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Reid Park Zoo Baby Lions


0000-00-00 : Today I went to the zoo with my family. We were eager to see the baby lions because the last time we went there we saw them playing happily with there mother. We found them about two times as big as they were last time we saw them. Playing with there mother and licking bones. Even though they looked like some big kittens to us they were tiny compared to their mother who looked almost as tall as me. I really enjoyed their mother who takes such good care of her cubs. She seemed to play with her cubs even when she just felt like taking a nap.
               It always leaves with a magical feeling when I see animals because they are so innocent and most of the time they don’t seem to have a care at all. My favorite animal at the zoo is the mighty jaguar because they are so beautiful and graceful. They seem to mystify everyone with their black coats and amazing hard to see rosettes. All the animals are special in their own way and even though it would be better to see them in the wild I guess this is as close we can get for now.  


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