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2081 W Hardy Rd
Tucson, AZ 85643

2011-10-16 : Family fun and U-pick apples, peaches, pears and more. Also Apple Annie's Produce & Pumpkins.

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2011-10-16 Annie's Yummy Apples
Sometimes the people there might tell you that there is not any left but you just might get four full buckets!!!

And if you look at the ground you can find good stuff there too!!!

Plus they have delicious pumpkin pie and icecream!!!

They even have apple and pumpkin icecream and apple donuts!!!

And you can eat straight from the trees!!!

When we went there, there was more GrannySmiths than PinkLady's or Fuji's!!!

And it's very very fun to climb the trees!!!

Ruby age 6" --gv
2011-10-16 From Pickled Eggs to Stuffed Animals to Sweet Apples Annie's Apple Orchard has it all
If you want juicy sweet apples that donít taste like rotten cookies come to Annie's Apple Orchard where there are sweet delicious apples that you can feast on all day long. There are lots of different kinds of apples.

          When we went there it was the end of the week and almost at the end of the season for apple picking so there were not as many apples as usual but that was more fun in my opinion because you have to search for the apples in the tree and some times if they were high up you would have to climb the tree to get the apples. We ended up with a lot of apples even though when you looked at the orchard it looked like there was no apples at all. After that we went to the little apple market where they were selling all different things that had to do with apples, like apple twists and apple pie and caramel covered apples.  They also had a lot of other cool stuff like pickled eggs and stuffed animals. They also had pumpkin pie and ice cream.

              They also have a gift shop and homemade ice cream stand. Overall we had a lot of fun there and I think other people will too if they go there. At different seasons there are also peaches, pears, and pumpkins.

They are open Daily 8 AM - 5:30 PM
October Hours:
9 AM - 5:30 PM Daily
Close for the season October 31
2081 W Hardy Rd
(map & directions)
Willcox, AZ 85643
The times and dates are only for the apple season go to there website at

Sarina age:12" --gv
2011-10-16 Eating Apples!!!!!!!
If you are sitting at home, being bored, or on the computer reading this article because you haven't anything else to do, and you are either really sick of old, moldy apples in your fridge, or you just wanna eat an apple, you could at least consider going to Apple Annie's.  It's an apple orchard in Willcox.  The drive there might be really boring, but you can't have everything.  And you can get good apples!

  Apple Annie's is a really great place to get fresh, tasty apples.  You should come early in the season, because if you come late in October, almost all of the apples are gone.  If you come at the right time, the trees are usually bursting with apples.  At that time, you still can have fun searching for good apples, and just pick apples.  If you come too late in the apple season, you will have to use apple-picking sticks that are supplied at the orchard, or climb into the trees.  Searching for apples is fun, but you will get a lot less apples.  Also, when there are lots of apples, they might not all taste good.  The green, unripe ones are really tart.  You can still climb trees to get good apples.  But if there are only a couple apples, barely any will be good.  The best time to pick apples is from the last week of June to the end of October, but you should come before October.  My family came in about the second week of October, and we only got about two and a half buckets (apple-collecting buckets are also supplied at the orchard).

  There is also home-made ice cream (I didn't like it much;the only flavors are apple and pumpkin), a bakery where you can buy appleish products, such as apple tea.  Sometimes, there are stuffed animals in the bakery, too.  There is a gift shop, but I don't know much about it, only that it closes before the rest of the orchard.  You should come early in the day, too, as well as early in the season.  But whenever you come, you can still get some delicious fudge or pie (the flavors are normally apple, pumpkin, and pecan)!

  I think that the best thnig about the orchard is that it is open to people of all ages.  Whether you are two, or one hundred and two, or even a thousand and two (though I seriously doubt that they would let you bring in dead people), you can go to Apple Annie's!
~~Amber Banana, age 10" --gv
2011-10-16 Apple Annes Orchard rocks
      Have you ever been home on hot day and thought about eating a nice juicy red apple. But when you found that apple in the back of the refrigerator it looked great but when you took a bite it was neither juicy or fresh.
          If you have this problem come down to Apple Annes Orchard where you can pick fresh juicy apples straight from the tree. Apple Anne is a great place  for family fun with its homemade icecream and beautiful apple, peach, and pear orchard.

Carmelita Age 13" --guest

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