" was also dealing with my friend who had also had his car towed wrongfully. I was not present at the beginning of their encounter, but they we're in heated debate which broke down to outright insults. There was cursing involved.  

At this point, I had not decided whether or not to take any further action as my car had not been damaged and all that i had lost was 1.5 hours of time. But, "Jose's" increasingly hostile attitude, his refusal to hand over the only piece of evidence which incriminated him, and his deception about the circumstances surrounding my car being towed were enough to drive me to at least write this complaint about it. "Jose's" Lack of professional composure (he called my friend a "Bitch" for calling the police to mediate) also helped in my decision to right this complaint. Of note, is that "Jose's" son (or at least a boy he called junior, aged 5 to 7) was present throughout this ordeal to witness the breakdown of his father's demeanor and the subsequent obscenities that followed.  

Also of note, is that both representatives of B&C towing hastily abandoned their post and retreated before the police arrived, stating to one of the restaurant workers "we are done here for the night." This decision to turn tail and run only reinforces their guilt and begs the question "If you were in the right or it was a simple mistake, why not stay and hash this out with Tucson's finest?" Maybe there could have been an amicable conclusion.

This is a testament to what i witnessed or experienced in dealing with B&C towing this evening and does not in any way represent or account for my friends experience. I also understand that as a towing company, they are often vilified for simply doing their jobs. This is not the case here. I was in abidance of the posted rules and was still subject to being towed. I only wish that in the future, B&C towing and their representatives will be more respectful, professional and willing to take responsibility for their mistakes than what i witnessed tonight. A breakdown in the customers manners does not excuse "Jose's" behavior as a professional. I would also hope that they are more careful in managing the way they decide which vehicles to tow as it was stated to me by the restaurants staff, that this was a common occurrence.

As for Jason, the proprietor of B&C towing, I welcome an apology or rebuttal to these facts. --guest
2011-02-05 [anonymous first-hand account]!/profile.php?id=100000910630048
JASON AKERS (34) AND MELLISA RAMIREZ (26) are the [...] owners of B n C towing .  Jason Akers and MELISSA RAMIREZ are also the owners of the [...] business EMPIRE CUSTOMS on Stone Ave. I have personally been with one of these two when they have taken phonecalls from people trying to get their car out impound and they will make appointments on Saturday and not show up purposely and have a good laugh. I have been on their lot and have heard them threaten people and degrade people and just be plain out rude . Im surprised they still have contracts with the U of A as well as apartments . --guest
2010-11-15 AWFUL business, should be shut down
The woman I dealt with was by far the rudest and most disrespectful human being I've ever dealt with. She was patronizing and just awful. She hung up on me more than once and strung me along while she enjoyed playing her games for more than 4 hours. I took full responsibility and was willing to pay - I just wanted my car back. I BEG of any business looking for a towing company to not use this one, you will lose my business and that of anyone else who has to deal with them. If you need further proof, simply look to the way this "company" has taken this forum to "defend themselves" and demonstrate yet again how painstakingly rude they are and how little they value their customers. I have already filed complaints with the BBB of Southern Arizona, the Tucson Police Department and have written letters to businesses I know they are contracted through detailing my experience and urging them to look elsewhere for a towing company. I will do everything in my power to make sure this company loses so much business they are forced to shut down. They should have never been in business this long to begin with. --guest
2010-10-20 FROM B & C Towing INC
It seems apparently obvious that this site is in need of some DESPERATE attention from us, as it appears the people who have left their slanderous comments on this website are leaving out MANY facts and are only interested in posting their OPINIONS instead. Let me remind everyone that B & C Towing INC is ONLY in business for one MAIN reason and that is because YOU the "guests" listed below INCLUDING Dan Marries either have not followed simple instruction/rules and regulations, have been mislead or misinformed on rules and regulations by residents/friends/or the general public. I am about to address the most recent ridiculous "opinions" listed below and if anyone has further questions on the matter you are more than welcome to call me at 520-744-1867 and we can discuss in more detail your situation as AGAIN as we continue to say WE have done NOTHING wrong!

First...Guest 10-17-2010 Predatory Towing…First off the definition of Predatory Towing should be looked up so then you will understand it we do not make the parking rules, we have just been put in place to make sure they are followed. Your entire basis of argument being we "towed your car even though a VALID permit was in clear view...B & C claims they could not read the date...I beg to differ with them on that point", is absolutely off base. Why don't you offer others reading this that a picture of your permit was taken prior to the towing of your vehicle and on it you are UNABLE to see the date as it was covered by the outlining tint of your windshield? Or that upon arrival to the impound lot, I personally offered for you and your husband to take a look at the STILL hidden date and you refused due to your own anger? Or you could even offer these readers, as you did in your BBB complaint (which everyone is entitled to view @ as WE have nothing to hide) that I requested you remove the permit so that we could VERIFY the validity of the permit so we could make an attempt to help you in some way, but you and your husband AGAIN refused! I don't see any of the ways we offered to work with you listed on here instead all I see is you slamming our business, staff and our facilities. And so it is known for anyone who hasn't been to our yard yet we are surrounded by a 8 foot chain linked barb-wired fenced which is equipped with motion detected lights, a video camera monitoring system, an office for the customers and as well as most of the lot being paved for an added "feature". There is NO "begging to differ on the point" of not being able to read the date on the permit as we still have the picture to prove it, as well as we have sent copies of the picture to the management office which is why they are standing behind the tow. Again, their rules...we simply have been hired to enforce them! I will also make the picture assessable to anyone who wishes to view it so there are no mistake about this situation! Don’t forget the signs posted at each entrance stating YOU MUST HAVE A VALID VISIBLE PARKING PERMIT AT ALL TIMES OR YOU WILL BE TOWED IMMEDIATELY. Was the permit valid? We wouldn’t know as it was NOT visible for us to check subsequently you were towed immediately. As far as the BBB rating, yes we have an F rating due to the fact that we were unable to answer I believe 2 or 3 complaints NOT because we have inadequate business practices! You wouldn’t go into a debate in debate class without checking all the facts OR if there were visuals to contradict your debate. So, we encourage everyone to check facts on these situations prior to posting up your opinions, as I make sure when I go into discussions with people that I KNOW and UNDERSTAND what I am speaking about! My suggestion to you is definitely take it to court! It will be the fastest way to get your situation resolved, we have everything that we need to defend ourselves, so instead of continuing to slander our company (which is a legal offense) try it the appropriate way and put your case in front of a judge and let the court system decide who is wrong in this situation.

Second...Guest 10-11-2010 B & C is wrong about the law...Being a friend and standing behind a third party story is like playing the game telephone...The story is never going to be the same at the end of the line. Those who are NOT personally involved for their OWN vehicles should not speak on things they have NO facts to back up their argument as I previously stated! “The lame excuse offered by B & C was that they saw the permit displayed on the dash but could not read the date. It is doubtful that this is true, but even if it is, they should be required to check with their client to make sure the permit is invalid before towing the car.” If this is who I think this is, remember ONE when you leave a threatening voicemail it is saved in our files so that we are able to present it to management/judge/jury etc, which is referenced during “character building”, so I would advise upon calling you handle yourself in a mature fashion instead of threatening on a recording, just not wise to begin with. TWO, the vehicle again towed due to the fact that the date was again NOT visible making the permit INVALID which again is stated in the rules upon retrieving the permit, the signage posted at the property, and is also in your lease agreement. THREE, we again take pictures to ensure facts on the tow, which in this case I still have the pictures of the Explorer in question if you or the vehicle owner would like to view. FOUR, you’re in college and it is not our responsibility to bother the office because you/your friend didn’t follow the rules! I will admit when the office is open and they aren’t busy we extend ourselves and we do double check with the office staff but myself nor my staff will go out of their way to inconvenience the office staff by checking to make sure everyone is “minding their P’s and Q’s”. You’re an adult and you will be treated as such…responsible for yourself and your belongings, so be responsible! FIVE, your next ludicrous statement “in the business of stealing cars and holding for ransom” is nothing more than a showing of your lack of knowledge of what we do. Not exactly “stealing” cars if the police department is aware that we have them, kind of defeats the “stealing” effect!  The “ransom” thing a bit off base, as in the business world is referred to as payment for services rendered.  As also stated above, please take time to look up Predatory Towing and you will see the lack of facts in your statements!

Third…Guest 06-16-2010
Already described our “make-shift run-down facility” so no comment needed again there. Unfortunately we live in a world where nobody can really be trusted on his “word” or signature for that matter so your signed affidavit, as much as the effort was appreciated, wouldn’t work in our industry. If things were the way they were in the good old days a simple handshake would suffice for us on the $220 but we don’t. Now a days, which is proven very clearly by all of you posting these statements below, people are out for themselves and themselves only at whatever the cost may be. It is sad but that is what the world has come to. Society is very eager to pass off blame to cover themselves, people lie/cheat/steal everyday as a way of improving their own situation, which is again what happened here…The name calling was on your part not the part of my employee, as we would have no reason to call you names, on the other hand we had your vehicle and incase you haven’t seen Operation Repo, people tend to have no shame in what comes out of their mouth when someone else is in possession  of their vehicle. Since there was a business shut down many years back, ALL towing companies are watched over very intently and since we’ve been in business for over 20 years now I would say it was safe to say we were staying on the right side of the law. The “scum” you referred to are honorable people who have been with us for MANY years and have not done anything to be referred to by you as “scum”, you don’t know any of us as we don’t know you and we wouldn’t pass judgment on you based on one 5 minute encounter where you were irately shouting at our staff. The lady that you refer to was myself, and I didn’t apologize for anything as there was no wrong doing (including calling people names or itching for a fight) on our part. What I may have apologized for was the inconvenience of getting your car towed but not for a member of my staff who was simply informing you of our policies and procedures.

In closing, to everyone out there who has posted a comment, thinking about posting a comment, written a letter to the BBB or Attorney General's office, has had encounter with us or will in the future all we ask is you remember one thing...We are in business because of you and if the rules were followed we wouldn't be needed nor hired by all the properties we are hired by. We are in business to service our properties to the best of our ability and that's what we strive to do each and everyday. Remember those of you who have had your vehicles towed by our company you are not our customer basis, our property managers/owners are! So don't be offended because we aren't willing to bend over backwards to help you nor are we eager to lower your impound cost due to the fact that there are these posts. We have bent over backwards before and have given discounts and in every situation where you extend yourself to help someone else it always comes back to bite you. We are as good as we are because we know what we are doing and have the years and experience to back us up with it. In all situations the more you're talking about us the better, we are a word of mouth business so as much "damage" as you think you are doing by posting these ridiculous comments you are actually proving to our companies that we do our job well and efficiently. By posting statements about us doing things illegally and that we should be investigated allows us to display the facts so that it's proven we do everything in accordance with the law.
" --guest
2010-10-17 Predatory Towing by B & C Towing
B & C Towing towed my car even though a valid permit was clearly in view. B & C claims they could not read the date, therefore it was " subject to tow". Well I beg to differ with them on that point. I have contacted the CEO of the apartment complex where this happened. I am waiting for a response. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB ( where they have a F rating) I have also complained to the Arizona Attorney General, Office of Consumer Fraud. I fully intend to get back my $270 and I am willing to go to court if that is what it takes. I also want to warn people particularly students about towing companies like this one. The thought of my son or daughter  going late at night, cash in hand to this disgusting place makes my blood boil. --guest
The signage on a private lot must comply with the below, including "must be clearly visible and readable from any point within the parking area and at each entrance."

My friend's car was towed from the "Campus Crossings" lot by B&C although they had a visitor permit issued by the apartment complex, and they displayed it on the dashboard of their car.  The lame excuse offered by B&C was that they saw the permit displayed on the dash but could not read the date.  It is doubtful that this is true, but even if it is, they should be required to check with their client, Campus Crossings, to make sure the permit is invalid before towing the car. Clearly, they are essentially in the business of stealing cars and holding them for ransom, very likely under illegal circumstances.  This is a practice widely referred to as "predatory towing" and is the subject of regulation in many states.
9-499.05. Authority to set rates for private towing carrier; notice of parking violations; violation; classification; definition

B. The owner or agent of the owner of the private property shall be deemed to have given consent to unrestricted parking by the general public in any parking area of the private property unless such parking area is posted with signs as prescribed by this subsection which are clearly visible and readable from any point within the parking area and at each entrance. Such signs shall contain, at a minimum, the following:

1. Restrictions on parking.

2. Disposition of vehicles found in violation of the parking restrictions.

3. Maximum cost to the violator, including storage fees and any other charges that could result from the disposition of a vehicle parked in violation of parking restrictions.

4. Telephone number and address where the violator can locate the violator's vehicle." --guest
2010-09-21 B & C Towing
My name is Dan Marries. I'm a reporter for KOLD News 13 in Tucson. I'd like to get in touch with a couple of people who have had their cars town by B & C...especially those of you with posts here. I can be reached at the station at (520) 744-NEWS (6397). --guest
Regarding B & C Towing. I'm a reporter for KOLD News 13. I'd like to interview someone who has had their car towed by B & C...preferably by somone who has posted here. My name is Dan Marries. I can be reached at (520) 744-NEWS (6397) or via e-mail at Thank you. --guest
Upon arriving at the make-shift run-down facility located at 547 West Lester Street in Tucson, the person assigned to take my money and release my car was extremely rude.  I made an honest attempt to have a written affidavit signed stating that the remainder of the $220! needed to release my car was to be paid this Friday.  The representative (if you can even call him something this formal) proceeded to verbally assault me:  "Things don't work like that little white boy...".  Then, proceeded to go on calling me a "Crack-head lookin' mofo".  He was clearly itching for a fight.  Now, given the fact that I am a Junior Mechanical Engineering student at the University I have too much to lose over fighting against some scum like this.  This business should be completely investigated with a fine tooth comb to eliminate the scum that works for them.  The lady that showed up minutes after the verbal assault was extremely apologetic and stated she felt terrible about the inconvenience.  Long story short, boycott any business that chooses to use this terrible company as a towing service. --guest
This business is one-hundred percent unprofessional. I was disrespected and harassed by the manager and staff.

I got my car towed, Sunday evening March 14th, 2010 by B & C Towing. When I approached my vehicle in complete and utter shock, an incident ensued. They were about to hook on to my car and tow it, I ran outside yelling for them to stop and that I would move it ASAP. A B&C Towing representative started pushing me back when I got close to my car. I did not touch him first like they claim. I pushed him out the way so I could sit on the hood of my car to stop them from towing it because I thought they were stealing it(because I am the vehicle's registered owner) and I called the police.

The employee had to physically go between my legs and hook the car. I started doing the serenity prayer because I was extremely upset because one of the employees was taunting and calling me names (and I have a really bad bad temper trust me). The driver who played 'Good Cop' got out the truck and offered to let me have my car for an $100 drop courtesy fee. Tucson Police Department after 10 minutes responded and said that there was nothing they could do since the car had been hooked, "it is a civil matter sir." They towed the car and later on that evening I called them for directions to the lot and was disrespected by the staff person on the phone.

I went to the lot, Monday, March 15th and told the manager that I did not want problems. She even asked me me "if they would have problems with me?", TWO TIMES and I SAID, "I would respect her lot and I just wanted to get my car recovered." She then proceeded to curse, harass and disrespect me. I had my $200 dollars in my hand the entire time trying to get out of there. She began questioning me about the previous night which I declined to respond to. She then asked me why I was doing the serenity prayer (to calm myself down) mockingly which hurt me A LOT, I believe in God!!! I asked her multiple times to be professional. She finally threatened to have me arrested next time (WON'T BE ONE) and one of her employees made a physical threat against me and said,

"You talk a lot of crap on the phone, you want to go outside the yard and handle this?". Now I am a graduating public management student going to college, I CAN'T AFFORD a criminal record unlike these people plus 3 against 1 ,really, do I look that stupid?. I am at a huge dilemma, I got my vehicle back but that treatment was unwarranted.

I took my car to a mechanic to get it looked at, the air had been let out of my front right tire and the cap was missing.... Please get your car checked out if you recover it from B & C Towing, Inc and file a complaint with the BBB.

I just want an simple letter of apology from B & C Towing. This is a business associated with reputable corporations here in the Tucson Metro area and if they continue to treat customers unprofessionally there can be consequences such as a public boycott of the businesses they are contracted by." --guest
I was dropping my brother off at his house and as I got down for 10 minutes to go see his room(knowing i locked my doors as i always do), leaving my purse on my passanger seat they towed my car! The minute i realized that my car was tooken i called the towing company i asked them if my car had been towed. It had been as i spoke with the lady i imeditlly asked if i could pick up my purse and she told me no... ever time i called i let them know i had my purse in my car so nothing would happen! Sure enough i got there and my purse was gone... i told the man who was releasing my car to me that it was there he defensively told me his employees have no reason to be going in my car! HA YA RIGHT!
They Towed my car from a neigborhood with one of their supposed "Obvious" signs at the entrance.  Not only were they rude and inconsiderate when I got my car, my mechanic verified the rear tires were warped from being dragged.  Now I want to know what gives this so called "Business" the right to destroy property and get away from it. --guest
I was going to pick up my friend because I was the DD and when I got in the apt. I ended up stating a little longer then I thought and my car ended up getting towed... I know it is my fault but now because they charge $200+ I wont be able to go home for Christmas :'( I never cried so much before in my life. --guest
2009-12-13 Wait Really!! REALLY!
First off doesn't it make you feel bad making a living off of ruining peoples days? Ive never seen someones day ruined because they couldn't find a parking spot but getting a car towed is the worst!!!! I just want to know if you, Jason, have any trouble sleeping at night?

Also you might want to test how smart the people you have working for you, I was able to get in the gate, go into my car before every talking to a single person (since I could NOT find the Office, if you even have one) But that not all, I just had to give some creepy(sorry to say) man $200 and he didn't care which car I took. Not once did he ask me my name.

Lastly with all the money you make don't you think you could get a bigger sign?!? I had my friend driving me out to the middle of No Where and then we went up and down the street at least 5 times until we went into the place kind of cross the street where they told us we were in the wrong place and instead we had to look for the big hill. So please help people out JUST A LITTLE and put a gosh darn sign out on the street. --guest
2009-11-26 Incredible
first of let me say i am a manager of a very large company on the west coast. Ok some things that are wrong this, all i see is people whining about the rules they broke and the rightful punishment they received. As far as only accepting cash, this is not a road service, a owner initiated tow or insurance call. With that being said, there aren't any towers i know of anywhere that will accept anything less than cash in full at time of release, this going for both police impounds and private property impounds. Remember you are parking in a lot someone owns. If someone just decided to park in your driveway and go to a friends house would that be ok with you or would try to get the vehicle removed? i think everyone has the same answer for that.... one thing i dont see anyone posting is how badly damaged there car was.... funny considering these vehicles are towed with no keys and no way to access the car. Sounds to me like this is a good company doing a good job and people need to be responsible for their own actions instead of blaming somebody trying to make a living. If your car was repoed for non payment on a loan i suppose you would be on here whining about how the repo company stole your car..... ludicrous --guest
Nice to know that the owner of B&C Towing is either 10 years old or mentally challenged... way to make your company look professional with your spelling.  They towed my car and set an appointment with me on Saturday to get it released but then did not show up on Saturday.  Now it's Sunday and they are closed and I am stranded in Tucson.  I don't see how you can tow my car on a day you are pretty much closed when I call less than an hour after you towed it... ridiculous. --guest
2009-11-07 These folks are predators making money on others' misfortune
My son made the mistake of parking at Taco Bell at Campbell and Speedway. (For their information, we will NEVER eat there again, since they work with this very shady outfit.) I just returned from forking over $200 CASH (ONLY) to get my son's Toyota from a makeshift lot at 744 West Lester.

During UA games, these greedy folks send out several tow trucks cruising for victims to tow away. Judging by the 30 or so cars in the lot, these "men" will pull in at least $6,000 from tonight's game.

The people at the lot look like they just got released from prison. They seem to have no moral character, and their callous attitude makes it obvious they could care less that they are making a "living" off of the misfortune of others. These guys walk the line between legal and illegal, and should not be allowed to prey on hapless people who park in poorly posted parking areas around the university.

No reputable business would ever hire these people, but apparently some businesses around the UA do. As I find out which ones do contract with them, I WILL express my anger and the fact that I will refuse to do business with them ever again, and to advise my friends and family to do likewise. --guest
2009-11-07 Crooks
These guys make a living off people who park where they shouldn't park. OK, yes, the parker should pay a towing fee. But $200 is highway robbery! --guest
2009-10-19 Learn to spell
Jason - #1 Signs are NOT posted at every entrance.  #2 You are NOT the best in this business if you are not AVAILABLE and OPEN for people to get their cars out.  #3 You DO need to learn how to spell. --guest
2009-10-19 LAW not on your side, B&C!
Jason - The law says you MUST release a vehicle if the owner arrives before you remove it from the property.  So, this is not out of the kindness of your heart, and you can not legally charge $100.  Also, please learn to spell. --guest
2009-10-12 WOW
Thank god i was referred to this blog so I can comment on the rediculous miscontrued comments on here.

as the owner of B&C Towing here in Tucson Az Im happy to respond or reply to any question.

first and foremost, we are a towing company that does the majority of thier biz in the "private property removal"/"impound" market. it is a job that noone wants, but one that is neccessary none the less. this is a part of the towing industry that doesnt have any "happy" customers, as we arent meeting our customers on a voluntary basis. but rather we meet our customers, when they have been caught making a mistake. and noone enjoys admiting they have made a mistake, let alone have to take responsibility and pay for it.

lemme clear up some of the "issues" that were raised, in the order they were posted,.....

- poor signage on at properties,... we supply the signs to the property and post them amply throughout the property. Arizona state law DOES NOT require a sign to be rediculously posted every 8 feet or in every single parking spot, rather it requires a sign be posted at every entrance/exit, and through out the property with property owner discression, yet visible anywhere in the property. THAT BEING SAID,.. there IS a sign at every entrance/exit at EVERY ONE of our properties we maintain, also there is more than ample signs throughout all the properties, stating they are PERMIT ONLY parking lots and that they will be towed. you CANNOT stand at any location on these properties and not see at sign, either on a wall, apt. building, post or dumpster. thats taking for granted you didnt read the signs WHEN YOU PULLED INTO THE PROPERTY!!! the point is, when your pulling into these properties after leaving the bar, or rushing in to "party" your mind isnt on being responsible about where you park, and when you get caught, you want to pass the buck instead of taking responsibility for your own actions.

- 100 "drop fee", this is a COURTESY we offer, after work has already been performed impounding the car. again I repeat a "COURTESY". WE IN NO WAY HAVE TO OFFER THIS, however we do, as a courtesy. anyone who has paid the drop fee, gets a reciept, a numbered invoiced receipt at that, so the insinuation of "shady practices" is absoutely ubsurd.

-saturday hours, we have the sole right to set our own business hours at OUR DESCRETION. we try to be as convienient as possible and make as many appointments we can on a saturday to meet everyones needs. sometimes that isnt possible but we try. but yes we release on saturdays BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. SUNDAYS WE'RE CLOSED!

-"the cash only policy". i hear alot from pissed off young college students, that this seems "shady" or "crooked" , I cannot help but laugh at this, because thier youth and inexperience in THE REAL world is shown at its peak through this particular comment. lets reflect back on my original statement, this is a constant volitile situation, why would we assume to accept a "check" or "credit card" from a customer who being towed and unhappy about it? why would i accept these methods of payments when either is not dependable? checks can bounce and/or have a stop payment placed on them, and credit cards can be reversed. if i accepted these i would have to stoop to this level and start a blog about "john doe stopped payment on his c.c. never do business with him" sounds rediculous doesnt it? cash is the most dependable method of payment, so that is what we accept ONLY. and AGAIN,... ALL PAYING CUSTOMERS RECIEVE A NUMERICALLY NUMBERED INVOICE WITH THEIR TOTAL PAYED IN FULL CASH AND WITH THIER PERSONAL INFO ON THEM. so once again to ATTEMPT to insuate shady practice or some sort of IRS scamming is just PLAIN REDICULOUS. we quartly reports as all business' do and all of our invoices are accounted for.

-"shakedown artists", Im sorry this whole posted comment makes me chuckle so hard. I mean really,.. I laughed outloud when I read this. does this guy think that we actually like mark on our calenders "ooh the end of the month is coming lets go prey on people" hahahahahha how friggen silly that sounds. his comment that we "waited" for thier tennant to go to the ATM shows EXACTLY what im talking about. WE DO NOT HAVE TO BY LAW, NOR ARE WE OBLIGATED to sit for 10 minutes and "wait" for someone to go gather the money to drop thier car for them, when we dont even have to offer the courtesy of a drop to begin with!!! our job is to service our properties as BEST and as FAST as possible. what that means we get in and get out fast. and remove the "problem" from the property with as little inconvienience to the property itself. THAT is our job. our job is not to sit around and wait, and help people out. but we do for people who are behaving and acting civilized. because we do have hearts and want to help people. yet again it is only a courtesy, NOT a requirement.

-we release vehicles to the registered owners, unless given prior permission by the registered vehicle owner. this father knows that, and knows this because he had to go thru this process, parents, please understand,... WE ARENT THE BAD GUYS, we didnt park thier cars, and we arent responsible for thier actions. THEY ARE.

-folks, look. noone likes making mistakes, and noone likes to admit when thier wrong. but if we were honestly doing ANYTHING wrong or shady, do you think we would still be in business after 25 yrs? we are THE BEST, in this particular genre of towing. NOONE is as fast as us, as skilled as us, and as efficiant as us. we take pride in our work, and our ability to service our properties. thats why we still reign on top in this field of towing out of ALL the companies in this town. this type of impound towing is a neccessary evil. and again a job noone wants, but someone has to do it. and if its us that has to be the bad guys, because you or your friends/ family cannot take responsibilty for your own actions, well then so be it. we will continue to do our job and do it well, damage free, and at the highest quality and respect to our contracts, and customers.

any questions my name is Jason, I AM THE OWNER,... (520) 744 1867 feel free to call and complain, or pass the blame off on someone else :-) --guest
2009-10-03 Horrible Customer Service
This company recently towed my car from a lot that didn't have signs posted anywhere near my vehicle stating that a permit was needed to park (Parking lot of Sky View Apartments) In fact the sign was posted on the far side of the lot on a building that was covered by shade and could not be read at night. I was parked for ten minutes before the tow truck arrived and he claimed that he had been watching me get out of the car and that I was there for 45 minutes before he decided to tow me. He then said that he would stop doing his job if I were to give him 100 in cash. Since I didn't have that kind of cash he said I would have to pick it up at the impound sometime and would need an ID which was located in my wallet in the trunk of the car. He then would not allow me to take out my wallet from my car unless I called someone who could lend me 100 dollars to give to him. This was ridiculous. Today my sister drove me to the lot to get my car and we found out that we would have to have an appointment to pick it up. I called and the answering machine said to call once and leave a message and they would return my call after 2 pm. The sign posted outside their business said that they were only open from 12-2.  I then left a message and decided to call them back at 12 to talk to someone about my confusion with the answering machine and the sign. The lady that answered was very rude and scolded me for calling again after leaving a message and said that if I paid attention to the answering machine I would know that I couldn't call more than once. After I told her that i was confused about the fact that they closed at two, and yet she said they would call me back after two, she said that they didn't close at two after all. I suggested that she changed the sign in that case and she replied with "Thank you good bye" and hung up. This company should not be in business. Both employees I have talked to were both rude and unhelpful. I'm sorry for all those who will get towed in the future by this company, i'm sure they will have a difficult time as well. --guest
2009-09-24 Don't do any kind of towing business with B & C towing! They are not reliable! They told me on the phone that they open at 9:00 am when I got there the posted sign said 10:00 am! I had to wait over an hour. They are not always open because they don't have any one there taking care of business! These people should be put out of business!!! --guest
2009-09-15 B.C. Towing Salem Oregon
Make sure you don't confuse the people in Tucson who are not affiliated with anyone at B.C. Towing Salem who has the website  If you want more information please call B.C. Towing in Salem Oregon 503-375-0035. --guest
2009-08-27 Very shady, questionably legal
B&C Towing - the entire business is questionably legal.  They tow your care from spaces that aren't labeled at all as a tow away zone at Campus Crossings (They even have timbers out to make it appear that these are parking spaces) and then hold your car until you pay them.  When I went to get my car there were several other people waiting - all of us had been told we owed different amounts of money.  Additionally, they only accept cash.  What legal business can you name that accepts only cash?  Pretty convenient for tax purposes!  A man that works in the area said there are always people outside waiting to get their cars and that they usually have to get the police involved to get a B&C employee to show up.

This is a criminal operation - please do not employ them for anything and report them to the better business bureau and Police for any unethical activity (which will probably be any encounter you have with them). --guest
2009-08-01 Shakedown Artists
This is about a crooked an outfit as exits. They wait until the end of the month when they know that people must park near entrances to the homes or units they to move into.  

That's when they strike.  They wait for the victims to come out and then do a Good Cop, Bad Cop routine of their unsuspecting victims.  

They use a criminal shakedown process to intimidate people.  They forced my new renter into tears, then made her drive to an ATM to get $100 cash to pay to them... THIS IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, and it is premeditated.

I am going to put these criminals out of business. --guest
2008-09-14 Refuse to Release cars
B and C towing refuses to release your vehicle back to you until they are open on Monday mornings if they tow it over the weekend. However technically if they are towing over the weekends this, considered by law is there hours of operations because they are still obviously in business. If they refuse to give you your car back it is considered grand theft auto. If you know a good lawyer please call them out on this because they are not a legitimate business. " --guest
2008-02-08 Shady, but lucrative business
Apparently, B&C Towing is contracted by Campus Crossings and is instructed to tow any vehicle without a valid permit at any time per a contract.  My son arrived at night (to tour the complex & their other complex at Univ Hgts. the following day) and intended on obtaining a permit from the apt. ofc in the morning, however, between 9 & 10 am before the ofc opened, his car was towed. The towing manager who initially was hesitant to identify herself as such, stated all apt. tenants signed 4 separate areas on the lease stating it is the tenant's responsibility to inform their guests of the parking policy.  Ok, they are college students, and I'm sure they (among many adults) don't read everything they sign or even understand the actual ramifications.  All that's fine given they did sign contracts, however, two things happened when I spoke with the manager that are quite distrubing.  (1) B&C will release vehicles to anyone (when I asked if they would release the car to my son, she asked me "Why wouldn't we?" like it was an outrageous question)("Well, it isn't registered in his name")AND (2) as long as the person picking up the vehicle pays $200 CASH plus the $20/day storage fee.  They ONLY accept cash!  How convenient!  What a racket to be in!!! Apparently, B&C would release the car to whoever pays them the cash they are extorting! The manager asked several questions before identifying herself as the manager.  She &/or B&C must have something to hide.There's a red flag! Unfortunately, the apts have contracted with this company and don't see anything wrong with their policy.  Nice way to welcome students and potential tenants!" --guest
2007-10-15 Highway robbery
My daughter's car was towed from her apartment complex after they gave her inadequate notice that the parking lot was to be paved and this company charged $200 to tow it 3 miles. This is outrageous, especially when the car was towed from her own home. Don't use them, and for goodness sake never rent at the seasons apartments. " --guest

Information above is from a privately purchased database and/or unverified user submissions. Please verify all information before depending on it for anything critical. We welcome corrections!

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