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2012-08-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nursing & Life Care Homes\
Valley Health Care and Rehabilitation Center : very bad manners by nursing staff
Our sister is in your facility, and we have tried all day to reach her, but no one answers the phone.  When my other sister called to request a check on the sister there, the nurse who answered the phone was very unpleasant, in fact down right rude . ... read more

2011-10-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Neurologists\Physicians & Surgeons\
Sherman Scott J MD Phd : Clinic Number for Patients
(520) 874-2729 or (520) 874-2778"

2011-07-22 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Newspaper Publishers\Newspapers\
Tucson Sentinal
Online nonprofit local news organization.

2011-07-21 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Newspaper Publishers\Newspapers\
Arizona Daily Star : More layoffs coming
The Star is having to layoff more reporters and staff.  It is a downward spiral that needs some kind of new thinking about journalism.  Wish we had funds to hire them, they have some excellent journalists.

Are there grants out there to support independent ... read more

2011-02-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Neurologists\Acupuncture & Acupressure\
Lightner Donald L Ac Acupuncture :
the correct address and phone number is:
3400 East Speedway Blvd., suite 206
Tucson, AZ 85716

2010-10-21 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nurse Practitioners\
Layman Sandra Anp-C : location
Sandra is located at Quality of Life Medical & Research Center, 5390 E. Erickson Drive, Tucson, AZ."

2010-10-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nutritionists\Weight Loss & Control\
TMC Weight Loss Center
6226 East Pima Street, #3
TMC Weight Loss Center offers adjustable gastric band surgery, a safe, effective, and reversible weight loss procedure. They also offer nutrition counseling, support groups and other resources.

2010-06-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Newspaper Publishers\Newspapers\
Arizona Daily Star
The morning daily paper in Tucson for over 100 years

2010-04-10 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Night Clubs\Bars & Pubs\
Liquor Barrel Saloon : Awesome
My name is Andrea, I worked at the LIQUOR BARREL SALOON, not only were the customers the best ever, and the regulars treat you like your family, but my boss, Jimmie..he owns it, and he is not only the best boss I think I have ever had, but he was also ... read more

2010-03-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Night Clubs\Bars & Pubs\
Tiny's Saloon & Steakhouse : They're back
I regard to the other comment, Tiny's was going though a rough patch in 2009. Their liquor license went south as did the customers and staffing. Everything is good now along with the customer service and the food. If you had a bad experience in 2009 give ... read more

2010-03-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nail Salons\Manicures & Pedicures\
Tucson Nails
2706 N. Silverbell Rd #1
Full Nail Set $20
Manicure & Pedicure $25 (euro-thereaphy available)
Our Classic Manicure shapes the nails and conditions the cuticle. A hydrating massage for your hands and arms will follow this enhancement. Lastly, nails are polished ... read more

2010-01-29 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nail Salons\Manicures & Pedicures\
Head Hunters Hair Styling : [client complaint about particular stylist]
[complaint about stylist Samira]
Head Hunters is a company that rents units so they do not govern the stylist, so if something goes wrong your dealing with an independent person and not management. apparently if Samira has time for you she will be ... read more

2009-07-25 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Night Clubs\Bars & Pubs\
Tiny's Saloon & Steakhouse : What happened to good service?
Never going back, rude waitress & Manager had no people skills. Waited too long for food.

2009-05-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Neurologists\
David Hermosillo-Romo, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychology Pediatric, Adult, Geriatric, Bilingual
(520) 690-6443
David Hermosillo-Romo, PhD
Clinical Neuropsychology
Pediatric, Adult, Geriatric

5363 East Pima Street, Suite 100
Tucson, Arizona 85712
Fax (520) 323 1336
Phone (520) 690-6443

2009-02-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Non-profit Organizations\
Davis-Monthan Enlisted Spouses' Association
The next Davis-Monthan Enlisted Spouses' Association Meetings will be held Feb. 13 at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center. Babysitting is available. Contact Peggy at or Priscilla at with the number ... read more

2009-01-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Natural & Organic Foods\Health & Diet Foods Retail\
Shopnatural Cooperative : shopnatural replacement
I have found a good alternative for shopnatural, I now buy from BulkNuts4you which is also a great healthfood option. They offer discounts for bulk purchases if you ask!

2008-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nurses\
SOUTHWEST SWAT NURSES - 1-888-792-8428
Travel & Per-Diem RNs

Tucson / Phoenix / Arizona / California


Apply Online:

Join Today !
America's Best Critical Care RNs"

2008-11-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Night Clubs\Bars & Pubs\
Td's Showclubs : Changes
Has the club changed much in a year? Always there in Dec. Please let me know if it is still the same. and some of the same girls are there.

Contact me at:

2008-09-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nurse Practitioners\
Rommel Nancy N P :
Nancy is a fantastic N.P. infact she is a fantastic medical experience. She is through friendly and truly cares which is impossible to find these days. "

2008-09-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nail Salons\Beauty Salons\
4400 Hair Salon : Joel is Amazing...
Just left the salon and what a great experience.  I sent Joel a photo of what I wanted my hair to look like, he added some color, blended in the gray and offered ideas for the cut.  I love it, what a great look.

-Dave F

2008-07-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nutritionists\Health & Diet Foods Retail\
Sandak Shoes : Sandaks are here!
If you are still looking for Sandak sandals, pleaes go to our website to see pictures of the different styles we have.  My email is on there too, if you have any questions.  (Sorry, we're not in Tuscon, but we'll ship anywhere ... read more

2008-07-20 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nail Salons\Beauty Salons\
4400 Hair Salon
4400 E. Broadway, Suite 106
(520) 322-5858
Our hair stylists are classically trained to shape your hair precisely to suit your face and lifestyle. Your visit includes a personal consultation, scalp massage, custom shampoo and conditioning treatment, cut, style and instructions how to achieve different ... read more

2008-05-31 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nutritionists\Health & Diet Foods Retail\
Sandak Shoes : Sandak + Tucson
I have been all over the internet trying to find out where I can buy Sandaks.  They are great.  Now I also cannot find the styles, etc.  I only found the name Sandak.  How do I find these shoes?  They were great.  I also bought in Florida years ago. ... read more

2008-04-09 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Natural & Organic Foods\Health & Diet Foods Retail\
Shopnatural Cooperative : IT WASN'T COMPETITION
Regarding the comment: "in the end it was quashed out of business by big corporations."  The reason ShopNatural closed was NOT due to competition; there is a huge demand for organic and natural foods, and there is plenty of room for all players.  Simply ... read more

2008-03-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nutritionists\Dietitians\
Suzette Kroll-Barancik, RD
Nutritionist Suzette Kroll-Barancik, RD, is a well-regarded expert in the nutrition field. She is a registered dietitian, certified intrinsic coach and specialist in nutritional counseling. She has been inspiring good nutrition habits in others since ... read more

2008-03-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nursery Schools Preschools & Kindergartens\
Pricing : re sonshine
The 1/2 days are only morning before 9 and ending before 3pm with charges for overages of  5min and above They just closed the 1/2 year old room so there no longer a place for the younger children. No food is provided and you must bring a snack and lunch ... read more

2008-03-09 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nutritionists\Nutrition Consultants\
Life in Motion Coaching
Personal trainer, life coach and masters level therapist provides health and wellness coaching, nutrition and weight loss coaching and assistance in feeling great and living a good life."

2008-02-25 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nursery Schools Preschools & Kindergartens\
Sonshine Preschool : Pricing
Pricing is great! But they have structured days of enrollment.  Such as their three day plan is ONLY Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Their two day plan is Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays.  Or the child can be full-time (5 days a week). If you like ... read more

2008-02-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Natural & Organic Foods\Health & Diet Foods Retail\
Shopnatural Cooperative : Notified mid December
As a buying club, I was notified by email in Mid December of the pending closure. Shopnatural tried its best, but in the end it was quashed out of business by big corporations. In the last 12 months, their sales dropped by %50 while fuel and other costs ... read more

2008-01-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Natural & Organic Foods\Health & Diet Foods Retail\
Shopnatural Cooperative : Gone without a word
ShopNatural went out of business without a word to their many buying clubs,and  cooperative members.  Their web site is still up, frustrating many buying clubs who placed orders only to never receieve anything.  Their phone numbers still ring to an answering ... read more

2008-01-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Natural & Organic Foods\Health & Diet Foods Retail\
Shopnatural Cooperative : ShopNatural: Out of Business
After 34 years, ShopNatural Cooperative went out of business effective 12/31/2007."

2007-12-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nurse Practitioners\
Schwager Edward J MD : incompetent pervert
[anonymous customer alleges: ] "attacked my son in the waiting area."

2007-12-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nurse Practitioners\
Schwager Edward J MD : Bad Doctor http://www.CNN.Com/Health
I just saw the news clip on CNN on waht a dangerous doctor he is. It's too bad they did not catch him earlier

Len Fields MD"

2007-12-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nutritionists\Nutrition\
Whole Food Nutrition Supplements
Phytochemicals are antioxidants and nutrients found in plants that protect us against diseases. Many fruits and vegetables contain a wide variety of phytochemicals; in fact, researchers have identified by now more then 900 different phytochemicals in ... read more

2007-12-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nutritionists\Nutrition Consultants\
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
(520) 404-4558
Healthy lifestyle and wellness coaching can be a
powerful motivator to assist you on your journey
towards better health.  Our trained health
professionals provide one-on-one counseling to
clients on health risks, behavior change and goal
setting ... read more

2007-10-18 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nutritionists\Nutrition\
Arbonne Intl Area Manager
166 Bobcat Lane, McGaheysville, VA 22840
Pure Swiss Health and Wellness Products. Botanically Based
Skin Care, Weight Loss, Nutritional Supplements, Color Cosmetics, Aromatherepy, Baby Products, Hair Shampoo and Conditioners, Men's Products"

2007-09-22 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Neurologists\Neurology Pediatrics Physicians & Surgeons\
Scully Thomas B MD : He Is The Greatest
Dr. Scully has done 3 of my 4 back surgerys and if it was not for him I would not be able to the things that i can do today.He is a stright up kind of guy,will take the time to answer all your ? When I first went to him I had 2 full pages of ? and he ... read more

2007-06-13 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Night Clubs\Nightclubs\
DV8 Nightclub is always under attack by it's competitors. The truth of the matter is that ladies and military who are in line before 10pm are allowed in free even if they reach the door after 10pm. As long as they are in line before 10pm the doorman are ... read more

2007-05-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nurse Practitioners\
Rommel Nancy N P : Wonderful Provider
Nancy has changed my life.  She has taught me how to care for myself in a gestalt way.  She combines Eastern and Western medicine and is open to prescribing both standard prescriptions and holistic treatments.  I STRONGLY recommend her to anyone who isn ... read more

2007-05-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nutritionists\Health & Diet Foods Retail\
Sandak Shoes : buying
Where can I see the styles? I want to buy the shoes,have been wearing them for yesrs,but always bought them in Florida.w"

2007-05-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Night Clubs\Nightclubs\
DV8 : DV8 - False Advertising!
DV8 practices false advertising. The club claims that ladies get in free before 10pm but if you arrive between 9:30 and 10:00 they make you wait in line until after 10:00 so you have to pay anyway. In our experience, we got there at 9:40, didn't get inside ... read more

2007-04-26 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Night Clubs\Nightclubs\
Ten's Showclub : worth a visit
nice, friendly, down-to-earth real women.
just nice."

2007-04-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Non-profit Organizations\Church & Religious Associations & Organizations\
Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Tucson
4500 East Speedway Suite 69
Tucson AZ (520) 529-3809"

2007-04-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nurse Practitioners\
Rommel Nancy NP : Actual Location
Nancy is actually located at 5655 E. Grant Rd."

2007-03-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Neurologists\Acupuncture & Acupressure\
Chandler Ron Physlgst : change name of business
please reflect this business name as:
Ron Chandler, L.Ac.

with the website link

thank you very much!"

2007-03-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Nurse Practitioners\
Rommel Nancy N P : Great NP
Nancy is a wonderful Nurse Practioner, devoted to the health and wellbeing of her patients. She truely cares about her patients.  Her office staff is great too!"

2006-01-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Neurologists\Clinics\
White Pine Clinic
1601 North Tucson Boulevard
A comprehensive traditional Chinese treatment center combining acupuncture and supportive modalities. Our clinic emphasizes an amalgam of the best of modern TCM pragmatism with the wisdom and insight of ancient masters. We are proud to serve the community ... read more

2006-01-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Natural & Organic Foods\Natural Healing Products & Services\
New Life Health Centers
4841 East Speedway Boulevard
Health food store selling vitamins, herb and supplement products, health-related articles and more.

2006-01-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\N\Neurologists\Physicians & Surgeons\
Labiner David M MD
1501 N. Campbell Avenue
Department of Neurology
University of Arizona College of Medicine

Nail Salons

Natural & Organic Foods

Herbalife Health & Nutrition Coach - Jill MacInnis
Organic & Natural Doggy Style Pet Gear


David Hermosillo-Romo, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychology Pediatric, Adult, Geriatric, Bilingual

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Publishers

Night Clubs

Non-profit Organizations

Davis-Monthan Enlisted Spouses' Association


Court Reporter- Steve L. Garwood
Cutting Edge Painting CO
D & D Accounting Service
E Z Cash Check Cashing Centers
Eastside Notary
Farmers Insurance Group
Farmers Insurance Group of Companies
Financial Safeguards Group
Hall Dave CO
Kelley Realty
Legal Support Services & Consulting
Lupita Shestko-Montiel Azcldp 80067
Mendel Julius Notary Public
Mike's Notary Service
Neighborhood Postal Centers
Notablenotaries of America
Postal Connection
Saenz and Associates
Sonora Title & Registration Service
Tenery & Company

Nurse Practitioners

A New Creation Womens Clinic
Actual Location
Bad Doctor
Baron Joanne Nurse Practitioner - Family & Community Medicine
Busch Patty FNP
Cagno Colleen MD
Caldwell Barbara MD
Campbell Sharon Nurse Practitioner
Carondelet Medical Group PC
Carondelet Medical Group PC - Info- Appointments
Casto Daniel MD
Cohen Stephen MD
Corvalan Enrique S MD - Family & Community Medicine
Deforest Amber MD
Desert Quail Health LLC
Dodson Jerry MD
Finkelstein Michael MD
Gomez Diane NP
Gordon Paul MD
Great NP
Griffen Thomas MD
Hartline Jane MD
Johnston Maria Cfnp
Kahan David H DO
Kame Rosalia MD
Kerwin James MD
Kiva Medical Group
Kutob Randa MD
Laponsie Susan Ob Gyn NP
Layman Sandra Anp-C
Lebensohn-Chialvo Patricia MD - for Patient Appointments- Family & Community Medi
Lopez Carla FNP
McClure Craig MD
Medical Group Carondelet PC
PUST Ronald MD - Family & Community Medicine
Pazzi Nicholas C DO
Popeski Richard S MD
Popovici Christine
Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Associates
Regoso Dan C MD
Reifschneider James MD
Rommel Nancy N P
Rommel Nancy NP
Rouzaud Silvia MD
Roy Patricia A Ms FNP
Schwager Edward J MD
Sharon Campbell Cnp-Nurse Practitioner
Siwik Violet MD
Steinfeld Alice Medical MA
Struthers Lynn MD
University Physicians - Family Practice Office- Information & Referral
Walls Steve Cfnp
Weiss Barry MD - Family & Community Medicine- for Patient Appointments
Wintzer Christopher MD
Wohl Rise-Ann MD
Womens' Options
Wonderful Provider
Wright Regina ANP
Wristen Moira MD
incompetent pervert

Nurseries Plants & Trees

Nursery Schools Preschools & Kindergartens

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Bright Beginnings Pre-School Center
Bright Star Learning Center
Camp Adventure
Carden of Tucson Inc
Casa Ninos School of Montessori - Casa Ninos School
Casa de Vida
Casas Christian Preschool
Casas Christian School
Castle Hill Country Day School
Chapel in the Hills Church
Child Parent Centers Coronado Head Start
Child-Parent Centers Coronado Head Start
Children Reaching for the Sky
Children's Choice Early Learning Center
Children's World Learning Center
Children's World Learning Centers - Center Locations- Tucson East
Children's World Learning Centers - Center Locations- Tucson North
Children's World Learning Centers - Center Locations- Tucson Northwest
Childtime Learning Centers
Christ Church United Methodist
Christ Church United Methodist - Education Office
Christ Church United Methodist - Preschool
Cozy Casa Day Care & Pre-School
Creative Beginnings Pre-School & Kindergarten
Daisy Early Learning Academy
Daisyland Preschool
Desert Skies Child Care & Learning Center
Desert Spring Children's Center
Desert Survivors Children's Services
Desert Trail School
Desert Valley Christian School
Desert Winds Head Start
Discovery Learning Center
Enchanted Desert Playgarden
Enchanted Desert School
FMB Early Childhood Training Associates
Faith Lutheran School
Family Life Academy
First Impressions Daycare & Preschool
First Southern Christian School
Fountain of Life Lutheran Church & School
Hand in Hand
Happy Trails School
Head Start Administration Child-Parent Centers Inc - Health Services Of
Hope Center
Immaculate Heart Preparatory School
International School of Tucson
KINO School
Kiddie Korner Preschool
Kids Forever Learning Center Inc
Kids Village Pre-School & Childcare
Kids World Preschool & Kindergarten - East
Kids World Preschool & Kindergarten - North
Kids' World Preschool & Child CE
Kindercare Learning Centers
LA Frontera Center Inc - Administrative Services- Clinic- for Deaf
LA Frontera Center Inc - Casa Alegre
LA Frontera Center Inc - Casa Lucero
LA Frontera Center Inc - Child-Family Center
LA Frontera Center Inc - East Case Management
LA Frontera Center Inc - East Clinic
LA Frontera Center Inc - Meyer
LA Frontera Center Inc - Mountain Case Management
LA Frontera Center Inc - Pima House
LA Frontera Center Inc - RAPP Team
LA Frontera Center Inc - Sonora House
LA Frontera Center Inc - Southwest Case MGMT
LA Frontera Center Inc - Thornydale Ranch
LA Frontera Psychiatric Health
LA Paloma Academy
LA Petite Academy
Lambs' Gate Christian Preschool& Kindergarten
Lifelong Learning Academy
Little Mj's Infant Center
Little Ranch School
MIS Hijitos Preschool & Daycare Center Inc
Marshall Preschool Inc
Mary-Joyce Private School & Daycare
Mills Roy C
Mini-Skool Early Learning Centers
Miss Anna's Complete Child Care Centers
Montessori Casa Ninos School
Montessori Khalsa School
Montessori School Hermosa
Mountain View Home Preschool
Ms Sarah's Romper Room
Munchkins Preschool & Day Care Center
New Hope Christian Preschool
Northminster Christian Preschool & Kindergarten
Open Arms Christian Preschool & Childcare Centers
Outer Limits School
PIO Decimo Center
Palo Verde Christian School
Pima Country Day School
Pusch Ridge Preschool & Kindergarten
Resurrection Lutheran Child Development Center
Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center
Second Street Children School
Small World Pre-School & Childcare
Sonshine Preschool
Spanish Trail School
St Alban's Episcopal Pre School
St Andrew's Preschool & Kindergarten
St James Methodist Kindergarten & Nursery School
St Mark's Pre-School-Kindergarten
St Mark's United Methodist Church
St Odilia Catholic Community
St Paul's United Methodist Church
St Thomas the Apostle Church
Stepping Stones Academy
Sueno Nuevo
Sunshine School in Oro Valley Inc
Tanque Verde Extended Care - Aces After School Program
Tanque Verde Extended Care - Tves After School Program
Tanque Verde Lutheran Church Preschool
Tanque Verde Parent Participation Preschool
The Children's Center
The Montessori Schoolhouse Charter
Tiny Lambs Childcare & Preschool Inc
Todays Kids
Triple R Child Care
Tucson Community School Inc
Tucson Country Day Charter School
Tucson International Academy
Tucson International Mariachi Conference
Tucson Nursery Schools & Child Care Centers Inc
Unity of Tucson's School of Creative Living-With A Spiritual PLU
Valley Christian Church
Valley View Preschool
Wings On Words Preschool
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Young Explorers Schools - Corporate Office
Young World
re sonshine


SOUTHWEST SWAT NURSES - 1-888-792-8428

Nursing & Life Care Homes

Aslan's Home
Atria - Campana Del Rio
Autumn Home Adult Care
Blue Field A C H
Broadmoor House
Broadway Proper
Canyon Crest Assisted Living Anmory Care Community
Carestone at River Centre
Carmen's Home Care
Casa Del Amor
Casa de Buena Vida
Catalina Health Care Center
Daisy Blooms Care Home
Desert Life Rehabilitation and Care Center
Desert Palms Residence
Desert Serenity Adult Care Home
Desert Steppes Adult Care
Desert Treasure Residence
Devon Gables Assisted Living Apartments
Forum at Tucson
Handmaker Jewish Services
Healthcare Center at the Forum
Home Sweet Home Adult Care
House of Hope
Indian Ridge Residence
Kennon Kenneth
LA Canada Care Center
LA Colina Health Care
LA Rosa Health Care Center
LA Rosa at Santa Catalinas Villas
Leisure Living
Life Care Center of Tucson
Lovecare CO
M & S Assisted Living Home
Manor Care Health Services
Massingale Adult Care Home
Montrose Adult Care Inc
Mountain View Care Center
Mountain View Retirement Village
Northwest Assisted Living
Oakridge at Midvale
Oh-Be-Joyful Adult Care Home
Our Family Adult Care Home
Our Place Adult Care Home
Palm View Assisted Living
Peace Haven Lutheran Homes
Pelion Adult Care Home Inc
Posada Del Sol Health Care Center
Quality of Life 1
Riverside Group Home
Rose of Sharon Family Home Inc
Sabino Canyon Care & Rehabilitation
Saint Lukes Home Inc - Administration
Saint Lukes Home Inc - Residents
Sandoval John & Margaret
Santa Catalina Villas
Santa Rosa Care Center
Some Call It Home
Spring Days Adult Care Home
St Jude-Casa de Maria Assisted Living Homes
Su Casa Nursing Home
Sunbridge Park Villa Care & Rehabilitation
The Oasis
Tucson Lutheran Homes
Valley Health Care and Rehabilitation Center
Villa Campana Health Center
very bad manners by nursing staff


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