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My son had a high fever of 104.4 that rose within 2 hours and caused him to have 4 seizures in a row. Is this normal?


2008-05-06 : My son is 2 and a half years old and has some medical problems like scholiosis, develpomentally delayed, and horseshoe kidney. I took him to the ER last night and they took an x-ray of his chest and sent him home with saying that they don't know why this happened. My son has never had seizures before and it was all new to me. But when I have been looking information it, it mentioned menigitis. Is it possible that my son has this? I mean it's not normal for him to be fine then to have a fever that shoots up within 2 hours and causes him to shake and have seizures then be fine. Can you please help me?

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2008-05-18 Get 2nd opinion, keep researching
Sorry, we don't have any medical persons on staff to give advice, but it sounds to me like you should definitely make a follow-up appointment for a second opinion.  Researching online is also a good idea, often parents have more time to really consider symptoms and medical papers.  I usually just search directly from Google on the symptoms, but you can also try medical sites such as (I don't know if that one is any good, just the only one I remember off hand)" --guest

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