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2009-04-30 : I love that this complaint is anonymous as this matter has never been brought to my attention in 5 years of conducting business. Are you the employee from 2005 that had white out all over your timesheet? That also had times filled in I knew for 100% you were not at work? I believe it just might be! I remember the month I went on maternity leave in 2005.....I returned to an office so disgusting I wouldn't even bring my infant inside. Your fingernail clippings were all over the floor, yes I remember you well! I recall you only processed 4 or 5 policies in a six-eight week period and spent the majority of the time on self grooming and downloading music lyrics. I have record of your pay, you received what you had earned. Anybody that knows me, knows quite well I am as respectful as they come to others, even to those who may not deserve it. I truly feel badly that you have harbored such ill feelings for such a long period of time. 5 years. That's rather unhealthy to do. Should you feel the need to address these issues in order to move forward in your life, my information is posted above. God Bless.

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