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2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Mark Kelly: Giffords Had Worried That "Somebody's Gonna Come Up to Me at One of These Events With a Gun" (weekly)

ABC News has released excerpts from an interview with Mark Kelly, husband of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, on 20/20 tonight. The program airs on Channel 9 at 9 p.m. in Tucson.…
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2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Arizona Statute Could Mean Giffords is Removed From Office (weekly)

        The bad news: an Arizona statute states that failing to "discharge the duties of office for the period of three consecutive months" would render the Congressional seat in the Eighth District "vacant".
The good(ish) news: no one in Arizona ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Possibly the Greatest Scarf Ever (weekly)

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2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Local Astrologer Reacts to Supposed Zodiac Shakeup (weekly)

        I was pretty confused last week when stories from some rather reputable news sources claimed that I was no longer a Virgo. But before I set about restructuring my personality profile to suit a new sign, I e-mailed the Tucson Astrologers ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
How to Help: Memorial Funds and More (weekly)

        Here's a rundown of various funds that have been created in the wake of the Safeway shooting rampage that claimed six lives and wounded 13 people on Saturday, Jan. 8. We've also included resources for grief counseling and a way to send ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Letter From a Birmingham Jail (weekly)

        April 16, 1963:
But though I was initially disappointed at being categorized as an extremist, as I continued to think about the matter I gradually gained a measure of satisfaction from the label. Was not Jesus an extremist for love: ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Today in Super-Delicious Mexican Food (weekly)

This is a guarache, and it is delicious. It is the signature food of the new Guarachez de Don Shuy at 4547 S. Sixth Ave. Big burritos, several kinds of fried tacos, tortas and other things are also available.…
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2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Martin Luther King, Jr: From the Drum Major Instinct Sermon (weekly)

        Feb. 4, 1968, Atlanta, Georgia:
And so Jesus gave us a new norm of greatness. If you want to be important—wonderful.…
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2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
What Happened When Pres. Johnson Ordered Pants (weekly)

        You might not think you'd enjoy watching an animated recreation of when President Lyndon Johnson called the Haggar company to order pants, but you will. LBJ: not the most regal resident of the Oval Office.…
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2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Mark Kelly: Willing to Meet Loughner's Parents (weekly)

        From ABC News and Diane Sawyer's interview with Mark Kelly:
However, when asked if Kelly would ever be willing to meet with Loughner's parents, he told Sawyer that he was open to the idea.
"I'd probably see them.… ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Take-Aways From the 17th's UMC Press Conference (weekly)

        Director of Surgery is speaking now.
He's running through the process so far.…
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2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Will Loughner Face Trial in San Diego? (weekly)

        The Washington Post muses that Jared Lee Loughner may face trial in San Diego instead of Arizona:
The new chief judge, Roslyn O. Silver, will make the final decision about any venue change, but one law enforcement official said, "It ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. (weekly)

        April 3, 1968, Mason Temple, Memphis, Tennessee.

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2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Panel on D-M, city issues is set to meet this week (starnet-local)

A committee geared toward improving relations between Tucson
residents and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base will hold its next
public meeting Wednesday.

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Radar van locations (starnet-local)

The city's two police radar vans are scheduled to snap
photographs of speeders at these locations today:

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Deaths (starnet-local)

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations
are given if available.

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Festival of Books names 1st paid staff member (starnet-local)

The Tucson Festival of Books, the nation's fourth-largest book
festival, has hired its first paid staff member.

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
UA scholarship created in response to shooting (starnet-local)

A semiretired insurance company owner is starting a University
of Arizona scholarship fund in response to the Jan. 8 shooting

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Counseling is offered in shooting aftermath (starnet-local)

The Tucson Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy is offering
free support groups on five Saturdays in January and February to
help people deal with their feelings after the Jan. 8 mass

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Photos: Thousands gather for MLK walk (starnet-local)

The nation observed ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Lottery (starnet-local)

Drawings for Monday, Jan. 17

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Eye socket fixed; rehabilitation is next (starnet-local)

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is blinking, focusing her eyes on
her husband, and has smiled at him, doctors said Monday.

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Shootings 'very clear' on tapes (starnet-local)

WASHINGTON - Federal law-enforcement officials have recovered
"reams of videotape" from surveillance cameras at the Safeway
shopping center where U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot, video

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Gabrielle Giffords: Through the years (starnet-local)

1970 Born June 8 to ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Giffords' grit will see her through, friends say (starnet-local)

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
A fond goodbye to Giffords' 'go-to guy' (starnet-local)

Gabe Zimmerman was a ... read more

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Interview with Giffords' husband to run Tuesday (starnet-local)

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly spoke with
Diane Sawyer of ABC News over the weekend.

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Counseling center offering free grief support (starnet-local)

The Tucson Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy is offering
free support groups on five Saturdays in January and February to
help people deal with their feelings following the Jan. 8 mass

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Giffords blinking and smiled at husband, doctors say (starnet-local)

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ eyes are unbandaged, she’s
blinking, focusing on her husband and has smiled at him, doctors
said this morning.

2011-01-18 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 18 2011\
Fundraisers are Tuesday and Wednesday for memorial fund, victims (starnet-local)

Off-duty Pima County Sheriff’s Department deputies will help
serve customers and accept tips and donations for the
Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Fund from 3 to 10 p.m. Tuesday at
both Texas Roadhous

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Howie Fischer on the Legislative Session (weekly)

        Howie Fischer talks about the recently wrapped legislative session with Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air. Listen to it here.
A funny moment: Gross wonders whether these bills that Gov. Jan Brewer had signed would have been vetoed by Democrat Janet ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
New Poll Numbers: McCain by 12 Over Hayworth. Goddard by 4 Over Brewer. GOP Loses Hispanic Vote (weekly)

        Research 2000 has new polling numbers in Arizona on the U.S. Senate and governor races, as well as approval numbers for SB 1070, Arizona's new immigration bill. You can see the numbers for yourself here (and the favorable/unfavorable numbers ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
The 'Tucson Weekly': On Obama's Reading List? (weekly)

        Here, in its entirety, is a a recent news release from Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The emphasis is ours.
Congresswoman meets with Secretary Napolitano and her ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Writer's Block: Carlos Solorzano (weekly)

        Carlos Solorzano's I Am His Mother has just been released in time for Mother's Day. $12.99, available here. ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Tucson's Everyday People: A 'Freaky' Visitor from the Big Apple (weekly)

          Find more videos like this on VII VISIONAIRES
Joshua Morgan brings you a tale of a love story between "freaks" this week.
John Shaw, from New York, performs his freak show all over the country, but is now joined by Alexandra "Lady Diabla" ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
100 Stands for Lemonade (weekly)

        On Saturday, you may see some lemonade stands pop up around town.
Here's what they are all about:
Stand with other Arizona children and parents to raise awareness of the crisis in K-12 education and to support Proposition 100.  On May 8, 2010 ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
What's Up With the 'Tucson Weekly' Boxes? (weekly)

        View Tucson Weekly's Art Box Extravaganza! in a larger map
If you've picked up our paper this week, you may have noticed it in a slightly different home than our ubiquitous red boxes.
We've invited artists to redesign the drop boxes in any way ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Cele Peterson: 1909-2010 (weekly)

        Tucson Weekly contributor Linda Ray, a longtime friend and associate of Cele Peterson, just let me know that the longtime Tucson booster and businesswoman passed away this morning.
Cele was 101 years old.
Mari Herreras had the great pleasure ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Robert Wick: Brewer Needs to Veto HB 2617 (weekly)

        Some thoughts on HB 2617 from Robert Wick, one of the owners of Wick Communications, the Tucson Weekly's parent company:
This is a very hard time to find environmental protection in Arizona, between a Legislature that cares little about it, and ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
CD8: Republican Jesse Kelly Debuts TV Spot Supporting Arizona's New Immigration Law (weekly)

Republican Jesse Kelly, who hopes to unseat Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in November, unveils a new TV ad. Kelly is facing former state lawmaker Jonathan Paton, Brian Miller and Andy Goss in the August primary.
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2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
One Night Only: Margaret Regan Rocks Club Congress Thursday! (weekly)

        Tucson Weekly arts editor Margaret Regan will be performing one of the stories from her new book, The Death of Josseline: Immigration Stories from the Arizona-Mexico Borderlands, with the Odyssey Storytellers tonight at Club Congress.
From the ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Honoring Chelsie (weekly)

        After their daughter's suicide, Rebecca and Ben Sturman want changes in policies regarding what police do with their weapons at home
            by Mari Herreras
          Chelsie Raidiger, 22, took her ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Bad Mussolini (weekly)

        'Vincere' tells the compelling story of the woman who claimed she was the Italian dictator's first wife
            by James DiGiovanna
          My people, the Italians, are celebrated in cinema as the ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Soundbites (weekly)

        Downtown Saturday Night Urban Block Party Second Saturdays Downtown; please release me; for more information ...
            by Stephen Seigel

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
City Week (weekly)

        "Bringing It All Back Home" benefit concert; Second Saturdays Downtown; Za Boom Ba; Same-Gender Marriage Discussion: Maggie Gallagher and the Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy
            by Will Ferguson ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Ask a Mexican! (weekly)

        by Gustavo Arellano
          Dear Readers: All together, now: ¡A LA CHINGADA WITH ARIZONA'S SB 1070! For those of ustedes too occupied with the your Drinko por Cinco hangover, the initiative I mentioned ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Funky or Gentrified? (weekly)

        Optimism reigns as Warehouse District properties change hands—but not everyone is happy
            by Dave Devine
          Many politicians and property owners forecast a promising future for ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Lackluster Dream (weekly)

        Jackie Earle Haley is fine as Freddy, but the new Nancy brings 'Nightmare' down
            by Bob Grimm
          In the new A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger is no longer the Groucho Marx of ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Wickedly Good (weekly)

        The Rogue's enjoyable 'Othello' is perfect for Shakespeare-phobes
            by Nathan Christensen
          One of the murders in Shakespeare's Hamlet has always puzzled me. King Claudius steals the ... read more

2010-05-07 \Tucson\News\Daily\May 07 2010\
Danehy (weekly)

        From California to Alabama, these folks deserve a good cuffing
            by Tom Danehy
          Here are some people who deserve, in the words of Frasier Crane, a good cuffing: • The member of ... read more

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
Ben's Bells : Pair devoted to animals honored for commitment (starnet-local)
The recipients of this week's Ben's Bell are Karen Hoyt and Ronda Granrath, who have spent countless hours saving the lives of dogs and cats — and helping them find owners to love them.

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
Quads prepare for next challenge (starnet-local)
The Porta quadruplets start college Monday at the University of Arizona.

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
Preventive M.D. care — for additional fee (starnet-local)
When Patricia V. Miller's  family-care doctor told her he'd be changing his practice and charging patients an extra $1,500 per person  â€” a cost insurance doesn't cover —  she didn't hesitate to ante up the money.

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
Local United Way head Parker to retire (starnet-local)
Edmund B. Parker, who has led the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona for more than three decades, will retire from the agency next year.

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
D-M airman gets 8 months for pointing gun at civilians (starnet-local)
A Davis-Monthan airman who carried a loaded, concealed handgun into a local strip club and threatened two civilians will spend eight months in federal confinement and will be booted from the military with a bad-conduct discharge.

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
Nominate standout pupils for Star's Student of the Week (starnet-local)
Do you know students who are excelling in — and out — of the classroom? Would you like to recognize them? Let us help.

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
Trasoff's GOP rival way ahead in money (starnet-local)
Councilwoman Nina Trasoff's opponent for the Ward 6 council seat in November raised more than $40,000 in the past two months.

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
New Carondelet hospitals CEO brings global experience to job (starnet-local)
As a young nurse treating casualties during the Vietnam War, the new president and CEO of two Carondelet hospitals learned a lesson she's carried with her for three decades working in health care.

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
Police arrest parents of girl who drowned (starnet-local)
Tucson police have arrested the parents of a 1-year-old who drowned in the family's bathtub July 4.

2009-08-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 22 2009\
20-plus years in '07 death of son (starnet-local)
A Glendale woman accused of killing her 8-year-old son in Tucson two years ago will spend the next 20-plus years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder and child abuse Friday.

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