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Towed from Taco bell


2012-09-23 : My car was towed from taco bell recently while i was in tuscon. Apparently the towing company comes and asks customers to identify their car, and they tow the ones that arent. There was a U of A game that day and apparently people park there for the game. im NOT from tuscon or Arizona with clearly stated OHIO license plates, and my fiance and i walked to the 7/11 2 seconds down the street, then walked around campus. also to mention, we sat at Taco bell from 4:30-7 and not a single person asked me to identify my car. When we actually got back to taco bell, we discovered that not only was our car gone, but someone who had a RENTAL CAR was gone too. We contacted the police who got the towing company on the phone with us. Where as there was nothing they could do late at night, they told us they would be open at 9 in the morning. we had to inconveniently stay at a hotel, with no phones because ours died and our stuff was in our car. we woke up and left our hotel, and it was around 11:30 according to the hotel clock. We call the towing company, no answer. we then had to walk back to taco bell to ask the manager about it, and she was completely rude about it. She let us use the phone to call the towing company. A girl named melissa answered and said that i needed to call back and leave a message with my name and number but i couldnt do that with a dead phone. We then walked to mcdonalds to eat, and a nice gentle man and his wife talked to us, and let us use their phone charger. So we had about 15 minutes of a battery on us, my fiance then called the company and left a message. She called us back about 20 minutes later saying we could come pick up our car, and we had to do it before 4:30. Melissawas super nice to us when we got there, and took care of us and got us out immediately. my total was $240.04 and i gave her $260, she gave me $40 back and walked me out to my car, she went out of her way to tell me to inspect my car and make sure there were no damages to it. Where as this was a wrongful tow, she made up for it by being super nice about it all.

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