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2011-06-17 : This company just begain calling me last week about a debt from Oct 2009 that had been settled directly with the creditor. I asked if they had sent us any paperwork, because I didn't have anything on file. The rep stated the last time our file was worked was December 2009, then it was just "forgotten about." When I referred her back to the creditor, she told me it wasn't her job and that I needed to pay my debt. I explained again I had settled my debt directly with the creditor and they needed to correspond with the creditor to ensure the debt was still outstanding before abruptly harassing me after a year and a half. The rep hung up on me. Since this call, I have received five more calls, each time, the reps either hang up right when I answer the phone or will sit on the phone for a few minutes (I can hear typing in the background), not say anything, so then I hang up.

To those posters saying the people complaining are only trying to get out of debt, please be kind - you have no idea what situations people are in; remember, you didn't pay your bills to the point where you got sent to collections as well. here's a hint: they are harrassing me about a bill from my 3 year old daughter's 6 day pediatric ICU stay. Do you have $56K just laying around? Only God has a right to judge.

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