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Wait Really!! REALLY!


2009-12-13 : First off doesn't it make you feel bad making a living off of ruining peoples days? Ive never seen someones day ruined because they couldn't find a parking spot but getting a car towed is the worst!!!! I just want to know if you, Jason, have any trouble sleeping at night?

Also you might want to test how smart the people you have working for you, I was able to get in the gate, go into my car before every talking to a single person (since I could NOT find the Office, if you even have one) But that not all, I just had to give some creepy(sorry to say) man $200 and he didn't care which car I took. Not once did he ask me my name.

Lastly with all the money you make don't you think you could get a bigger sign?!? I had my friend driving me out to the middle of No Where and then we went up and down the street at least 5 times until we went into the place kind of cross the street where they told us we were in the wrong place and instead we had to look for the big hill. So please help people out JUST A LITTLE and put a gosh darn sign out on the street.

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