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2012-07-25 \Tucson\Politics & Government\City Council\
Regina's blog on Facebook
Regina Romero, Ward 1 city council member, maintains a facebook page where she posts and responds to messages regularly:

2011-08-29 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Burma update - watchful optimism?
August is the anniversary month of the 8-8-88 uprisings and more recently the 8/2007 repression of the monks and other democracy protestors.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of the democracy movement, has been free from house arrest since November. She ... read more

2011-01-23 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
"Freedom and democracy are dreams you never give up"
Aung San Suu Kyi interviewed on a contraband camera

Partial transcript - read below to find what Aung San is asking us to do:

[Question about her willingness to talk to a brutal and oppressive regime]

"You have to talk to people if you want ... read more

2010-11-18 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Aung San Suu Kyi Released!
"if you're placed under arrest you can't work as much as you can when you're not under arrest"

It's time to work more. Aung San Suu Kyi, the hero of the resistence movement in Burma and also the winner of the last free election, was released from house ... read more

2010-08-22 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Oil Thugs
If armed robbers took over your house at gunpoint, could they then sell it to your neighbor?

Not in any country under rule of law.  International law, it seems, is much weaker.

The Burmese people elected a legitimate government.  It is led by Aung ... read more

2010-08-22 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
What do Barack Obama and Mitch McConnell agree on?
Very little - but both can agree on the need for freedom in Burma.

"What's important here is that this is not aimed at the people of Burma but at its leadership, particularly at Than Shwe," said a senior administration official quoted in The Washington ... read more

2010-06-30 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
McCain sponsors resolution to renew Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act
This year is important to send a message to the Myanmar regime that they have not legitimized their brutal government.

Sens McCain and Kyl are both co-sponsors of Joint Resolution 29 to renew the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act.  So it is not necessary ... read more

2009-07-21 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Next Steps on Burma - need your help!
Momentum has begun to demand the UN form an Commission of Inquiry on Burma.  Its a slow process, but this is the first step towards getting security council action to stop the atrocities and human rights abuses in Burma.  Please make a call, most of our ... read more

2008-08-08 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Please Don't Forget Burma : 8-8-88 Anniversary
Find out why 8.8.88 UPRISING is one the most crucial day of Burma's History and JOIN US for massive marches, events, protests.

Below, a note from Sophie Lwin, a Burmese activist in Phoenix ... read more

2008-06-26 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Burmese Community?
I have recently moved to Arizona, after four years of living in Burma.  I would very much like to get in touch with the Burmese community here in Tucson - and those interested in Burma.  

My name is peter - please email me at pjburns11---at=== gmail ... read more

2007-11-14 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Urgent: Stop US Congress From Sitting on Hands After Burma Crackdown

[from the US Campaign for Burma]

We are writing to ask for your urgent help.

It has now been nearly two months since the Burmese military regime's brutal crackdown on peacefully demonstrations.  Yet, the US Congress has not yet responded with ... read more

2007-11-14 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Urgent: Stop US Congress From Sitting on Hands After Burma Crackdown : Called on HR 3890, also try direct to subcommittee
I tried calling both Rangel and Levin, and got redirected to the subcommittee staff.  I suspect its still a good idea to call their offices directly, and insist on leaving a message, since as chairmen they have the ability to do something about it.  But ... read more

2007-11-09 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Tabling UA Mall
Come join us at the University of Arizona today (Friday 11/9/07)!  We'll have flyers and letters to sign, come join the Arizona chapter of the US Campaign to Free Burma!

The big thrust right now is to call your rep to co-sponsor the Block Burmese JADE ... read more

2007-11-06 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Arizona Burma Friends: Can You Help Us in Congress
Block Burmese JADE (Junta's Anti-Democratic Efforts) Act of 2007:
Arizona Get Your Representatives to Co-Sponsor!
(Grijalva already has - but others need calls)

Message from the US Campaign for Burma:

As we mentioned last week, Congressman Tom ... read more

2007-10-29 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Found the house bill: support HR3890 : Grijalva will co-sponsor it!
After one email Grijalva's office got back to me right away and answered "Thank you for making sure we know about this opportunity to support Burmese freedom. I am familiar with this legislation, and I made sure to add Raúl as a co-sponsor ASAP.  "  Thanks ... read more

2007-10-23 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Powerful image to post on your blog to Free Burma
Wed 10/24 is a day of action for the Burmese protesters.  Please do what you can.  Post this image, blog about the need to remember that the protesters are still in prison now and need help.  Call your Senator and ask them to support the "Saffron Revolution ... read more

2007-10-23 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
So what is Congress gonna do?
I just read that McCain has sponsored a bill titled 'Saffron Revolution Support Act' that does some of the things that need to be done - close the loopholes so Chevron has to get out, get some sanctions with teeth in them and send aid to the democratic ... read more

2007-10-23 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Found the house bill: support HR3890
I talked to a staffer for the committee on foreign affairs, who explained to me that the house hasn't started anything equivalent to McCain's "Saffron Revolution Support Bill" [S 2172] because it might be perceived as competing with that bill; the idea ... read more

2007-10-22 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
  GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION: A VIGIL IN SUPPORT OF BURMA! October 24, 2007 6:30 PM - 8:30 PMDon’t Let The World Forget About the Saffron Revolution!!!!October 24th is the UN anniversary day but most importantly, it will be marked as a global day for Burma ... read more

2007-10-18 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Chevron and Burma : Board of Directors address
Unless we find personal addresses for the board members, this is probably the best place to write for now.  Tell them to use their influence to ask that the political prisoners be released.  They have the power to turn off the valves at the Yadana oil ... read more

2007-10-16 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Torture in Burma
This report was compiled prior to the current unrest, but it is very likely the same methods are being applied to the protestors today.  Repression in Burma is not something new but has existed systematically for years."

2007-10-16 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Chevron and Burma : Waiting for answer; also investor relations
I tried the above and received a call back today from a woman in the Media relations dept. She said she will refer my question to the person handling the Burma issue.  I am waiting for his call.  Any hard answers will be posted here.  

Another dept ... read more

2007-10-14 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Chevron and Burma
As I understand it, Chevron is co-financing development of an oil field controlled by the Myanmar dictators, and which funds their military crackdown. Now they are confiscating satellite phones.  The Burma govt seems to think that if we don't see images ... read more

2007-10-14 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Chevron and Burma : Ask them directly
It seems to me that we're members of the media, and that Chevron should be asked what they are doing about disinvestment. Call their press line:

Members of the media can contact Chevron Corporate Media Relations by phone at: +1 925.842.0050

ask ... read more

2007-10-11 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Free Burma Report & Strategy : See also this 'Dirty list' of companies profitting by doing business with the oppressive govt of Burma
Found this on Digg.  If you find phone numbers, or know of people in decision making roles in these companies, post them somewhere! You can post them here, but also try to email the people in charge of the list.

Next action, maybe we can write to a ... read more

2007-10-09 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Free Burma Report & Strategy
We had a really neat day at the park talking to people about the situation in Burma. I was surprised that some folks were not that aware, while others discussed with us whether or not there was really anything we can do to be effective.

We sent 24 ... read more

2007-10-03 \Tucson\Politics & Government\Burma\
Support Democracy in Burma
The US Campaign for Burma has made a global call to action this weekend, to show wide support for the protesters who are being brutally repressed in Burma.  In Tucson we are holding a small rally and organizing meeting on Sunday 10/7 at noon on the big ... read more

2012-07-25 Regina's blog on Facebook
Regina Romero, Ward 1 city council member, maintains a facebook page where she posts and responds to messages regularly:
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