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2011-12-30 :

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2010-11-01 Lie after Lie no
Casas Bonitas Custom Homes LLC aka Casas Bonitas Development LLC, the same co., same address, street, city and zip code.  See comments 2007-10-25 and 2007-10-24 “Not the same co” signed Patty (guest).  Guess what Ross’s office manager is named, Patty.  What a coincidence!
We’re glad to sign our names J.M. Busch & D.S. Busch,  12757 N. Sorrel Stallion, Marana, AZ.  To continue:  see 2007-05-29 Reality under C.B. Development LLC – the complaint hits the nail on the head.  Alex Ross will tell you anything and promise anything to get a signed contract.
Fact #1:  our Marana AZ home – Alex promised us an elevator would be installed to enable my handicapped wife to enjoy the finished roof area.  The elevator eventually (many months after closing) became a lift, which became a used lift attached to the outside wall of the house.
We were told by Ross the entire house was guaranteed for 2 years.  About 6 months after the used lift was finally installed, it broke down.  Upon learning the lift required approximately $600+ worth of repairs, Mr.  Ross informed us it had a 60 or 90 day manufacturers guarantee thereby allowing Ross to cop out on any repair responsibilities.
Fact #2:  Alex Ross Cheated us out of about $1600.00 in taxes for the time he owned this house till we closed on 6/13/08.  Ross paid taxes using the assessors value applied to a vacant lot in the process of being built in 2007.  Ross paid $219.78 of a tax bill in 08 that was $3649.24!  Even though he owned the home till 6/13/08!  We have proof of this information if Ross denies this.  We have copies of the Pima County Assessors Residential Notice of Value which was mailed to him on 9/28/2007! And again in February of 2008.  We have copies of both mailings obtained from the assessor’s office.
On two separate occasions prior to our 6/13/08 closing, the county assessor’s office sent him 2008 taxes with the correct assessed amount, correct name, correct address, and correct telephone number.  Mr. Ross was aware that the 2008 taxes had been assessed higher for 2008 than for 2007. The 2007 taxes on a vacant unimproved lot were $489.15.  The taxes called for 2008 were $3649.24. Ross paid $219.78 towards the 2008 assessment.  We closed on our home 6/13/08.  In September 2008 we received a tax bill for half of the $3649.24, which unknown to me, my wife paid.  
In February of 2009, the second installment of the $3649.24 came due.  I saw this bill and realized that Mr. Ross owed the taxes from 1/1/08 till we closed on 6/13/08.  Phone calls to two title companies (including his person at First American Title) and the Pima County Assessor’s Office all informed me basically that this situation occasionally occurs and that simply contacting Mr. Ross would result in his paying his fair share of the taxes while he owned the house till 6/13/08.
My phone call to Mr. Ross resulted in him denying he ever received the two mailings from the assessor’s office.  He alleged that he would have contested and beaten in the assessors assessed value to the home for the 2008 taxes.  Mr. Ross further argued that if we had made him aware of this increase we received in September 2008 he would have been able to contest it but since we paid it he was not able to contest it and was therefore not liable.

Isn’t it strange that two separate correctly addressed mailings were never received?  Note that one was mailed to him on 9/28/07! With an appeal deadline of 10/23/07.
A call by me to the assessor’s office revealed that even if Mr. Ross had been given the bill we received in 2008 that the period of time to contest was long gone.  I called Mr. Ross and he said he had no money but he was building a new home in Vail Arizona, which was to be completed in December 2009.  I have been calling Mr. Ross since November 2009 and keep being told that the house has not closed yet but when it closes, he would address the tax issue.  Home not completed till August 21010.  I called Mr. Ross to remind him of his unpaid tax issue.  I was once again told that he had no money to pay us.  I attempted to appeal to his sense of fair play that the house was his till 6/13/2008 and that this issue had gone on far too long.  He once again told me that he had no money to pay us and started to argue with me.  When I tried to further discuss the situation with him he said, “This conversation is over”, and hung up on me.
How can Alex Ross claim he’s broke when also in Aug 09 he paid $2400 for a cover page ad in the Savvy Shopper Tucson – Northwest Edition, plus an additional ½ page ad in the same issue for $880.00 and then a full page ad in the following month’s issue of the magazine?  This man took advantage of us and we thought theses type of indiscretions should not go unreported.  Mr. Ross is a dishonest person.  We have just moved but will five our email address and have factual proof of our accusations that we would be happy to provide if requested to do so.
JM Busch and DS Busch

P.S.  Marana Arizona home built by Ross, owned by Ross till 6/13/08
" --guest
2007-12-10 [anonymous customer complaint]
[anonymous customer complaint regarding roofing.  Note, no additional anonymous complaints will be posted here.  If you have additional different complaints to add please provide a name and phone number.  Thank you. --Ed.] --guest
2007-10-23 great home builder [anonymous poster]
I love the home I had Casas Bonitas built for me.  The "extras" that were included in the price make the home really special.  Casas Bonitas was very easy and professional to deal with.  " --guest
2007-09-04 Excellent Builder
I live in the  same sub division as the people who have made the negative comments.  Let me tell you that these people have nothing good to say about anyone or anything; they complain about everything and are not happy people.  My home is beautiful and I had an excellent relationship with Casas Bonitas.  I have done a lot of research regarding my home, and I know I could not have purchased as nice or as well built a home for the same price in Tucson.  Also, if you look on the registar of contractors page, you will see yourself that the complainers are not telling the truth. --guest
2007-06-02 Terrible Experience
Dealing with this builder has been a terrible experience: constant harassment, repeated threats, and no respect for someone who is using your money to build YOUR home. There have to be more responsible builders who really want to provide quality service with a more professiona attitude. --casa1bldr
As a past employee of casas bonitas I would like to point out a couple of things about the comments listed here by one person. I was responsible for seeing that this house was built correctly, I challenge anyone to find a comparably built house at a price 50% more than this person paid. Also the lies about being threatened or bullied are not true as I was the one directly in charge of this contract and am witness to the fact that if this person did not get something for nothing they would cry foul or attempt to get what they wanted by lying about anything that might get them their way. This person has also attempted to get their way thru a lawyer, who told them to give it up and thru the registrar of contractors, who also told them there was nothing wrong. Now this, maybe they should tell the public that the builder offered to buy back the home prior to them moving in if they were not happy with it and they would have no part of that, as they know what kind of value they got. The driveway is alright, its the driver thats from hell. If this person is so knowledgeable about construction why have the builder build the house." --guest
2007-05-29 REALITY
2007-05-01 Exploding Plumbing and Death Ride Driveway
Alex Ross, owner of Casas Bonitas, will promise anything to get a signed contract then, blame every problem or delay on the subcontractors or the city. Although the contract says everything must be written, Alex Ross is careful to answer you only with spoken words. Use a tape recorder if you have any conversations with him, his son, or his building superintendents.

What to expect:
Lies, threats, bullying!
If you complain to Alex Ross, you get retaliatory construction delays. Delays cause extra banking fees to extend the construction loan!

If you suggest a solution to one of his screw-ups, you get invoiced for a change order.

You will be told that talking to a subcontractor is a contract violation and not allowed.

The city of Tucson is blamed for permitting delays when, in fact, they issued my building permit in 4 days. Alex Ross did not apply for my permit until 8 months after I signed a contract with him – all the while I’m paying interest on a construction loan.

Unqualified subcontractors:
Prepare for plumbing that explodes, leaks, or isn’t connected to any main pipes in the house or to the sewer; sinks that come unglued after a week.

Prepare for electrical wiring that is connected improperly, switches that aren’t there, light fixtures installed upside down.

Prepare for squatters and subcontractors living in your unfinished home (sanctioned by Alex Ross) and a screaming match when you ask to have your house locked or watchmen posted to prevent the theft of all your appliances.

Prepare for trainees to do the remedial work on your punch list after your house is supposedly completed. They do as much damage as they repair, for example, paint on your new drapes and screens.

I performed due diligence before signing my contract and only one complaint was on file with the AZ Registrar of Contractors on Casas Bonitas for a 12 month construction delay. My 6 page complaint is now on file with them, and I hope anyone considering Casas Bonitas and Alex Ross as a builder will read it. It barely skims the surface of problems with this house. Yesterday, I went to a Tucson City Council meeting and asked to have my driveway and walk condemned and petitioned the city to pass legislation requiring permits of safety and usability for driveways and walkways. My house is 4 months old and I have been able to get the car in the garage once – and it was a lay rubber, death ride. Casas Bonitas has refused to make any repairs.

I withheld a final payment of $2600 until the driveway is fixed and Alex Ross refuses to perform any warranty work until I release it.

Last week, he ordered the plumbing subcontractors out of my house when they came to repair a major leak from the master bath that damaged the ceiling of the room below. I had been out of town for the Easter holiday so I didn’t cause this leaking. Now, I live with plastic bags protecting the ceiling fan and saw cuts in the ceiling. The Registrar of Contractors says not to get another plumber in to make repairs.

I was told by Alex Ross’ son I was not part of this subdivision so Casas Bonitas would not paint or plaster the street side of my walls according to the site plan. I have been paying HOA fees for the entire 2 plus years it took to build this house.

This has been a most stressful and expensive experience!
" --guest
2007-05-01 Custom Home Builder? Not!
Alex and Michael Ross call themselves “custom” home builders, yet they whine and grumble when a client asks them to make a change from their standard “custom” design. (If it’s standard, it isn’t custom or even semi-custom.) They say the changes can’t be made because of city/county codes, yet city/county codes in no way prohibit the requested changes. (I checked.) They say that requested changes are what caused them to take two years to build my little, tiny house. Are they “custom” home builders or not? It doesn’t take a lot of skill to add or delete a window to or from a wall. It does, however, take some PLANNING—a word with which these two characters are unfamiliar—to install plumbing BEFORE a slab is poured or to schedule the painters to show up AFTER the drywall has been finished and not before or to hook up the sewer lift station BEFORE the client takes occupancy and not after the house has been flooded with sewage." --guest
2007-05-01 Ditto
After a 12-month delay on starting our home, we couldn’t get Alex Ross’s attention until AFTER we’d hired an attorney.  Even then, he requested that our realtor not bother him with our concerns about construction delays and even ignored our attorney until the Registrar of Contractors threatened to suspend his license." --guest
2007-04-29 Disreputable Builder
This builder, also doing business as Good Realty Group and Casas Bonitas Development, failed to perform to his contractual obligations. For months, building on my house didn't progress. It took him nearly two years to complete the structure. Even then, plumbing drains weren't connected, which resulted in damage to my house. He billed for change orders that weren't requested and when questioned about them, issued threats against me. He hired inexperienced "day laborers" to do work that only qualified professionals should do. [....] He built approximately 30 homes in this development, and every one of the owners has had issues with Mr. Ross, his building standards, his failure to perform, and his lacke of experience. Beware!" --guest
2007-04-17 Terrible Experience
Dealing with this builder has been a terrible experience; constant harassment, repeated threats, and no respect for someone who is using your money to build YOUR home. There have to be more responsible builders who really want to provide quality service with a more professional attitude." --guest

Information above is from a privately purchased database and/or unverified user submissions. Please verify all information before depending on it for anything critical. We welcome corrections!

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