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2012-04-01 :         This weekend I went to world of fun. In this world you got to be in a new world were you fought for your team to survive. In this world even though someone shot you, you were still alive. In this world they’re in danger and suspense. Once are done fighting for your team you see a portal that takes you to an amazing place of water war. You are in a boat that floats on the murky waters, and this boats only way of protection from the wrath of the water is one tiny bottom that squirts water. In this world once you are fully socked you will enter the portal on the racetrack. In this world on the racetrack you will go zoom zoom. You will feel the wind in your hair or if you are have no hair you will feel the wind on you scalp. And after all that in this world you will enter a part of this world were there is machines, which you play on. This may earthier make you happy or sad, but most likely happy.
                                               This is world is called Funtastiks

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