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2012-08-09 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Resorts & Vacation Rentals\
Tucson Vacation Rentals
6515 West Ina Road

Relax and let us make your Tucson vacation an exceptional experience.  Rejuvenate your spirit in the privacy and serenity of the Sonoran Desert while enjoying luxury accommodations.  Guests come from around the world to hike, cycle, sight-see ... read more

2012-04-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Taco Trucks and Hot Dog Vans\
: Sonoran Hot Dogs - 22nd and South Sixth
Quick - where do you go in Tucson for flavorful, filling food on a budget?  We had a goal to save our weekend fun budget by eating out someplace new, tasty and not a fast food restaurant at $4 each - and succeeded, at the Sonoran Hot Dog stand at 22nd ... read more

2012-04-13 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\Property Management\
Tucson Property Management Tucson AZ | Fergen & Company Property Management
7851 E. Wrightstown Road
Fergen & Company is a source for Tucson property management, property management Tucson, property management in Tucson,  property management Tucson AZ and much more. Call 520-261-1811.

2012-02-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
Brawley's Restaurant : Watered down coffee
I went to this establishment and was treated very rudely by the person in charge. I ordered some coffee with my breakfast. When I went to drink the coffee it tasted watered down. So I asked my husband to taste it to see if it was just me. We were promptly ... read more

2012-02-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Cafes\
U-swirl Frozen Yogurt
U-swirl is a frozen yogurt place, and it has wonderful seating arrangements!   There are couches and tables and chairs scattered around, and it looks amazing.  Getting the yogurt is easy, and you pick your own toppings from a really big variety, though ... read more

2012-01-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Riding Academies\Boarding Stables\
On A Whim Farm : Defunct -- closed
This business seems to be defunct. Both phone numbers are disconnected and they are not registered with the Arizona Corp Commission. Ths should either be removed or updated to reflect current numbers to reach them.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Rehabilitation Services\Alcohol & Drug Abuse Information & Treatment\
Cope Behavioral Services - Ocotillo
535 East Drachman Street
Cope Behavioral Services is Tucson's leading provider of mental health services and information technology for the behavioral health field.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Resale Shops\General Real Estate\
Long Realty Company
9525 E Old Spanish Trl
(520) 731-8088
The #1 real estate broker in Southern Arizona. Thousands of Homes, townhomes, condos, new construction, land, commercial properties, and investment properties listed.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\General Real Estate\
Garden Realty
2343 W Old Ajo Way
(520) 883-4444
"Where Dreams Grow" For personalized service in residential real estate and land purchases and sales. Accredited Buyer Representative.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Cafes\
Jewell Coffee & China Mist Tea
2539 North Balboa Avenue
Jewell Coffee and China Mist Tea;coffee and tea service to southern Arizona, providing China Mist Tea, Balboa coffee, and Café Combate coffee.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate Loans\Mortgages\
Tucson Mortgage Company
6812 N Oracle Rd
(520) 742-5000
Tucson Mortgage Company provides full service Mortgage services in Arizona, customizing loan programs that best fit your personal financing needs.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\Homes & Residential Real Estate\
Kelly's Mobile Home Sales Inc
912 W Prince Rd
(520) 696-0302
Mobile home sales, ranging in all prices, sizes. specializing in Adult commutinties.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Recreational Trips & Tours\Mountain & Ice Climbing Tours\
Rocks and Ropes of Tucson
330 S Toole Ave
(520) 882-5924
An indoor climbing gym. Information about prices, hours, staff, photos, and current specials.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Recreational Vehicles\RV & Camper Equipment- Parts- & Supplies Retail\
Carls RV
3435 E Pennsylvania St
(520) 889-9900
Offers parts, accessories, and service for motorhomes and trailers. Includes online catalog of parts.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Remodeling & Repairing Contractors\Remodeling & Repair\
TM Building and Development Inc
2100 N Wilmot Rd
(520) 290-9800
Specializing in water, fire & smoke damage restoration and repairs in the Tucson and surrounding area.

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Pizza Restaurants\
Blackjack Pizza
3936 West Ina Road Suite 358
(520) 572-2121
We have five stores in Tucson and one corporate office.
2505 N Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719
5737 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85712
8554 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85710
Tel:520-325-2121 ... read more

2011-12-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
Montgomery's Irish Pub
9155 E Tanque Verde Rd
(520) 749-2299
The IRISH PUB is located in the Safeway shopping center at the N.E. corner of Tanque Verde Rd. and Catalina Hwy.

The IRISH PUB is a unique and friendly place to visit ... read more

2011-12-29 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
The Amazing WAFFLE HOUSE!!! : Agreed
Been going to this location for years, don't forget about the grits.  For some reason they make every meal better in my opinion.  Add a little hot sauce and you are good to go.

2011-12-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
Waffle House Inc : The Amazing WAFFLE HOUSE!!!
Waffle House has delicious grilled cheese.  And the staff there is very nice!  But they changed the chocolate chips on the chocolate chip waffle!  They used to bake them into the waffle (I liked that a lot better) and now they sprinkle them on top! Their ... read more

2011-12-04 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Cafes\
Christy's Corner Cafe
110 S. Church
(formerly Scooter's Cafe)

2011-12-04 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Cafes\
Christy's Corner Cafe : If your looking for delicious food come here
Christy’s Corner Café is a café near the blue line ( the running path around down town).  They have many options of food to pick from that are very tasty.  We went there just yesterday after taking a long walk and we found it just by looking around. ... read more

2011-12-04 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Cafes\
Christy's Corner Cafe : Eat Cake at Christy's Corner Cafe
Christy's Corner Cafe (it used to be called Scooter's) is a really awesome cafe near the music hall in downtown.  My family and I were walking around, being random, and we got hungry.  We were going to go to Subway, but we wanted to try something new ... read more

2011-12-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Rental Agencies - Property\Rental Management Services\
Verde Plaza Mobile Estates : Kid Friendly, Depends on your definition of frienly No
The kids that currently live in this park are what is unfriendly about it. Not all of the kids are bad, but the ones who are ruin it for everyone. What do you call it when kids are allowed to play in other tenants driveways and or property? I personally ... read more

2011-10-04 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Radio Stations & Broadcasting Companies\
KGMG Mega 106.3-Fm - Office : Pls name the group or title of the song more often. ?
I've heard a kind of (pleasant) rap song played with the words in the background "you send me".  Hard to catch all the words, but part of it is: "that's the way it goes sometimes" and a sentence ends in "I guess".  Wish I had more info.  Can you tell ... read more

2011-09-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Roofing Contractors\
Tucson Roofing Company
We are a Tucson Roofing Company - commercial and residential roofing construction in Tucson and all of AZ.  No job is too big or small.

2011-08-18 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\Land Surveyors\
Putt Land Surveying Inc : old address
PUTT LAND SURVEYING, INC. moved in 2006 and the business address is: 4817 E. Fifth Street, Tucson, AZ 85711.  The phone and fax number did not change.

2011-08-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Roofing Contractors\
TBJ Tucson Roofing
5951 East Linden Place
TBJ Roofing is a full service Tucson AZ residential and commercial roofing and siding contractor, installation, repair and roof consulting company that serves the residential and commercial communities throughout Tucson.

2011-07-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\
Tip for Good Food: try a Taco Truck
For really fresh, flavorful Mexican food without high-end prices, search for a taco truck.  Parked in a vacant lot with only their food to offer, these guys know how to cook and you can't get more authentic flavors.  I usually drive along 6th ave and ... read more

2011-07-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Resale Shops\Resale- Second Hand- & Used Merchandise Stores\
Goodwill 4th Ave
300 N 4th Ave
High quality low cost thrift store on the corner of 4th Ave and 8th st.

2011-07-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
Waffle House Inc : Convenient to the gem show, santa cruz bikeway
We often walk to Waffle House from the Santa Cruz river, and it makes a nice stop on the way to or from the gem show in February.  This Waffle House has an old-fashioned coin-drop jukebox, and consistently yummy food.  We usually order scrambed egg combos ... read more

2011-07-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Resale Shops\Resale- Second Hand- & Used Merchandise Stores\
Goodwill 4th Ave : Giant Stuffies at Goodwill Tucson
We walked over to Goodwill this afternoon looking for some costumes for a play, and came out with gigantic stuffed animals at $2 and $3 each.  The girl at the counter told us that last week they'd had a teddy bear taller than my 10-year-old.  Also got ... read more

2011-07-04 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Wine Bars\
Maynard's Market & Kitchen
Maynards has become a downtown hotspot in the three years since it opened next to the historic depot.

2011-07-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate Management\Apartment & Home Rental\
Ridgewood Gardens : Good for a while
I have lived at Ridgewood Gardens for 2+ years. The community is small and the staff is generally enjoyable and friendly. However they have a lack of direction. After 2+ years of having no noise complaints, a single tenant moved next door to our apartment ... read more

2011-04-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
Ba-Dar Chinese Restaurant : favorite
Whenever our family visits from Chicago, our grandson, now 12, asks "can we go to Bar Dar"  same question for years. It is the whole family's favorite.

2011-04-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Resale Shops\Clothing & Accessories Consignment & Resale\
Class Act Resale Boutique : Excellent service
I am surprised at the comment about terrible customer service! I have always received excellent service at Class Act-sometimes they are quite busy taking in consignments, or on the computer, but thats to be expected. They always ask if they can help you ... read more

2011-04-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurant Equipment & Supplies\
Hire Goodwill- packaging and assembly
1940 E. Silverlake Ste. 405
520-623-5174 ex
I'm curious if you would be interested in services from our sheltered Work Center.  Goodwill Industries work center empowers developmentally disabled individuals by providing work experiences such as packaging, assembly, shrink wrap products, collating ... read more

2011-03-26 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Rental Agencies - Property\Rental Management Services\
Verde Plaza Mobile Estates : Not a kid friendly mobile home park.
[complaint about Rosa Tanner] Not a kid friendly park,but yet it's not a retirement community. Kids are discouraged from playing by Mrs.Tanner. There are several families within the park that are constantly being harrassed. Kids are not allowed to skate ... read more

2011-03-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Rental Agencies - Property\Apartment Buildings\
Briarwood Apartments : manager
the manager at briarwood in tucson is very unprofessional, very rude, never in the office and very unfriendly. i have lived here for 5 yrs. and have talked with other neighbors and we have all agreed that unless you change managers we are going to move ... read more

2011-03-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Resale Shops\Clothing & Accessories Consignment & Resale\
Class Act Resale Boutique : [generic complaint about customer service]
RIGHT! I wouldn't shop there if I had to go naked. The costumer service was terrible.

2011-03-22 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Resale Shops\
LaBella Consignment Boutique
Plaza Escondida 7960 N. Oracle Rd
great new resale shop!"

2011-02-25 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\Homes & Residential Real Estate\
Town and Country Mobile Estates :
[generic complaint regarding] the warden office assistant. [...] Used to be a nice place to live but turning into a dump. Rent increases every year and frequent water outages that never seem to get fixed right.

2011-02-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\Apartment & Home Rental\
Sunrise Ridge Apartments : dont rent here
the mnger is the worst i have here had in my life. She is very immature and if you end up having an issue that she personally does not agree with than you are SOL. And linda the mgr lives on site and breaks every rule she chooses to enforce. Dont rent ... read more

2011-02-10 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Remodeling & Repairing Contractors\Remodeling & Repair\
Temporary Fencing, Shade Structures, Field Fence
9297 East Old Vail Road
Security Fence of Arizona
Tucson’s Full Service Fence Company

Arizona’s Finest Commercial & Residential Fence Products. Security Fence of Arizona is a full service fence company serving Tucson and surrounding areas.

Our products include:
High ... read more

2011-01-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
Great Wall of China : disagree
I moved to England for a year and half in early 2009 and returned to Tucson last 2010. The food still tastes just as delicious. You're only angry because of some egg rolls [...]. It's still the same great food. --guest

2011-01-18 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Remodeling & Repairing Contractors\Electric Contractors\
Mehl Electric Service, Inc. : Bad Website!
Looks like their website is gone, hopefully this doesn't reflect on the business

2011-01-18 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\Property Management\
Silver Home Rentals : Above average, until they mugged our deposit
We rented a nice, but not new, home for almost 2 years. Silver home recieved our rent on time, and promptly responded to the several maintenance issues we called in. Then came the returned deposit check, with over $600 dollars taken out. Almost $300 dollars ... read more

2011-01-17 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Recreation Centers\Health Clubs & Gyms\
Tucson's Health and Fitness Radio Show
4815 E. Speedway
Danny Sawaya RKC, CSCS and Dr. Garrett Smith NMD are proud to announce that they will be hosting a radio show on 104.1FM the TRUTH on Sundays from 11am-Noon. They will have up to date topics on health, fitness, strength training, and nutrition. Danny ... read more

2011-01-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
Not good : Disagree
I moved to England for a year and half in early 2009 and returned to Tucson last 2010. The food still tastes just as delicious. You're only angry because of some egg rolls [...]. It's still the same great food.

2011-01-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate Developers\General Real Estate\
AZ Realty & Design
1307 N. Amberbrooke Ave.
A real estate professional with over 13 years of civil engineering and land planning experience.

2011-01-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate Developers\Developers & Subdividers\
AZ Realty & Design
1307 N. Amberbrooke Ave.
A real estate professional with over 13 years of civil engineering and land planning experience.

2011-01-12 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Radio Stations & Broadcasting Companies\
Kqyt 92.9 FM Coyote Country - Business Office : [listener request]
Please lose the disco duck music & increase the Jazz,

2011-01-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Radio Stations & Broadcasting Companies\
Clear Channel Communications Inc - KRO KNST Cool FM Kqyt Sales : wrong new format no
I am 60 & very saddened by the change. Disco Duck is dead along with POOR LITTLE BG's. In my humble opinion go to Cincinnati & listen to the true jazz played. Please,Please don't go off in this disco direction. You were the best before the "NEW" KQYT ... read more

2011-01-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Recycling Services\
Suburban Miners : Poor Business Practices and Misleading Web Page
I just called this "company," and had one of the most unprofessional conversations with one of the employees. Also, their website is entirely misleading and they are completely unapologetic about it.

The web page: ... read more

2010-12-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Remodeling & Repairing Contractors\Remodeling & Repair\
Tuggle Construction : Incorrect address
This address is not correct."

2010-12-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\Homes & Residential Real Estate\
Town and Country Mobile Estates : about
The managaer is Denise Mills-Maldonado. Very frindly management as well as groundskeepers maintaining the unnocupied properties clean. Fire department across the street. Close to main schools, schoolbus accessible, Pet friendly and nice community pools ... read more

2010-11-09 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Restaurants - All\Restaurants\
Billy Bryants Barbeque : Great BBQ
Billy's has very good bbq and prime rib. The owners are very friendly.

2010-11-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate - All\Property Management\
Hazen Rental Townhomes
3320 North Country Club #100
(520) 795-8429
Hazen Townhomes offers 450 homes in over 30 quaint communities across the Greater Tucson area. Many of our Tucson rental homes have amenities you would expect to find in a single family house, such as washer/dryer hook ups, covered parking, fenced backyards ... read more

2010-11-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Real Estate Management\General Real Estate\
Tucson Rental Guide : NorthStar Management
[renter complaint about dog poop left around, and: ], they wont fix stuff when it breaks and the rooves leak. I was in one of their places for five months with a refridgerator that never worked right and they did nothing. My room was a swamp from the ... read more

2010-10-31 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Recreation Centers\Sports & Recreation Facilities\
New Kettlebell Classes in Tucson
6127 N La Cholla Blvd
Jana Holland
Guys - announcing an all-men's kettlebell fitness class in Tucson. If you're looking for an intense, effective workout program, kettlebells may be for you! The Men's Kettlebell class meets M-W-F at noon, for about 45 minutes of kettlebell swings, squats ... read more

2010-10-26 \Tucson\Business Directory\R\Retirement Planning Consultants & Services\
retirement planning consultants & services
6990 E. 22nd St. Ste #110
Please call 520-745-2707 for notary and copy services."

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