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2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Sen. Jack Harper: Giffords and Others Shot Because Sheriff Dupnik "Did Not Do His Job" (weekly)

Sen. Jack Harper lashes out at Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who has criticized Harper's proposed legislation to allow faculty to carry guns on campus: "Where was Sheriff Dupnik and why wasn't there a deputy at that event? How ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
President Obama Scheduled for UA on Wednesday Evening (weekly)

        President Barack Obama will be at the University of Arizona Wednesday.
Details from UA spokesman Johnny Cruz:President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have accepted the University of Arizona’s invitation to visit Tucson ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Tucson's Muslim Community Offers Condolences (weekly)

        The Islamic Center of Tucson sent out this release yesterday to offer condolences yesterday from Tucson's Muslim community:
The Muslim Community of Tucson is saddened by the heinous act of violence in Tucson. The horrific tragedy has ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
How to Send Good Wishes to Ron Barber (weekly)

        The Arc of Tucson, an advocacy organization for people and children with disabilities, delivered this e-mail today about how to send Ron Barber, U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' district director who was injured on Saturday, good ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
President Obama to Visit Tucson (weekly)

        From CNN:
Two Senior Administration officials tell CNN President Obama will travel to Tucson, Arizona on Wednesday.
The sources said the President will likely attend a memorial service and visit with victims' families, many of whom ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Jared Loughner's Mug Shot (weekly)

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2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Jared Loughner Makes His First Appearance in Court (weekly)

        While I wouldn't want to make the determination whether he was "smirking" or not, the Republic reports from the Phoenix courtroom where Jared Loughner and his new court appointed defense attorney, Judy Clarke, appeared this afternoon ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Remembrance Walk Tonight at Maynards (weekly)

        The weekly Meet Me at Maynards walk, taking place tonight at Maynards Market and Kitchen, will be a remembrance for the victims of the shooting this weekend.
A community debriefing across the street at Hotel Congress after the walk ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
WSJ: Loughner Bought Bullets at Walmart Saturday (weekly)

        From the Wall Street Journal:Arizona shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner was turned away from a Walmart store when he tried to buy ammunition, but was sold the bullets at another Walmart nearby, hours before the rampage, according to ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Giffords Guest Editorial in Inside Tucson Business (weekly)

        Our sister paper received a guest editorial from Rep. Giffords on Friday to publish in this week's paper regarding her priorities for the next legislative session:
I took the congressional oath of office for a third time this month and ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Arizona Republic: The Loughner Family is Barricading Themselves In (weekly)

        This news from the Arizona Republic doesn't seem like a positive development:
Family members of the suspect in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting on Monday blockaded themselves into their home north of Tucson and were refusing FBI agents ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Post-Traumatic Counseling Opportunities in Tucson (weekly)

        A few options if you need to talk to someone after Saturday's events:
Tucson Medical Center is offering individual and group counseling sessions at two locations today. Counselors will be available until 6 pm tonight with remaining group ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
LA Times: Profiles of Arizona Shooting Victim (weekly)

With a contingent of at least 10 staffers, including Nicole Santa Cruz, a UA School of Journalism alumna, The Los Angeles Times has put together a look at the lives of those lost on Saturday.
        [ Subscribe to the comments on ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
The New York Times Covers the Reaction of Local Talk Show Hosts (weekly)

        Obviously, with all the talk from Sheriff Dupnik and others about what blame to assign to the media after the events of Saturday, a media outlet was bound to make the rounds of Tucson's talk radio hosts and their listeners.
From the ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
World News: Dupnik Makes International News (weekly)

        Giffords shooting: the sheriff who turned the focus on rightwing rhetoricClarence Dupnik, the Pima county sheriff, claimed 'vitriolic' US political debate had contributed to the tragedy
By Jon Henley/The Guardian
Few outside his home ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
From Couric to broadcast from Tucson (weekly)

        Katie Couric to anchor from Tucson
“CBS Evening News with Katie Couric” will be broadcast from Tucson on Monday.
In addition to Couric on the scene from Tucson, Monday’s "CBS Evening News with Katie Couric" is also ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Food Bank Starts Giffords Hunger Fund (weekly)

        News from the Community Food Bank:
The Community Food Bank in Tucson has established a special fund for those who wish to honor Representative Gabrielle Giffords. The Gabrielle Giffords Hunger Fund will be established immediately.&hellip ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Candlelight Vigil at Rep. Giffords' Office (weekly)

Last night, community members came out in droves at a candlelight vigil outside Rep. Gabrielle Giffords office to show their support for those who were injured and killed on Saturday morning.
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2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Take-Aways From UMC's Press Conference (weekly)

        Only two patients remain in the ICU, the remaining patients are in the regular wards.
Dr. Rhee: We can't undo the events that have occurred.…
            [ Read more ]
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2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
TW's Tom Danehy on the Shooting in Esquire (weekly)

        Tucson Weekly columnist Tom Danehy comments on the state of Tucson in the wake of the Saturday's shooting:
Giffords had confounded people by holding court in a district — a state, really — that has developed a decidedly conservative ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
A Statement From Mark Kelly (weekly)

        Mark Kelly, husband of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, last night released the following statement via Giffords' spokesman:
On behalf of Gabby and our entire family, I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the people of Arizona ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
corrections (starnet-local)

• In a compilation of quotes on A6 Sunday, titled "US judge
recalled as good friend, exceptional jurist," Lee Mellor's quote
should have read:

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Radar van locations (starnet-local)

The city's two police radar vans are scheduled to snap
photographs of speeders at these locations today:

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Patients laud Tucson's VA hospital (starnet-local)

Tucson's veterans hospital is reputed to be one of the best in
the country, and a new survey shows a large majority of local
inpatients are content with the care they receive there.

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Couple say dog Cody saved them from fire (starnet-local)

A couple credit their dog with saving their lives when their
northwest-side home caught on fire early Monday.

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Deaths (starnet-local)

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations
are given if available.

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
He credits military training in his role in day's heroics (starnet-local)

Like many of the others ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Obamas coming here for tribute (starnet-local)

President Obama and ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Lottery (starnet-local)

Drawings for Monday, Jan. 10

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
New director is excited over future of MMT Observatory (starnet-local)

Grant Williams, former associate director of the MMT
Observatory, has been named its director. The observatory is on
Mount Hopkins, the second-highest peak in the Santa Rita Mountains
south of Tucson.

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
Giffords' status unchanged, a favorable sign (starnet-local)

There was no change ... read more

2011-01-11 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 11 2011\
UA: Counseling is available after Saturday's shootings (starnet-local)

In a memo, the University ... read more

2010-08-03 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 15 2009\

Why does the Daily Star constantly attack the Giving Tree?  Is it just me or does this look like an orchestrated effort to hurt this charity?

The reason I wonder is that I know that there are other charities out there that also have problems with their ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
It's Over: Sine Die! (weekly)

        The legislative session has come to an end—and before the birther bill could get passed. On the plus side, lawmakers did ban human-animal hybrids.
More analysis in the days to come.
        [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ] ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Calexico: Over Your Shoulder (weekly)

Arizona Public Media has posted several new videos of Calexico performing at downtown's Eric Firestone Gallery that were shot for a recent episode of In Tune. Here's an instrumental that shows off the amazing John Convertino's drum skills. ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Immigration Reform in the U.S. Senate (weekly)

        The American Prospect has a rundown of the immigration reform plan emerging in the U.S. Senate:
Today, Sens. Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer released their extended plan for immigration reform. I still need to read over the document more carefully ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
No SB 1070 Sulking: Shondes at Plush Tonight (Thursday) (weekly)

Doing some SB 1070 sulking? Just be glad the Shondes decided to keep Arizona in their cross-country tour and play at Plush tonight, 340 E. Sixth St. At 9 p.m., Monster Pussy opens and Seashell Radio is there, too.

For $5, there's no excuse ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Picture This: Urban Art (weekly)

        ASHLEY JAMESJoe Pagac, a local artist, finishes his mural ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
New Poll: McCain Has 11-Point Lead Over J.D. Hayworth (weekly)

        Yet another new poll this week from Public Policy Polling shows U.S. Sen. John McCain leading GOP challenger J.D. Hayworth:
Republican primary voters in Arizona are down on John McCain, with a majority of them thinking he's too lenient on immigration ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Danehy (weekly)

        How did the Tea Party folks do on Tom's U.S. Constitution quiz?
            by Tom Danehy
          As I was telling you last week before I was so rudely interrupted by that word-count thing, I went to ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Mercenary Mess (weekly)

        'The Losers' is a convoluted and largely uninteresting failure
            by Bob Grimm
          In the weeks leading up to the release of Iron Man 2, studios have been releasing big movies based on ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Weekly Wide Web (weekly)

        Facebook Wants You to 'Like' Us
            by Nick Smith
          It's the social-networking equivalent of someone handing you a note in grade school saying, "Do you like me?" Facebook is asking you ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Soundbites (weekly)

        Slutes and Hopkins = silver anniversary; celebrating cinco; on the bandwagon
            by Stephen Seigel
          SLUTES AND HOPKINS = SILVER ANNIVERSARY I arrived in Tucson in the fall of 1987 as ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Downing (weekly)

        Into the garden with Gene and George—and your neighbors
            by Renée Downing
          Two weekends ago, while half the Western world was grounded by the volcano in Iceland, it felt ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Now Showing at Home (weekly)

        The Descent: Part 2; Avatar (Blu-ray); Crazy Heart (Blu-ray);
            by Bob Grimm
          The Descent: Part 2 LIONSGATE MOVIE C- SPECIAL FEATURES C+ DVD GEEK FACTOR 4.25 (OUT OF 10) [image-1] In ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Noshing Around (weekly)

        Coming Soon: Sweet Things Cupcake Shoppe; Harvest Moon Moving; CaffeNation Expands; AgaveFest; In-N-Out Burger Update
            by Adam Borowitz
          Coming Soon: Sweet Things Cupcake Shoppe A ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Ask a Mexican! (weekly)

        by Gustavo Arellano
          Dear Mexican: I live in a Northeastern city, and I play a game with myself during the cold, wintry months: counting how many Mexicans I see without a heavy coat or an appropriate outer ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Deaths (starnet-local)

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations
are stated when available.

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Radar van locations (starnet-local)

The city's two police radar vans are scheduled to snap
photographs of speeders at these locations today, according to the
Tucson Police Department:

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Neighborhood Briefs (starnet-local)

South Side

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Family of 5 displaced after fire (starnet-local)

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Kids see 'Stallion' in action (starnet-local)

As a horse-loving kid, I read ... read more

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Strong winds, cooler temps today across Southern Arizona (starnet-local)

The strong winds from Wednesday have resurfaced throughout
Southern Arizona today, but along with gusty conditions also come a
big drop in temperatures, according to the National Weather

2010-04-30 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 30 2010\
Tucson cop first to sue to block AZ immigration law (starnet-local)

A Tucson police officer has filed ... read more

2009-11-13 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 15 2009\
Correction to previous posting
In my former post I made mention of Pastor Frank I was referring to Pastor Tom

2009-11-06 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 15 2009\
The Giving Tree is awesome!

Dear Libby,
Try not to be overcome by the media and people who have no clue of what truth is. They have hate and anger at there own situations which sometimes we ourselves can’t seem to help. I know the truth and how your only desire is to help those ... read more

2009-08-15 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 15 2009\
Downtown wall that stirred furor redone with less-strident imagery (starnet-local)
The wall next to the Tucson Water building, where a graffiti mural sparked outrage from neighbors earlier this year, is being painted over by a group of spray-paint artists similar to those who did the first mural.

2009-08-15 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 15 2009\
34 classmates from China start at UA (starnet-local)
Thirty-four students from the same high school in China have enrolled together at the University of Arizona to be part of the American college culture.

2009-08-15 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 15 2009\
Giving Tree's hearing delayed (starnet-local)
The appeal hearing on a makeshift shelter run by the Giving Tree has been postponed for two weeks while the city and representatives of the organization work out exactly what uses are allowed at the midtown facility.

2009-08-15 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 15 2009\
Pleasure is icing for cake baker (starnet-local)
An aroma of freshly baked cakes floats through the air inside E & L Southwest Cakes while Lydia Ortiz is working her magic in the kitchen.

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