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8150 E 22nd St
Tucson, AZ 85710
(520) 298-1103

2011-12-30 :

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2009-02-20 DON'T USE AASTRO!!!!
It's a long story, but basically Aastro told me that my front differential needed to be rebuilt.  And I fell for it.  1,800 dollars later and 11,000 miles, it started to leak.  I Took it in and they "fixed" it,  it leaked AGAIN.  Brought back in and they said sorry your original warranty expired.  "we can't just keep fixing it".  I offered to pay for the parts and they refused.  My only option: They charge me to take it apart and "we can go from there".  I only wanted them to fix it right and they refused.  I made the unfortunate decision to post a "rant and rave" on craigslist, the night before I got my car back.  The next morning, when I picked up my Denali (not a car.. they know what this means)I asked for all the paperwork on my vehicle.  They refused stating they saw what I wrote on Craigslist.  That night they (pretending to be other users) responded to my post by calling me names and posting an ad not to use MY company and made up a bunch of lies.  The next day my transmission blew up.  What reputable company does all this?  Believe me there is ALOT more I could tell you about.  Whatever you do, DON'T USE Aastro!
I told you Aastro that I WOULD NEVER GO AWAY!  It will be my job, to make sure that everyone hears my story.  If you have been wronged by aastro please spread the word by any means possible.  We must take a stand against companies who rip us off!  On to the next site to warn people about AAstro!" --guest
2007-06-08 Customer Beware!!
Do not take your car to this place or any AASTRO location. I took my car there for a warranty repair, they told me no problem, they could fix the car under my extended warranty. 3 weeks later my car was not fixed and they were trying to charge me $4750.00 for a transmission rebuild!! I called the manufacturer of my car and found out a brand new transmission was only $2600.00!!. When I told them this, they got nasty, when I went to get my car they charged me 525.00 and held my car hostage until I paid them for doing absolutley nothing! They gave me a trasmission in pieces in my trunk and when I took it to another transmission place I found out AASTRO had stolen parts from my transmission!! Beware of this price gouging rip off shop. Dishonest, and horrible customer service!
I took my car to Mr. Clutch, it was like night and day, my warrenty paid the bill, ónly cost me the 100 dollar deductable, If I would have used AASTRO, I would have been out of pocket 2700.00 plus the 2000.00 my warranty would have paid them!! Go to Mr. Clutch instead, they are honest, and will treat you like a paying customer!!
Sincerly, Dana S.

" --guest

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