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2013-03-10 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Sublime Designers
2324 W Silverbell Tree Dr
Shop unique handmade jewelry designs, handmade bath and body products & scented home fragrances hand made by Sabrina the owner of Sublime Designers located in Tucson, Arizona. For more information Call 800-257-6031 or visit http://www.sublimedesigners ... read more

2011-06-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Used & Vintage Clothes\Used Clothing Retail\
Restore-Tmm Family Services :
Overpriced furniture compared to salvation army, the white elephant, etc...
Management not at all pleasant to deal with

2010-05-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Wells Fargo/First Interstate Bank of Arizona : Lien Release
I need to acquire a lien release for a mobile home paid off in 1990.  How and where do I go about this?  It was originally with First Interstate Bank of Arizona.
Thank you.  Donna Blad

2010-01-25 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Phase Shift Technology :
Phase Shift Technology is defunct. It was purchased as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1998 by ADE Corp, and renamed to ADE Phase Shift, then ADE was purchased by KLA-Tencor in 2006, and Phase Shift Technology was disincorporated altogether, and the business ... read more

2010-01-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Benson, Arizona Chamber of Commerce : Event Notice unknown
Hello, Can I get on a list to be informed
of up coming Events where I could rent a
space for Leather and Saddle Repair ? And
be able to hand out information flyers
about my Horse Training and Riding Lessons? Thank you. Debbie Miller
Cell- 520-686 ... read more

2010-01-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Arizona University Recordings : NEW URL! Yes
Please note that the "" URL has been sold -- our new URL is THANK YOU!!"

2010-01-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
D. Alan Roberts Architects Inc. : New web address
The new web address for D. Alan Roberts, Architect is,

2009-11-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Seller-Buyer Classifieds : Help
How do I place an ad?

2009-10-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
The Jim Click Automotive Team : Complaint
Why is it when a single lady trys to buy a vehicle from a large dealership aka Jim Click, She has to feel like a piece of meat!  After agreeing to purchase my last vehicle from Jim Clicks sales rep. I was quickly escorted to the finance manager who kept ... read more

2009-10-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
HidyTidy Feline Furniture : Great Litter Box
This was a great purchase. My daughter wanted the litter box out of her bedroom in the frog over the garage, because it looked bad when her friends came over.  Our house is small, so we bought this litter cabinet and put it in our den.  It looks good ... read more

2009-08-19 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Dick's Computer Concepts : Corrections
The phone number is 520-991-5418. The website is
The website is now a fine art photography website.
The business address is 5032 E. Hawthorne St. Tucson AZ, 85711
The email address is dickhoge  _at_dickhoge ... read more

2009-06-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
CS Associates, LLC is out of business

2009-05-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
QUIK TECHS Computer Service
Providing Onsite Residential and Business Services. We also build custom computers, including gaming systems. If you want to save some money we can refurbish your old computer with new parts. We also install free Antivirus and Antispyware programs.Please ... read more

2009-01-26 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Jim Pavett : [client responds]
[client responded contradicting the studio's statements regarding the separate track and other issues.  However bear in mind there is some unequal playing field here as the studio is identified and the client is not.  bTucson does not have any information ... read more

2009-01-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Jim Pavett : Allusion Studios
Allusion Studios provides services for a wide variety of clients. Unfortunately, situations arise where the client expects more from the recording process than is possible given the client's equipment and budget. In this case the client brought in a consumer ... read more

2008-12-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Jim Pavett :
I came to Allusion Studios in 2005 with work done on a keyboard in several tracks. This work was downloaded at this studio as one track, not mixed at all, and virtually sent out to the world as "naked." Volumes were then  raised to one level, supposedly ... read more

2008-11-21 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Professional Cinematography
Located in Tucson, Arizona, DreamScape Studios is a premier provider of professional custom photography and cinematography services crafted specifically with you in mind.  "

2008-11-20 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Pam Germain - Fitness Consultant :
Pam Germain passed away Tuesday, November 18, 2008. She will be greatly missed by her many friends and students. Pam was a wonderful dynamic person of many talents; author, business woman, wige, mother, and Moon Goddess.
Rest in peace, Pam."

2008-11-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Carden of Tucson : Star article
[moved article link here when correcting Carden's website url --ed]

2008-09-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
In home boarding
Your dog can live the cushy life at my place while you are away from yours"

2008-08-22 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
in home boarding
1500 s van buren
your dog can live the cushy life at my house while you are away from yours."

2008-08-17 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Dennis McMillan Publications : Website won't load!?!
You don't have permission to access / on this server."

What be da deal?


2008-08-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Data Cabling, Cable Installation, Communications in Orlando, FL
611 Central Park Dr
Performance Telecom designs, installs, tests and certifies state-of-the-art communications systems that allow clients to utilize the most advanced voice, data, fiber optic and video applications available today.  We service nationally.

2008-08-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Dennis McMillan Publications : your site will not load
Aug 8th 2008, 4 pm PST
your site will not load in EI
coding problem no doubt
I wanted to see if you have posted a tribute to Janwillem...
He told me you (Dennis) owed him big time! but that he didn't care..."

2008-07-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
PERFECTION AUTO WORKS : Best place to fix your car...period...why do you think they call it Perfection..?
I just wanted everyone to know that I own two late model Audi's and have taken both of these cars to Perfection Auto Works for over 8 years.
My wife and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this repair shop.
We have enjoyed the QUALITY, the PRICE, and the ... read more

2008-07-21 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
PERFECTION AUTO WORKS : I LOVE THEM a many time returning Saab, Porsche and Mercedes owner.....

I have taken my Saab, Porsche and my Mercedes to Perfection Auto Works for years and have never had any problems.... Its too bad that some folks need to lick there ... read more

2008-06-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
PERFECTION AUTO WORKS : Don't Use Them (see below)
After waiting two weeks for an appointment, I recently brought my 2002, Saab 93 in to replace a temperature sensor.  When I called them late in the afternoon the same day, they hadn’t started on it.  I indicated that I needed it the same day, as it was ... read more

2008-04-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Promez Mesquite : Wrong URL
The website address is not for the company the produces mesquite meal. If they have one, please let us know."

2008-03-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
C.O.D. Ranch : Guest Ranch Retreat -- Big Views
I've gone to the COD ranch with groups during every season of the year. The views are spectacular over the Coronado nation forest.  I've traveled the world.  This is a world class destination with some of the most spectacular views on the planet. The ... read more

2008-02-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Used & Vintage Clothes\Used Clothing Retail\
Restore-Tmm Family Services :
this is a fantastic place to get things for remodeling...especially kitchen cabinets, stoves,washers/dryers.

they do have a small room with clothing items also."

2007-12-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson SEO In the Daily Star : Tucson search engine optimization 0
Just wanted to let you all know that people still do read the newspaper! We have received many calls and emails because of this article... Thanks Shelly

2007-12-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson SEO In the Daily Star
Tucson, AZ
If you have a chance, go to the business section, of the Daily Star, for Wednesday, 05, 2007. We would like to suggest that you read the article, To work well, commercial web site needs a god design, high visibility. The article repeatedly references ... read more

2007-11-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
AT&T Company : Wrong contact phone number
Change your contact phone number at this website.  I tried it twice and got a recorded message that the number was no longer in operation!"

2007-10-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson Technology Incubator, Inc. : Tucson Technology Incubator
Services of the Tucson Technology Incubator are available in the private sector at TRU Group Inc. TRU acts as a business consultant, analyst and facilitator in venture development. We obtain venture capital or other financing for you. And we can do most ... read more

2007-10-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Home Loan Executives
3116 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712
Need to refinance you adjustable rate mortgage? Give Home Loan Executives a call today!

2007-10-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson search engine optimization

Are you in need of Tucson Internet marketing solutions?
To provide growth and expansion for your business?
That's right! Local Tucson assistance... Not some distant company!
I work with customers up close and personal
I want to look in your eyes ... read more

2007-10-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
DG Enterprises Tucson
Specializing in buying homes that are in trouble of foreclosure. If you have real estate going into foreclosure or are someone interested in buying foreclosures please contact us.

2007-10-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
DG Enterprises Tucson
3216 N. Willis Rd., Tucson, AZ 85712
see website
We buy homes going into foreclosure in Tucson and Phoenix.

2007-09-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
SEO Basics Seminar at ASBA 0
SEO Basics – Search Engine Optimization
Understanding how to drive traffic to your website

This seminar is designed to help you understand the basics of how web search engines works
and how this affects your website traffic and search engine ranking ... read more

2007-09-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Beauty Supplements
1067 W. Magee Rd
Please visit our website to see a listing of our numerous products

2007-09-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
After Hour Answers
An Evening & Weekend Computer Services Company.
Call 304-8817 or e-mail"

2007-09-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Joshua Walker Photography
Award-winning wedding photojournalism.

2007-09-19 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson Home Watch Services, LLC. Your House Sitting Solution!
5425 E. Broadway #280, Tucson, AZ 85711
phone: (520) 396-0917

Tucson's premier house sitting solution. Ideal for second or vacation homeowners in the Tucson area.  Licensed and insured.  Professional service, affordable rates, various ... read more

2007-09-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Moon dog hot dogs
I'm serching to see if a hot dog vendor has a food license.
Name of business-"Moon Dog hot dogs".
The vendor sells hotdogs outside of the Cactus Moon on saturday nights."

2007-09-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Dee Wiese - Real Estate Agent & Associate Broker
Your move can be made easier with a competent and experienced Real Estate Agent. I work with first time home buyers, investors, exchangers and have specialized in executive, premier and gated properties, residential lots and vacant land.

Credentials ... read more

2007-09-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
SEO Basics Seminar at ASBA 0
SEO Basics – Search Engine Optimization
Understanding how to drive traffic to your website

This seminar is designed to help you understand the basics of how web search engines works
and how this affects your website traffic and search engine ranking ... read more

2007-09-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
SEO Basics Seminar at ASBA 0
SEO Basics – Search Engine Optimization
Understanding how to drive traffic to your website

This seminar is designed to help you understand the basics of how web search engines works
and how this affects your website traffic and search engine ranking ... read more

2007-09-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Helping Hand Fire and Water Restoration Carpet Cleaning
Do you have water damage from leaky faucets and pipes, fire and smoke damage, carpet order? Choose a full service fire smoke damage, water restoration and mold remediation company experts in disaster recovery insurance claims.

2007-09-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Helping Hand Fire and Water Restoration
AZ 85205
Helping Hand Arizona's premier insurance restoration contractor is a licensed, bonded and insured residential and commercial construction ROC 233262 contractor. We help restore homes and businesses damaged by fire, smoke, water and mold.

2007-09-04 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Catalina Foothills Real Estate
MLS homes search and listings, guide to real estate and luxury living in the Tucson Foothills.

2007-08-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Home Helpers now in Tucson
Home Helpers North America's #1 choice for homecare services for older adults, people recovering from injury or illness, persons needing continuing care due to life long chalenges, families needing short-term assistance as a result of pregnancy or bed ... read more

2007-08-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Mary Kay Cosmetics Tucson 0
4011 E. Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85745
Specializing in Professional Skin Care and Glamour Makeovers at my studio located at 4011 E. Broadway Blvd.  Free Gift Bag with scheduled consultation.  Independent Sr. Sales Director, Patricia Gonzales

2007-08-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
NLP Trainer
"I do this work, because I love it and want to help people to become more ressourcful. I want to show them, that they can uncover their true potential. To achieve the best development of individuals and organizations, I pledge myself to a process of ongoing ... read more

2007-08-09 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Helping Hand
1776 S. Palo Verde
Delivery and errand service
house sitting
pet care
grocery shopping"

2007-08-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Xposit Computers
4764 w. eagle tail lane
Computer Repair Networking and Upgrades in home or business lowest prices in town

2007-08-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Mobile Oil Change
We can come out to your HOME, WORK or when you are SHOPPING and Change the Oil in your Car, Truck, Gasoline Engine, Some Diesels, Generators, and many other items. Just give us a call and schedule an appointment at
(520) 834-8063 web site is
easylube4you ... read more

2007-07-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
ETNA TITLE SERVICES is an authorized third-party provider for AZ DMV.  We provide vehicle titles, registrations, plates, permits, driving records, placards and more!

ETNA TITLES SEVICES is centrally located at:
3430 N. 1st Ave. #2, Tucson, AZ 85719 ... read more

2007-07-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Lotus Massage & Wellness Center : WOW what a beautiful experience
I have had 4 massage treatments at Lotus Massage and Wellness Center and can say that they have some of the most talented and caring massage therapist in our community.  They are welcoming, caring about our well being and the massages are out of this ... read more

2007-06-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Pebble Tec Repairs
Are there any Pebble Tec installers that can repair/patch Pebble Tech so it virtually invisible?

2007-06-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Lotus Massage & Wellness Center
2850 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85716
(520) 326-7700
Lotus Massage & Wellness Center offers therapeutic massage and bodywork in a warm comfortable atmosphere unique among Tucson massage venues. We are conveniently located in central / midtown Tucson, on Grant Road west of Country Club."


José Hair & Day Spa
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1st Internet CardSolutions
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94.9 MIXfm
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American Society for Training and Development
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Amity - Substance Abuse Recovery
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Antique Jewelry Exchange - Specializing in Fine Antique and Estate Jewelry, Watches, Rolex, Cartier
Antique Reflections, Inc.
Antler Ridge Cabins
Anubis Productions International
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Apparatus Fine Art & Furnishings
Apparatus Iron Garden Ornaments
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Arizona Small Business Resource Page
Arizona Truck Outfitters
Arizona University Recordings
Arizona Web Hosting
Arizona Wedding Images
Around the World Imports
Art Vizion Gallery
Artisoft Inc
Artist and Illustrator Cynthia Gay Rose
Artistic Design Services
Ash Ware Inc.
Astronomical Consultants & Equipment, Inc.
At First Sight, Bridal and Events
At-Home Kennels
Auto Pro's
Avalon Software, Inc.
Aviator Software, Inc.
B-CAM Inc.
BAPU Enterprises, Inc.
BASA - Business Alliance of Southern Arizona
BC PhotoArts
BFL Construction Company, Inc.
BIOS Biochemicals
Back Outdoor Supplies
Balfour Walker Studios
Ballast Technologies, Inc.
Bank One Tucson International Mariachi Conference
Barrows Furniture, Tucson and Prescott, AZ
Beaudry Honda
Beauty Supplements
Bella Vista Web Services
Benson, Arizona Chamber of Commerce
Berryware, Inc.
Best Western Ghost Ranch
Best place to fix your car...period...why do you think they call it Perfection..?
Betty Slattery Real Estate
Bill Mack, Tubac AZ
Biomedical Diagnostics & Research, Inc
Blinds Parts
Bloom Country Florist
Blue Lagoon Pool Service
Blueshift Studios
Bob's Rock Shop
Bomhoff Inc.
Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®
Borders Books & Music
Bottaboom Communications Consulting
Bovis Bead Co.
Brad Sensenbach & Greg Hollman - Tucson, AZ
Breault Research Organization, Inc.
Brenda O'Brien - Long Realty Company
Brick by Bryck
Brown & Bain, P.A.
Buglogical Control Systems
Burr-Brown Corp.
Butterfield RV Resort
Buy The Best
C&D Technologies' Power Electronics
C. Forrest Davis, EA
C.O.D. Ranch
CAL-AV Labs, Inc.
CENTURY 21 Gateway West Realty
COMPUSA - The best training option in Tucson!
Cactus Custom Computers
Cactus Software
Camp Wildcat
Canoa Homes
Canyonlands Publishing Inc.
Capin & Co.
Carden of Tucson
Carlos A. Alvarez Professional Photography
Carter Affiliates, Inc.
Casa de los Ninos
Casita Del Sol
CastArt, Inc.
CastleRock Kennels
Catalina Foothills Real Estate
Catalina Mortgage
Catalina Tool & Mold, Inc.
Cathy Porterfield, Realtor
Centric Photo Processing
Chamber of Commerce - Sierra Vista
Charles Ervin Violins, Inc.
Chateau Sonata Suites
Check Out The New Tucson Real Estate Forum!
Chemical Accident Reconstructi
Chic & Showing
Cimarron Properties
Clarion Hotel Tucson Airport
Classic Wooden Belts
Claw Internet Marketing Services
Cliff Manor Inn Ultimate Party Entertainment corp631 643 4FUN
Co-Op Web
Cochise County Internet Inc.
Cochise Motorsports, Inc.
Coldwell Banker Success Realty-Bruce Schulman
Collaborative Consulting, Inc.
Colwell Banker Success-Steve Moseley
Comet Cleaning and Laundry
Communication Skills Institute
Community Information & Telecommunications Allianc
Computer Connex, Inc.
Computer Philes
Computer Research & Consulting
Computer Technologies Unlimited
Computer Using Graphic Artists
ComputerLand System Support Services
Connexions Unlimited Worldvision
Continental Airlines
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DG Enterprises Tucson
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Data Cabling, Cable Installation, Communications in Orlando, FL
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Day Spring Studios
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Dee Wiese, CRS
Della and Ron Sanford, Tucson Realtor
Delta AirLines
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Don't Use Them (see below)
Donna Gallagher/Coldwell Banker
Dorson's Home Interiors
Double Adobe R.V. Park & Campground
Double K Ranch B&B Homestay
Doubletree Guest Suites Tucson Hotel
Dr. Susan Wenberg, Chiropractic Physician
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Dye By Fire
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EZ Recruiting
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Eating Disorder Recovery Online
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Eglin Photographic Productions
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Elysian Grove Market B&B
Embroidery; Screen Printing and Promotional Products
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Free mp3 music download by Tom Costello
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Geographic Data Technology, Inc.
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Global Presence
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Goodman's Office Furniture
Grand Central Railway Station of Cyberspace
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Graphic Systems Inc.
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Green Dot Software
Greenhouse Supplies
Greg Benson - Artist
Guest Ranch Retreat -- Big Views
HCS Inc--Tucson, Arizona
HEXTEK Corporation
HOTS Program
HRC Family Coats-of-Arms
Hacienda Rabago
Halice Web Development
Hallmark Business Consultants, Inc.
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Hampton Inn- Tucson, Arizona
Happy Tails Travel, Inc.
Hawley, Nystedt & Fletcher
Health Partners
Healthy Mind Tucson
Healthy Play
Hearing Innovations Incorporated
Heartland Mortgages, Inc.
Heating & Cooling Supply Inc.
Helping Hand
Helping Hand Fire and Water Restoration
Helping Hand Fire and Water Restoration Carpet Cleaning
Herbs Online
Heritage Wedding Photography
HidyTidy Feline Furniture
High Desert Adventures
Home Helpers now in Tucson
Home Loan Executives
Hon Dah House Gallery
Hooked on Phonics
How Sweet It Was
Howard A. Chorost
Huck International Inc.
Hyperquest Inc.
INMASS/MRP Software for Manufacturing
IT Konzepte, L.L.C.
In home boarding
Indian Territory
Infrared Laboratories
Innova Research LLC
Innovative Flight Training
Innovative Lasers Corporation Classified Ads
Insty-Prints (Tanque Verde)
Integrated Infusion Services
Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc.
Inter-Tel, Incorporated
InterNet Solutions Team
International Aero Components Inc.
International Perspectives
Internet Business Solutions
Internet Search Tool - Webglimpse
Internet Systems Integration
Interzone, Inc.
Intestinal Health and Colon Hydrotherapy
J Tofield, MD
J. Coinman Music
J. Randall Harris, Multi-Media Artist
JCA Unlimited, LLC.
Jack Dykinga Photography
Janus Books, Ltd.
Jeff Gamble automotive fine art sculpture
Jeff's Import Engines
Jim Pavett
Jim Reed Photography
JoBa Unique Giftware
Joel Malcuit, Agronomist
Jorgensen Healthcare Associates, Inc.
Joshua Walker Photography
Jungle Designs Airbrushed Art
KEN Graphic
KIIM 99.5 FM Radio / KCUB Radio
KLPX 96 Radio
KMXZ 94.9 Radio
Kachina Mobile Home Sales
Kamrowski Construction Co.
KayaBound Publishing
Kazzam Nature Center
Kenneth L. Reed D.M.D.
Kevin B. Howard Architect
Kilpatrick & Associates
Kim Rasmussen, ASID
Knights Inn
Knights of Columbus, Jim McCabe Agency
Knights of Columbus, Tucson Council 1200
Kokopelli Traders
Korn Waterman & Simon, P.C.
L.I. Industries
LFS Capital
LTD Direct Marketing, Inc.
LW Chase Associates
La Posada Retirement Community
La Tierralinda
Ladybug Flowers
Lane Lapidary
Lane's Computer Repair
Lapel Pins and More
Laser Options, Inc.
Lawyers for Literacy
Lazy Jacks Hammocks
Lean Coyote Communications
LeatherWood - Inlaid Wood Tables & Clocks
Lien Release
Life Concerns
Lifestyle Hearing
Livingston's Offset Printing, Inc.
Lone Rider Productions' Lrpdesigns
Los Patios Apartment Community
Lotus Massage & Wellness Center
Lou's Auto Center
M and J Foreign Car Repair
MCI Telecommunications Corporation
MIDS, Inc.
MM Research, Inc.
MRI Tucson-Foothills
MSEA Program - University of Arizona
Magellan Traders
Magellan University
Magic Learning Systems
Magill's Quality Radiator
MainStay Communications
Malkia African Art & Gifts
Mall Sales, Inc.
Management Recruiters of Tucson
Manson Company, Inc.
Many Nations
Maplegate Technologies
Marana Skydive Center
Market Street Mortgage
Markley Salon
Martin and Abel, Attorneys At Law
Mary Kay Cosmetics Tucson
Material Things Online Catalog
McJunkin Trucks
Mechanical Engineering Design Solutions, Inc.
MedOptics Corporation
Medical Claims Service
Medicine Man Gallery
Mesquite Grove Apartments
Mexico To U Imports
Michael Fox, Ph.D.
Michael R. Stoklos Photography
Microwest Computers
Mike Wachs Construction Company, Inc.
Millennium Medicine
Mo's Gallery and Fine Framing
Mobile Meals of Tucson
Mobile Oil Change
Mobius Pendant
Mock Brawn Records
Modular Mining Systems
Moon dog hot dogs
Mountain Valley Ventures, Inc.
Mr. Beer Products, Inc.
Mt. Lemmon Suites & Fine Crafts
Mystery Theater Productions
NLP Trainer
National Association of Purchasing Management
Natural Selections, Inc.
NatureBrite Carpet Care and More
NetMedia, Inc.
New Embassy Suites Hotel Opening In Tucson This Summer
New Harvest Organics
New Horizons Computer Learning Center
New Local web site!
New web address
NightVision Systems & Manufacturing
Nightingale Albums LLC
Northlink Internet Services
Northminster Christian Preschool
Northwest Airlines
NuTel Communications
Nursing Service, Inc.
Oase-Stevens Accounting
Oasis Insurance
Oasis RV
Offshore International, Inc.
Ogram & Teplitz, P.C.
Old Pueblo Internet
On Call Computers
Optical Electronics, Inc.
Orielly Auto Plaza
Ouroboros Stone Sculpture Gallery
Outpatient Care Institute
Ozark West Kitchen Accessories
PROTEL Communications
PS... Computer Consultants Inc.
Packaging Solutions
Pallet Rack Installation & repairs
Palo Verde Automotive
Pam Germain - Fitness Consultant
Paoli Web Design
Paralegals and Process Servers
Parallel Ventures, Inc.
Partel, Inc.
Partnership Way Center
Pat Kennedy's Custom Motorcycles
Patriot Prints
Payless Web Sites
Peaceful Spirit Therapeutic Massage Center
Pebble Tec Repairs
Penske Auto Center
Pepper Enterprises, Inc.
Peppertree B & B Inn - Tucson, Arizona
Performance Associates International, Inc.
Perma-Glaze Inc.
Perry Sevey
Personal Earthworks
Personnel-Devon Gables Health Care Center
Pet West
Peter S. Ireland & Associates
Phase Shift Technology
Phoenix Systems
Phone Solutions
Photo-Tech, Inc.
Pink Adobe Gallery
PixieNet Promotions
PlanNet Internet Solutions
Plastic Plus, Inc.
Plumb-It Inc.
Point Of $ale Specialists
Polymap Systems
Power Mail
Precision Air Heating and Cooling
Precision Speedway
Precision-cut tissue slices by Vitron
Prestige Automotive
Prime Capital, Inc.
Professional Cinematography
Profit Enhancement Group
Progressive C.A.D.
Promez Mesquite
Pronto Restoration
Protels home page
Public Adjusters
QED - Quality Electro-optical Devices
QRP, Inc.
QUIK TECHS Computer Service
Quality America Inc.
Quarles & Brady
Quebedeaux Pontiac - Buy online
Quigley, Tang & Whitehill, P.L.C.
R&D Concrete Designs
RCM Partners Tucson
RK Plumbing Heating Cooling and Fire Protection
RLS Enterprise
RTS Transmission
RV City
Ratelco Electronics, Inc.
Red Line Service
Reflect-O-Tech International
Refrigerator Advertising Magnets
Regalis Glass Collectibles
ReliaSoft Corporation
Rent A Computer - A Division of R.A.C. TeK Inc.
Research Corporation Technologies
Residence Inn Tucson
Results Direct
RightFAX, Inc.
Robert E. McLendon
Roberts Roofing Company
Rogoway's Turquoise Tortoise
Rollin'Low Clothing Company
Ron Zack Insurance
Roof Domes LLC
S&S Software
SELECT Personnel Services
SEO Basics Seminar at ASBA
SEO Basics Seminar at ASBA
SEO Basics Seminar at ASBA
SR Science, Inc.
SWS Electronics, Inc.
Safra Ceramic Art
Saguaro Clinic of Oriental Medicine
Sales Focus, Inc.
Salvation Art Gallery
San Pedro Mesquite Company
San Xavier Mexico Insurance
Sandlin & Son Construction Inc.
Sandoval & St. Clair, P.L.C.
Sanitary Supply Co.
Sanitary Supply Company Inc.
Santa Cruz Valley Orchards
Santa Rita Springs/Dorn Communities
Sargent Controls & Aerospace
Satellite Warehouse
Scales Arizona
Schoff Vocal Studio
Securaplane Technologies
Seller-Buyer Classifieds
ShadowBox Media
Sharp & Associates
Sierra Laboratories, Inc.
Sierra Toyota
Sierra Tucson, Inc.
Sigma Data Systems
Simpson & Sutton Photography
Skycrest Products
Small Business Development & Training Center
Smith's PCS
Smith, Roth & Squires
Smith-Martin Paint & Body
Something More Adult Care Home
Sonoran Scanners, Inc.
Sonoran Sea Aquarium
Sonoran Sunsets
Sound Innovations Recording Studio
Southern Arizona Homeschoolers Mailing List
Southwest Alternatives Institute, Inc.
Southwest Circuits Inc.
Southwest Creations
Southwest Door Co.
Southwest Physicians Network
Southwest Series
Southwest Soil Remediation, Inc.
Southwest Veterinary Specialists
Southwestern USA Treasures
Spectral Instruments, Inc.
Spider Interactive
Spirit of Service, Inc.
Split Engineering
St. Louis, Joseph P.C.
Star Academy Charter School
Star article
State Industrial Supply
Steppingstones Designs
Sterling Silver Rings
Sticky Situation
Stout's Cider Mill
Studio 29 Theatre Lab
Sublime Designers
Sun Valley Masonry
Suncastle : Internet Services
Sunquest Information Systems
Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.
Sunrise Business Solutions
Sunshine in a Bottle
Sunstone Guest Ranch
Superior Natural Oils International, Inc.
SwissShade + Security,Inc.
System Specialists, Inc.
T & T Engineering
T&T Services, L.L.C.
THOR SoundWedge Speakers
TUSONIX Electronic Components
Table Top Telephone Company, Inc.
Tail Winds
Ted Hewitt Photography
Teens In Crisis Referral Network
Test Equipment Plus
The Armory
The Bablove Ridgewood Workgroup
The Becklin Company LLC.
The Brown Mouse Medicine Co.
The Center for Hazard Information
The Coyote Wore Sideburns
The Desert Buckeye
The Emotional Rape Syndrome
The Folded Spiral
The Forgach Studio, Web Design
The Gadsden Hotel
The Genesee Company
The Herzog System of Computer Keyboarding
The Jethro Consultancy
The Jim Click Automotive Team
The Magic Garden
The Mailbox Place
The Microbiology and Immunology Graduate Program
The Mollys
The Mt. Lemmon Getaway
The Oschmann Organization
The Parts Room
The Planning Center
The Poster Warehouse
The SecureMed Companies
The Squirrel's Nest
The Training Dept.
The Tucson Beat
The Tucson Black Chamber of Commerce
The Tucson Chinese Association (TCA)
The Tucson Chiropractic Center
The Ultimate Desert Handbook
The University of Arizona Bookstore
The Web Smart - Custom Web Design
The Winters Company
The Working Circle
Thermal Engineering of Arizona, Inc.
Thirstystone Resources, Inc.
Tierra Del Oro Consulting, LLC
Tile Canvases
TileArt by Donna Long
Tortolita Mountain Aviary
Total Marketing Services
Trade Systems Resource
Trailside Americana Fine Art
Transatlantic Management
Treasure Cove
TriMat Software & Consulting
Triple L Sales, LLC
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
Tucson Arts Brigade
Tucson Business Coalition
Tucson Computer Society
Tucson Custom Sheet Metal Inc.
Tucson Eye Care
Tucson Habitat for Humanity
Tucson Home Watch Services, LLC. Your House Sitting Solution!
Tucson Horizon Chorus
Tucson Jiffy Lube
Tucson Junior Strings
Tucson Newspapers
Tucson Post Card Exchange Club
Tucson Printers Association
Tucson SEO In the Daily Star
Tucson Symphony Orchestra
Tucson Technology Incubator
Tucson Technology Incubator, Inc.
Tucson Trophy Co.
Tucson Trunk
Tucson Web Creation
Tucson Web Designs
Tucson Webs
Tucson search engine optimization
Tucson search engine optimization
Tucson's Top Mortgage & Home Loan Team!
Turquoise Eclectics
US West Communications
Unique Fitness Training
University of Arizona SLAT Ph.D. Program
Valley Fever Center For Excellence
Vanguard Automation, Inc.
Vantage One Communications Group, Inc.
Ventura Telephone Equipment
Vroom Engineering & Mfg., Inc.
WBC Imaging
WOW what a beautiful experience
WOWK design & consulting
Wagon Wheel Products Plus
Watson Chevrolet
We Finance Web Sites
Web Creations Etc.
Web Emporium
Web Foundry Design
Web Net Ventures
Web Technologies
Web Training & Design Solutions
Weber Communications
Website won't load!?!
Wedge-Loc Co. Inc.
Wells Fargo/First Interstate Bank of Arizona
Wellspring Academy
Western Land Investments
Where it's @
Williams PhotoGraphics
Worldwide Web Creations
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Wrong contact phone number
Xebrawerx Incorporated
Xposit Computers
Yoga Inside and Out-Chakra Yoga Videos
Your Business Online
Yuma Insurance, Inc.
Zephyr Press
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in home boarding
personnel information PLUS
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Universities & Colleges

Asian Institute of Medical Studies
Aztex Middle College-West
Centennial Hall - Administration
Center for Expressive Arts Therapy
Center for the Arts - Art Gallery
Center for the Arts - Management
Chaparral College - Placement Department
Computer Hospital
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U
Environmental Research Laboratory - University of Ariz- Tucson International Air
Eurest Dining Services Universirzna Scnce & Tchnlg
Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium
Grace To the Nations
ITT Technical Institute
International Institute of the Americas
LA Paloma Academy
Lutheran Medical Center Arizonagion-Aegd Program
Moltech Corporation University A Scnce & Tchnlgy P
Nanosyn University of Arizona Scince & Tchnlgy PRK
National Career Education
Peace Corps Representative
Pima Community Access Program
Pima Community College - Campuses- Community Campus
Pima Community College - Campuses- Desert Vista Campus
Pima Community College - Campuses- Downtown Campus
Pima Community College - Campuses- East Campus
Pima Community College - Campuses- Northwest Campus
Pima Community College - Campuses- West Campus
Pima Community College - Centers- Adult Education- Administration- Community Ca
Pima Community College - Centers- Adult Education- Community Classes- Community Ca
Pima Community College - Centers- Adult Education- Eastside Learning Center- Community Ca
Pima Community College - Centers- Center for the Arts
Pima Community College - Centers- Community Campus- Northeast Community Learning Ce
Pima Community College - Centers- Community Education
Pima Community College - Community Campus- Southeast Community Learning Ce
Pima Community College - Desert Vista Campus- Center for Training & Develop
Pima Community College - District Central Office
Pima Community College - District Office- Admissions and Records
Pima Community College - Workforce and Business Development- Administra
Pima Community College - Workforce and Business Development- Center for Business Solut
Pima Community College - Workforce and Business Development- Center for Training & Develop
Pima Community College - Workforce and Business Development- Small Business Development Ce
Pima County Adult Education
Pima County Adult Education - Special Projects- Refugee Education Pro
Pima County Government - Adult Education-Pima College Adult Education
Pima County Government - Eastside Learning Center- Adult Education-Pima College Adult Educa
Ramada Inn University Conference Center
Southern Arizona Barber College
Southern Arizona Institute of Advanced Training
St Gregory College Preparatory School
The Art Center Design College
Troy University
Tucson Breast Center University Physicians Healthcare
Tucson College
Tucson Open University
Ultimate Electronics
University Physicians
University Physicians Healthcare - Clinics at KINO Campus- Adult Health Serv
University Physicians Healthcare - Clinics at Pima Community College West- Family Practice Of
University Physicians Healthcare - Clinics at Wilmont
University Physicians Healthcare - Hospital at KINO Campus- Radiology
University Physicians Healthcare - Human Resources
University Physicians Healthcare - Neurology- Information and Appointm
University Physicians Healthcare - Northwest Specialty Care Center
University Physicians Healthcare - Pediatrics- Angel Diabetes & Endocrine Ce
University Physicians Healthcare - Pediatrics- Pediatric Infusion Center- Hemotology-Onco
University Physicians Healthcare - UPH Hospital at KINO Campus- Physical The
University Physicians Healthcare - UPH Hospital at KINO Campus- Urgent
University Physicians Healthcare - UPH Hospital at KINO Campus- Volunteer Serv
University Physicians Inc
University of Arizona - Agriculture and Life Sciences Cals College
University of Arizona - Dairy Research Center
University of Arizona - Dairy Research Center- Fax
University of Arizona - Medicine College
University of Arizona - Native American Research & Training Center
University of Arizona - Retirees Association
University of Arizona - University of Arizona Press
University of Arizona - University of Arizona South- Pima CC East Of
University of Arizona - Writing Skills Improvement Program
University of Arizona Applied Behavioral Health
University of Arizona Health Sciences Center - Arizona Health Sciences Center- Offices & Funct
University of Arizona Health Sciences Center - Vice President for Health Scie
University of Arizona Hearing Clinic
University of Arizona Science & Technology Park
University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix - Grant Road Campus
Website and location
Wings On Words Preschool
Work Place Education Project
Wortzel Sandra MA
ZONA Verde at


Used & Vintage Clothes

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