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3200 E Irvington Rd
Tucson, AZ 85714
(520) 889-6000

2006-01-02 :

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2010-10-07 You must have checked the wrong BBB
Although I did not buy an RV from Beaudry, due to past experiences with their sales personnel, I was told to go to them by Freightliner. Upon arrival I was told the issue was covered under warranty. However, when I went back to pick it up I was charged and they explained FL wouldn't cover it. When I called FL I was told FL wouldn't cover it since Beaudry didn't do what FL told them to do. I subsequently went to another FL repair center and the issue was corrected, under warranty.  I was also told by a service rep that they only give priority to customers that purchase from them. Hmmmm, how come they are listed as a FL repair center. Not a nice place to go for sales or service, in my opinion.  I do give kudos to the RV Resort tho'.  One of the best. Maybe Sales and Service could take some lessons from the resort. --guest
Good News! Beaudry is preparing to exit Bankruptcy. There are a lot of people that worked hard to work through the issues. Read the link below. I have seen the transformation of there staff and they really do care!

Not an easy time in the market. Glad to see someone survived
when so many are closing there doors for good. Where will we all get are units serviced if everyone closes there doors.

I check there better business rating for curiousity and it shows A+. WOW" --guest
Our experience with Beaudry has been quite different from the comments here. We got agreat deal on our TT. The service department has been more than great. Maybe we hit it at the right time or something, I don't know. Trailer is in service dept. right now. Might have a different opinion after we get it back. " --guest
I agree totally with the rest of the statements.  We tried to deal with them on a used RV we bought.  While waiting, I talked to another fellow in the waiting room and he said they don't stand behind their word.  He said he went to file a complaint with the attorney general of AZ and they said, "get in line."  So many people are unsatisfied with them.  Nice to see that Beaudry is putting in some of his own money to try to keep the place afloat.  Hope he goes down with his ship. I hope the banks keep hounding him.  Let him see how it feels to put up with someones crap. --guest
2009-01-19 Beaudry thieves
I am also glad they are going under....They are rip offs....sold me a damaged unit, asked more than it was worth and gave me little for one that was newer! They are impossible to deal with and deserve to be taken out of the business. Would be a great thing for the community. I  wish there was some recourse for all they have done to people. Companies like this make it easy to see why out economy is in trouble!
GOOD RIDANCE!!!" --guest
2008-12-01 Beaudry RV is a RIP OFF!!
Beaudry RV has filed for bankruptcy to stay in business.  I hope this DOES NOT benefit Beaudry RV.  I would love it if they go under in a short amount of time.

DO NOT BUY FROM BEAUDRY RV!  If you do, you'll see first hand how they treat their "valued customers." Once you buy an RV from them, try to get any "warranty service," and you will see just what I am talking about.

Do a google search on Beaudry RV issues, try Rip Off Report.  There are plenty of folks that have been taken to the cleaners by that company... my parents included. My parents were in litigation with Beaudry RV, but now they are screwed just like a lot of other people who bought from these crooks!

This place deserves what its getting, and I hope they crash and burn. --guest
2007-12-14 Be Careful of Beaudry!
Please research complaints regarding this company before purchasing anything from them. Many people wish they had including us. We are in the battle of our lives. All you have to do is us the internet to see the extensive problems. See or pissedoff consumer or a hundred other sites to see what every one is going thru. " --guest

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