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122 S Olsen Ave Ste 106
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 620-6600

2011-12-30 :

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2011-12-05 Good Business
This is a really good business. I've never been so familiar with my delivery drivers, and the CSRs are always friendly and helpful. I've always gotten my food on time, so good. --guest
2011-11-27 Good Stuff
This company is really good at what they do. I like being able to order from all kinds of different places. Keep it up! --guest
2011-10-03 great
I've never worked with a better catering company. Whenever my office needs food I always turn to Delicious Deliveries! --guest
2011-07-18 So awesome
This is probably the best service ever created. I can order Italian food (not just pizza, either) or Mexican, or Thai, or even things from Chilis or Claim Jumper. Food is never late, either! --guest
2011-06-17 Great!
If you haven't used Delicious Deliveries yet, you're missing out. I love ordering BJ's and Miracle Mile through them, it's wonderful! I always get my food hot and on time." --guest
2011-06-03 Stay In, Eat Well
Delicious Deliveries is great for one reason: They bring your favorite restaurant straight to your door. There's nothing better than sitting at home, wishing you had a big juicy burger from, say, Applebees, and being able to order it for delivery! It usually takes about an hour, but it's worth it. --guest
2011-05-06 Love the delivery
You have to love this place, really. Delivery that's not pizza or Chinese! Where else can you get that?! --guest
2011-04-29 Amazing customer service
Last time I ordered something, the restaurant forgot an item on my order. The driver rushed right back to the restaurant without question and picked up my item. --guest
2011-04-25 Best Service
This is probably the best delivery service in Tucson. Being able to choose from a variety of restaurants really brings it to a whole new level. You get the food in around an hour and it's always really good. --guest
2011-04-22 Love this place
I really do love this place. Being able to get restaurant food at home is pretty much the best thing ever. The delivery time is about an hour, but it's worth it in my opinion. --guest
2011-04-18 So fast!
I placed an order with this company, and the delivery time they quoted was about an hour. I actually got my food in about 40 minutes. If this quick delivery continues, I will definitely keep using this service. --guest
This place is great. I got right through to a real person as soon as I called, they were fast and knew what they were doing. My food took about an hour and it was hot and fresh. --guest
2011-03-28 Frequent Customer
I'm a frequet Delicious Deliveries customer, and I highly recommend them. Great food in a timly manner -- what more could you ask for? --guest
2011-03-25 Great
This delivery service is great. Love being able to pick a restaraunt I love. Very professional. --guest
2011-03-21 Great service
I use this service all the time, and it's always great! There in about an hour, order is always correct, food is always hot! --guest
2011-03-09 Awesome!
This delivery service is great. I use them all the time, and they're always at my door within an hour with hot food and a smile! Thank you Delicious Deliveries! --guest
2010-10-31 Yes Please
Love this company.  Food comes within an hour and exactly how I want it. --guest
2010-08-25 Pretty Good
I recommend Delicious Deliveries for their catering service. Keep up the good work. --guest
2010-08-16 Good job
Ordering online is really easy. My experience with Delicious Deliveries is always positive. --guest
2010-08-12 Good Food
These guys always do a good job. I'm a big fan of most of their restaurants. --guest
2010-08-05 Not too shabby
The delivery wasn't too shabby. Wasnt the fastest. The food was hot though. --guest
2010-07-26 Great
I placed an order online last night and it was a great experience.  My food showed up right when I expected it, and I even got a discounted delivery fee for ordering online! Will be ordering again. --guest
2010-07-13 Awesome
Long time very satisfied customer here.  While we try not to order too often, Delicious Deliveries is a wonderful treat.  They have some great restaurants and they deliver right to our doorstep.  Make sure to order online for a lower delivery fee!" --guest
2010-07-06 Fabulous
I always try to make dinner on a nightly basis, but sometimes between work and the kids it just doesn't happen. On nights like these Delicious Deliveries is so helpful.  They have a great selection of restaurants so we always find something new to order, and everyone from the phone staff to the drivers are very friendly.  As I'm writing this I think we'll be ordering tonight ..." --guest
2010-06-21 Great
I was in Tucson on a sales call and catered lunch to my client.  Delicious Deliveries was recommended to me and they were outstanding.  The driver was very professional and my order was on time! --guest
2010-06-18 Excellent
Very friendly staff and drivers.  Such a convenient service to have food delivered right to your door! --guest
2010-06-18 Excellent
Very friendly staff and drivers.  Such a convenient service to have food delivered right to your door! --guest
2010-06-14 Great
We ordered lunch today to our office through Delicious Deliveries and they did a great job.  One of my employees is a really picky eater, and DD was able to accommodate them and delivered their meal perfectly with all the special requests, great service! --guest
2010-06-04 Love it!
I ordered from Delicious Deliveries last night and was very pleased with the service.  The phone operator was very friendly and I received my order exactly as expected! --guest
2010-06-02 Awesome!
We use Delicious Deliveries all the time for lunch at our office and they are excellent!  Their website makes it very convenient to place orders, and they do a great job of double checking everything so we get exactly what we wanted.  Great job! --guest
2010-05-10 Great!!
DD is a great company, I've been ordering for years.  So happy to see they are still around they are great!  They are the perfect solution for dinner on busy nights! --guest
2010-05-03 Very Convenient
Delicious Deliveries always comes in handy on busy nights, super convenient! --guest
2010-04-19 Great Company
I've been a long time customer of Delicious Deliveries and am so glad I found them!  They take all the work out of planning lunch for my office, highly recommended!! --guest
2010-04-09 Awesome!
I'm a pharmaceutical rep in town for an appointment and had no idea who to call for a catering order.  Delicious Deliveries was recommended to me by a coworker and they are excellent! Thank you! --guest
2010-04-02 Awesome!
Long time customer of this great delivery service.  So convenient.  My last couple of orders I've placed online and they offer a lower delivery fee through the internet!  Make sure to go to when you order!! --guest
2010-03-26 Excellent
Excellent customer service, timely delivery, correct order including my requests .. overall a great experience --guest
2010-03-19 Great!
Delicious Deliveries is a great service, very convenient, friendly staff and drivers! --guest
2010-03-12 Great Customer Service!
I ordered from DD last night and when my order arrived it was incorrect.  I called and spoke with a manager and he was really friendly.  Not only did they deliver my food again correctly, but they gave me a coupon for next time.  Thanks so much! --guest
2010-03-10 Fabulous!
I recently started ordering through Delicious Deliveries and I'm addicted!  Why cook when there's so many great restaurants?  Make sure to order online for a lower delivery fee! --guest
2010-02-19 Satisfied Customer
Delicious Deliveries is a great service.  They always come in handy in busy nights, not sure I could get by without them!  Make sure to visit the promotions section of their website for any coupons! --guest
2010-02-12 Thank you!
I had scheduled a delivery with another company and was waiting for them to show up before we began our lunch meeting.  I called to see where they were, and they had "lost" my order.  In a panic, I called Delicious Deliveries and they showed up in under an hour with even better food than we had originally ordered.  Thank you! --guest
2010-02-05 Awesome!
Delicious Deliveries is an excellent service.  I was in town for a meeting and scheduled a delivery with them.  The driver was very friendly, and my order was delivered exactly as expected on time. --guest
2010-01-29 Excellent Service
I'm always catering lunches to my clients and I don't know what I'd do without Delicious Deliveries.  They make the process so simple:  I call my order in, and they take care of the rest.  Thank You!! --guest
2010-01-15 Highly Recommended
This is a great service.  They deliver right to my front door, never had a problem.  The website is really simple and the delivery fee's lower when ordering online too! --stevelawson
2009-09-17 Great!
I just found out about these guys and love the service! Last night I had Macayo's delivered and it showed up in under an hour. Order was perfect! --guest
2009-08-18 Fast, Convenient, Friendly
Delicious Deliveries rocks!  They've always showed up on time and delivered exactly what I ordered right to my door.  I might never make dinner again! --guest

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