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2011-03-19 : This evening i had the pleasure of dining at Miss Saigon. Unfortunately, my meal was ruined by coming out to the parking lot to see that my car had been towed.

Before eating, representatives from B&C Towing had come into the establishment in order to determine who was rightfully parked in the back parking lot. My girlfriend gave a description of my vehicle to the men who came in and was told that it was in order to avoid the car being wrongfully towed.

When i came out to the parking lot to find my car towed, i met "Jose," who explained that not only was my car not on the list, but it had been parked there far longer than a simple meal at the restaurant would have taken. After he showed me the list, and noticed that my car was indeed on the list, he claimed that the confusion was caused by a similarly colored car that was parked next to mine which he thought was the same make. He later stated that he knew that said car was not the same as mine and was in fact the vehicle belonging to the owner of an establishment that controlled the parking lot. This was a clear sign that "Jose" was going to lie in order to avoid culpability. After a short heated exchange, "Jose" called "Jason" in order to remedy the situation by returning the towed vehicles.

"Jason" drove me over to the impound lot to pick up my vehicle. During the drive, "Jason" was apologetic and reassuring about the condition of my vehicle. When we arrived at the lot, i looked over my vehicle and could not immediately find any sign of damage. "Jason" used the tow vehicle to pick up my friends car, which had also been wrongfully towed, and drove it back to the parking lot.

When we arrived back at the Miss Saigon parking lot, i approached "Jose" and asked him if i could make a copy of the list which had my car on it showing that the mistake was his and that my car had been towed wrongfully. This was the only piece of tangible evidence available should this matter have to be taken to a higher authority. He refused a copy of the list, saying i would not need it.  

I then decided to approach "Jason" in order to ask him if he could mediate and help us come to a resolution on the issue of acquiring a copy of the list. He stated politely that he could not persuade "Jose" to give me a copy.

In the interest of full disclosure, i should point out that throughout the incident, "Jose" was also dealing with my friend who had also had his car towed wrongfully. I was not present at the beginning of their encounter, but they we're in heated debate which broke down to outright insults. There was cursing involved.  

At this point, I had not decided whether or not to take any further action as my car had not been damaged and all that i had lost was 1.5 hours of time. But, "Jose's" increasingly hostile attitude, his refusal to hand over the only piece of evidence which incriminated him, and his deception about the circumstances surrounding my car being towed were enough to drive me to at least write this complaint about it. "Jose's" Lack of professional composure (he called my friend a "Bitch" for calling the police to mediate) also helped in my decision to right this complaint. Of note, is that "Jose's" son (or at least a boy he called junior, aged 5 to 7) was present throughout this ordeal to witness the breakdown of his father's demeanor and the subsequent obscenities that followed.  

Also of note, is that both representatives of B&C towing hastily abandoned their post and retreated before the police arrived, stating to one of the restaurant workers "we are done here for the night." This decision to turn tail and run only reinforces their guilt and begs the question "If you were in the right or it was a simple mistake, why not stay and hash this out with Tucson's finest?" Maybe there could have been an amicable conclusion.

This is a testament to what i witnessed or experienced in dealing with B&C towing this evening and does not in any way represent or account for my friends experience. I also understand that as a towing company, they are often vilified for simply doing their jobs. This is not the case here. I was in abidance of the posted rules and was still subject to being towed. I only wish that in the future, B&C towing and their representatives will be more respectful, professional and willing to take responsibility for their mistakes than what i witnessed tonight. A breakdown in the customers manners does not excuse "Jose's" behavior as a professional. I would also hope that they are more careful in managing the way they decide which vehicles to tow as it was stated to me by the restaurants staff, that this was a common occurrence.

As for Jason, the proprietor of B&C towing, I welcome an apology or rebuttal to these facts.

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