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2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Brian Hewlett, PCC Instructor, Arrested at Oracle/Ina Safeway Friday (weekly)

        This is weird. Really, really weird, which seems like the last thing that Safeway needs for awhile.An instructor at the same college campus where Jared Lee Loughner went to school has been arrested after a bizarre incident at ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Another Example of When Fun Folks Have Too Much Free Time (weekly)

See more at Paula Deen Riding Things.
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2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
A Koch Industries Boycott (weekly)

        According to an AlterNet piece posted today, a boycott of Koch Industries is gaining speed in Wisconsin:
As AlterNet's Washington bureau chief Adele Stan puts it, Walker is "carrying out the wishes of his corporate master." ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Kromko Gets Probation (weekly)

        KOLD Channel 3 reported yesterday that former state legislator and activist John Kromko was sentenced to two years of probation "after pleading guilty to charges stemming from questionable signatures on his petitions to get ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
A Reminder: We Have Two Contests Ending Tomorrow! (weekly)

        If you enjoy free things, the clock is ticking on our two Club Congress related contests:
Diamond Rings/PS I Love You Giveaway - You and a plus one for Thursday night's Optimist Club show, plus a limited edition 7".Kitten and ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Lee Leffingwell, Will You Be Our Mayor? (weekly)

        When Bob Walkup gave his State of the City address last week, it was most notable for his announcement that he wasn't running for another term than anything else. It was a fine speech, especially the reflections on January 8th ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Arizona Economy on Slight Rebound (weekly)

        The state’s finances are slowly moving in the right direction. Tax collections have been on an upswing, as compared to the same month one year ago, for six straight months.…
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2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Paul Eckerstrom Discusses Baja Arizona on MSNBC (weekly)

        From MSNBC:
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
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2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Live Music Tonight: Hawk and a Hacksaw at Solar Culture (weekly)

        From Gene Armstrong's article previewing tonight's Hawk and a Hacksaw show:
The tour that brings A Hawk and a Hacksaw to Tucson will feature a scaled-back version of the band. In addition to Barnes and Trost, a trumpeter and ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
If You're Playing Soccer in Colombia, Do Not Kick an Owl (weekly)

From The Week:
During a Colombian championship soccer match last weekend, Panamanian player Luís Moreno outraged fans and players alike when he brutally kicked the opposing team's mascot, an owl, that had mistakenly flown ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Cosmic Origins: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Black Holes (weekly)

        The UA College of Science spring lecture series continues tonight at Centennial Hall with a talk about black holes. The lectures have been standing-room-only affairs, so get there early if you want a seat.… ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Jon Stewart: Not a Fan of the "New" CNN (weekly)

        I often forget that CNN is still a part of my cable lineup, but this weekend, I tuned in to see if they were covering the protests in Wisconsin, but instead they were extensively discussing what they thought celebrities might ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Your Breast Milk Ice Cream Update (weekly)

        If you purchased plane tickets to London in anticipation of trying breast milk ice cream, you better check the rescheduling policy:
A restaurant which put breast milk ice cream on sale have had their supplies seized by council ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Jadi Norris: Thanks for My Favorite Range Comment (Possibly Ever) (weekly)

        As you might remember (if the regression therapy hasn't kicked in yet), back in October of 2010, Rodney Glassman thought it would be a super idea to release a YouTube video of himself singing a re-written take on the Lynyrd ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Picture This: The Sexy Love Show (weekly)

Performers at "The Sexy Love Show" at the Urban Tribe space put on various skits about sexuality and love. Skits ranged from aerial rope dance, to fire dancing, to an audience sing-a-long.…
            [ Read more ] ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Autopsy gag order sought in rampage (starnet-local)

PHOENIX - Federal prosecutors are seeking to bar the release of
the autopsy results for six people killed in a Tucson rampage
targeting U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Correction (starnet-local)

• A story on Page A5 Tuesday headlined "Kromko gets probation in
forgery case" mischaracterized Democrat John Kromko's eligibility
for the 2008 ballot. Kromko's name appeared on the 2008 pri

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Warplanes on display above city this week (starnet-local)

Some Tucsonans may be grabbing their cameras - and others their
earplugs - to prepare for a rite of impending springtime.

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Lottery (starnet-local)

Drawings for Tuesday, March 1

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Deaths (starnet-local)

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations
are given if available.

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Historic 'Colored Officers Club' could be bulldozed (starnet-local)

Decades ago, the patrons ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Cold Case: Victim's ID a mystery; sculpture may help (starnet-local)

Jane Doe has waited ... read more

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Gas stations at risk after 6 find devices to skim credit cards (starnet-local)

At least six gas stations in Tucson had skimming devices used to
steal credit and debit card information from customers this year,
investigators have found.

2011-03-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Mar 02 2011\
Chuck George KOLD NEWS 13 First Alert Chief Meteorologist (starnet-local)

The subtropical (north of the tropics) warm area of high
pressure will continue its march into Arizona through midweek. A
powerful Pacific storm will impact areas along the coast from Santa
Barbara, C

2010-06-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 19 2010\
See You in Court: Center for Biological Diversity Sues BP (weekly)

        The latest bulletin from the Center for Biological Diversity:
In the largest citizen enforcement action ever taken under the Clean Water Act, the Center for Biological Diversity today sued BP and Transocean Ltd., for illegally spewing more than ... read more

2010-06-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 19 2010\
Nogales International: Cartels Threaten Off-Duty Police Officers (weekly)

        Jonathan Clark of the Nogales International reports:
A Mexican drug cartel has threatened Nogales police officers, saying they will be targeted for retribution if they conduct off-duty drug busts.
Nogales Police Chief Jeffrey Kirkham told the ... read more

2010-06-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 19 2010\
Mini’s Cupcakes is Moving, Red Velvet Cupcakery Opening New Location (weekly)

        Mini’s Cupcakes, which opened late last year at La Encantada, is moving to a new spot at Casas Adobes Plaza, at Ina and Oracle roads.
Jaynie Rossi, who owns Mini’s Cupcakes and custom-cake store Ambrosia of Tucson, said she will close ... read more

2010-06-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 19 2010\
Update: New CiCi’s Pizza Locations (weekly)

        We’ve got an update about the new CiCi’s Pizza locations that we wrote about in this week’s Noshing Around.
A company spokeswoman says the chain eatery is looking to open locations in Drexel Heights, at the Tucson Mall, somewhere ... read more

2010-06-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 19 2010\
Nothing Says ‘I Love You Dad’ Like Plasticized, Dissected Human Bodies (weekly)

        Admission to Bodies … The Exhibition,  the exhibit of preserved and dissected human bodies currently on display in the Rialto Building at 300 E. Congress St., is free for dads this Saturday and Sunday.
Find out more information about the ... read more

2010-06-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 19 2010\
Even Hitler Thinks The Rio Nuevo Hotel Is A Bad Idea (weekly)

We've all heard of the "Hitler reacts" videos on YouTube where new subtitles have been added a clip of the movie Downfall so that instead of getting angry at the Allied forces closing in around him, he's ranting on mundane things like Susan ... read more

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Law and Order (starnet-local)

  Woman, 92, killed in one-vehicle crash

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Radar van locations (starnet-local)
The city's police radar van is scheduled to snap photographs of speeders at these locations today, according to the Tucson Police Department:

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Initial revenues fall short from new off-road decal (starnet-local)
PHOENIX — Supporters hoped a state law requiring owners to buy $25 decals to operate off-highway vehicles would raise $4 million to $6 million annually to help fund rider education, law enforcement and other projects.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Education N otes (starnet-local)

  Tax group to discuss TUSD override items

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Strong winds fuel Twin Fire in N. Arizona (starnet-local)
WILLIAMS — Strong winds forced firefighters to keep some residents of the scenic Northern Arizona city of Williams from returning home Sunday as crews battled a prescribed burn that grew out of control and threatened part of the community.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Vehicle thefts down sharply; Tucson still prime ground (starnet-local)
Auto theft continues to drop both nationally and in Arizona, recent FBI figures show.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Accurate census count of AZ Hispanics urged (starnet-local)
PHOENIX — Arizona Hispanics need to stand up and be counted in the 2010 census or face losing representation in Congress, a voice in the community and money for social services, a panel of elected officials and activists said last week.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Neighbors Briefs (starnet-local)


2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Can you help determine building's lineage? (starnet-local)
Since debuting in June, the Star's Tucson Oddity series has sought to chronicle the origin and history of some of the region's most noteworthy roadside sights.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Road runner: Survey: We spend less time driving, more time griping (starnet-local)
The Hartford insurance company has done something creative.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Sales dip, but Tucson still pickup country (starnet-local)
Pickup sales are in the dumper nationally, but it's hard to find Tucsonans willing to give up their trucks.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Bonnie Henry : UA's female pharmacy pioneers (starnet-local)
They rolled pills, compounded suppositories and ointments, and made their own eyedrops.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
NW-side man, 76, who lived by himself, killed in house fire (starnet-local)
A 76-year-old man died in a house fire on the northwest side Sunday morning, a fire official said.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Regional cell phone tower map is sought (starnet-local)
Where should Tucson's next cell phone tower go? Where do we need better coverage? And how are those making the decisions supposed to know?

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Impact fees to fund roads on SW side set for action (starnet-local)
The county is ready to set new impact fees — significantly higher than those paid by much of the rest of the region — for road projects on the southwest side of the metro area, and approve the list of projects those fees will pay for.

2009-10-05 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 05 2009\
Free bikes a big deal for local refugees (starnet-local)
You just have to wonder what they were thinking. Ten young refugees — nine from the impoverished Himalayas and one from Baghdad — were introduced to Tucson's joyous bicycle dungeon.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Obama's inauguration Tuesday adds to King holiday's meaning, Tucsonans say (citizen-local)
This year's celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day will set the scene for the historic inauguration of the first black president of the United States.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Wildflower season jeopardized by lack of rain (citizen-local)
Don't expect a budding wildflower season this year. Southern Arizona had a normal December, but the winter is not generating enough rain to spark a prime wildflower season, an area botanist said.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Az shirt firm busy after Cards win Super Bowl trip (citizen-local)
At halftime Sunday, John Anton drove to his Tempe-based promotional products store. The Cardinals were ahead and the owner of Anton Sport had to be prepared. If the Cardinals won, they'd have to be ready to print thousands of shirts to be sold in stores ... read more

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Immigrant smuggler may be deported to China (citizen-local)
A California man who was born in Hong Kong may be deported for his role in an interstate human smuggling scheme.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Arts council offers spring workshops to help artists gain business skills (citizen-local)
The Tucson Pima Arts Council will offer two workshops in the spring to instill business skills in artists.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Drug-testing company moving into Chandler (citizen-local)
CHANDLER - One of the world's largest drug-testing companies is moving to Chandler, adding potentially $1.8 million annually to the area's economy and giving the region its "first really serious play" in bioindustry.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Student statewide plan to protest higher education cuts (citizen-local)
University students at the state's three public universities plan to protest the budget options laid out last week by the Joint Legislative and Budget Council that call for cutting $243 million immediately from the state's higher education budget.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Investigation continues into pizza deliveryman holdup (citizen-local)
An investigation is continuing into three men accused of holding up a pizza deliveryman Saturday and holding off a Tucson police SWAT team for hours.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Mass marks start of Catholic ministry to help deportees to Mexico (citizen-local)
A crowded Mass in Nogales marked the launch of a Catholic ministry Sunday that will aid illegal immigrants deported from the United States to Mexico.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Ferrari sold for $4.95 million at Ariz. auction (citizen-local)
PHOENIX — A car collector has bought a Ferrari for $4.95 million at a collector car auction in Scottsdale.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Employment expo for high school students Jan. 29 (citizen-local)
The 11th Annual Key To Employment for the 21st Century Exposition will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 29 at the Tucson International Airport, 7250 S. Tucson Blvd., on the second floor of the main terminal.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Oracle Area Revitalization group will meet Thursday (citizen-local)
The Citizen Steering Committee for the Oracle Area Revitalization Plan will meet from 6 to 8 p.m.  Thursday at the Pima Community College Downtown Campus, 1255 N. Stone Ave., Amethyst Community Room.

2009-01-19 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 19 2009\
Nominations being accepted for Outstanding Teen Citizen (citizen-local)
Nominations for young people who have made a positive difference in the Tucson community are being accepted for the 14th annual Outstanding Teen Citizen award.

2008-05-03 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 03 2008\
Deaths (starnet-local)
The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are stated when available.

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