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B&C is wrong about the law

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2010-10-11 : The signage on a private lot must comply with the below, including "must be clearly visible and readable from any point within the parking area and at each entrance."

My friend's car was towed from the "Campus Crossings" lot by B&C although they had a visitor permit issued by the apartment complex, and they displayed it on the dashboard of their car.  The lame excuse offered by B&C was that they saw the permit displayed on the dash but could not read the date.  It is doubtful that this is true, but even if it is, they should be required to check with their client, Campus Crossings, to make sure the permit is invalid before towing the car. Clearly, they are essentially in the business of stealing cars and holding them for ransom, very likely under illegal circumstances.  This is a practice widely referred to as "predatory towing" and is the subject of regulation in many states.
9-499.05. Authority to set rates for private towing carrier; notice of parking violations; violation; classification; definition

B. The owner or agent of the owner of the private property shall be deemed to have given consent to unrestricted parking by the general public in any parking area of the private property unless such parking area is posted with signs as prescribed by this subsection which are clearly visible and readable from any point within the parking area and at each entrance. Such signs shall contain, at a minimum, the following:

1. Restrictions on parking.

2. Disposition of vehicles found in violation of the parking restrictions.

3. Maximum cost to the violator, including storage fees and any other charges that could result from the disposition of a vehicle parked in violation of parking restrictions.

4. Telephone number and address where the violator can locate the violator's vehicle."

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