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2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Advisory: Downtime! (weekly)

        Our crack technical staff informs me that will be down tonight (technically, tomorrow morning, but still ...) for a brief amount of time.…
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2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
El Chupacabra in Kentucky? (weekly)

Scientists never go on record that these hairless discoveries—mostly in Texas, and now Kentucky—are, in fact, chupacabras.
OK, fine, but why don't they explain this apparent increase in bald raccoons or coyotes with some ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
A Sobering Reminder Not to Text While Driving (weekly)

        This is a wildly depressing 11 minutes of online video, but AT&T does a great job on this PSA of illustrating the potential consequences of texting while driving.

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2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Epic Meal Time Make the Death Star of Crepes (weekly)

        I keep saying to myself that I'm going to stop reposting these Epic Meal Time videos, but between the disconcerting conversation the host has with a fast-food employee, and the assortment of unique and strange Canadian snack-food items ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Guadalupe, Chihuahua: A Town Without Police (weekly)

        If you needed a reminder of how bad the drug war in Mexico is, consider that the Mexican town of Guadalupe no longer has a police force.
The Mexican border town of Guadalupe has been left with no police force after the last officer ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Old People Bullies: The Wrath of Denture Cream (weekly)

         Evidently the problem of bullying isn't only exclusive to young people, according to today's Arizona Republic.
Retiree Doris Lor described being bullied by other residents of the Chandler retirement community where she resides.&hellip ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
New Southside Eats: Los Guarachez de Don Shuy (weekly)

Kool Tortas, a Mexican sandwich and taco shop at 4547 S. Sixth Ave., has closed and a new restaurant called Los Guarachez de Don Shuy has opened there. It serves Mexican food and is decorated sort of like a taco stand.… ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Jesse Kelly Makes a Comeback? And Is His Pal Headed to the Independent Redistricting Commission? (weekly)

        The Range hears that Republican Jesse Kelly, who lost his bid to unseat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by fewer than 4,200 votes last month, may be itching for a rematch.
The GOP rumor circuit is buzzing with word that Kelly will ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Oddly Fascinating Twitter Feed of the Day (weekly)

        As you've heard on every single news outlet and from people on the East Coast complaining on Facebook, Snowpocalypse 2010 is in full effect. While it's a little challenging to get too involved in the snow-created inconveniences of others ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
The Food Truck Diaries: El Chivo de Oro (weekly)

         A breakfast plate at El Chivo de Oro (translation: The Golden Goat) will set you back $6, and that includes three handmade tortillas the size of dinner plates. The proper way to enjoy these tortillas is to place one’s face an ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Person pulled from submerged car on Tucson's northeast-side (starnet-local)

Tucson firefighters pulled one person out of a car that was
submerged in a lake on Tucson’s northeast-side early Wednesday.

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Radar van locations (starnet-local)

The city's two police radar vans are scheduled to snap
photographs of speeders at these locations today:

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Neighborhood Briefs (starnet-local)


2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
What's closed for New Year's holiday (starnet-local)

City garbage and recycling

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Corrections (starnet-local)

• Reservations for the Tucson Symphony Orchestra's New Year's
Eve Movable Musical Feast are available at
specials or 325-1541. The information was incorrect in the Music
Notes st

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Deaths (starnet-local)

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations
are given if available.

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Cost of DUI can run into thousands, excluding its potential deadly impact (starnet-local)

If the possibility of killing someone isn't enough to keep you
from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, how about the
prospect of your wallet taking a $15,000 hit?

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Cold Case: '02 stabbing killed longtime resident of north-side area (starnet-local)

Herlinda Pariseau lived ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Long and short of it - this dog runs (starnet-local)

Short legs don't hold ... read more

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Lottery (starnet-local)

Drawings for Tuesday, Dec. 28

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Blizzard aims at city's mountains (starnet-local)

Blizzard conditions could sweep across the mountains around
Tucson beginning this afternoon with a chance of snow possible in
the metro area.

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Man killed in wreck northwest of Tucson (starnet-local)

One man is dead after a crash on the northwest side near
Interstate 10, police said.

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Tucson group home evacuated following morning blaze (starnet-local)

Residents at an adult care home on the northwest side were
evacuated early Tuesday after a fire and flood.

2010-12-29 \Tucson\News\Daily\Dec 29 2010\
Motorcycle cop crashes on Tucson's west side (starnet-local)

A Tucson police motorcycle officer was involved in a
single-vehicle crash Tuesday morning.

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
TUSD Program Promotes Learning Through Arts (weekly)

        Written by Josh T. Saunders/El Independiente ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Go See 'White People' at Live Theatre Workshop (weekly)

As part of the Etcetera series at Live Theater Workshop, 5317 E. Speedway Blvd., White People opens tonight at 10:30 p.m. The play, by J.T. Rogers, shows Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30 p.m., through May 1. Tickets are $10 at the door. Call 327 ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Jonathan Klein: Photos That Changed The World (weekly)

In this video, Getty Images founder Jonathan Klein talks about the impact a single image can have in changing laws, viewpoints, and the minds of entire communities.
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2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Rasmussen: Hayworth Gaining on McCain (weekly)

        A new Rasmussen poll shows J.D. Hayworth gaining on John McCain: Incumbent John McCain now earns just 47% support to challenger J.D. Hayworth’s 42% in Arizona’s hotly contested Republican Senate Primary race, according to the latest ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Martian Gullies (weekly)

        NASA/JPL/University of Arizona
More new images from the UA Lunar and Planetary Lab ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Former Death Row Inmate to Speak at UA Law School (weekly)

         In January 2002, Juan Roberto Melendez became the 99th death-row ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Minuteman Work Continues in Southern Arizona (weekly)

        Written by Adam Lehrer/ ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Top Ten in Books (weekly)

        Mostly Books top sales for the week
          Mostly Books top sales for the week ending April 9, 2010 1. The Girl Who Played With Fire Stieg Larsson, Vintage ($7.99) 2. The Lightning Thief Rick Riordan, Disney ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Ghosts of Vietnam (weekly)

        Beowulf's 'Last of the Boys' is a haunting look at war's aftermath
            by Nathan Christensen
          How do you describe something that's too complex for words? War, for example. We look back ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
T Q&A (weekly)

        Juliette Fretté
            by Jim Nintzel
          When Playboy visited Tucson to look for models for an upcoming "Girls of the Pac-10" pictorial, the Tucson Weekly sought out Juliette Frett ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: I Learned the Hard Way (Daptone) (weekly)

        by Carl Hanni
          Something a little different is definitely happening on album No. 4 by Daptone Records flagship act Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. More overtly pop-soul than the songs on previous records ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Javelinas and Pink Underwear (weekly)

        ATC commissions a lightweight but amusing send-up of all things Arizona
            by Sherilyn Forrester
          The Second City Does Arizona, or Close but No Saguaro is pure entertainment. Not that ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
K. Rat (weekly)

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2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Everyman Heroes (weekly)

        'Kick-Ass' is so good that it should be a superhero-movie game-changer
            by Colin Boyd
          When movie studios realized that billions of dollars could be made by raiding comic books, most ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Noshing Around (weekly)

        Moveable Feast; Café Tremolo; Soup Skills; Dine Out for Safety; Pizza Plus #1
            by Adam Borowitz
          Moveable Feast Feast will soon move from its current location at 4122 E. Speedway ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Murs and 9th Wonder: Fornever (SMC) (weekly)

        by Gene Armstrong
          Murs has been among the best MCs in hip hop for nearly a decade, impressively straddling the line between the underground and the mainstream—and he ably proves himself again on ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Deaths (starnet-local)

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations
are stated when available.

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Blood donations (starnet-local)

The American Red Cross will be seeking blood donors at these
times and places in the Tucson area next week. To schedule your
appointment, call 1-800-733-2767.

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Some streets to close for bike event Sunday (starnet-local)

Several Tucson streets will be ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Lottery (starnet-local)

Drawings for Friday, April 16

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
$2.4 millon awarded in stairwell fall, death (starnet-local)

The owners of a midtown hotel must pay $2.4 million to the
children of a Tucson woman who died after falling down a hotel
stairwell, a Pima County jury ruled last week.

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
'Miss Berenice' honored for giving kids reading lessons, life lessons (starnet-local)

The recipient of this week's ... read more

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Rare ocelot photographed in Southern Arizona (starnet-local)

A rare tropical cat has been photographed by a remote camera in
Southern Arizona.

2010-04-17 \Tucson\News\Daily\Apr 17 2010\
Several streets to close Sunday for Cyclovia Tucson (starnet-local)

Tucson streets will be closed ... read more

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
UHS faces uncertain future, big decisions (starnet-local)
By most measurements, the academic flagship of the Tucson Unified School District has been a standout success during a time of plunging enrollment and budget woes.

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Council likely to resist election change (starnet-local)
The Tucson City Council is expected to vote Wednesday to file a legal challenge to stop implementation of nonpartisan, ward-only elections mandated by the Legislature.

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Hospice volunteers help ease the final days of their patients (starnet-local)
As a hospice volunteer, Ellen Eastham enters into each new friendship knowing it will be an abbreviated acquaintance.

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Pima programs can quickly set you on new career path (starnet-local)
You're looking at your layoff as an opportunity to start on a new career path. You're not sure which way to go, but you know you need to get there fast.

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Mud Monster gives parents, kids a place to play in the dirt (starnet-local)
Mud was slung and flung Saturday morning at Reid Park.

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Neighbors Briefs (starnet-local)


2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Here are five timely databases you'll find on StarNet or (starnet-local)
    How's your school doing?

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Political notebook : Brewer's situation bears resemblance to Mofford's (starnet-local)
A beehive hairdo. No heavy makeup. And she's not a Democrat. But in some important ways, Gov. Jan Brewer looks a lot like one of her predecessors — Gov. Rose Mofford.

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Lots to see at museum of miniatures (starnet-local)
It's no small irony that having enough space is one of the biggest challenges for collectors of miniatures.

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Former Pinal SWAT leader suspended amid complaints (starnet-local)
A former SWAT commander of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office has been suspended after numerous complaints accusing the deputy of criminal activity.

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Black bears keep camp spot shut (starnet-local)
A campground in the Huachuca Mountains will remain closed because black bears are in the area, authorities said.

2009-08-02 \Tucson\News\Daily\Aug 02 2009\
Brewer's budget adviser announces his retirement (starnet-local)
PHOENIX — Gov. Jan Brewer's chief budget adviser has announced his retirement.

2008-02-11 'M*A*S*H' star at anti-execution event (citizen-local)
Mike Farrell realizes how lucky he is to be able to use his celebrity status to speak about social causes he cares about.
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2008-02-11 Abortion control bills in Legislature again (citizen-local)
PHOENIX - Arizona lawmakers once again are considering bills that would regulate abortion, bringing to the Capitol those on both sides of the issue.
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2008-02-11 Bike-sharing programs peddled for Tucson (citizen-local)
Businesses across Tucson may not know it, but 2008 could be the year bicycles become part of the work day.
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2008-02-11 Blacks' oppression to be topic Wed. at UA (citizen-local)
The University of Arizona will host a panel discussion on "Gendered Identities in the Black Diaspora" from 5 to 6 p.m. Wednesday
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2008-02-11 Counselor who was shot, paralyzed 5 years ago dies (citizen-local)
It was a seemingly senseless shooting.
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2008-02-11 DPS wants 170 speed, red-light cameras (citizen-local)
The Department of Public Safety is telling potential bidders to be prepared to put up to 170 speed and red-light cameras systems along Arizona highways and at intersections.
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2008-02-11 Gem shows, I-10 work boost traffic problems (citizen-local)
Between the annual Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase and the Interstate 10 widening project, driving can be slow going, especially on the I-10 frontage roads.
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2008-02-11 LOTTERY (citizen-local)
For Feb. 9
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2008-02-11 Library to host annual Mexican-American fest (citizen-local)
It's time for the fifth annual Nuestras RaĂ­ces Literary Arts Festival, which celebrates Mexican-American authors, arts and culture. It runs from Feb. 29 through March 27.
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2008-02-11 Man shot to death at Chandler shop (citizen-local)
A 26-year-old man died early Sunday after he was shot in the head at a Chandler smoke shop, police said.
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2008-02-11 Mercado San AgustĂ­n to open in fall with 12 shops (citizen-local)
Dirt is moving on the Mercado San AgustĂ­n site, where by fall a dozen budding entrepreneurs will set up shop.
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2008-02-11 Police seek public's help in solving S. Side killing (citizen-local)
Tucson police Monday are continuing an investigation into the slaying of a man whose body was found in the desert on the  South Side.
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2008-02-11 Poll: 6 in 10 say U.S. in recession (citizen-local)
WASHINGTON - Empty homes and for-sale signs clutter neighborhoods. You've lost your job or know someone who has. Your paycheck and nest egg are taking a hit.
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2008-02-11 Seminar will focus on form of arthritis (citizen-local)
"Earlier Diagnosis, Better Treatment: Ongoing Challenges in Ankylosing Spondylitis" is the title of the Arizona Arthritis Center Friends Conversations and Lunch seminar from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the Arizona Inn, 2200 E. Elm St.
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2008-02-11 Small park proposed on Main Ave. (citizen-local)
Much ado is being made about a tiny sliver of downtown land destined to become pretty close to the smallest city park.
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2008-02-11 Vandalism fixed; new Amphi play area opens (citizen-local)
Two months ago it looked like a monster truck had driven through a mudhole.
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