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Bad Customer Service/Bad Installation


2010-06-17 : My husband and I ordered wood flooring for our three bedrooms. We used SCS Tile, as they seemed to have a great price for great quality flooring. After receiving an estimate by the owner Khalid, he told us we could call in the order the next morning at the store. So, we called, and were told that they would put in the order. However, knowing that we should have to put money down, and also after a solid week of trying to get in touch with ANYONE over the phone or in person (there's only one person on duty at the store at any given time) we were finally able to talk with the manager again (Mellissa), and put money down to place the order.She explained that it would take about 7-10 days for the wood to come in. On the 14th day (and a few phone calls wondering where the wood was, with no real answer) we got a knock at the door at 8:30pm on a Friday night (good thing we were home), and it was Khalid with 10 boxes of wood, which seemed like a small amount for three bedrooms. There was also no molding for the surrounding walls, or the doorways. When we questioned him, he got all flustered, and spent 1/2 hour doing calculations, talking on the phone, and blaming Mellissa for the mistake. (Come to find, it was all his fault, because he told Melissa the wrong amount to order). So, we gave him further down payment, to which we asked for, but did not receive a receipt, because he doesn't have a "customer copy" to give. In order to get a receipt he told us that we had to go to the store the next morning.  So we did, to not only get our receipt, but to make sure that the order was placed, and to schedule the installation.  We waited 1/2 hr for Khalid to fax Melissa the receipt, and to get in touch with her over the phone for the amount of wood she needed to order.  Again, we were told it would take 7-10 days for the remaining order. In the meantime, Khalid told us the installers could start that Thursday, but with each passing hour on Thursday - no installers.  We had to call and call and call Khalid, and around 1pm he finally told us that they wouldn't be able to come that day, but they could be there the next day.  Of course, now this means I have to take another day off of work.  So, they did come on Friday bright and early, but could not finish because Khalid hadn't ordered the moulding in the original order, we were waiting for it to arrive with the second order. The next morning (Saturday at 7:30am), with no notice, the installers arrived with SOME molding, but not enough to finish the room. The installer also explained that the doorway molding that Khalid ordered, was not the right molding, and that he would have to reorder. Two weeks later (and more calls from us), we asked where the heck the wood was again, and Khalid explained that it had all come in, except for the door molding, which he had to reorder for a second time, as he ordered incorrectly again. A week and a half later, all of the wood was in, and got installed. (A total of 8 weeks since the day of the original estimate). Over the course of the 8 weeks, we had asked for the maintenence instructions and the warranty, to which we were told that they were "getting copies of it all together for us". But, when they rest of the wood was delivered, we asked again, and now Khalid said the wood didn't have a warranty, and if anything happens, to deal with SCS Tile directly. He also failed to give us care instructions. I went online, and found that indeed there was a 25yr warranty, and the care instructions. It is our assumption is that the warranty is voided, because the installers may not have been licensed... but, we can't say for sure at this time. The floors looked great, but after a month or so, we noticed that the floor boards were MOVING, and now randomly have up to 1/2" gaps between the wood slats in different areas of the floor.  So, we will need to spend MORE money to get a REAL wood floor installer who knows what they are doing, to come in and redo the floors.  Needless to say, we will not deal with SCS Tile again.  It's wasn't worth the $2/ft savings to deal with Khalid. There were too many lies and stretching of the truth from him. He will say whatever he can to sell you the flooring, but offers HORRIBLE customer service. Choose Lowes/Home Depot if you must save money"

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