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2010-10-20 : It seems apparently obvious that this site is in need of some DESPERATE attention from us, as it appears the people who have left their slanderous comments on this website are leaving out MANY facts and are only interested in posting their OPINIONS instead. Let me remind everyone that B & C Towing INC is ONLY in business for one MAIN reason and that is because YOU the "guests" listed below INCLUDING Dan Marries either have not followed simple instruction/rules and regulations, have been mislead or misinformed on rules and regulations by residents/friends/or the general public. I am about to address the most recent ridiculous "opinions" listed below and if anyone has further questions on the matter you are more than welcome to call me at 520-744-1867 and we can discuss in more detail your situation as AGAIN as we continue to say WE have done NOTHING wrong!

First...Guest 10-17-2010 Predatory Towing…First off the definition of Predatory Towing should be looked up so then you will understand it we do not make the parking rules, we have just been put in place to make sure they are followed. Your entire basis of argument being we "towed your car even though a VALID permit was in clear view...B & C claims they could not read the date...I beg to differ with them on that point", is absolutely off base. Why don't you offer others reading this that a picture of your permit was taken prior to the towing of your vehicle and on it you are UNABLE to see the date as it was covered by the outlining tint of your windshield? Or that upon arrival to the impound lot, I personally offered for you and your husband to take a look at the STILL hidden date and you refused due to your own anger? Or you could even offer these readers, as you did in your BBB complaint (which everyone is entitled to view @ as WE have nothing to hide) that I requested you remove the permit so that we could VERIFY the validity of the permit so we could make an attempt to help you in some way, but you and your husband AGAIN refused! I don't see any of the ways we offered to work with you listed on here instead all I see is you slamming our business, staff and our facilities. And so it is known for anyone who hasn't been to our yard yet we are surrounded by a 8 foot chain linked barb-wired fenced which is equipped with motion detected lights, a video camera monitoring system, an office for the customers and as well as most of the lot being paved for an added "feature". There is NO "begging to differ on the point" of not being able to read the date on the permit as we still have the picture to prove it, as well as we have sent copies of the picture to the management office which is why they are standing behind the tow. Again, their rules...we simply have been hired to enforce them! I will also make the picture assessable to anyone who wishes to view it so there are no mistake about this situation! Don’t forget the signs posted at each entrance stating YOU MUST HAVE A VALID VISIBLE PARKING PERMIT AT ALL TIMES OR YOU WILL BE TOWED IMMEDIATELY. Was the permit valid? We wouldn’t know as it was NOT visible for us to check subsequently you were towed immediately. As far as the BBB rating, yes we have an F rating due to the fact that we were unable to answer I believe 2 or 3 complaints NOT because we have inadequate business practices! You wouldn’t go into a debate in debate class without checking all the facts OR if there were visuals to contradict your debate. So, we encourage everyone to check facts on these situations prior to posting up your opinions, as I make sure when I go into discussions with people that I KNOW and UNDERSTAND what I am speaking about! My suggestion to you is definitely take it to court! It will be the fastest way to get your situation resolved, we have everything that we need to defend ourselves, so instead of continuing to slander our company (which is a legal offense) try it the appropriate way and put your case in front of a judge and let the court system decide who is wrong in this situation.

Second...Guest 10-11-2010 B & C is wrong about the law...Being a friend and standing behind a third party story is like playing the game telephone...The story is never going to be the same at the end of the line. Those who are NOT personally involved for their OWN vehicles should not speak on things they have NO facts to back up their argument as I previously stated! “The lame excuse offered by B & C was that they saw the permit displayed on the dash but could not read the date. It is doubtful that this is true, but even if it is, they should be required to check with their client to make sure the permit is invalid before towing the car.” If this is who I think this is, remember ONE when you leave a threatening voicemail it is saved in our files so that we are able to present it to management/judge/jury etc, which is referenced during “character building”, so I would advise upon calling you handle yourself in a mature fashion instead of threatening on a recording, just not wise to begin with. TWO, the vehicle again towed due to the fact that the date was again NOT visible making the permit INVALID which again is stated in the rules upon retrieving the permit, the signage posted at the property, and is also in your lease agreement. THREE, we again take pictures to ensure facts on the tow, which in this case I still have the pictures of the Explorer in question if you or the vehicle owner would like to view. FOUR, you’re in college and it is not our responsibility to bother the office because you/your friend didn’t follow the rules! I will admit when the office is open and they aren’t busy we extend ourselves and we do double check with the office staff but myself nor my staff will go out of their way to inconvenience the office staff by checking to make sure everyone is “minding their P’s and Q’s”. You’re an adult and you will be treated as such…responsible for yourself and your belongings, so be responsible! FIVE, your next ludicrous statement “in the business of stealing cars and holding for ransom” is nothing more than a showing of your lack of knowledge of what we do. Not exactly “stealing” cars if the police department is aware that we have them, kind of defeats the “stealing” effect!  The “ransom” thing a bit off base, as in the business world is referred to as payment for services rendered.  As also stated above, please take time to look up Predatory Towing and you will see the lack of facts in your statements!

Third…Guest 06-16-2010
Already described our “make-shift run-down facility” so no comment needed again there. Unfortunately we live in a world where nobody can really be trusted on his “word” or signature for that matter so your signed affidavit, as much as the effort was appreciated, wouldn’t work in our industry. If things were the way they were in the good old days a simple handshake would suffice for us on the $220 but we don’t. Now a days, which is proven very clearly by all of you posting these statements below, people are out for themselves and themselves only at whatever the cost may be. It is sad but that is what the world has come to. Society is very eager to pass off blame to cover themselves, people lie/cheat/steal everyday as a way of improving their own situation, which is again what happened here…The name calling was on your part not the part of my employee, as we would have no reason to call you names, on the other hand we had your vehicle and incase you haven’t seen Operation Repo, people tend to have no shame in what comes out of their mouth when someone else is in possession  of their vehicle. Since there was a business shut down many years back, ALL towing companies are watched over very intently and since we’ve been in business for over 20 years now I would say it was safe to say we were staying on the right side of the law. The “scum” you referred to are honorable people who have been with us for MANY years and have not done anything to be referred to by you as “scum”, you don’t know any of us as we don’t know you and we wouldn’t pass judgment on you based on one 5 minute encounter where you were irately shouting at our staff. The lady that you refer to was myself, and I didn’t apologize for anything as there was no wrong doing (including calling people names or itching for a fight) on our part. What I may have apologized for was the inconvenience of getting your car towed but not for a member of my staff who was simply informing you of our policies and procedures.

In closing, to everyone out there who has posted a comment, thinking about posting a comment, written a letter to the BBB or Attorney General's office, has had encounter with us or will in the future all we ask is you remember one thing...We are in business because of you and if the rules were followed we wouldn't be needed nor hired by all the properties we are hired by. We are in business to service our properties to the best of our ability and that's what we strive to do each and everyday. Remember those of you who have had your vehicles towed by our company you are not our customer basis, our property managers/owners are! So don't be offended because we aren't willing to bend over backwards to help you nor are we eager to lower your impound cost due to the fact that there are these posts. We have bent over backwards before and have given discounts and in every situation where you extend yourself to help someone else it always comes back to bite you. We are as good as we are because we know what we are doing and have the years and experience to back us up with it. In all situations the more you're talking about us the better, we are a word of mouth business so as much "damage" as you think you are doing by posting these ridiculous comments you are actually proving to our companies that we do our job well and efficiently. By posting statements about us doing things illegally and that we should be investigated allows us to display the facts so that it's proven we do everything in accordance with the law.

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