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2009-11-26 : first of let me say i am a manager of a very large company on the west coast. Ok some things that are wrong this, all i see is people whining about the rules they broke and the rightful punishment they received. As far as only accepting cash, this is not a road service, a owner initiated tow or insurance call. With that being said, there aren't any towers i know of anywhere that will accept anything less than cash in full at time of release, this going for both police impounds and private property impounds. Remember you are parking in a lot someone owns. If someone just decided to park in your driveway and go to a friends house would that be ok with you or would try to get the vehicle removed? i think everyone has the same answer for that.... one thing i dont see anyone posting is how badly damaged there car was.... funny considering these vehicles are towed with no keys and no way to access the car. Sounds to me like this is a good company doing a good job and people need to be responsible for their own actions instead of blaming somebody trying to make a living. If your car was repoed for non payment on a loan i suppose you would be on here whining about how the repo company stole your car..... ludicrous

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