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2012-05-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Furniture & Equipment\Refinishing & Repair\
Friday Appliance Service : Bad Service
Bad service, they take long time to fix your frege [...]

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Furniture & Equipment\Dealers\
Pryde Business Systems
4865 E Speedway Blvd
(520) 795-9050
Sales and Service of Computers, Printers, Fax, Dictation, Cash Registers, Point of Sale Systems, and Typewriters. Specialists in IBM Selectric typewriters.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Retail\
8360 N Lee Trevino Dr
(520) 219-8892
Distributor of Custom Printed Products

2011-11-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Opera Companies\Live Theater\
Carnival of Illusion Theater
445 S. Alvernon Way
Laugh, Have Fun and Celebrate at Arizona's ONLY Intimate Illusion Show. Carnival of Illusion will transport you on a magical journey around the world in a Vaudeville-Inspired Magical Parlour Show limited to just 35 guests. Shows Fridays and Saturdays ... read more

2011-06-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Outdoor & Billboard Advertising\
Arizona Billboard Company
9121 E Tanque Verde Rd #105-203
We specialize in billboards in Phoenix, Tucson, Southeast Arizona and Southern New Mexico.
Arizona Billboard Company will deliver your advertising message utilizing a variety of outdoor media.

2011-04-19 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Optical Goods\
Mobile Optical
Mobile Optical of Tucson
"we bring the optical store to you"
Large selection of quality frames, repairs and adjustments, low competitive prices, Licensed Optician.
We come to your home or care facility.

2011-02-20 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Bruce Says
For a few years my son was a student at the University of Arizona which-as many of you may know, gave me the challenge of finding a trustworthy, professional, honest and competitively priced auto shop. My mechanic in New Jersey and I checked the Tucson ... read more

2011-01-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Optical Goods\Optical Goods Service & Repair\
National Eye & Ear : Great Eye Doctor
I have been going here for a couple of years and feel I receive excellent service.

2011-01-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Montgomery Automotive : The best in Tucson
I have taken my cars to John Montgomery for years, as do most of my neighbors and all five of my kids.  John (and his wife / office person / estimator / etc., Pam) are the best.  I have never known anyone who had to take a car back to John for a faulty ... read more

2010-12-17 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Saguaro Automotive LLC : Excellent place for service, Owner does not own Green Valley Automotive
I have 2 cars serviced at Saguaro Automotive with the new owner, Andrew.  Andrew is a true car enthusiast and is extremely knowledgeable about automobiles.  Andrew and his staff has done custom work and service work on my automobiles at a reasonable cost ... read more

2010-09-25 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oils - Fuel\Gas Stations\
Coxco Corporation : Bad bad business tactics is a SHELL station owner
The "Bad bad" person is the owner of a competing gas station (now out of business) who often practiced rather shady business practices including but not limited to watering his gas and misadjusting the meters on his gas pumps. He has since been closed ... read more

2010-08-13 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Family & General Practice Physicians & Surgeons\
Casas Adobe Physicians - Family Practice : Customer Care
I can tell you this for certain, these people are fantastic.  Low wait time, genuine concern and a hunger to make things right.  Debbie Smith, PAC is absolutely the best!

2010-07-04 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Optical Goods\Optical Goods Service & Repair\
Southwest Precision Instruments
7990 E. Snyder Rd., #21105
We specialize in microscope sales, service, repairs and upgrades, including digital imaging systems, for all major brands of microscopes."

2010-04-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Tucson Auto Center : Honest and Skilled
We've used TAC for twenty years and they've always performed quality repairs at reasonable prices.  And they don't try to sell you work you don't need.  (The Staffords)

2010-03-26 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oils - Fuel\Gas Stations\
Coxco Corporation : bad bad business tactics
Wow.  I went to fill up at Coxco in Tucson and didn't realize you had to prepay - we were visiting from Canada.  We pushed the 'call attendant' button several times, then even pushed the button at other pumps, figuring ours was broken.  I fell going into ... read more

2010-02-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Optical Goods\Optical Goods Service & Repair\
National Eye & Ear : Great Exam
I brought my 5 year old daughter to Dr. Reichardt and was so happy.  The doctor was amazing. Made my daughter feel comfortable and did an complete exam!!  The whole experience was a good one.  Not very expensive, great service, lots of glasses and sunglasses ... read more

2010-01-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oils - Fuel\Petroleum Products & Equipment\
Neil Capin Enterprises Inc : CAPIN WILL DENY DAMAGE
I brought my new vehicle in (~6k miles) for a wash and wax on 12/23/09, not only was it the most overpriced service ever ($40), but they also damaged my Alcantara seat.

I asked them to vacuum the rear mat in my hatchback, and they also decided to vacuum ... read more

2010-01-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Ophthalmologists\Optometrists Equipment & Supplies\
Mulgrew Dr Robert : new location for Dr. Mulgrew
Dr. Robert Mulgrew is now Affinity Eye Care located at 6615 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson, AZ 85704, 520-797-8000.  Do not contact Lense Crafters for his information because they will not give you Dr. Mulgrew's new information even though they have a court order ... read more

2009-10-26 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Pediatrics\
Cholla Pediatrics : waiting forever
I really wish I could understand why the wait is so long.  I wish that someone would entertain that question for me.  One hour and fortyfive mins all together. I am 46 and I have had a lot of doctors for my children in the past and they have always been ... read more

2009-09-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Saguaro Automotive LLC : AVOID AVOID AVOID
Saguaro was great when Dave owned the company, but since the new owner purchased it service has gone to pot.  They do not warranty any service done prior to the new owners purchase even though they kept the same name.  Avoid Saguaro Automotive.

2009-08-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oils - Fuel\Petroleum Products & Equipment\
Neil Capin Enterprises Inc : Damaged door
I brought in my brand new Cadillac and didn't notice that I had two dings on my door (They had the drivers side door opened when I approached my vehicle) until I got to the store.  I immediately called the manager to complain and was referred to the ... read more

2009-07-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Family & General Practice Physicians & Surgeons\
Barnett Bradley MD : horrible
office staff is consistently uncaring and flippant.  Even my husband has noticed it, and my grown daughter has seen the same pattern.  Used to be wonderful, but over the past years has really gone down hill.  It's a real shame beause Dr. Barnett himself ... read more

2009-07-21 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Pediatrics\
Cholla Pediatrics : Wait vs. Care
I have 2 children that under the care of one of the Dr's at Cholla Peds.  Yes, I agree too that the wait is long, but the Dr. is so thorough that I never felt like my children weren't cared for...I would rather have a physician that answers every question ... read more

2009-07-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Stuttgart-Autohaus Inc : Great Service
I brought my 07 Passat there for an alignment (the dealership wanted $200), it cost me $90 at they did a spot on job. Great customer service!!!"

2009-06-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Saguaro Automotive LLC : Good Transmission service
I just had the transmission replaced on my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer at the companys' new shop in Green Valley, AZ. It was good and fast service. Polite conversation from all, and easy to work with. I reccommend the company, Saguaro Automotive, and dba Green ... read more

2009-04-13 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Stationery\
Hollycake modest stationery : really thick
I got one of these notecards from a friend who wrote me a thank you letter and I was surprised how thick the paper was. I went to the website and it's hard to tell that from the website that the paper and envelopes are really good quality, but I think ... read more

2009-04-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Family & General Practice Physicians & Surgeons\
Petersen Dena E Md PC :
First impression is that she is wonderful. If you have a problem WATCH OUT. The staff (of 2) is unhelpful and blows you off. The dr. puts you off for more appointments stressing that she only has time for 3 problems YET they run behind for more than 45 ... read more

2009-03-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Pediatrics\
Cholla Pediatrics : Yep. long wait.
I also take my children to Cholla Pediatrics, and while I absolutely love our pediatrician, I have to agree that the time you spend waiting is ridiculous.  I have experienced a wait in the waiting room for at least 15 minutes past my scheduled appointment ... read more

2009-02-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Business Cards\
Business Cards Discounted : Now In Tucson
Correct Phone Number is: 520-495-2284

New Site is

1000 Full Color Business Cards 1 or 2 sided $49.99"

2008-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Pediatrics\
Cholla Pediatrics : Wait times are ridiculous!
I have been going to Cholla Pediatrics for 13 years now, first as a patient myself, and currently as the mother of three patients. I have repeatedly had to wait well over half an hour just to be called into a room where the wait times to be seen by the ... read more

2008-09-10 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Furniture & Equipment\Cabinet Dealers\
ABSP : are they ever there?
I'm trying to get some cabinets in a style I chose online, but have never had a human answer the phone (several tries over a few weeks) Guess I'll be choosing a different line. If these people were my distributors, I'd be looking elsewhere."

2008-08-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Jim Click Automotive : STAY AWAY!!!
I bought a 2005 Ford Ranger in March of 2006. There was about 5 miles on the truck. Since I bought it, the AC blew hot air at times, the rack and pinion had to be replaced and also the transmission. Many countless things were wrong with this truck.. It ... read more

2008-07-31 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Furniture & Equipment\Retail\
Canyon Office Automationcc
74 Aliwal Street,5th Floor,Wesley Centre
031 337 0332/07
Hi please inform me of hoe i can supply canyon products in South Africa.I presently sell a alarge range of HP,Lexmrk,Canon original and generic goods.I also sell stationary products."

2008-06-29 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Stuttgart-Autohaus Inc : Very helpful and nice
My Jetta broke down in the afternoon heat of Tucson. The folks at Stuttgart Autohaus were extremely helpful. Worked with me and turned everything around quickly. Definitely recommend them. I'd heard from several others before going there that they did ... read more

2008-06-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Business Cards\
Business Cards Discounted
7401 E. Speedway Blvd. #11101
Save 10-30% On Quality Business Cards!
We Specialize In Full Color Cards"

2008-05-18 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Pediatrics\
My son had a high fever of 104.4 that rose within 2 hours and caused him to have 4 seizures in a row. Is this normal? : Get 2nd opinion, keep researching
Sorry, we don't have any medical persons on staff to give advice, but it sounds to me like you should definitely make a follow-up appointment for a second opinion.  Researching online is also a good idea, often parents have more time to really consider ... read more

2008-05-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Pediatrics\
My son had a high fever of 104.4 that rose within 2 hours and caused him to have 4 seizures in a row. Is this normal?
My son is 2 and a half years old and has some medical problems like scholiosis, develpomentally delayed, and horseshoe kidney. I took him to the ER last night and they took an x-ray of his chest and sent him home with saying that they don't know why this ... read more

2008-03-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Parker Automotive : [customer complaint]
Don't take you car to Parker. They will charge you for things that aren't broken, keep your car for extra time and chare you for it, and straight rip you off. I had other mechanics look at my car and they told me parker over charged and under worked. ... read more

2008-02-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oils - Fuel\Petroleum Products & Equipment\
Neil Capin Enterprises Inc :
CONTENTEver notice when your in line to to get your ticket that 3 to 5 cars that came in after you are now ahead of you. They have no system of keeping tabs who is already there. I just waited today while five other cars that came in after me were vacuumed ... read more

2008-01-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Psychiatry Physicians\
Samantha Frembgen, DO PLLC
5956 E. Pima St Ste 130
Psychiatrist welcoming adults (18-64) of all lifestyles and genders. Western medicine with a holistic attitude. UBH, Cigna, MHN, BCBS, Pacificare"

2008-01-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
1046 N. Beverly Ave.
Perfection Auto Works is a Tucson repair shop that works on all cars. We specialize in Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, VW, BMW, Lexus, Infinity, Land Rover, mini, and all other cars, trucks and 4x4s.
  We rebuild engines, transmissions, and cylinder heads. ... read more

2008-01-26 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Retail\
Plastikoil of Tucson : Moved
Has Moved to 1910 E. Silverlake
Suite #103
(520) 884-1707"

2008-01-13 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oils - Fuel\Petroleum Products & Equipment\
Neil Capin Enterprises Inc : DIRTY
The capins car wash in Tucson, Az are the worst i've seen. When I asked about the dirty spots and half done tires I waas told to come back the next day as they were really busy that day and I would not be charged to run the truck through again. I did ... read more

2008-01-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Osteopathy\Pulmonary & Respiratory Pediatrics Physicians & Surgeons\
Pulmonary Associates of Southern Arizona
1951 N. Wilmot Building 4
Robert Aaronson MD, FACP, FCCP, FAASM
Ives, De Chezal MD, FACP, FCCP
Sahba Ma'ani MD
William Nevin MD, FACP, FCCP
Francisco Pacheco MD, FCCP
Thomas Rotkis MD, PhD, FASM
Frdy Toiber MD
Sue Cassiday A-NP

2007-11-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Stationery\
Hollycake modest stationery : Wow
Really beautiful heavy paper and such nice simple designs. This little company really has something different than all the notecards out there. I'm glad I found out about them. Their cards are great for gifts since they come in real hard sided boxes like ... read more

2007-10-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Optical Goods\Optical Goods Retail\
Southwest Low Vision
6595 N. Oracle Rd., Ste #123, Tucson, AZ 85704
Southwest Low Vision: Address change to: 6595 N. Oracle Rd., Ste #123, Tucson, AZ 85704

This is by far the best low vision resource in the area!"

2007-10-22 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Orthopedic Shoes & Appliances\Prosthetic & Artificial Limbs\
Townson's Prosthetics
3855 N Oracle Rd.
  Family owned and operated. Get to know your Prosthetic Technician on a one on one basis. Open Mon.- Fri. 9-5. Walk-ins are always welcome! Medicare and Ahcccs recipiants "

2007-10-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Furniture & Equipment\Cabinet Dealers\
Arizona Cabinet Company : new address
2227 s. mission rd
tucson,az. 85713
phone 520-888-2227{cabs)

2007-09-13 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Furniture & Equipment\Retail\
Stampin' Sanity Rubber Stamps : Sad news
Unfortunately, this wonderful store has closed as of July 2007

2007-09-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Stationery\
Hollycake modest stationery : Beautiful stuff!
This small company has really unique notecards that more high quality than anything else I've seen around."

2007-08-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Optometrists\Optometrists\
Endean Ty DO : Incorrect Address
This is not the correct address for Dr. Endean.  You can find him at:

Sports Institute of Tucson
6369 E Tanque Verde, Suite 160
Tucson, AZ 85715
(520) 618-5500
(520) 618-5499 fax"

2007-08-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Stationery\
Hollycake modest stationery
modest letterpress stationery on splendidly thick paper with clever words & images so you can write more. writing paper, notecards, custom stationery, weddings, quincieneras, holiday cards, birth announcements, party invitations."

2007-08-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Retail\
Making Memories Unforgettable :
great store.  lots of stuff to choose from.  I have taken classes before and they are usually very innovative and they share techniques that are useful as well."

2007-08-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Retail\
Making Memories Unforgettable :
they changed their website to"

2007-07-17 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Furniture & Equipment\Furniture Stores\
Beds Etc : [customer complaint]
Owner also operates at 7083 E. Speedway. Owner misrepresented an $800 mattress. Said one thing prior to sale, different story after he cashed the check. I called 7 times over the course of 7 months, he refused to return the call. I filed a complaint with ... read more

2007-07-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Orthopedic Shoes & Appliances\Orthopedic Shoes Retail\
APOS Arizona Prosthetic Orthotic Services : Great Company!
I have been a patient with this company for a few years now. I have visited this location in Tucson, as well as their brand new, state-of-the-art office in Scottsdale. AMAZING prosthetists and orthotists! I recommend this to ANYONE who is in need of this ... read more

2007-06-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Office Supplies\Retail\
Making Memories Unforgettable : FANTASTIC STORE!!!!
FANTASTIC STORE...fantastic service, products, classes, need to shop anywhere else!  You'll love it!"
[probably entered by store owner --ed]

2007-06-04 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\Service & Repair\
Benztek Automotive : 300SD,350SDL
I have 2 MB 's for sale a 1987 300SD and a 1991 350SDL,the 300 has 200k miles,runs good,the 350SDL has 169k miles daily driver.The 87 has been hit in the right front fender,big hurt. The engine -drivetrain are 100%.Body 50%.The 350SDL is clean, needs ... read more

2007-05-17 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Optical Goods\Optical Goods Service & Repair\
Maryott Optical Services : Great Microscope Service!
When our microscope needed repair we tried calling our local dealer, GTI. It took us weeks to get an appointment and then they never showed up. A friend at the U of A told us about Michael Maryott at Maryott Optical Sevvices. He was came the same day ... read more

2007-01-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\O\Oil & Lubrication\RVs & Campers Service & Repair\
Do have any rv's you can sell no one has not payed for the"

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