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2012-04-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\G\Guns & Gunsmiths\Gun Safety & Marksmanship Instruction\
NW Tucson Firearms and Personal Safety Classes
NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle And Personal Protection Classes.  JnC also offers pepper spray classes, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim, Girls On Guard, and others personal safety classes.  Most classes are at the Pima Pistol Club in the Catalina / Oro Valley area ... read more

2012-04-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Taco Trucks and Hot Dog Vans\
: Sonoran Hot Dogs - 22nd and South Sixth
Quick - where do you go in Tucson for flavorful, filling food on a budget?  We had a goal to save our weekend fun budget by eating out someplace new, tasty and not a fast food restaurant at $4 each - and succeeded, at the Sonoran Hot Dog stand at 22nd ... read more

2012-04-13 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\Property Management\
Tucson Property Management Tucson AZ | Fergen & Company Property Management
7851 E. Wrightstown Road
Fergen & Company is a source for Tucson property management, property management Tucson, property management in Tucson,  property management Tucson AZ and much more. Call 520-261-1811.

2012-04-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\A\Archery\
Archery Sale
1550 S. Craycroft
Bull Basin Archery of Tucson Annual Customer Appreciation Day Sale is Saturday April 14th.

2012-04-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\A\Arthritis Specialists\Physicians & Surgeons\
University Medical Center : Diamond Children's Center Review
My daughter recently spent two nights at the newly renovated Diamond Children's Center at UMC.   I'm not sure she wanted to leave at the end!    My impressions as a parent:

Quality of care:  Excellent.  Nursing staff is responsive and quick to come ... read more

2012-04-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Clubs\Clubs & Organizations\
Funtasticks Family Fun Park : Funtasticks is Fun (that's why they called it that)
Last night, I went to Funtasticks.  It wasn’t the first time I’ve been there, however, it was the third.  I was invited to a birthday party there a few months ago.  It was fun, but I don’t remember much about it.  
Last night, we played Laser Tag, ... read more

2012-04-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Clubs\Clubs & Organizations\
Funtasticks Family Fun Park : Funtastiks
        This weekend I went to world of fun. In this world you got to be in a new world were you fought for your team to survive. In this world even though someone shot you, you were still alive. In this world they’re in danger and suspense. Once are ... read more

2012-03-20 \Tucson\Business Directory\S\Social Service & Welfare Organizations\Government Offices\
Picture Rocks Community Center :
“A Sweet Grass braid of connection” Gathering
Donna R. Liggins Recreation Center
2160 N. 6th Avenue Tucson, AZ. 85705
March 29, 2012 from 6 to 8:00 p.m.
Facilitator, Martha Dominguez
Join us for  “A Sweet Grass braid of connection” exchange on ... read more

2012-03-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\P\Post Offices\
Post Office - Rincon : USPS has no idea what they are doing

I took a package in to the post office. And I want to ship to Australia. I tell the postal gal I want to insure it for $300, and she tells me that I cannot insure First Class International. Then she ... read more

2012-03-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Commercial Printing\Magazine & Journal Publishers\
OSER Communications : Please provide contact information on future posts
Any further posts here please provide contact information privately to at  so that we can verify that you are a legitimate client or former client of OSER Communications.  Factual posts are welcome ... read more

2012-03-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\P\Physicians & Surgeons\Clinics & Medical Centers\
UMC North Hills : Getting an appointment
I agree with the last posting.  I have tried for the last three weeks to set up an appointment for a physical.   I have been told to call back multiple times because I wasn't on time in the A.M. to hit the jackpot for new appointments, and the appointment ... read more

2012-03-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\D\Dance Companies\
Belly dance troupe: Xanadu Belly Dancers : Belly Dancers Tucson Xanadu Dance Company
Tucson belly dancers the Xanadu Dance Company will perform at the PIma County Fair, April 19 and 29, 2012, at 2:00 PM both days. Join them for a dynamic show!"

2012-03-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\D\Dance Companies\
Belly dance troupe: Xanadu Belly Dancers : Tucson Belly Dancers Xanadu Dance Company
A Tucson belly dance company, the Xanadu Dancers, will perform at the Pima County Fair on April 19 and 29, both days at 2:00 PM. Come see the dynamic dance show!

2012-03-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\D\Dance Companies\
Belly dance troupe: Xanadu Belly Dancers : Tucson Belly Dancers Xanadu Dance Company
Tucson Belly Dancers, active Xanadu Belly Dance Company, performs at the Pima County Fair, April 19 and 29 at 2:00 PM both days. Join us for a dynamic performance!

2012-03-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\D\Dance Companies\
Belly dance troupe: Xanadu Belly Dancers :
Tucson Belly Dancers the Xanadu Dance Company performs at the Pima County Fair April 19 and 29 at 2:00 PM. The dancers are from Xanadu Belly Dance Studio, 2408 N. Loretta, Tucson.

2012-03-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\D\Dance Companies\
Xanadu Belly Dancers at Pima County Fair April 19, 29
2404 N Loretta Dr
Join us at the Pima County Fair, 2012 on April 19 and 29 at 2:00 PM. Enjoy a show by the dynamic Xanadu Dance Company!

2012-02-29 \Tucson\Business Directory\H\Health Services\Veterinarians\
Robinson Michael DVM :
its erick i need your email dad

2012-02-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
Brawley's Restaurant : Watered down coffee
I went to this establishment and was treated very rudely by the person in charge. I ordered some coffee with my breakfast. When I went to drink the coffee it tasted watered down. So I asked my husband to taste it to see if it was just me. We were promptly ... read more

2012-02-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\D\Developmental Health Services\Physicians & Surgeons\
Loomer Jeffrey B MD Facp Facr : Great Doctor
Have been seeing Dr. Loomer for over six years.  He has been a compassionate and professional health care provider.  He has worked with me to control my illness and helped me find ways to reduce my levels of pain.  "

2012-02-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Clinics\Animal Hospitals\
Spanish Trail Pet Clinic : They LOVE your pets as much as you do!
Dr DeShazer and his staff are WONDERFUL. You can feel the LOVE, it is palpable! If you really want the best care for your pet family members, you wont find better than Spanish Trail.  Dr D has done everything for our pets (both dogs and cats) from shots ... read more

2012-02-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\A\Art Supplies\Crafts & Craft Supplies Retail\
Giraffe Stand 392 : Giraffe Stand
Are you sure it is 392 and not 323?  If it is 323 I might be interested in buying it.  Let me know!  Thanks, K."

2012-02-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Cafes\
U-swirl Frozen Yogurt
U-swirl is a frozen yogurt place, and it has wonderful seating arrangements!   There are couches and tables and chairs scattered around, and it looks amazing.  Getting the yogurt is easy, and you pick your own toppings from a really big variety, though ... read more

2012-01-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Riding Academies\Boarding Stables\
On A Whim Farm : Defunct -- closed
This business seems to be defunct. Both phone numbers are disconnected and they are not registered with the Arizona Corp Commission. Ths should either be removed or updated to reflect current numbers to reach them.

2012-01-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Computer Repair\
Computers Etc Inc : Horrible...Never USE..Please read my review...
Most horrible company ever, never use...own picked up my computer at my home with my external hard drive. Never left a receipt or a contact information when picked up while I was at work. Owner picked up from my teenage daughter and failed to wait for ... read more

2012-01-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\W\Web Site Design Services\
Computerz101 - Tucson Web Design
2701 W. Calle Carapan
(520) 271-9926
Computerz101 is a source for Tucson web design, web hosting, domain names, email accounts, SEO, SEM, internet marketing in Tucson AZ and much more. Call 520-271-9926.

2012-01-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\W\Web Site Design Services\
Tucson Web Design - Computerz101
2701 W. Calle Carapan
(520) 271-9926
Computerz101 is a source for Tucson web design, web hosting, domain names, email accounts, SEO, SEM, internet marketing in Tucson AZ and much more. Call 520-271-9926.

2012-01-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\I\Internet Advertising\
Computerz101 - Tucson Web Design & Web Marketing
2701 W. Calle Carapan
(520) 271-9926
Computerz101 is a source for Tucson Web Design, Web Marketing, Computer Repair, Data Recovery, Computer Consulting, Laptop Repair, Internet Marketing in Tucson AZ and much more. Let us know how we can help you and we will be glad to. Give us a call at ... read more

2012-01-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\I\Internet Marketing Services\
Computerz101 - Tucson Internet Marketing
2701 W. Calle Carapan
(520) 271-9926
Computerz101 is a source for Tucson Internet Marketing, Computer Repair, Web Design, Data Recovery, Computer Consulting, Laptop Repair, Internet Marketing in Tucson AZ and much more. Let us know how we can help you and we will be glad to. Give us a call ... read more

2012-01-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\B\Building Materials\Doors & Windows\
American Openings Inc : Clean job Guest
We had our Windows replaced.  We were overall satisfied with the process. They cleaned up like professional cleaning crews.  Good Job"

2012-01-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\A\Auto Repair & Service\
Creative Concepts - Tucson Body Shop & Collision Repair
2550 E. Grant Rd.
(520) 326-2882
Creative Concepts is your source for Tucson Body Shop, Collision Repair, Full Frame Repair, Unibody, Paint & Body, Auto Body Shop, Automotive Shops, Auto Repair Center needs in Tucson, Arizona.

Computerz101 - Tucson Computer Repair & Website Design ... read more

2012-01-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Computer Repair\
Computer Repair Tucson - Computerz101
2701 W. Calle Carapan
Computerz101 is your number one source Tucson Computer Repair, Web Design, Internet Marketing, Data Recovery, Computer Consulting, Laptop Repair, Internet Marketing in Tucson AZ and much more. Let us know how we can help you and we will be glad to. Give ... read more

2012-01-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\I\Insurance - All\Insurance\
McGhee Insurance : INCORRECT WEB ADDRESS (fixed)
McGhee Insurance actually has a website:  
The website linked to on McGhee's listing is for Allied Insurance, a completely different company.
[Thanks, fixed --Ed]

2012-01-09 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Chiropractors\
Tucson Chiropractor - Dr. David A. Welch DC
3773 W. Ina Rd. Suite 120
Top Tucson Chiropractor for back, neck, & spinal injury. Welch chiropractors offer sport, work, auto injury, & whiplash chiropractic. Call 520-744-4161 Today!

"Thorough Chiropractic care for the whole Family"

    * Men
    * Women ... read more

2012-01-09 \Tucson\Business Directory\A\Adoption Agencies\Adoption Agencies & Services\
St Nicholas of Myra Adoption Program : [upset former client]
they match you with a kid, you start transitioning the kid, EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL THEN THEY STOP THE TRANSITION AND TELL YOU YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE KID! i hate them

2012-01-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\H\Hotels & Motels\Accommodations\
Copper Cactus Inn : Clean & Nice
They had extended stay type rooms with kitchenettes. The rooms were very clean and nice for our group of contract construction workers that stayed there for the few days. The location was very near where our project was in central Tucson. "

2012-01-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\S\Storage - Self Service\
$20 discount on any self storage units
We're offering a $20 rebate to any Tucson, AZ storage renters. The rebate can be combined with offers from individual storage facilities. If you rent a storage unit on and move in, go to to print and ... read more

2012-01-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\B\Beauty Salons\
Blades Hair Design : observer
Beware of people who try to make themselves victims as a way to steal and cheat for their own benefit.

2012-01-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Computer Repair\
Datadrive Computer Repair
2583 N. 1st ave
Datadrive is a full service computer repair company that has been in business in Tucson for more than 20 years.  Free estimates and most work can be done in 24 hours.   Tucson Computer Repair

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Rehabilitation Services\Alcohol & Drug Abuse Information & Treatment\
Cope Behavioral Services - Ocotillo
535 East Drachman Street
Cope Behavioral Services is Tucson's leading provider of mental health services and information technology for the behavioral health field.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Commercial Printing\Printing Services\
3402 E Broadway Blvd
(520) 319-9074
Typesetting, graphics and sheetfed offset printing for business and government, including B&W and color copying, binding and related services.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\A\Aircraft\Aircraft Charter- Rental- & Leasing\
Leading Edge Aviation
1961 East Flightline Drive
Leading Edge's services include Flight training, Charter flights, Photo flights, Avgas (100LL), Rental space (tiedowns and hangars), Aircraft Rental, Ash dispersal, and CATS (FAA & FCC computerized testing).

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\G\Garden Centers\Hardware\
Roadrunner Fastening Systems Inc
3240 S Dodge Blvd
(520) 745-2888
Roadrunner Fastening Systems - industrial fasteners distributor and supplier. Full line fastener distributor: Standards, Specials, SEMS, Metrics, Military Standards, Screw Machine Parts and more. Fasteners are our business!

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\T\Truck Parts\Trucks Service & Repair\
Arizona Byways RV & Truck Repair Inc
7900 S Kolb Rd
(520) 663-0061
Bodywork including collision repair, frame repair, paint and body, paint stripping, refinishing and fleet maintenance for medium and heavy duty trucks, tractor trailers, RVs, motor homes, trailers and campers.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\E\Embroidery\Embroidery Service\
ATO Designs
2201 N Stone Ave
(520) 622-2070
Custom screenprinting, t-shirt logo designs, team jerseys and uniforms and more. Don't buy T-Shirts without a quote from ATO Designs.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\H\Human Services Organizations\Social & Human Services\
Daisyland Preschool
5922 E 22nd St
(520) 571-7667
A warm, caring, and clean preschool, which also has a new after school program. Any parent would be impressed by this school.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Camps\Accommodations\
Lazy K Bar Guest Ranch
8401 N Scenic Dr
(520) 744-3050
Western guest ranch nestled in the Tucson Mountains with a heated pool, lighted tennis courts, hayrides, cookouts and more.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\F\Fencing\Building Materials & Supplies Dealers\
Antech Corporation
4261 S Country Club Rd
(520) 320-1810
A leading designer and installer of gated entry systems, and manufacturer of innovative products for offices, fencing and commercial security.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\B\Building Materials\Dealers\
Gemini Bath & Kitchen Products
1501 East Broadway Boulevard
Suppliers of decorative kitchen, bath and wet bar faucets and sinks, showerheads, custom bath accessories in traditional and modern designs.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\C\Cleaning - Office\Janitorial Services\
Around the House in 80 Ways
3250 N Campbell Ave Suite 110
We offer a variety of services including Housecleaning, Yardwork, Home Organization, Errands, Hauling, Move-In/Move-out Turnovers, Party Preparation & Clean-Up, Post Construction Cleaning, Computer & Home Theater Set-Up, and much much more... Free Estimates ... read more

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\A\Automobile Wrecking\Used & Rebuilt Parts Retail\
ACS Used Auto Parts
4353 East Illinois Street
ACS Auto Parts is an Arizona Automotive Dismantler & Recycler. Our Motto "Used auto parts at Used prices". Try ACS Auto Parts for all your Automotive parts needs! Ask for Ben or Myron. Look for

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\A\Arthritis Specialists\Physicians & Surgeons\
University Medical Center
7901 E 22nd St
(520) 694-8400
University Medical Center is an independent, non-profit 365-bed hospital affiliated with the University of Arizona College of Medicine at the Arizona Health Sciences Center.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\P\Party Supplies\Event Planning\
Convention & Group SVCS Inc
6262 N Swan Rd
(423) 991-4865
A full service destination management company offering transportation, tours, entertainment, and special events for corporate and association groups of all sizes.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\B\Bridal Shops\Weddings\
Tucson Symphony Box Office
2175 N 6th Ave
(520) 882-8585
Highly-regarded symphony orchestra offering a wide range of classics, pops and chamber orchestra concerts throughout the fall/winter months.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\E\Engineers - All\Engineers\
R S Engineering
140 N Tucson Blvd
(520) 791-3933
Providing professional civil engineering; including water supply and distribution, transportation and highways, surveying and mapping, and environmental management.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Resale Shops\General Real Estate\
Long Realty Company
9525 E Old Spanish Trl
(520) 731-8088
The #1 real estate broker in Southern Arizona. Thousands of Homes, townhomes, condos, new construction, land, commercial properties, and investment properties listed.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Furniture & Equipment\Dealers\
Pryde Business Systems
4865 E Speedway Blvd
(520) 795-9050
Sales and Service of Computers, Printers, Fax, Dictation, Cash Registers, Point of Sale Systems, and Typewriters. Specialists in IBM Selectric typewriters.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\I\Internet Products & Services\Internet Products & Services\
River Internet Access CO
PO Box 13409
(928) 819-0410
Locally-based company offering a full-range of Internet services such as T1 backbone & dialup access, full USENET feeds, page development & hosting, special advertising opportunities and seminars.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\B\Bed & Breakfast Accommodations & Inns\Accommodations\
Desert Dove Bed & Breakfast
11707 East Old Spanish Trail
Unique adobe on four acres near Sagauro National Park E. Two guest rooms with private bath rooms and entrance. Full breakfast, Spa, Smoke free. Great views. Hiking & Biking trail near by.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\S\Sightseeing Tours\Tourist Information & Attractions\
Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
465 W Saint Marys Rd
(520) 792-2250
The Tucson Chamber represents its 3,100 members in five major action areas: Governmental Affairs; Political Action; Economic Development; Community Development; and, Member Benefits.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\General Real Estate\
Garden Realty
2343 W Old Ajo Way
(520) 883-4444
"Where Dreams Grow" For personalized service in residential real estate and land purchases and sales. Accredited Buyer Representative.




Carrion Chiropractic


Riverwalk Dental


DK Electricians



















Tucson Web Design by Foundco




3253 E Grant Rd
New resale shop, artist co-op, and tea merchant all to raise money for Alzheimer's Research.

ulla bulla- house
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2011-06-13 Ask a Tucson Techie
Computer problems?  Web worries?  Post your questions here for answers from a local Tucson tech type.  Just click on 'add item' to post.
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2011-06-29 Benefit Corporations spreading - not in Arizona yet
Most companies are legally required to be selfish.  That is, to put shareholder value over all other considerations including worker health, dangers to consumers, damage to the environment, or anything else.

Enter the "B Corp" - a kind of company that can legally pay attention to what most of us call values.  Arizona doesn't yet recognize "B" Corps, but five states now do: Maryland, Vermont, Virginia, New Jersey and now New York.

Arizona?  What does your legislator say?

Post responses here using the 'Add comment' link below.


New law fosters benefit corporations

Background reading: add comment
2010-06-27 Buy Local!
Buying local helps keep dollars circulating here in our community.  Business owners who live in Tucson have an interest in improving quality of life here - and are welcome to free listings in this directory!

Local First Arizona has a directory of locally-owned businesses but it may be limited to dues-paying members.  Their dues are not high - only $35/year for Tucson businesses with less than 5 staff.

However, we would like to list ALL locally owned businesses here at the Tucson Business Directory free of charge.  Please make a comment under your listing if your business is locally owned and we will make sure to indicate it with a "Locally Owned" icon in the Tucson Business Directory.

If possible, please in more...
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2011-01-25 Chapman and Skare, Legal Services
7635 East Irvington Road
Do it yourself legal services advising.
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2011-02-24 DJ Terrorr - Professional Vinyl DJ!

Looking for a DJ who is talented but affordable? Then DJ Terrorr is your DJ!

I have been DJing for 5+ years and can mix any kind of music including Pop (Top 40's), Dance, Hip-Hop, Techno/House, Rock, Latin, etc.

I own all of my own equipment which includes turntables & mixer, professional speakers, a laptop, and a midi pad.

Would you rather hire a "DJ" who uses nothing but a laptop and some old speakers or a DJ with vinyl turntables who can professionally mix and recreate all of your favorite music? I think the answers is obvious. Hire DJ Terrorr!

I am able to DJ any event that requires music which includes House Parties, Private Parties and Events, Birthday Parties, Greek Events, Holiday Parties, Dances, Weddings, Corporate Events more...

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2011-06-11 Do you sell products?
Customers who want to buy local should be able to find out what products are in stock and where.  We'd like to beta-test a procedure for businesses to upload inventory directly from your POS software.  

Why do people order from Amazon?  One reason may be the convenience of delivery, but another big reason is the ability to search for exactly the product they want from a reputable vendor.  Searching for products locally available here in Tucson is a logical step that should help our local businesses.

Contact Golda,, to join the early adopters beta program of free inventory uploads.  No charge, now or later, for early adopters.  

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2010-07-15 Gift of Health
235 W Giaconda Way Suite 233
A Gift of Health
Offered for a limited time by American Health Acupuncture and Life is Good Chiropractic in NW Tucson! Come in NOW and purchase a value package of 10 treatments/adjustments or more in either office and receive a Gift Certificate to Experience a Complimentary Gift of Healing Consultation & Treatment or Adjustment - Value up to $200. See our websites for details!

These natural therapies are an excellent complementary addition to your preventative care for health and well being.
Offer Valid July 19 – August 20, 2010
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2011-08-18 Grandma's Spinning Wheel
6544 E Tanque Verde #150
The Friendliest Fiber Store in the Southwest. We have all the supplies and expertise you'll ever need for knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and felting!
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2010-10-07 La Cholla Landscaping
8905 N Hickory Dr
(520) 272-1094
Complete landscaping services including install, maintain, tree and irrigation services. Licensed, bonded and insured for residential and commercial. Certified Arborist, Certified Landscape Irrigation
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2011-07-01 Love a Local Tucson Business?
Here's how you can help them - and help Tucson - thrive:
  1. Search for them on Yelp:
    and give them a positive review.
  2. Search for them here on bTucson and use the 'add comment, note or news' link to say what you like about them.  Mention details like your favorite dish at a restaurant, or how fast they fixed your roof leak, or just how friendly and accomodating they have always been.  Has this business donated to your nonprofit?  Let people know how they've helped the Tucson community!
  3. If you have a Gmail or other Google acco more...
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2011-12-15 Marcus Engineering, LLC
Located in Tucson Arizona, Marcus Engineering, LLC is an electronics and electrical engineering design firm offering advanced technological design services including: Embedded Systems Design, PCB Layout, Product Development, Analog and Power Electronics design, and Industrial Controls and Automation
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