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about Class Act Resale Boutique

4813 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85712
(520) 795-2940

2006-01-01 :

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2011-04-06 Excellent service
I am surprised at the comment about terrible customer service! I have always received excellent service at Class Act-sometimes they are quite busy taking in consignments, or on the computer, but thats to be expected. They always ask if they can help you find anything and have always been courteous and helpful to others when I have been there. Susan D --guest
2011-03-23 [generic complaint about customer service]
RIGHT! I wouldn't shop there if I had to go naked. The costumer service was terrible. --guest
2008-10-30 GREEN MONKEY
I am wondering why this Green Monkey store has posted in the Class Act Resale shop 'comment section"are they trying to snake the business from the Class Act on their own page?? I find that to be sly and underhanded and I beleive other resale shops should be wary of this new business called the Green Monkey.Business owners are suppoese to support one another NOT hone in on other small business territory or webpages for that matter.SHAME ON YOU "GREEN MONKEY childrens shop"get your own webpage and STAY on it.VERY LOW CLASS." --guest
2008-08-25 Come give us a try
We are looking for your good quality, good condition children's items to sell for you in our children's consignment boutique. If you have been thinking about selling clothing or furniture that your children have outgrown, consider selling it at The Green Monkey! We are also looking for unique toys, books, lamps, baby items (diaper bags, bassinet, crib, highchair, etc), dress-up wear, anything fun and in good condition! Our shop is opening the 2nd week of September, please stop by and visit us! The Green Monkey, 5575 E River Rd #151, Tucson, AZ 85750.
If you would like to set up an appointment to consign your children's items, please contact

Jamie McGill at
Lisa at

If you have women's items, please contact Julie at

visit www. greenmonkeytucson. com" --guest
I have never had a bad experience here. I have had items that they wouldn't take, but they have always been friendly and welcoming. Maybe your stuff was just crap! Go Steven!" --guest
2008-03-07 I agree with
[agrees with original customer complaint/had similar experience] --guest
Iím writing this in response to appalled by:ÖÖ
You see Shawna the owner of class act is my mother and I am the one who found that nasty little comment about her, her girls and her store. I must say I was surprised no I was appalled.
You see I know my mom I mean I grew up with her right and I certainly knew this comment just had to be wrong. That there had to be some kind of simple misunderstanding I mean címon I grew up in that store and I have see it grow and go through many a change over the years.
I learned how to count back change in my moms store; I learned compassion I learned the true meaning behind job well done but most of all I learned about customer service and customer loyalty.
I grew up to own my own flooring business and to later become an installation manager for the largest flooring company in the United States.
All because of great customer skills and people skills I always tell the truth and never try and bully my customers into something thatís not for them or cheat them.
I have given to the needy when they needed and couldnít afford I have accomplished many wonderful things in my life and my career because of my mom and the simple little things I learned in her store as a kid growing up.
My mom is a great businesswomen and a great person
" --guest
2008-02-05 More defense of Class Act girls
I have consigned with Class Act for over 20 years, and find the staff to be friendly and professional. Over the years, I have been told what can and cannot be accepted for re-sale. I take these comments in stride and remember them for the next time and take the rejects to another store. Shawna will no longer take my costume jewelry, clothes purchased from NY NY, Target, or other discount stores, reasoning that their prices are already so low and quality is not up to her standards. The staff is always chatting, laughing, and having fun, which the first writer might have taken as personal, believe me, they are genuine, friendly, good business women and I respect them!  My consigned items have brought me thousands of dollars over the years and funded many a vacation. Now, I just let my account 'ride' so that I can snatch up one of the many fabulous designer handbags she has on the shelf. To the writer who was offended, so sorry, grow up, leaving the lovely, lively, fun place to us loyal customers. " --guest
2008-02-04 It really IS a Class Act!!
This is one of the nicest resale shops I have ever been in! They display their things beautifully, and you can find things easily because everything is organized so well. And they really do carry a lot of the better designer labels like Louis vuitton and Gucci! And I appreciate how selective they are when taking in inventory- it really shows!
I have always been treated with courtesy and felt welcome when I was there, and have witnessed the same for other customers also- so I am really surprised by the negative comment listed here! I can't imagine that happening! Maybe the person who left the negative comment totally misunderstood, I don't know.
I do know this is a great place to shop with great inventory, and great people!

" --guest
2008-01-25 Defending the girls @ Class Act in responce to 12/16 comment
Yes I agree this is APPALLING because I have shopped resale for many years and have been a customer for many years and none come close the the class and dignity that the women at Class Act have. Excuse them for turning down items that may have not been something they were able to sell. Guidelines are important in keeping a busy running in this ever so depressed economy. I am in the store regularly and find it comfortable and homecoming not just to myself, but have witnessed friendlyness to many people in & out of the store. It is a great place to shop or even just hang out to chat with the girls!" --guest
2007-12-16 Appalled by
This place is a joke.  I was surprised to find cheap labels (Hillard & Hanson to name one of many).  I also found a gorgeous evening gown for $185, which had a huge water stain down the front.  I recently stopped by to "sell" my clothes there, and the pretentious woman behind the counter barely looked up or greeted me.  She and her clerk proceeded to sift through the things I had brought and I kid you not - made condecending comments and faces and gestures about some of the articles unaware that i was standing within earshot!  When I approached the counter to pick up my clothes, she proceeded to justify each peice and why it wasn't acceptable for her ever-so-upscale boutique.  I am not upset that the clothes I brought to "sell" didn't fit their standards... However I would assume that any customer should be treated with professionalism if you expect them to come back.  I think I'll stick to the many other resale boutiques in town where the clothes buyers don't make faces at your clothes the staff doesn't look down their nose at you!  
" --guest

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