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2012-07-09 : B & C towed my car from a lot that is not marked according to the law. Apparently they have a habbit of doing this. If this happened to you, make sure you take a tape recorder and a camera with you to pick up your car. Don't give them a hard time, simply record the entire interaction with their company and then immediately take pictures of your car. If they damaged your car in any way, take photos of the damage, call your insurance company on the spot and then call Tucson Police Department and file a police report. Be forewarned that TPD most likely will not come out but will have you file a report by mail (this is a civil matter).

Make sure you know your rights when it comes to towing. Here is the web address to the laws for those of you that don't know how to look them up.

If they wrongfully towed your vehicle, damaged your vehicle, etc. take them to court. The filing fee is about $30. Don't allow these people to keep getting away with this. If you have the money, contact a lawyer. This company is preying on broke college students and has probably gotten away with this stuff for a long time.

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