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2011-12-30 :

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Does not everyone know that the station KSAZ 580 has totally changed its concept and format to Spanish, Religion talk???  Dan went off the air back in January 2009  Come on people listen to the station --guest
2010-04-26 to dan babich no
Hi Dan--I guess you know through the grapevine that Mom passed away in January.  Here are my concerns which I also addressed to the syndicated columnist who is published in the Jewish Post.  Hope all is well with you--Roberta.
March 7, 2010
Dear Ms. Hershberg-Lederman:  Having read your article and seen the second paragraph in the second column, I felt compelled to communicate with you.  I submitted a slightly different copy to Rabbi Locheim and to the "Post" to submit to you.  
I would very much appreciate your comments.   Sincerely, Roberta Hamet. Tucson, Arizona

Beatrice B. Hamet died January 13, 2010 at Posada
Del Sol, having been forced under hospice care by court appointed
attorney Pat James Egbert in
Tucson, Arizona.  Throughout  the whole
time of his assignment, supposedly  in the best interest of Beatrice B.
Hamet, he appeared to defend the nursing homes which caused her
illnesses from their abuse, either from negligence or forcing her to
remain against  her  against her will to stay in hot low oxygen
situations in her bedrooms  as they took advantage of her mental
incapacitation from dementia.  At Manor Care she was forced to stay in
her room so Ashley Hargadon, a caregiver, could shave Beatrice’s face
for “appearance” while I, her daughter, was kept from taking Beatrice
from going out of the room for fresh air and  sunshine.  Bill Amoureux,
relatively new Administrator of Manor Care, and Attorney Egbert
attempted to shift the description of what took place to appear as
though I took a razor from Ms. Hargadon’s hand. Julie a nurse
reported that a friend and I attempted to kidnap Mom when we took her
for a wheelchair ride in
Rillito Park early one morning for fresh
air. My friend returned Mom to the nursing unit as agreed.  Bill
Amoureux  punished us by forbidding  us to visit mom for three weeks
between August and September of 2009 until mom ended up almost bleeding
to death from her sigmoid colon area at Tucson Medical Center. Phyllis Cornell, acting in her
"Guardian ad lidem"  role which was installed at  Attorney Egbert's
instistence through the Superior  Court  of Pima County, Arizona
(which superseded my judgement) , put decisions in my hands because she
had to go out of town.  Dr. Jaabi and Dr. Deeb, at TMC, and I
communicated respectfully as we took caution in weighing “risks verses
benefits” of appropriate medical procedures in analyzing  my mother,
Beatrice Hamet's condition , considering her age of Ninety-Seven years
old, and healing her. At my request, TMC Social Service did not return
Mom to Manor Care, but instead transferred her to Posada del Sol on
September 11,1009.
(Even after this event, Court Appointed Attorney
Pat Egbert pressed on to call another hearing to defend Manor Care and
to remove my Guardianship.  My witnesses and the Public Fiduciaries (Phil
Grant and Peter Santini) spoke on behalf of my retaining the
Guardianship over Beatrice B. Hamet, my mother.
    Several weeks later I received Judge C. Harrington’s verdict to retain the “sole
guardianship" which I had petitioned for; however, in fact, Phyllis
Cornell’s position as Guardian ad lidem held fast.
    In December of 2009 and January 2010, at Posada del Sol under the care of
Colleen, a new charge nurse, Beatrice was sent to the emergency room at
TMC .( Refer to medical records.) Mom recovered in December, but was
forced by P.J.. Egbert and Phyllis Cornell’s permission,  apparently
requested by TMC after nursing staff gave mom no intravenous fluids for
about two days, and no food or drink for about three days even though
Mom was awake, moving in her bed and her stomach was growling, to put
Mom into Peppi's Hospice, run by TMC. They wouldn’t allow me to go to
Speech Therapy to request a second  swallow evaluation for Mom just
before 4:00p.m. Mom went hungry until the third or  fourth day while I
was banned by security guards of TMC to leave the facility for 72
    Mom was returned several days later to Posada del Sol
where she was able to eat thick cream of wheat and apple sauce. She now
required thickening for her liquids.  Oddysey Hospice was enforced, and
while mom could still eat, smile and breathe, they  inserted a plug in
her veins for morphine.  Seeing my dismay, the nurse practioner had it
removed.  Two days later mom  died.  (A young woman from Oddysey
appeared that afternoon—mom was dead around two hours later.)  I found
your  related article in this month’s (March  26 ,2010) publication of a local
Jewish Newspaper ;The  Arizona Jewish Post.  I was amazed at having found it without even knowing it existed as I read the paragraph which pertained to Jewish approach to responsibilities to promote life rather than choices of passive euthenasia  and abortion.   Roberta  H. in Tucson---Rabi Locheim knows who I am. --guest
2009-03-21 Listen to KSWG Real Country online
I just saw the KSAZ Real Country web site, at, and there they have a "Read This Now" page that explains the format switch to Real Country and the recent switch to Spanish programming.  Very sorry to hear of the passing of Mrs. Ehlinger, and then the subsequent loss of Real Country when the station was sold so that Mr. Ehlinger could finally enjoy his retirement years.

Look up KSWG's Real Country web site at and listen to 96.3 KSWG out of Wickenberg online.

I live in east Mesa, and KSWG is a low-power station 90 miles away to the northwest, sometimes interfered with by 96.1's 90,000 watts 90 miles away to the southeast in Tucson.  It takes a television antenna outdoors for me to get it on the radio.

KSAZ-AM is a relatively weak station here, but just 5 miles east of here it blasts into Apache Junction.  I was able to listen to its music all the way through downtown Phoenix on the car radio.  Some great nostalgia listening over the last 15 years or so. --guest
2009-03-09 What the hell!
we finally get a good country music station since Kcub, then this one gets taken away too! --guest
2009-03-09 Wheres my country!?! music gone
We finally get a good station since Kcub and it gets taken away also. --guest
2009-03-05 I miss the country also.
I was really enjoying this station - why did the genre get changed?" --guest
2009-03-04 what happened
is it really gone? what a shame, the only actual country station, now tucson has only kim fm? what a joke for the wild west town to have no good classic country stations" --guest
2009-03-03 great country music
2008-12-16 Great Country Station
I can not thank you enough for bringing this wonderful "Real" country station to life. It has a lot of the "older" country music I like with a nice mix of some of the new country or should I say "real" country music. I am telling everyone about it! Keep up the good work. I listen to you every chance I get. Unfortunately, I can not always get a clear sound (near power lines etc.), but I keep you on. Thanks for sharing!" --guest
2008-11-14 keep on keepen on
Best country station in Tucson hands down for real country music fans.  More music and less talk helps me through long work days. GREAT MOVE and keep on keepen on what you guy are doing. --guest
KSAZ is a great station!!! They cut out most of the BS advertising and play the country music you want to hear!! It is on in my truck everyday!! Thanks KSAZ!!" --guest
580am made a big mistake going to country music. Listening to your station is painful. Modern country is just very bad rock and roll.  The songs have virtually no melody - just loud noise.  It's music for morons. 1030 Kcee has taken your old market and done it better.  I liked your old playlist but towards the end you dropped most music from the pre 60's era.  I'm 57 and liked a lot of the older swing and pop. I can't believe country is doing much for you.  " --guest
Best station around.  Great music and charming dejays that dont talk you head off and have warm wonderful boices.  Sing you way to work and have fun.

-- Marnee" --guest

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