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2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Faith Leaders: 'Ethnic Studies Program is a Valuable Educational Program' (weekly)

        On Thursday, June 16, a group of Tucson clergy issued a letter in support of ethnic studies: June 16, 2011 Dear Board Members, As faith leaders within the Tucson community we join the growing chorus of voices in defense of Ethnic ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
John C. Scott Enters an Area Which We Call the Twilight Zone (weekly)

        I've been up in Seattle for a few days, so I've missed some recent court action. I'm a little sad that I didn't get to see Marshall Home declare that Jonathan Rothschild was an agent of the Queen of England, but judging from ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
RIP, Onion Sportsdome (weekly)

        Onion SportsDome
It seems that fewer than a million people watched each episode of the Onion Sportsdome, so I blame you, fellow Americans for not providing the show with the support it needed. Now Comedy Central has canceled ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Tucson Losing in Magazine Contest to Inferior Tennessee Town (weekly)

While I'm thrilled that Tucson is crushing Portland, Oregon in the largely meaningless poll conducted ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Gannett to Lay Off 700 Employees (weekly)

        Gannett Blog published a corporate memo sent to more than 20,000 Gannett employees today to announce the newspaper company plans to layoff 700 workers this year:
While we have sought many ways to reduce costs, I regret to tell ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Pima County GOP Now Seeks Write-In Candidate for Mayor (weekly)

        Attorney Bill Risner is doing his best this afternoon to put a stake in Republican Shaun McClusky's mayoral campaign to prevent any chance of McClusky running as a write-in candidate.
That would leave Republicans with no candidate ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Padres Back in Tucson Tonight (weekly)

The T-Pads, who have already hit the halfway mark in the season, return to Tucson tonight to start a eight-game ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
The New Caffe Luce Location Is Open (weekly)

        University-area folks have had it good with cafĂ© and microroastery Caffe Luce keeping them caffeinated for the past four years.
Now those a bit farther north can get some of that good stuff, too, with the new location of Caffe ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Phoenix to Host Greatest Concert in Bearded Hipster History (weekly)

I'm generally not inclined to announce concerts in Phoenix, mostly because I hate the idea that our evil cousin to the north might have the opportunity to enjoy something we don't in Tucson, but a bill featuring Pitchfork-endorsed ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Bristol Palin: No Fan of Sen. John McCain's Family (weekly)
... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Risner on McClusky's Withdrawal From Mayor's Race: "There Ain't No Taking Back." (weekly)

        As The Range noted last night, Republican mayoral candidate Shaun McClusky has announced that he was withdrawing his candidacy before a court hearing today to knock him off the ballot.
But attorney Bill Risner, who filed the ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Giffords and Kelly to Write Memoir (weekly)

        The New York Times arts blog reports that Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly are planning to write a memoir together.
The book will be an account of their courtship, Ms. Giffords’s political career and the attack in Tucson ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Get Ready for Christian T-Shirt Wednesdays (weekly)

Recently in the comment section, someone remarked that a post I put up was "Christian bashing," because ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Things I Didn't Expect to See: Weird Al and the Roots (weekly)

Thankfully, Weird Al Yankovic's first album in five years, Alpocalypse, has provided an opportunity for America's premier comedy song stylist to surge back into the spotlight where he belonged the whole time. Also, it makes ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Captain Mark Kelly Announces His Retirement (weekly)

        From Captain Mark Kelly's Facebook page:
Today, I am humbled to announce that after 25 years of service to our country, I am retiring from the United States Navy and leaving NASA, effective Oct. 1.
Words cannot convey my deep ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Coming Soon: U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt (weekly)

        Another week, another frozen-yogurt shop.
This time, the name of the joint is U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt, which is expected to open soon at 3587 E. Broadway Blvd.
As the name implies, it will be a self-serve, by-the-ounce shop ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
PCC Women Students Honored (weekly)

        Going back to school after a lengthy hiatus is an admirable feat. Four local women have been recognized for just ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Deaths (starnet-local)

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations
are given if available.

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Correction (starnet-local)

The Savings Game column titled "401(k) loans aren't necessarily
unwise,"published June 15 on Page A12, included erroneous
information about when borrowers have to repay such loans after

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Radar van locations (starnet-local)

The city's two police radar vans are scheduled to snap
photographs of speeders at these locations today:

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Catheterization procedure guides valve into place via blood vessel (starnet-local)

Melody Transcatheter ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Lottery (starnet-local)

Drawings for Tuesday, June 21

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Cold Case: Retiree, 76, beaten to death in 1987, likely with golf club (starnet-local)

Clarence "Butch" Ibach ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Vital valve replaced at UMC without open-chest surgery (starnet-local)

Dillon Schultz walked ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Man dies in Tucson apartment fire (starnet-local)

A man in his 70's died ... read more

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Pima County issues air-quality warning (starnet-local)

With ozone levels approaching federal health standards today,
Pima County air quality officials are urging people with sensitive
lungs to consider limiting their exercise levels.

2011-06-22 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jun 22 2011\
Voting ends soon in "Best Town Ever" award for Tucson (starnet-local)

Voting for Outside magazine’s "Best Town Ever" contest ends this
weekend, and Tucson is in second place, trailing behind
Chattanooga, Tenn.

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
CD8: Kelly's Q3 Haul: $535K; Cook Political Reports Calls Race a "Toss-Up" (weekly)

        Republican Jesse Kelly, who hopes to unseat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Congressional District 8, raised about $535,000 between July 1 and Sept. 30, according to campaign spokesman John Ellinwood.
The Kelly campaign had raised ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
A Brief Chat With Jeff Fuld of Elle Wine Bistro (weekly)

        We spoke with Jeff Fuld today about Elle Wine Bistro, the new incarnation of Elle Wine Country Restaurant that he's opening at 2970 N. Campbell Ave., in the Campbell Plaza Shopping Center.
Fuld said the new Elle will be “lighter ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Writer's Block: Local Author is Finalist for Purple Dragonfly Award (weekly)

Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford, author of the children's book Hip Hip Hooray, It's Monsoon Day!, is in the running for the Purple Dragonfly Book Award.
The Purple Dragonfly contest recognizes excellence in children's literature.&hellip ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Janos Wilder Announces Opening Date for DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails, Holds Preview Benefiting the Humane Society and Wants to Feed You a Free Meal (weekly)

        The big news is that Janos Wilder's new restaurant, DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails, is set to open Monday, Oct. 18. It will occupy the former Barrio Food and Drink space at 135 S. Sixth Ave., and by all accounts will serve some damn fine ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Writer's Block: Richard Cachor Taylor (weekly)

        Local author Richard Cachor Taylor's Birds of Southeastern Arizona has been published by R.W. Morse Company ($19.95, 430 pages).

Summary (from publisher):
Southeastern Arizona is recognized as one of America's foremost birding destinations ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Picture This: Playing With Fire (weekly)

        Playing With Fire from Chen Ziniu on Vimeo.
The folks at Philabaum Glass and Studio in downtown Tucson give us a glimpse at the art of making glass sculptures in this audio slideshow made by UA School of Journalism student Ziniu Chen ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
T Q&A (weekly)

        Laura Binette
            by Mari Herreras
            Right now, there are more than 200 children in Pima County who are looking for homes. Laura Binette, an adoption specialist with Proud ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Now Showing at Home (weekly)

        Hard Candy (Blu-ray); Get Him to the Greek: 2-Disc Unrated Collector's Edition (Blu-ray); Iron Man 2: 3-Disc Combo Pack; Modern Family
            by Bob Grimm
            Hard Candy (Blu-ray ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Sahara Smith: Myth of the Heart (Playing in Traffic) (weekly)

        by Gene Armstrong
            Just 22, this Texas singer-songwriter creates delicious country-rock, threaded with folk and blues, and it's a definite plus that she possesses one of the most enchanting ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Guest Commentary (weekly)

        There's help and companionship out there for people battling mental illness
            by Scott Whitley
            Mental illnesses are masked—and that mask creates stigma and misunderstanding ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Radar van locations (starnet-local)

The city's two police radar vans are scheduled to snap
photographs of speeders at these locations today, according to the
Tucson Police Department:

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
blood donations (starnet-local)

The American Red Cross will be seeking blood donors at these
times and places in the area next week. To schedule your
appointment, call 1-800-733-2767.

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Nogales mayor, father post much lower bail, leave jail (starnet-local)

NOGALES, Ariz. - The ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Lottery (starnet-local)

Drawings for Friday, Oct. 8

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Ben's Bells: Counselor has lasting impact on youth she serves (starnet-local)

The recipient of this ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Champs get rolling on club team (starnet-local)

Chad Cohn spent 36 hours a week practicing, training and
studying in order to get the gold medal, and it paid off.

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
Food and fun at Tucson Meet Yourself (starnet-local)

Tom Frederick and his ... read more

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
UA grad found dead while on Peace Corps assignment (starnet-local)

A Peace Corps volunteer who graduated from the University of
Arizona has died while in service to her nation.

2010-10-09 \Tucson\News\Daily\Oct 09 2010\
SWAT responds to central Tucson residence to assist Marshals (starnet-local)

SWAT units from the Tucson Police Department are at a central
Tucson residence in response to a call for assistance from U.S.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Twin Buttes mining may restart (starnet-local)
Mining giant Freeport-McMoRan has bought the long-closed Twin Buttes Mine site, near Sahuarita, for $200 million and may mine it once again, company officials said Monday.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Ruling to alter how OV does business (starnet-local)
Although an Arizona Supreme Court ruling issued Monday should not affect existing sales-tax revenue-sharing agreements, it will change how Oro Valley treats new subsidy pacts, the town attorney said.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
After beating cancer, she wins award (starnet-local)
In a kindergarten classroom, it's expected that tears will be shed from time to time — but normally it isn't the teacher doing the crying.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Sentence is 5.25 years in border agent rape case (starnet-local)
A former U.S. Border Patrol agent who was convicted of raping a fellow agent last year was sentenced to slightly more than five years in prison Monday after first being denied a new trial.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Mom of 6 gets 21 years in prison for knife assaults (starnet-local)
A Tucson mother of six was sentenced to 21 years in prison Monday for repeatedly stabbing a pregnant woman and the woman's daughter last year.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Bill to keep payday loans may be dead (starnet-local)
PHOENIX — Efforts by the payday-loan industry to remain in Arizona after June 30 were dealt a serious — and potentially fatal — setback Monday when a key Democratic lawmaker said he won't support what the lenders want.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Tucson High students seek $8,000 for Haiti (starnet-local)
Tucson High Magnet School students are raising money to benefit the earthquake victims of Haiti.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Travel restricted in snowy ranges to north and south of Old Pueblo (starnet-local)
Access to the mountain ranges north and south of Tucson remains restricted due to the lingering effects of last week's winter storms, though industrious hikers and outdoor enthusiasts still can get to their destinations if they're truly determined.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Student of the week (starnet-local)
Carlos Jimenez-Borbon

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Tucson Time Capsule : The golden age of videotape (starnet-local)
Tucson Time Capsule is a story or photo showing Tucson as it was. If you have a memory of an event, please go to, where you can find all of the Time Capsule entries. You can also add your own historical Tucson photos to the ... read more

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Radar van locations (starnet-local)
The city's two police radar vans are scheduled to snap photographs of speeders at these locations today, according to the Tucson Police Department:

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Law and Order (starnet-local)

  Girl, 12, tells deputies of abduction attempt

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Deaths (starnet-local)
The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are stated when available.

2010-01-26 \Tucson\News\Daily\Jan 26 2010\
Taxpayer Watch : Homeowner: Road patch sends trucks 'airborne' (starnet-local)
It sounds like a thunderclap when empty trucks drive past his northwest-side home, Mike Rafferty says.

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