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Grinnell wants to be mayor - but his board is suing the city


2011-10-03 : Rick Grinnell is running for mayor of Tucson.  He is also a member of the governor-appointed Rio Nuevo board, which has just decided to sue the City of Tucson for upwards of $40Million.

That means more cuts to police, more closed pools, more cuts to parks and rec services, more 911 problems.  Why would someone who wants to run the city be involved in something so damaging to the city?

The suit is over property, that the Rio Nuevo board would like the City of Tucson to sign over to them.  This voter would like our Tucson land NOT to be controlled by a board appointed by Phoenix politicians.  It is extremely hard to contact anyone except Grinnell on the Rio Nuevo board, as their contact information is not public.  They do not post video of their meetings and the minutes have only been updated up thru last March.  They are a completely unaccountable political body that is trying to steal land that belongs to Tucson citizens and voters.

I can't tell if Grinnell voted for the suit, because the minutes are not up to date.  But I have not heard him speak out against it.

This is one upset voter who intends to try and keep Tucson issues accountable to Tucson residents.  Get out, Rio Nuevo board - we don't need state-appointed managers ripping us off.  If our city council didn't do the best job, we'll tell them to fix it - we voted them in, we can vote them out.  But we can't seem to get rid of you.


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