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2011-09-17 : I live in a sorority house on campus at the University of Arizona. Someone had parked in my spot, and I had no where else to go. I called the dispatcher who at first refused to tow the car because I was not the house manager, but then finally agreed. An hour passed by before I received a phone call stating that the tow truck was en route. When another hour and a half had passed, the owner came to move the car. Now that I am parked, I am sitting in my room 3 hours later and have STILL not received a call from the driver stating to me that they were here or could not find the car.

I understand that most of the people on here are commenting because their cars have been towed. But from the standpoint of someone who needed a car towed so that she could get back into her house, they are awful and unprofessional. PLEASE do not use them! Thank you B&C towing for wasting my gas and my time. One day, you will be gone and you will end up living in your "make shift" shack of an impound. But nice try on  trying to run a business :) Maybe next time you will figure it out

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