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1860 W Price St
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 292-6858

2011-12-30 :

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i would never never ever never recommend Chas Roberts AC to anyone.  The only reason i have them instead of Donelly is because i purchased a new home.  The equipment has failed over 6 times in three years.  The customer service and their ability to uphold their obligation with regards to repair times is horrible.  Twice i have taken off of work, sat around all day, only to call and find out i'm "not on the schedule".  Check with the builder who services the AC and DONT BUY if it is Chas Roberts. --guest
2009-07-06 [customer complaint]
I had so many problems with my new build. Chas Roberts had installed the air conditiioner. They had improperly installed the air handler and water and rust stained the side wall of my new 2 story home. After many many calls they finally replaced the pan but never rehung the unit (which was hung wrong and would not allow the water going to the pain to drain) I finally filed a complaint with the Registrar of Contractors (who are also a bunch of crooks) and 1 year and 8 months later it is to go to hearing. In the mean time I lived with a faulty air condition and over $300 utility bills on a 1400 sq.ft. home.
I was layed off and have been out of work and now have lost my home. So, I think they got off the hook. Too bad, I am a single mom and saved to buy that home and never could totally enjoy it with all that aggrevation and high cost going on. --guest
Do not believe a word that is stated on their website. I used to work there. They have absolutely no call center. They use an outside company to answer the phone calls. If you are lucky enough to get through, you will most likely talk to an un-educated individual who will probably transfer you to the wrong department. New construction is done for awhile. They have nothing else to offer. I have heard that their entire Replacement Management Team has left the company recently. They also stiffed a lot of technicians out of their "Summer Bonus" money. Great job guys! Keep it up. --guest
2008-07-03 Chas Roberts Lawsuit
Like so many people I bought a newly built home that had an a/c unit installed by Chas Roberts.  Within the first year the a/c went out (leak at coil) 3 times....the second year twice!  I finally had a big-wig at my builder's office to coordinate with Chas Roberts after I threatened to take my complaint to the registrar.  Since then I purchased a second new home that had an a/c installed by Chas Roberts.  In less than 6 months of the home being built, the a/c went out with the same symptoms as with my first home.  Chas Roberts came out to repair.  Almost a year to the day the same thing occurred....this time Chas Roberts wanted $185 just to come out.  Now with all of that being said, I have contacted an attorney and am compiling a list of people who have had the same experience I have had.  If anyone has had to pay Chas Roberts for repair on an a/c unit that they installed less than two years after installation, please contact me ASAP at djohnson -at-  You might be part of a class action suit against Chas Roberts.  And if you can give my email to anyone you may know of who has had this experience that would be great.  It is my belief that Chas Roberts is purposefully installing either faulty equipment or installing the equipment incorrectly so that after the warranty period is up they can charge for installation and labor....I intend to put a stop to Chas Roberts.  Any help would be appreciated." --guest
2008-06-27 Chas Roberts [customer complaint]
Chas Roberts was the installation company for Fulton Homes Royal Ranch Development in surprise where I purchase my home in 2005, the home was completed in October of 2003 but never lived in. In july of 2007 my AC unit was blowing hot air so I called Chas Roberts service department and requested service. The technician discovered a leak in the inside, attic, coil and he recharged the system and advised me to call their service number and schedule to have the Coil replaced, the coil was under warranty.

Chas Roberts wanted 540.00 for labor to replace this coil. As I waited for the scheduled repair I saw my neighbor one day and told him of my problem. He informs me this is a well known problem with these coils in this community and advised me to call the builder as they had been working with Chas Roberts to replace these units free of charge due to the high failure rates.

Bottom line: Chas Roberts, Fulton Homes consealed this problem from its customers and Chas Roberts decided it was no longer obligated to correct this problem despite the fact the AC unit and related parts had a 5 year parts warranty.

The coil failed because the coil was not designed to handle the higher pressure the new Puron system installed in my home needed. I also discovered the charge for labor was for 8 hours of labor when Chas Roberts own people acknowledged was high, 3 hours was their estimate.

I refused the installation due to the service technician's refusal to start the installation until I signed agreeing that the work been completed to my satifaction. What kind of business wants you to sign that the work was done before the fact, this was not authorizing the work.

If you know of someone who have been charged to have their inside coil replaced within the 5 year warranty period I would have them contact the BBB if Chas Roberts refuses to refund their money. Carrier is the coil manufacturer and I would also contact them.

" --guest
2008-05-15 POOR customer service
Our air conditioning unit has gone out for the second time in our 1 year old home. The second tech told us the first tech made a mistake, and that is why it went out again. After taking today off work to finally have air after 4 days of waiting, we are now being told that it is after 12 noon, so nobody can come out today. This is a mistake blatantly made by their company, and we must wait until it is convienient for them to fix their error. Obviously when dealing with warrantly issues, they are severly lacking in customer service. " --guest
2008-02-19 Way To Go!
I needed to have my heating unit repaired recently and was thrilled to learn that Chas Roberts has online appointment bookings.  It was so easy to use and I was able to make an appointment for the next day.  They were prompt and fixed my problem right away.  I would and will definately recommend Chas Roberts to my friends. --delana
2008-02-14 [fixed problem, but did not pay electric bill caused by] installation errors
Their installers mistakenly wired our air handler such that the auxiliary heat strips were always on.  So the chilled air was being heated by these strips as it was sent into the house.  After several service calls, they discovered the problem and re-wired it the right way.  The rooms were cool, the system only ran periodically and my electric bills went down.

An analysis of my electric bills showed that I paid $1350 extra as a result of the heat strips.  I sent the analysis to them and requested a re-imbursement.  I followed up with occasional e-mails and voice messages to their warranty service people.  They rarely returned the calls or e-mails.  

Three months later, they said they would not offer any re-imbursement.  They said I should expect to have a high electric bill since I have things like a swimming pool, refrigerator, computers, lighting and other devices plugged in.  In essence, it looks like they think they have some magic heat strips that don't draw any power!" --guest
2008-01-04 Great Experience
I had Chas Roberts out for a heating issue this past week and they were awesome.  I was able to book my appointment with them online and they came out to fix it on New Years Eve in time to get it working for the new years eve party I had planned. The guy was clean-cut and fixed me right up.  I would recommend them to anyone with a heating or air conditioning issue. --guest
2008-01-04 Chas Roberts Champion!
When we needed to replace our air conditioner, we met with several contractors.  We have had horror stories with a home remodel last year and have become very careful in selecting people to work in our home.  Chas Roberts came highly recommended.  Chas Roberts was the only company that met our standards for sevice, experience and fair pricing.  We wanted a Trane air conditioner and called Trane's office for a recommended contractor.  They recommended Chas Roberts.  Our experience was simply the best we've ever had with anyone working in our home!  They were super clean, on time and matched the perfect system to our home and needs.(We love our new air filtration we got with our new system. It's been life changing.)  Thanks Chas Roberts!!" --guest
2007-10-02 [customer complaint]
When I bought my brand new home a Chas Roberts unit came with it. I guess what it really comes down to is home many days can you afford to stay home while they try to fix it. My unit was 3 years old so it was still under warranty. It took 5 DAYS of visits for me the first time my unit went down (and 7 different service guys). Not only did I miss 5 days of work, my house was unbearable. Well my unit has broken again and have have spent 2 days waiting. The first guy, as usual, didn't fix the problem. Now I am calling somebody else and paying for it, rather than deal with their warranty service! If you have a warranty with them, my condolences. " --guest

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