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Physically Threatened

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2010-03-15 : This business is one-hundred percent unprofessional. I was disrespected and harassed by the manager and staff.

I got my car towed, Sunday evening March 14th, 2010 by B & C Towing. When I approached my vehicle in complete and utter shock, an incident ensued. They were about to hook on to my car and tow it, I ran outside yelling for them to stop and that I would move it ASAP. A B&C Towing representative started pushing me back when I got close to my car. I did not touch him first like they claim. I pushed him out the way so I could sit on the hood of my car to stop them from towing it because I thought they were stealing it(because I am the vehicle's registered owner) and I called the police.

The employee had to physically go between my legs and hook the car. I started doing the serenity prayer because I was extremely upset because one of the employees was taunting and calling me names (and I have a really bad bad temper trust me). The driver who played 'Good Cop' got out the truck and offered to let me have my car for an $100 drop courtesy fee. Tucson Police Department after 10 minutes responded and said that there was nothing they could do since the car had been hooked, "it is a civil matter sir." They towed the car and later on that evening I called them for directions to the lot and was disrespected by the staff person on the phone.

I went to the lot, Monday, March 15th and told the manager that I did not want problems. She even asked me me "if they would have problems with me?", TWO TIMES and I SAID, "I would respect her lot and I just wanted to get my car recovered." She then proceeded to curse, harass and disrespect me. I had my $200 dollars in my hand the entire time trying to get out of there. She began questioning me about the previous night which I declined to respond to. She then asked me why I was doing the serenity prayer (to calm myself down) mockingly which hurt me A LOT, I believe in God!!! I asked her multiple times to be professional. She finally threatened to have me arrested next time (WON'T BE ONE) and one of her employees made a physical threat against me and said,

"You talk a lot of crap on the phone, you want to go outside the yard and handle this?". Now I am a graduating public management student going to college, I CAN'T AFFORD a criminal record unlike these people plus 3 against 1 ,really, do I look that stupid?. I am at a huge dilemma, I got my vehicle back but that treatment was unwarranted.

I took my car to a mechanic to get it looked at, the air had been let out of my front right tire and the cap was missing.... Please get your car checked out if you recover it from B & C Towing, Inc and file a complaint with the BBB.

I just want an simple letter of apology from B & C Towing. This is a business associated with reputable corporations here in the Tucson Metro area and if they continue to treat customers unprofessionally there can be consequences such as a public boycott of the businesses they are contracted by."

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