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Beautiful Dachshund Lives


2011-09-26 : Starting at 20 minutes till 9;00pm  on , Sept 21st, 2011,I called the 520-296- 2324 phone number, asking for help. my husband, Gary, and our loving friend, Rose and I , were very concerned about our Dachshund, her name is Oohla , well Oohla had been in labor, we knew she was due to have her pure Dachshund pups with in that very week. She was crying in pain, and i explained what was going on to the woman who answered that phone number, and told her our concerns.  the first time i called, the woman who answered that phone number acted very concerned , and she told me to give Oohla 3 hours, and if she was still acting the same and did not deliver any pups by then, that they would have us bring Oohla in to see a Vet. she made us feel calm, and assured us that what our Dachshund was going through was normal. well, that was great, untill that 3 hours went by, i called her back, and she did not have us bring our Dachshund in to see any vet.  she kept telling us, even 12 hours later, when Oohla had a  hugh pup that had came out bottom, feet first hanging out of her for 4 hours, to just put Oohla in a dark quiet room by her self and let her deliver the pups on her own . every time i called that number, i was told the same answer, but never to bring her in . Oohla suffered through a lot of unneeded pain, . finally I called another phone number to a different Vet, to get a second opinion, and was told to bring Oohla right in, Oohla needed help, and i thank God i did. Oohla's first pup was too big for Oohla to deliver on her own. After having the big pup, dead of course, removed from her, Oohla had 2 more smaller pups, that lived, but she also had to have surgery to have one more dead pup removed from her, and she had to be spayed.  Oohla almost died. with out the help of a Vet, she would have died.  Personally, we think some one more qualified to answer serious medical questions should be answering the phone number, 520-296-2324. If we would have continued to listen to the woman who answered that phone number, our precious Dachshund, Oohla, would not be with us any more, she would have died.
Thank you, from Mrs Domagala, Mr Domagala, Ms Rose, and Oohla Domagala
phone-520 305 3544  



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