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6440 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85710
(520) 790-7181

2011-12-30 :

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2012-11-10 They don't have to.
These guys have been trying to collect and all I have asked for is a bill. They refuse to send me one according to them I have to go to their office to get it. I have tried to explain to them without a bill I don't who to make the check out to and where do I send it. I guess I can make the check out to whom ever, general dilvery Tucson AZ. --guest
2011-06-17 Frustrating Endeavor
This company just begain calling me last week about a debt from Oct 2009 that had been settled directly with the creditor. I asked if they had sent us any paperwork, because I didn't have anything on file. The rep stated the last time our file was worked was December 2009, then it was just "forgotten about." When I referred her back to the creditor, she told me it wasn't her job and that I needed to pay my debt. I explained again I had settled my debt directly with the creditor and they needed to correspond with the creditor to ensure the debt was still outstanding before abruptly harassing me after a year and a half. The rep hung up on me. Since this call, I have received five more calls, each time, the reps either hang up right when I answer the phone or will sit on the phone for a few minutes (I can hear typing in the background), not say anything, so then I hang up.

To those posters saying the people complaining are only trying to get out of debt, please be kind - you have no idea what situations people are in; remember, you didn't pay your bills to the point where you got sent to collections as well. here's a hint: they are harrassing me about a bill from my 3 year old daughter's 6 day pediatric ICU stay. Do you have $56K just laying around? Only God has a right to judge. --guest
2011-05-09 BEWARE
I received a phone call from these guys on my cell phone. Representative was rude and said that I would know who he is.. he wanted me to settle a fake debt and I refused to give him any information. Incredibly rude, and unprofessional. I'm glad to see that others have said that it is a scam because I believe that it was a scam to give out my information. I verified with the company that they alleged I owed money to and it was a scam. Beware! --guest
2011-04-26 Random phone call from these guys
Didnt recognize the number, but when i answered, the guy demanded to speak to my husband, and when i told him i wouldnt give him information and i was his wife, he demanded my husbands year of birth to 'verify' who he was speaking too also demanding a 'better way' to reach my husband. he would only tell me he was with Surety. while he was on the phone, i Googled the company name as he was still demanding information, and found several different sites with information that these guys were scammers and debt collectors (true debt or not). no definition on the company or why he was calling. just demanding information. i would not give him any information nor my husbands phone number. I hope these guys get caught. --guest
2011-01-05 Rude!!!
These people are sooooo rude!!!!!! They're collecting on a debt that I've already paid and when I wouldn't give them my information the rep insulted me and said that I was the type of person who doesn't pay my bills!!! --guest
Representative was polite and helpful. Got the issue resolved within minutes, she even waited on hold for about two minutes when another important call came in for me. I'm guessing most of the people complaining were not calling to pay a collections items, but rather trying to get out of it. --guest
2010-01-08 [payee denied receipt]
I paid a debt to them for an apartment and when I call up and ask for paperwork on that certain item (i.e) a receipt, they will not give it to me due to the fact that I owe other bills. Now is it legal for them to deny me my paperwork? Please help!!! --guest
2009-11-30 Great Service
Great Service from Tim Wolfe, Thanks for the help in clearing up this matter. And yes, I'm the one collected on. --guest
2008-07-25 Should I call back?
While I have not had the experience of a rude rep, I did have the experience of having them communicate with my lawyers. Very satisfying, and probably the reason I have not had any trouble with rude reps. They are doing their job but unfortunately the people for whom they are trying to collect the money, are just a tad on the shady side. Coupled with poor record keeping and a desire to try and intimidate people into paying for something they don't owe by using this agency, they really are an institution I will avoid doing further business with.
Pre-Paid Legal, money well spent.
" --guest
2008-06-12 poor surety
it seems as though the people most upset with this company are actually upset with themselves as they let their UNPAID OBLIGATIONS get into collections. it seems as they are blaming the collection agency for doing their jobs because they are either too lazy or too dumb to know that if they sign for services for put something in their names that they actually NEED TO PAY THEIR BILLS.  stop resenting the collection agency for calling you on something you could have taken care of when you should have.  stop ruining the economy!!!! just pay your bills/obligations or be smart enough not to create them.  " --guest
2008-02-27 No Itemization on Paper
These folks continued to hassle me at work and never would send me anything by mail. I had to accept their word on what I owed on mere faith. What's up with that?" --guest
2007-12-31 These people are so rude!!! no
The reps at this company are very rude. They also try to threaten you with things like wage garnishment (which by the way is illegal unless court ordered), lawsuits that they never follow thru with, harassing at work when asked repeatedly not to call. They are bottom-feeding scum bags!!" --guest
2007-12-13 horrible reps
I tried to call and get information on something that was on my credit report in error and the rep was extremeley rude and talked to me real slow like I was handiccapped!! I just wanted to get things cleared up becasue I had just sent in 6000.00 plus dollars and now i wanted to get the last of it taken care of...well due to the rudeness of the rep on the line you can have it sit there forever!!!" --guest
2007-12-04 To: CEO Complaint
The person answering the phones for your company is very rude and hung up the phone when I was trying to get information.
Does you company want the money for collections?
You not going to get it, if the lady with the attitude works for you company." --guest
2007-10-19 [customer complaint]
The peaople here are uncomonly rude.  Even when there is documented evidence of their error they are ridiculous in their attitude and demeanor.  Also their web site does not exist.

There!  did I put that nicely enough!!?" --guest

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