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2013-03-10 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Sublime Designers
2324 W Silverbell Tree Dr
Shop unique handmade jewelry designs, handmade bath and body products & scented home fragrances hand made by Sabrina the owner of Sublime Designers located in Tucson, Arizona. For more information Call 800-257-6031 or visit http://www.sublimedesigners ... read more

2010-05-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Wells Fargo/First Interstate Bank of Arizona : Lien Release
I need to acquire a lien release for a mobile home paid off in 1990.  How and where do I go about this?  It was originally with First Interstate Bank of Arizona.
Thank you.  Donna Blad

2010-01-25 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Phase Shift Technology :
Phase Shift Technology is defunct. It was purchased as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1998 by ADE Corp, and renamed to ADE Phase Shift, then ADE was purchased by KLA-Tencor in 2006, and Phase Shift Technology was disincorporated altogether, and the business ... read more

2010-01-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Benson, Arizona Chamber of Commerce : Event Notice unknown
Hello, Can I get on a list to be informed
of up coming Events where I could rent a
space for Leather and Saddle Repair ? And
be able to hand out information flyers
about my Horse Training and Riding Lessons? Thank you. Debbie Miller
Cell- 520-686 ... read more

2010-01-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Arizona University Recordings : NEW URL! Yes
Please note that the "" URL has been sold -- our new URL is THANK YOU!!"

2010-01-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
D. Alan Roberts Architects Inc. : New web address
The new web address for D. Alan Roberts, Architect is,

2009-11-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Seller-Buyer Classifieds : Help
How do I place an ad?

2009-10-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
The Jim Click Automotive Team : Complaint
Why is it when a single lady trys to buy a vehicle from a large dealership aka Jim Click, She has to feel like a piece of meat!  After agreeing to purchase my last vehicle from Jim Clicks sales rep. I was quickly escorted to the finance manager who kept ... read more

2009-10-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
HidyTidy Feline Furniture : Great Litter Box
This was a great purchase. My daughter wanted the litter box out of her bedroom in the frog over the garage, because it looked bad when her friends came over.  Our house is small, so we bought this litter cabinet and put it in our den.  It looks good ... read more

2009-08-19 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Dick's Computer Concepts : Corrections
The phone number is 520-991-5418. The website is
The website is now a fine art photography website.
The business address is 5032 E. Hawthorne St. Tucson AZ, 85711
The email address is dickhoge  _at_dickhoge ... read more

2009-06-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
CS Associates, LLC is out of business

2009-05-03 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
QUIK TECHS Computer Service
Providing Onsite Residential and Business Services. We also build custom computers, including gaming systems. If you want to save some money we can refurbish your old computer with new parts. We also install free Antivirus and Antispyware programs.Please ... read more

2009-01-26 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Jim Pavett : [client responds]
[client responded contradicting the studio's statements regarding the separate track and other issues.  However bear in mind there is some unequal playing field here as the studio is identified and the client is not.  bTucson does not have any information ... read more

2009-01-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Jim Pavett : Allusion Studios
Allusion Studios provides services for a wide variety of clients. Unfortunately, situations arise where the client expects more from the recording process than is possible given the client's equipment and budget. In this case the client brought in a consumer ... read more

2008-12-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Jim Pavett :
I came to Allusion Studios in 2005 with work done on a keyboard in several tracks. This work was downloaded at this studio as one track, not mixed at all, and virtually sent out to the world as "naked." Volumes were then  raised to one level, supposedly ... read more

2008-11-21 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Professional Cinematography
Located in Tucson, Arizona, DreamScape Studios is a premier provider of professional custom photography and cinematography services crafted specifically with you in mind.  "

2008-11-20 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Pam Germain - Fitness Consultant :
Pam Germain passed away Tuesday, November 18, 2008. She will be greatly missed by her many friends and students. Pam was a wonderful dynamic person of many talents; author, business woman, wige, mother, and Moon Goddess.
Rest in peace, Pam."

2008-11-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Carden of Tucson : Star article
[moved article link here when correcting Carden's website url --ed]

2008-09-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
In home boarding
Your dog can live the cushy life at my place while you are away from yours"

2008-08-22 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
in home boarding
1500 s van buren
your dog can live the cushy life at my house while you are away from yours."

2008-08-17 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Dennis McMillan Publications : Website won't load!?!
You don't have permission to access / on this server."

What be da deal?


2008-08-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Data Cabling, Cable Installation, Communications in Orlando, FL
611 Central Park Dr
Performance Telecom designs, installs, tests and certifies state-of-the-art communications systems that allow clients to utilize the most advanced voice, data, fiber optic and video applications available today.  We service nationally.

2008-08-08 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Dennis McMillan Publications : your site will not load
Aug 8th 2008, 4 pm PST
your site will not load in EI
coding problem no doubt
I wanted to see if you have posted a tribute to Janwillem...
He told me you (Dennis) owed him big time! but that he didn't care..."

2008-07-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
PERFECTION AUTO WORKS : Best place to fix your car...period...why do you think they call it Perfection..?
I just wanted everyone to know that I own two late model Audi's and have taken both of these cars to Perfection Auto Works for over 8 years.
My wife and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this repair shop.
We have enjoyed the QUALITY, the PRICE, and the ... read more

2008-07-21 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
PERFECTION AUTO WORKS : I LOVE THEM a many time returning Saab, Porsche and Mercedes owner.....

I have taken my Saab, Porsche and my Mercedes to Perfection Auto Works for years and have never had any problems.... Its too bad that some folks need to lick there ... read more

2008-06-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
PERFECTION AUTO WORKS : Don't Use Them (see below)
After waiting two weeks for an appointment, I recently brought my 2002, Saab 93 in to replace a temperature sensor.  When I called them late in the afternoon the same day, they hadn’t started on it.  I indicated that I needed it the same day, as it was ... read more

2008-04-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Promez Mesquite : Wrong URL
The website address is not for the company the produces mesquite meal. If they have one, please let us know."

2008-03-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
C.O.D. Ranch : Guest Ranch Retreat -- Big Views
I've gone to the COD ranch with groups during every season of the year. The views are spectacular over the Coronado nation forest.  I've traveled the world.  This is a world class destination with some of the most spectacular views on the planet. The ... read more

2007-12-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson SEO In the Daily Star : Tucson search engine optimization 0
Just wanted to let you all know that people still do read the newspaper! We have received many calls and emails because of this article... Thanks Shelly

2007-12-05 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson SEO In the Daily Star
Tucson, AZ
If you have a chance, go to the business section, of the Daily Star, for Wednesday, 05, 2007. We would like to suggest that you read the article, To work well, commercial web site needs a god design, high visibility. The article repeatedly references ... read more

2007-11-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
AT&T Company : Wrong contact phone number
Change your contact phone number at this website.  I tried it twice and got a recorded message that the number was no longer in operation!"

2007-10-30 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson Technology Incubator, Inc. : Tucson Technology Incubator
Services of the Tucson Technology Incubator are available in the private sector at TRU Group Inc. TRU acts as a business consultant, analyst and facilitator in venture development. We obtain venture capital or other financing for you. And we can do most ... read more

2007-10-11 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Home Loan Executives
3116 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712
Need to refinance you adjustable rate mortgage? Give Home Loan Executives a call today!

2007-10-06 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson search engine optimization

Are you in need of Tucson Internet marketing solutions?
To provide growth and expansion for your business?
That's right! Local Tucson assistance... Not some distant company!
I work with customers up close and personal
I want to look in your eyes ... read more

2007-10-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
DG Enterprises Tucson
Specializing in buying homes that are in trouble of foreclosure. If you have real estate going into foreclosure or are someone interested in buying foreclosures please contact us.

2007-10-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
DG Enterprises Tucson
3216 N. Willis Rd., Tucson, AZ 85712
see website
We buy homes going into foreclosure in Tucson and Phoenix.

2007-09-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
SEO Basics Seminar at ASBA 0
SEO Basics – Search Engine Optimization
Understanding how to drive traffic to your website

This seminar is designed to help you understand the basics of how web search engines works
and how this affects your website traffic and search engine ranking ... read more

2007-09-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Beauty Supplements
1067 W. Magee Rd
Please visit our website to see a listing of our numerous products

2007-09-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
After Hour Answers
An Evening & Weekend Computer Services Company.
Call 304-8817 or e-mail"

2007-09-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Joshua Walker Photography
Award-winning wedding photojournalism.

2007-09-19 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Tucson Home Watch Services, LLC. Your House Sitting Solution!
5425 E. Broadway #280, Tucson, AZ 85711
phone: (520) 396-0917

Tucson's premier house sitting solution. Ideal for second or vacation homeowners in the Tucson area.  Licensed and insured.  Professional service, affordable rates, various ... read more

2007-09-16 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Moon dog hot dogs
I'm serching to see if a hot dog vendor has a food license.
Name of business-"Moon Dog hot dogs".
The vendor sells hotdogs outside of the Cactus Moon on saturday nights."

2007-09-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Dee Wiese - Real Estate Agent & Associate Broker
Your move can be made easier with a competent and experienced Real Estate Agent. I work with first time home buyers, investors, exchangers and have specialized in executive, premier and gated properties, residential lots and vacant land.

Credentials ... read more

2007-09-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
SEO Basics Seminar at ASBA 0
SEO Basics – Search Engine Optimization
Understanding how to drive traffic to your website

This seminar is designed to help you understand the basics of how web search engines works
and how this affects your website traffic and search engine ranking ... read more

2007-09-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
SEO Basics Seminar at ASBA 0
SEO Basics – Search Engine Optimization
Understanding how to drive traffic to your website

This seminar is designed to help you understand the basics of how web search engines works
and how this affects your website traffic and search engine ranking ... read more

2007-09-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Helping Hand Fire and Water Restoration Carpet Cleaning
Do you have water damage from leaky faucets and pipes, fire and smoke damage, carpet order? Choose a full service fire smoke damage, water restoration and mold remediation company experts in disaster recovery insurance claims.

2007-09-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Helping Hand Fire and Water Restoration
AZ 85205
Helping Hand Arizona's premier insurance restoration contractor is a licensed, bonded and insured residential and commercial construction ROC 233262 contractor. We help restore homes and businesses damaged by fire, smoke, water and mold.

2007-09-04 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Catalina Foothills Real Estate
MLS homes search and listings, guide to real estate and luxury living in the Tucson Foothills.

2007-08-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Home Helpers now in Tucson
Home Helpers North America's #1 choice for homecare services for older adults, people recovering from injury or illness, persons needing continuing care due to life long chalenges, families needing short-term assistance as a result of pregnancy or bed ... read more

2007-08-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Mary Kay Cosmetics Tucson 0
4011 E. Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85745
Specializing in Professional Skin Care and Glamour Makeovers at my studio located at 4011 E. Broadway Blvd.  Free Gift Bag with scheduled consultation.  Independent Sr. Sales Director, Patricia Gonzales

2007-08-23 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
NLP Trainer
"I do this work, because I love it and want to help people to become more ressourcful. I want to show them, that they can uncover their true potential. To achieve the best development of individuals and organizations, I pledge myself to a process of ongoing ... read more

2007-08-09 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Helping Hand
1776 S. Palo Verde
Delivery and errand service
house sitting
pet care
grocery shopping"

2007-08-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Xposit Computers
4764 w. eagle tail lane
Computer Repair Networking and Upgrades in home or business lowest prices in town

2007-08-01 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Mobile Oil Change
We can come out to your HOME, WORK or when you are SHOPPING and Change the Oil in your Car, Truck, Gasoline Engine, Some Diesels, Generators, and many other items. Just give us a call and schedule an appointment at
(520) 834-8063 web site is
easylube4you ... read more

2007-07-28 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
ETNA TITLE SERVICES is an authorized third-party provider for AZ DMV.  We provide vehicle titles, registrations, plates, permits, driving records, placards and more!

ETNA TITLES SEVICES is centrally located at:
3430 N. 1st Ave. #2, Tucson, AZ 85719 ... read more

2007-07-07 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Lotus Massage & Wellness Center : WOW what a beautiful experience
I have had 4 massage treatments at Lotus Massage and Wellness Center and can say that they have some of the most talented and caring massage therapist in our community.  They are welcoming, caring about our well being and the massages are out of this ... read more

2007-06-27 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Pebble Tec Repairs
Are there any Pebble Tec installers that can repair/patch Pebble Tech so it virtually invisible?

2007-06-15 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Lotus Massage & Wellness Center
2850 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85716
(520) 326-7700
Lotus Massage & Wellness Center offers therapeutic massage and bodywork in a warm comfortable atmosphere unique among Tucson massage venues. We are conveniently located in central / midtown Tucson, on Grant Road west of Country Club."

2007-06-14 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
New Embassy Suites Hotel Opening In Tucson This Summer
6350 North Campbell Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85718
The new 119-suite Embassy Suites Hotel located in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona will open in summer of this year.  
Located at 6350 North Campbell Avenue, the hotel site is minutes from the University of Arizona ... read more

2007-05-24 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Check Out The New Tucson Real Estate Forum!
Read and post comments concerning the real estate market in Tucson / Southern Arizona. Also, its a great place to get free advice from local real estate agents, mortgage professionals, assessors, investors, etc. You can even list your home for sale in ... read more

2006-01-02 José Hair & Day Spa
We create an environment that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. A haven from the stresses of everyday life. A source of renewed energy and beauty.
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2006-01-02 *** Cutting Edge Web Designs ***
(520) 219-6520
Creating amazing web effects that give a fast loading move like effect at VERY low price for small and mid-sized businesses. *Advanced knowledge in HTML, Java scripting, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks and much more*
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2006-01-02 1 Tucson Florist
Delivering flowers and gifts to Tucson and the world.
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2006-01-02 1st Internet CardSolutions
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2006-01-02 2001
742 1542
2001 - Custom Websites at reasonable prices - check out the samples of our work.
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2006-01-02 3D-Solutions : Innovative Software Solutions
Specializing in designing and implementing a cohesive marketing strategy for your E-business.
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2006-01-02 93.7 KRQQ Tucson Arizona
(520) 323-9400
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2006-01-02 94.9 MIXfm
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2006-01-02 @ Bisbee Arizona
Website design and hosting.
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2006-01-02 A & F Auto Sales
(520) 869-0812
Used car dealer specializing in affordable luxury vehicles.
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2006-01-02 A A DISCOUNT Auto Rental
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2006-01-02 A Allstar Plumbing Company
We are a licensed, full service plumbing company serving Tucson for over 20 years!
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2006-01-02 A Better
(520) 903-1204
Offers used car classified ads, with links to dealers' used car inventories and dealer web sites. Complete with digital images of the vehicles. The place to shop online for used vehicles.
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2006-01-02 A Gourmet Specialty
We offer a wide range of gourmet gift baskets for delivery in Tucson and shipped Nationwide.
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2006-01-02 A Master Modeler - James Sherman
Custom handcrafted museum quality scale ship models of the 17-19th Century such as the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, Santa Maria, and many more.
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2006-01-02 A P L Properties, L.L.C.
520 747-7899
Licensed in Arizona, California and Colorado, Alyce and Paul Little have a long history of working with homebuyers, exclusively. As co-owner of APL Properties, Paul is a Buyer's Broker dedicated to
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2006-01-02 A White Mountain Multimedia Co.
Web Site Design, Digital Photography and Production, Video Production, iPIX Virtual Tour Studio, Web Site Management, Magazine Publishing and Production.
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2006-01-02 A&G Custodial & Maintenance
we clean offices,carpets,waxing floors and attempt to work with you on your budgets
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2006-01-02 A-1 Virtual Assistant - Sercretarial & Administrat520-409-5089
Administrative Support, Secretarial Services, Web Design and Maintenance, Database Development and Maintenance, and much more...
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2006-01-02 ABCD Realty, Ltd.
520 624-9400
Real Estate Services: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Vacant Land; houses, mobile homes, lots, offices, warehouses, apartments, mobile home parks, acreage.
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2006-01-02 AEM, Inc.
(520) 745-8454
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2006-01-02 AEROFAB, Inc
(520) 623-3961
A precision Sheetmetal and Machining company. After 18 years, Aerofab specializes in Electronics, Medical, Aircraft and Gaming industries.
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2006-01-02 AGM Container Controls, Inc.
Container hardware for military, electronics and industrial packaging, handling, storage, and transportation applications.
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2006-01-02 AIS Computer Systems
Technology Solutions for Your Southern Arizona Business!
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2006-01-02 AL Productions
(520) 795-3443

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2006-01-02 ALL Brokers, Inc.
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AMERICAHEALTH is a comprehensive site with a Search Engine where anyone can find useful healthcare information as well as access to local healthcare professionals.
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2006-01-02 APEX Program - The University of Arizona
The APEX Program is at the forefront of Early Outreach , bringing programs and resources known to increase academic achievement and prepare students for higher education.
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2006-01-02 APEX Web Technologies LLC
Providing hosting and design services.
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2006-01-02 AT&T Company
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2006-01-02 AZ Tourist News
520 620 0567
Tucson's AZ Tourist News is the top source for restaurant information in Tucson.
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2006-01-02 Aaron Autos & Trucks
Sales and Rentals of Quality Used Vehicles. We have a great selection of Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Vans. We finance first-time, bankruptcies, divorces, etc. All vehicles come with a 3 month / 3000 mile limited warranty. Se habla español.
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2006-01-02 Acacia Artisans
Native American artistry in silver, bone, shell, quill and beadwork. Hydrostone Decorative Objects.
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2006-01-02 AccuCal Corporation
AccuCal is your sole source for all your gas detection needs.
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2006-01-02 Aces Research Inc.
(520) 322-6500
We provide high speed Internet connectivity in Arizona and Northern Mexico with services from 56k and T-1 to 10Mbps ethernet colocation either physically or virtually over fiber. We are price competitive with Tier-1 providers while providing the multi-homed redundancy that they cannot.
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2006-01-02 Adobe Homes
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2006-01-02 Advance Printing Co.
Contact: (520) 760-0454
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2006-01-02 Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc.
(520) 290-2855
Design and manufacture electrochemical gas generators for use in calibration of toxic gas sensors.
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2006-01-02 Advanced Digital
(520) 798-1181
Designs, builds, and installs wireless data communication systems.
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2006-01-02 Aerolitoral
The regional airline of Mexico. Daily non-stop flights from Tucson to Hermosillo & Guaymas/San Carlos.
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2006-01-02 Aerospace Equipment Systems - Tucson
Designs and manufacturers electronic systems for the aerospace industry. Cabin pressure control systems; fire-detection sensors; air data computers; quartz sensors; and jet engine controls.
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2007-09-27 After Hour Answers
An Evening & Weekend Computer Services Company.
Call 304-8817 or e-mail"
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2006-01-02 Air Filtration Products, Inc.
International distributor of instrument fan filters and fan accessories, providing the latest technology and the highest quality fan filters and fan accessories available today.
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2006-01-02 Al-Marah Arabians
Provides photos and pedigree information for available horses. Also offers a two year training and management apprentice program.
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2006-01-02 Alan & Caroline Freedman
Online state of the art real estate website with Virtual tours of listings in and around the beautiful Catalina Foothills of Tucson
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2006-01-02 Alan & Roxie's Free Tucson Real Estate Guide
Summary of real estate in Rancho Vistoso, Northwest Tucson, and Sun City.
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2006-01-02 Albert Dreher Gallery
(520) 325-7557
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2006-01-02 Alcove Software, Inc
Specialized and custome software developement and sales.
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2006-01-02 All 4 Coffee
Specialty coffee blends, whole leaf teas, coffee equipment, accessories & reference resources.
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2006-01-02 All About Export Inc
(520) 889-5330
Import and Export of Heavy Machinery Specializing In Mining and Construction Equipment.
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2006-01-02 All About Me! Promotions
(520) 825-0084
All About Me! Promotions provides specialty advertising and promotional items of the highest quality for every budget.
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2006-01-02 All Gourmet Gift Baskets
We deliver the most unique, exotic, internationally flavored gourmet gift baskets to anywhere in the US. Fruits, nuts, chocolates, cheeses, crackers, treats, truffles and candy make up our savvy and incredibly scrumptious gourmet gift baskets.
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2006-01-02 All Roses, Roses, Roses
Beautiful flowers that always have captured the hearts and minds of loved ones: gorgeously distinctive, freshly cut roses.
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2006-01-02 Allen, Marni - Casas Adobe Realty
Specializing in new home construction.
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2006-01-02 AlliedSignal Aerospace Equipment Systems

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2006-01-02 Alpha Web Design
(520) 622-2466
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2006-01-02 AlphaGraphics Inc
(520) 327-1955
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2006-01-02 Alphagraphics #31 Tucson, AZ
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2006-01-02 Alternative Learning Charter School
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2006-01-02 America West Airlines

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2006-01-02 America's Videos
(520) 742-5780
Processes family-oriented home videos and puts them on a private page on the Internet.
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2006-01-02 American Airlines
Large domestic US air carrier providing national & international airline and other services. Also, operates a customer sales & support center in Tucson.
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2006-01-02 American Desert Plants Inc.
Specializes in collecting cactus, yucca, agave and other succulents in the Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Mojave deserts.
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2006-01-02 American Society for Training and Development
(520) 293-6488
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2006-01-02 Americas Home
Americas Home is a site dedicated to assisting buyers and sellers of real estate. Pages for Realtors, Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, For Sale by Owners, or Search for a Home.
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2006-01-02 Amerind Art
(520) 586-2579
Contemporary and historic Navajo weaving, Southwest artifacts and Indian rugs.
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2006-01-02 Amigos Exchange
Specializing in Macintosh training services for news users, especially senior citizens and new businesses.
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2006-01-02 Amity - Substance Abuse Recovery
(520) 749-5980
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2006-01-02 An Archive Server
Remote indexing service. Search engine/robot will index your site and provide a no-cgi-bin-script search interface.
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2006-01-02 Animated Objects, Inc.
Makers of electric ducted fan r/c model jets.
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2007-11-27 Antique Jewelry Exchange - Specializing in Fine Antique and Estate Jewelry, Watches, Rolex, Cartier
4854 E Speedway, Tucson, AZ 85712
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2006-01-02 Antique Reflections, Inc.
Collections of authentic Antique and Estate Jewelry, Victorian Replicas, Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry and Southwest Silver.
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2006-01-02 Antler Ridge Cabins
Antler Ridge Cabins are fully-equipped rental cabins with all the comforts of home. Located in the White Mountains, Greer offers some of Arizona's best hunting, fishing, downhill and cross country skiing, and hiking.
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2006-01-02 Anubis Productions International
Anubis Productions (Llamavision) produces and distributes documentary, instructional, dance, and travel programming for video and television.
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2006-01-02 Apogee CCD Imaging
Source for high performance affordable CCD imaging systems.
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2006-01-02 Apparatus Fine Art & Furnishings
(520) 791-3505
Apparatus showcases the work of over two dozen artists working in a variety of media and styles.
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2006-01-02 Apparatus Iron Garden Ornaments
Original handcrafted designs of whimsical metal garden ornaments. Designs include butterflies, dragonflies, trellises, critters, hearts and topiaries.
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2006-01-02 Apta Software, Inc.
A software development company on the cutting-edge of fund accounting software development.
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2006-01-02 AquaDesign International
Commercial and residential landscape and pool design.
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2006-01-02 Areté Associates
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2006-01-02 Arizona Association of Business Brokers - AABB

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2006-01-02 Arizona Auto Mall
Arizona Auto Mall is your one stop source for Chevrolet, Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Jeep and Eagle new cars and trucks. No middle men to deal with.
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2006-01-02 Arizona Cactus & Succulent Research, Inc.
(520) 432-7001
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2006-01-02 Arizona Center For Self Help
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2006-01-02 Arizona Emporium
Unique, Handcrafted, Home Furnishings & Fine Art From Arizona!
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2006-01-02 Arizona Flyers, Inc.
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2006-01-02 Arizona Freelance Productions
(480) 368-5773
Specializing in on-location sound and video recordings for multi-media, film, cable and broadcast television.
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2006-01-02 Arizona Hit Mix D.J.'s
Disc jockeys serving Tucson and southern Arizona. Call us if you are planning an event that requires professional, experienced d.j.'s. We have all types of music, super sound systems and light shows all at a very affordable price. Please call or e-mail for more information.
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2006-01-02 Arizona Land by Dick Pomroy, Sierra Vista, AZ
(520) 378-3043
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2006-01-02 Arizona Lifeline
add comment
2006-01-02 Arizona Massage & Healing Arts
List of massage therapists & services in Arizona....source for massage therapists to advertise & lovers of massage to find them.
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2006-01-02 Arizona Mobility Center

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2006-01-02 Arizona Motorsports Group
(480) 503-3333
Motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, and boat dealership group. Also offers parts, accessories, clothing, as well as servicing.
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2006-01-02 Arizona Real Estate - The Perrys
520 886 7106
Eloise and Bill Perry have many years of successful real estate experience in Southern Arizona.
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2006-01-02 Arizona Small Business Resource Page
This site contains text and links concerning small business planning, internet and web marketing, international trade, and governmental agencies that regulate and assist Arizona entrepreneurs.
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2006-01-02 Arizona Truck Outfitters
Car, Truck & SUV Accessories. Two locations - Tucson & Phoenix.
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2006-01-02 Arizona University Recordings
add comment
2006-01-02 Arizona Web Hosting
(520) 331-3803
add comment
2006-01-02 Arizona Wedding Images
(480) 834-9339
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2006-01-02 Around the World Imports
(520) 439-5319
add comment
2006-01-02 Art Vizion Gallery
(520) 932-2257
Offers paintings and sculptures by the artist Macias.
add comment
2006-01-02 ArtToday
ArtToday is a membership club for desktop publishers, multimedia publishers, artists, and others in the graphic arts community.
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2006-01-02 Artisoft Inc
add comment
2006-01-02 Artist and Illustrator Cynthia Gay Rose
add comment
2006-01-02 Artistic Design Services
add comment
2006-01-02 Ash Ware Inc.
(520) 544-0504
ASH WARE Inc. offers computer products and services that range from customized TPU microcoding designed for computer savants to Home Page generation for novice and professional alike.
add comment
2006-01-02 Astronomical Consultants & Equipment, Inc.
Control Systems, Instrument Design and Observatory Management.
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2007-06-01 At First Sight, Bridal and Events
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2006-01-02 At-Home Kennels
(520) 722-3162
At-Home Kennels is a full service boarding and grooming kennel. We specialize in quality care and attentive service for your dog or cat.
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2006-01-02 Auto Pro's
If your looking for reliable automotive sevice and repair, you are there!We use technolology to assist in diagnosis and help us do our job faster.
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2006-01-02 Avalon Software, Inc.
add comment
2006-01-02 Aviator Software, Inc.
(520) 325-8303
add comment
2006-01-02 B-CAM Inc.
(520) 743-3110
Offers a board set and software that turns a PC into CNC control.
add comment
2006-01-02 BAPU Enterprises, Inc.
(520) 670-8948
Provides general and specialized business consulting services.
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2006-01-02 BASA - Business Alliance of Southern Arizona
A business leads group supporting member businesses since 1995. Weekly meeting on Wednesdays at Ina & Oracle.
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2006-01-02 BC PhotoArts
520 247-0191
State of the Art Photography with an Artistic Flair
add comment
2006-01-02 BFL Construction Company, Inc.
(888) 882-4844
Designing Partnering Building Tucson, Arizona. Ranked as one of the Top Ten Southern Arizona Commerical General Contractors!
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2006-01-02 BIG R CAMERA
Your best source for cameras, camera repair, photographic equipment rental, professional studio rental, and 1-hour film developing.
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2006-01-02 BIOS Biochemicals
(800) 404-8185
Our combination of Chondroitin sulfate, Horsetail Extract (silica), Ester C (tm), and several other ingredients is specifically designed for strengthening and repairing connective tissue.
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2006-01-02 Back Outdoor Supplies
Featuring elk, deer, varmint, bear and turkey wild game calls. Books, videos and cover scents for the archer and rifle hunter.
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2006-01-02 Balfour Walker Studios
A commercial photography studio, located in Tucson, AZ USA. We specialize in people, product, stock imagery and digital image manipulation.
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2006-01-02 Ballast Technologies, Inc.
add comment
2006-01-02 Bank One Tucson International Mariachi Conference
(520) 884-9920
Contact: 520-884-9920, X392
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2006-01-02 Barrows Furniture, Tucson and Prescott, AZ
(520) 326-2479
Arizona leader in fine furniture and interior design for 87 years. Locations in Tucson and Prescott, Arizona.
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2006-01-02 Beaudry Honda
(520) 748-0099
Providing inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles, plus auto parts, sales, service, hours, and directions.
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2007-09-27 Beauty Supplements
1067 W. Magee Rd
Please visit our website to see a listing of our numerous products
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2006-01-02 Bella Vista Web Services
Bella Vista specializes in custom Web site design and hosting for small businesses. Other services include Internet marketing and Internet/WWW computer training.
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2006-01-02 Bellisima
Offers skin, hair, bath and bath, fragrance and cosmetic products from around the world.
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2006-01-02 Benson, Arizona Chamber of Commerce
(520) 586-2842
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2006-01-02 Berryware, Inc.
(520) 670-1808
Hand-painted, handmade ceramic tableware including platters, bowls, and salad plates designed by artist Berry Silverman.
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2006-01-02 Best Western Ghost Ranch
Services and Facilities: Restaurant; lounge; free continental breakfast; outdoor heated pool; Jacuzzi®; shuffleboard; meeting and banquet facilities; coin laundry, and more.
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2006-01-02 Bestnetcall
Offers long distance internet phone service.
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2006-01-02 Betcom
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2006-01-02 Betty Slattery Real Estate
add comment
2006-01-02 Bill Mack, Tubac AZ
(800) 748-7135
Specializing in golf properties, horse properties, retirement homes, vacant land and commercial properties in Tubac, Arizona and surrounding areas.
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2006-01-02 Biomedical Diagnostics & Research, Inc
(520) 885-0662
The seven major groups of viruses found in stool specimens of neonates (infants) and children with diarrhea can be identified in a single, low-cost, 2-day analysis.
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2006-01-02 Blinds Parts
(520) 721-7090
Parts for all brand window coverings, blinds, verticals, cellulars, and shades.
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2006-01-02 Bloom Country Florist
Serving southern Arizona floral and gift needs from stores in Green Valley, Tucson and Sierra Vista.
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2006-01-02 Blue Lagoon Pool Service
Swimming pool service and repairs for Tucson AZ
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2006-01-02 Blueshift Studios

Comic titles include Triniti, Popeman, Runners, and more.
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2006-01-02 Bob's Rock Shop
add comment
2006-01-02 Bomhoff Inc.
(520) 434-9370
Bomhoff Incorporated is an exclusive manufacturer of composite cabinetry for jet aircraft interiors.
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0000-00-00 Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®
4330 E. Havasu Road, Tucson, Arizona 85718
(520) 529-3979
Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® is a hands-on, drugless, non-invasive method of relieving muscle related pain which emphasizes speedy, cost effective recovery and active patient participation for long-term relief. Myotherapy relaxes muscles, improves circulation and alleviates pain in all parts of the body. It increases strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina and energy. Work and play performance, posture, gait,and sleep patterns are all improved quickly, effectively and long lastingly.
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2006-01-02 Bookworms
New and used books 1000's of books to choose from.
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2006-01-02 Borders Books & Music
National corporation with retail stores in Tucson that feature a vast inventory of books, music, video & new media titles; also hosts a series if in-store appearances by authors, musicians & artists.
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2006-01-02 Bottaboom Communications Consulting
Telecommunications Savings for Business. Free initial audit to determine potential savings on telecommunications costs. Fee is a percentage of actual savings realized by organizations.
add comment
2006-01-02 Bovis Bead Co.
(520) 318-9512
French Glass Bead wholesale source for the Old Time colors seed beads, White Heart beads, regular color seed beads, beading craft supplies plus much more.
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2006-01-02 Brad Sensenbach & Greg Hollman - Tucson, AZ
(520) 577-8333
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2006-01-02 Breault Research Organization, Inc.
BRO is an electro-optical engineering firm that specializes in providing technical assistance to the aerospace and optics industries.
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2006-01-02 Brenda O'Brien - Long Realty Company
Call for relocation package or search nearly all Tucson area listings at
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2006-01-02 Brick by Bryck
Build the foundation to your future!
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2006-01-02 Brown & Bain, P.A.
Corporate law firm concentrating in propietary rights: copyright, software licensing, patent enfringement litigation, trademark and trade secret management. Intellectual property audits.
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2006-01-02 Buglogical Control Systems
beneficial insects as a safe alternative to poisonous chemicals.
add comment
2006-01-02 Bulldog
(520) 744-4493
Water, smoke and fire restoration.
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2006-01-02 Burr-Brown Corp.
(520) 746-7980
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2006-01-02 Butterfield RV Resort
(800) 863-8160
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2006-01-02 Buy The Best
Buy The Best. See our Jet Airplane at the top of the list
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2006-01-02 C&D Technologies' Power Electronics
C and D Technologies Power Solutions: leading producer and marketer of electrical power storage and conversion products.
add comment
2006-01-02 C. Forrest Davis, EA
(520) 322-9147
Tax Planning & Preparation.
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2006-01-02 C.O.D. Ranch
add comment
2006-01-02 CAL-AV Labs, Inc.
We specialize in radio communications and research/electronic test products.
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(520) 881-7545
Specializing in Software installation, computer problems and tutoring. Personal computer care in your home. Reasonably priced and at your convenience.
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2006-01-02 CENTURY 21 Dick Smith REALTORS

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2006-01-02 CENTURY 21 Gateway West Realty
(520) 297-8331
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2006-01-02 COMPUSA - The best training option in Tucson!
(520) 293-6362
We offer the best prices in Tucson. Let our Certified Instructors provide you with all the Office, Internet, Networking, Graphic Design and Computer Skills you need!
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(520) 327-7999
CS Associates specializes in the Recruitment and Placement of Qualified Professionals in Engineering and Architecture
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2006-01-02 Cactus Custom Computers
We are a full service Web Hosting and Internet Services Company.
add comment
2006-01-02 Cactus Software
(520) 298-9385
Point-of-Sale Software System for Retail Hobby and Craft Stores from Cactus Software.
add comment
2006-01-02 Camp Wildcat

A UA-student run club, providing free camps and other
add comment
2006-01-02 Canoa Homes
Buying your dream home can be an exciting, wonderful process. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your homebuying experience.
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2006-01-02 Canyonlands Publishing Inc.
Books, training materials and tests for the treatment of adult neurologic communications disorders.
add comment
2006-01-02 Capin & Co.
(520) 397-6105
Providing quality retail services in the Nogales, Arizona/Sonora communities.
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2006-01-02 Carden of Tucson
Carden is a charter school on the northwest side of town, it has been in operationfo 20 years, this is the first year as a charter school.

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2006-01-02 CareerConnections
CareerConnections professional resume writing services. Our dynamic, individually formatted resumes help put your career in motion. Experienced writing executive, technical, managerial, military, new graduate resumes.
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2006-01-02 Carlos A. Alvarez Professional Photography
Full service portrait photography. Weddings, Quinceañeras, engagements, anniversaries, family occasions. Flexible packages for any budget.
add comment
2006-01-02 Carpetman
Provides carpet and furniture cleaning.
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2006-01-02 Carter Affiliates, Inc.
(520) 323-1100
CARE (Carter Affiliates, Inc. for the Environment) is a Tucson-based company operating internationally with a wide range of environmental programs, products & services specifically tailored for industry and municipalities.
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2006-01-02 Casa de los Ninos

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2006-01-02 Casita Del Sol
520 742 5510
Tucson Vacation Home on TEN acres...BRAND NEW home sleeps 4-5....double garage; covered wrap-around patio....outstanding mountain views....tons of saguaros....wildlife, birds....quiet/serene spot....PLEASE VIST OUR WEBSITE and click at bottom of both pages
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2006-01-02 CastArt, Inc.
Rretails pre-cast waterfalls for swimming pools, spas, and landscaping.
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2006-01-02 CastleRock Kennels
Pet boarding kennel, and breeder of Miniature Horses.
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2007-09-04 Catalina Foothills Real Estate
MLS homes search and listings, guide to real estate and luxury living in the Tucson Foothills.
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2006-01-02 Catalina Mortgage
Programs for financing commercial and multifamily real estate nationwide.
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2006-01-02 Catalina Tool & Mold, Inc.
(520) 746-0105
Catalina Tool provides tooling support for the life of your plastics product.
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2006-01-02 Cathy Porterfield, Realtor
Tucson Arizona Real Estate Professional, Cathy Porterfield, a Realtor and expert in listening and Relocation. FREE Relocation Package for New or previously owned home buyers.
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2006-01-02 Centric Photo Processing
(520) 325-0065
Centric Photo Processing provides the highest quality photographic and digital services and superior customer service at a competitive price.
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2006-01-02 Chamber of Commerce - Sierra Vista
(520) 458-6940
Promoting business in Southern Arizona.
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2006-01-02 Charles Ervin Violins, Inc.
Excellence in Stringed Instruments.
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2006-01-02 Chateau Sonata Suites
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2007-05-24 Check Out The New Tucson Real Estate Forum!
Read and post comments concerning the real estate market in Tucson / Southern Arizona. Also, its a great place to get free advice from local real estate agents, mortgage professionals, assessors, investors, etc. You can even list your home for sale in the "For Sale By Owner Section", find homes for sale, and even find investment properties right here in Tucson.
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2006-01-02 Chemaxx
Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services (CHEMAXX) specializes in all types of chemical-related accidents, injuries, fires and explosions.
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2006-01-02 Chemical Accident Reconstructi
Comprehensive consulting and expert witness services for all types of chemical accidents.
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2006-01-02 Chic & Showing
(520) 615-1331
We carry the most stylish lines of maternity clothing, truly unique accessories, and baby gifts!
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2006-01-02 Cimarron Properties
(520) 888-3883
Specializing in single family homes and small complex's in the Tucson, Arizona area.
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2006-01-02 Clarion Hotel Tucson Airport
(520) 746-3932
Close to everything in Tucson, just a quarter mile from the airport, minutes from downtown and convenient to local attractions.
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2006-01-02 Classic Wooden Belts
Handcrafted Rosewood Wooden Belts.
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2006-01-02 Claw Internet Marketing Services
(602) 491-2474
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2006-01-02 Cliff Manor Inn
An Affordable Mini-Resort
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2006-01-02 Ultimate Party Entertainment corp631 643 4FUN
631 643 4FUN Ultimate Party Entertainment corporate/childrens occassions & birthdays. Featuring clowns, magicians, costume characters, inflatables and more. Serving New York, New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut. Call 631 643 4FUN
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2006-01-02 Co-Op Web
(520) 615-6301
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2006-01-02 Cochise County Internet Inc.
From individual dial-up accounts to dedicated high speed circuits and sophisticated web site design, C2I2 is your complete, local Internet service provider.
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2006-01-02 Cochise Motorsports, Inc.
for offroad, street, and water enthusiasts.
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2006-01-02 Coldwell Banker Success Realty-Bruce Schulman
520 577-7433
If you are selling or buying a home in Tucson, then you can't go wrong talking with Bruce or Phyllis Schulman.
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2006-01-02 Collaborative Consulting, Inc.
(602) 595-9874
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2006-01-02 Colwell Banker Success-Steve Moseley
Tucson's 3rd Generation Premier Real Estate Agent.
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2006-01-02 Comet Cleaning and Laundry
Dry cleaning and laundry services.
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2006-01-02 Communication Skills Institute
We help you work magic with words to grow your business
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2006-01-02 Community Information & Telecommunications Allianc
An information and telecommunications forum. "Building Tucson's Link to the Electronic Future"
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2006-01-02 Compuhlp
An Internet service company specializing in Web site design, implementation, and maintenance.
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2006-01-02 Computer Connex, Inc.
Computer Consulting Services
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2006-01-02 Computer Philes
(520) 721-5776
We offer graphic design services at a reasonable cost.
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2006-01-02 Computer Research & Consulting
Website hosting, design and creation. Software development specializing in financial applications, Windows 32 bit and C++.
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2006-01-02 Computer Technologies Unlimited
(520) 458-6063
Sells computers, printers, parts, peripherals and software. Also services and repairs all makes and models of computers and printers.
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2006-01-02 Computer Using Graphic Artists
The Computer Using Graphic Artists was founded in 1991 to bring together graphic artists, support and marketing professionals in the Graphics industry.
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2006-01-02 ComputerLand System Support Services
Services include Network and Systems Engineering, Data and Voice Communications, Computer and Printer Repair, Software Development, Engineering and IT Staffing, and Web Design and eCommerce Solutions.
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2006-01-02 Connexions Unlimited Worldvision
add comment
2006-01-02 Continental Airlines

Flight scheduling, Online Travel Planner & other information.
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2006-01-02 Coppercrest Community
(520) 883-6670
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2006-01-02 Corazon del Oro
Web site hosting, promotion, and development in English and Spanish.
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2006-01-02 Country Club Chiropractic
(520) 326-2142
Country Club Chiropratic offers our patients year round relief of back pain, headaches, and neck pain.
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2006-01-02 Covington Fine Arts
(520) 298-7878
Specializing in 19th & 20th Century American and European art.
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2006-01-02 Cox Cable
(520) 884-0133
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2006-01-02 Coyote Cowboy Company
add comment
2006-01-02 Crash Landing Productions
Full 24 track digital recording studio and independent record label located in Tucson, Arizona.
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2006-01-02 Creath Optineering Consulting Services
Optineering Consultant.
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2006-01-02 Creative Cycle Products
Creative Cycle Products is a company dedicated to developing simple, effective solutions to motorcycle design problems.
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2006-01-02 Creative Garb
(520) 325-5562
Medieval and renaissance clothing for weddings, proms, everyday wear and costuming.
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2006-01-02 Creative Homes
520 299 4859
This site includes information that will help you decide whether it's best for you to design and build, build, or purchase your new home
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2006-01-02 Creative Quail Furniture
Southwestern/Santa Fe style furniture handcrafted from combinations of wood, antique wrought iron and glass. Each distinctive southwestern furniture piece is custom made at time of order.
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2006-01-02 Creative Spirit
Creative Spirit's character education programs train educators and students to manage aggressive behaviors, build self-esteem, resolve conflicts, encourage diversity tolerance, practice core values and promote character education. Our character education training provides strategies to develop positive student behaviors and reduce violence.
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2006-01-02 Cross Creek Farms
800-383-8371 pi
Breeds jumping and show horses and offers tack shop.
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2006-01-02 Crum, Robert E. DDS
Providing orthodontic treatment to children and adults.
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2006-01-02 Cutting Edge Web Designs
(520) 219-6520
Giving sites a fast loading movie like effect at affordable prices for small and medium size companies.
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2006-01-02 CyberLinks Promotion Services
Market and promote your web site to its optimal exposure! Get your site listed on various Internet Directories and Search Engines.
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2006-01-02 Cynthia E. Miller
add comment
2006-01-02 D & D Service Co.
(520) 299-7919
D & D Service is a full service heating and air conditioning, electrical and plumbing company.
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2006-01-02 D. Alan Roberts Architects Inc.
Full service architectural firm specializing in high-end custom residential as well as commercial such as churches, retail and restaurants.
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2006-01-02 D. J.'s Photography and Video
Wedding, Quinceaneras, Children, Families, seniors and Business Portraits. Conventions, Reunions, Parties, Special Events and Business meetings,
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2007-10-02 DG Enterprises Tucson
Specializing in buying homes that are in trouble of foreclosure. If you have real estate going into foreclosure or are someone interested in buying foreclosures please contact us.
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2007-10-02 DG Enterprises Tucson
3216 N. Willis Rd., Tucson, AZ 85712
see website
We buy homes going into foreclosure in Tucson and Phoenix.
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2006-01-02 DIRECT PARTS INC.
Specializing in stock and performance parts for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. "From Pan-Head to Block-Head. We've got your parts."
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2006-01-02 DJ's Computers & Electronics
(520) 290-1115
Sales, service, upgrades, webpage design, dbase development TV, VCR, CD, stereo service.
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2006-01-02 DML Consulting
Complete Web Page design and hosting services for small businesses. DML Consulting puts your business on the Internet economically. Macintosh and network consulting services. on the Web economica
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2006-01-02 DUNN'S Entertainment, Inc.
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2006-01-02 Dakota Communications
Local company providing direct digital access to the Internet, ISDN service, email, firewalls, Web development/hosting and network connectivitiy.
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2006-01-02 Damion Alexander, GRI
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2006-01-02 Dan Marques Co.
A contract manufacturer specializing in CNC Machining and Precision Sheet Metal.
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2006-01-02 Daniel B. Chambers CRS, GRI
(520) 888-8844

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2006-01-02 Daniel M. Vance & Associates

Novell network system design, maintenance and trouble shooting.
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2006-01-02 Data Cabling Service, Inc.
DCS is a complete voice & data solutions integrator. We are an authorized Avaya Communications Business Partner, Cisco Certified, and provides voice & data cable infrastructure design & installation services.
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2008-08-14 Data Cabling, Cable Installation, Communications in Orlando, FL
611 Central Park Dr
Performance Telecom designs, installs, tests and certifies state-of-the-art communications systems that allow clients to utilize the most advanced voice, data, fiber optic and video applications available today.  We service nationally.
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2006-01-02 Data Solutions
Full line computer services, systems analysis and design, sales, support and training.
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2006-01-02 DataPros of AZ
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2006-01-02 Dave Scharlau's Enterprises
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2006-01-02 David E. Sanders and Associates, Inc.
(520) 722-2990
Tax Preparation, Payroll, Financial Planning and Counseling, Auditing, Bookkeeping, Business Management, Retirement Planning, Efficiency Audits, Investments, and many others...
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2006-01-02 Day Spring Studios
(520) 722-1316
Bringing you the highest quality original oil paintings, limited edition lithographs, notecards and teaching material celebrating the Bahá'í Faith.
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2006-01-02 DeMott Business Systems Inc.
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2006-01-02 Dean Vesling & Associates, Inc.
520 331-4900
Strategic Planning, Project Management, Project Planning, Manufacturing, Engineering and Marketing Support, Education and Training, Special Studies and Activities, Partial or Complete Outsourcing and Executive and Technical Search.
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2007-09-14 Dee Wiese - Real Estate Agent & Associate Broker
Your move can be made easier with a competent and experienced Real Estate Agent. I work with first time home buyers, investors, exchangers and have specialized in executive, premier and gated properties, residential lots and vacant land.

Credentials: GRI, CRS and Power Agent

Dee Wiese, Associate Broker

Realty Executives Southern Arizona
12925 North Oracle Road
Suite 131
Tucson, AZ 85739"
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2006-01-02 Dee Wiese, CRS
(800) 282-7987
Services Real Estate Buyers, Sellers, and New Construction. Servicing Land and Residential Real Estate.
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2006-01-02 Della and Ron Sanford, Tucson Realtor
(520) 419-8804
Specialize in retirement communities, golf course communities, custom homes, custom home sites, and new home sales in Northwest Tucson, Oro Valley, and the Catalina Foothills.
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2006-01-02 Delta AirLines
News, flight schedules, flight destinations & more.
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2006-01-02 Dennis Creps: Rave Results
Dennis Creps is the leader in audience-centered real estate education, guiding participants through the mine fields of marketing with solid research
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2006-01-02 Dennis McMillan Publications
Publisher of limited first editions of hardboiled and noir literature, including work by Connelly, Pelecanos, Willeford, Crumley, and Brackett.
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2006-01-02 Dent Busters
(520) 327-1700
Specialist in paintless dent repair. Minor dents and door dings repaired while you wait.
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2006-01-02 Desert Horizons Online Resources, LLP
(520) 322-9147
Tucson Business Database:Maximize Your Marketing. Reach Tucson's businesses easily and economically through Desert Horizons' list service.
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2006-01-02 Desert Rage Band
New & Traditional Country, 50/60's Rock & Roll & Classic Rock music. Available for your party or nightclub. We accept bookings from only those who insist on having FUN!
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2006-01-02 Desert Sky
"We are Tucson's Finest in Collision Repair & Paint Work!!"
add comment
2006-01-02 Desert Son
(520) 299-0818
Large and spacious gallery.
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2006-01-02 Desert Surgical Supply
Specializing in selling surgical supplies at a substantial discount for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology including, sutures ,disposable scalpels , blades, wound closure strips and gloves.
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2006-01-02 DesertNet Designs
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2006-01-02 Diamond's Communications
(520) 888-4105
Low Cell Phone Rates Using your Existing Dual Mode or Analog Phone.
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2006-01-02 Diane Seago Atkins
(800) 506-6295
Holistic health consulting business with emphasis on aromatherapy lotions and mists.
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2006-01-02 Dick's Computer Concepts
5032 E Hawthorne St
(520) 319-7769
Tucson based computer dealer selling new computer systems. We do upgrades, computer parts, network solutions, pre-owned computers, but above all, service. We service home systems, business systems and networks. We provide quality upgrades from companies such as Intel, Amd, DFI, Matrox, and 3com. Tucson computer service, sales, upgrades, and networks.
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2006-01-02 Digitized Memories
(520) 546-0372
We offer affordable photo and document scanning combined with home pick-up and delivery.
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2006-01-02 Discover the Jim Jacobs Advantage/Long Realty
Native Tucsonan offering expert help for Homes and Land. Specializing in the Foothills and North East Tucson.
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2006-01-02 Diversified Business Consulting
add comment
2006-01-02 Diversified Equity Corporation
(520) 299-3222
add comment
2006-01-02 Diving Duds
(520) 743-0642
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2006-01-02 Dixie Fried Graphic Design
(520) 323-9613
add comment
2006-01-02 DomainGems
(520) 622-1964 offers high-quality domain names for sale or lease to the gem and jewelry industry.
add comment
2006-01-02, Inc.
(520) 531-1794
We are an Arizona based ICANN accredited domain registrar. In addition to our rewards and bulk programs we offer lower prices and better service to ISP's, web developers and resellers.
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2006-01-02 Don Ernle, Residential Realtor
Specializing in Northeast and East Homes, Townhomes. Relocation Professional. Notary Public Service
add comment
2006-01-02 Donna Gallagher/Coldwell Banker
(520) 745-4545
add comment
2006-01-02 Dorson's Home Interiors
add comment
2006-01-02 Double Adobe R.V. Park & Campground
(800) 694-4242
A full service RV Park and Campground in the Sonoran Desert of Southeastern Arizona. We also offer some of the best bird watching around and have an ATA certified Trap Range.
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2006-01-02 Double K Ranch B&B Homestay
Bed and Breakfast Homestay located on 4 acres in the foothills of Tucson's Santa Catalina mountains. Features garden railway for railroad enthusiasts. Perfect southern Arizona getaway for bird watching, hiking, cycling and relaxing.
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2006-01-02 Doubletree Guest Suites Tucson Hotel
Stay in a Deluxe Suite for less than you'd expect! Click for low online rates!
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2006-01-02 Dr. Susan Wenberg, Chiropractic Physician
(520) 326-1322
Dr. Wenberg offers you the opportunity to enjoy your lifestyle in comfort. Her focus is the diagnosis and treatment of neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders. ACA Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.
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2006-01-02 Drachman Leed Insurance, Inc.
(520) 885-3561
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2006-01-02 Drofware Associates
Software solutions and custom database development. Web enabled database applications. MS Access a specialty.
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2006-01-02 Durastudio
571-7674 (Press
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2006-01-02 Dye By Fire
Tie-dyed T-shirts, Batik and candles.
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2006-01-02 Dynamic Traders Group, Inc.
Provides a software program for futures and stock traders as well as weekly and monthly newsletter advisory reports.
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2006-01-02 ELLTX Computers
Computer Networking, Sales, and Services. We can design, install, and maintain your computer network. We also have a complete online store.
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2006-01-02 EZ Recruiting
An easy to follow step by step guide on recruiting qualified candidates in the 21st Century.
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2006-01-02 EastWest Media Productions, Inc.
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2006-01-02 Eating Disorder Recovery Online
Eating Disorder Recovery Online provides services and important information to assist people exhibiting characteristics of disordered eating, especially compulsive overeating, binge eating, and body image distortion.
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2006-01-02 Ed Flores Photography
Commercial fashion/beauty photographic studio.
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2006-01-02 Eglin Photographic Productions
(520) 326-2065
Eglin Photographic Productions is a full service imaging studio. From electronic imaging, to photographic imaging, to art direction, and graphic arts.
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2006-01-02 ElectroStatic Designs
(520) 296-2868
Find and eliminate Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) events. Trace high-voltage events to their source efficiently and economically.
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2006-01-02 Electronic City Inc
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2006-01-02 Elizabeth Cherry Contemporary Art
national and international contemporary artist
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2006-01-02 Elysian Grove Market B&B
(520) 628-1522
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2006-09-19 Embroidery; Screen Printing and Promotional Products
Need embroidery and/or screen printing for your business, team uniforms, family reunions, church functions or fund raiser? How about promotional products to advertise your business? We also offer free digitizing services with an order of 15 or more garments.  Call 520-777-6852 or e-mail
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2006-01-02 Environmental Systems Products
Environmental Systems Products designs, manufactures and sells automotive emissions testing equipment worldwide. ESP has several offices worldwide including one in Tucson.
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2006-01-02 Envisions Photography
Wedding and senior portrait photography as well as family and portraits and model portfolios
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2006-01-02 Equity Corporate Housing
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2006-01-02 Eris Design
(520) 323-8840
Custom design web pages to advertise your business or promote your interest.
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2006-01-02 Estes Homes
Shows floor plans, prices and other information about home communities in the Tucson area.
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2006-01-02 Etec Systems, Inc.
A world leader in state-of-the-art pattern-generation equipment for the electronics industry.
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2006-01-02 Euphoria World Wide Music
Site offers musicians & independent record labels a low-cost opportunity to get on the Web.
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2006-01-02 Ever-Ready Glass
(520) 320-0025
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2006-01-02 Exotic Pet Enterprises
(520) 319-8600
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2006-01-02 FIT Express
The F.I.T. Express Circuit, through its unique resistance concept, provides a simultaneous conbination of cardiovascular and strength conditioning into one terrific 30 minute circuit program.
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2006-01-02 Fable Arabians
(520) 298-7393
Tucson-based company specializing in Skowronek Arabian horse breeding.
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2006-01-02 Facilities West, Inc.
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2006-01-02 Faith with Works Publishing Co.
(520) 297-9348
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2006-01-02 Fat Horse Gallery
(520) 615-7744
Features contemporary, Native American, and folk art.
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2006-01-02 Federal Express

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2006-01-02 Fidelity National Title Agency, Inc.
(520) 570-1180
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2006-01-02 FireBird Webs
(520) 744-4227
Web Design and hosting company
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2006-01-02 FirstBase Software, Inc.
(520) 742-7897
FirstBase Software, Inc. provides complete World Wide Web development services, including Virtual Servers and Virtual Brochures.
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2006-01-02 Fisher Books
Publisher of books about pregnancy, childcare, cooking, business, automotive, self-help, nature & garden.
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2006-01-02 Fitzgerald T.V. & Satellites
(520) 327-6859
Features new and used satellite and television equipment.
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2006-01-02 Flavorbank Co., Inc.
(800) 835-7603
Distributor and retailer of spices and seasonings. Includes advice from featured chefs.
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2006-01-02 Focus Software, Inc.
(520) 733-0130
Optical Engineering Software.
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2006-01-02 Foor Law Corporation, P.C.
(520) 882-7761
We practice business and commercial law emphasizing real estate, business entity formation, business sales, wills, trusts, estate planning and civil litigation.
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2006-01-02 Four Seasons Gifts and Baskets
(520) 743-0642
Four Seasons delights in bringing you gifts and gourmet favorites including tastes of the Southwest. Our Beautiful Gift Baskets are festive ways to say thanks. Send the gift of excellent taste.
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2006-01-02 Fourth Avenue Merchant's Association
Shopping, dining & arts guide in Tucson, Arizona.
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2006-01-02 Freakypixel New Media
A digital design firm specializing in the design and development of web based media for a broad range of clients. We take pride in delivering solutions that exceed our client's expectations.
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2006-01-02 Free Market
Sell or buy anything at the free market.
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2006-01-02 Free mp3 music download by Tom Costello
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2006-01-02 Fresh Air Systems - Indoor Air Quality Professiona
Our certified HVAC systems technicians help create and maintain an energy efficient, healthy workplace and prevent sick building syndrome. Commercial and Residential service.
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2007-05-22 Fun Cooking Classes
1060 W. Magee Rd
Please visit our website for a complete listing of all our great cooking classes. We offer everything from Knife Skills to Paella.
Our classes are casual, informative and fun. Almost all of them are hands on and when we finish cooking, we all sit down to a wonderful dinner!"
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2006-01-02 Fun Country RV's & Marine Inc.
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2006-01-02 G & S Odor Control, Inc.
(800) 363-7895
We have the solutions to bad odor causing problems like garbage, sewage, and pet accidents.
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2006-01-02 GEARS
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2006-01-02 GET-A-SITE Internet Architects
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2006-01-02 Gain Communications, Inc. (GCI)
(520) 388-9100
Tucson-based company offering Internet communications packages & Web page design.
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2006-01-02 Galloway CPJE
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2006-01-02 Gary Auerbach Photography
(520) 299-1501
Specializing in Fine Art Platinum Portraiture
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2006-01-02 Geekcessories
(520) 770-1200
The Fun, Colorful and Unique way to safely clean your computer or television screen. They make excellent gifts!! Order online.
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2006-01-02 GeoGRAFX
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2006-01-02 Geographic Data Technology, Inc.
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2006-01-02 Get to the Pointe!
Get to the Pointe! was founded in 1997 to offer the lowest-priced, quality pointe shoes available.
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2006-01-02 Gevity
Human capital management solutions provider. Services include employee benefits, HR compliance, payroll, risk management, freeing management to concentrate on your business.
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2006-01-02 Gift for Teachers
520-322-5090 x
Gifts for teachers that they can really use. Includes stationery, software, books, music, and games.
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2006-01-02 Glo-Quartz® Inc.
Offering infrared radiant heaters, quartz tubes, T3 lamps and duct heaters for drying, curing, and warming applications.
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2006-01-02 Global Dynamics
(520) 546-5199
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2006-01-02 Global Presence
1(888) 932-6691
Specializing in Graphic Design & Animation.
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2006-01-02 Go Wireless
Authorized dealer for all 7 cellular phone and wireless services serving Tucson and Southern Arizona.
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2006-01-02 Golden Star Properties Inc.
Tucson custom home builder
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2006-01-02 Goodman's Office Furniture
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2006-01-02 digitalArizona
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Information above is from a privately purchased database and/or unverified user submissions. Please verify all information before depending on it for anything critical. We welcome corrections!