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600 West Lester Street
Tucson, AZ 85705

2006-01-01 :

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2011-04-01 [customer complaint]
Watch out for this shop: They do not do all their MACHINE work in house as stated on their web site.
[ed note: no details are given in this account as to how the customer knows the work was not done in house.]

Larry's cavalier attitude and huge ego have blinded him from why this customer is very unsatisfied.

Larry you still don't get it, because you are blinded by your huge ego. And no one really cares about how much money you make or how many employees you have. It's irrelevant to what you did.

If you have a crank or flywheel headed to Larry just call him and ask where he is sending your precious parts and deliver them yourself so at least you know they are being taken care of and not rolling around the back of Larry's shop truck getting the crap beat out of them.
Better yet when you drop off your high dollar crank or flywheel tell them you want to wait and watch the machine work being done and if they are busy just have them call you when they get ready to do your machine work and watch the look on their faces, when they get caught [...].
This review is from a paying customer with first hand experience [...] What a huge let down.
If I would have wanted a total stranger machining my parts and wanted the cheapest price on the planet I would have boxed up my parts and done this work on the Internet and not wasted my time driving my parts across town to the supposedly best shop in southern Arizona. --guest

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