Tucson Democratic Playgroup

All interested families welcome! This site is for coordinating Democratic playgroups around Tucson. Our goals are to let our kids and babies have fun while we talk politics and try to figure out how to be effective helping Democrats.
Next meeting:
9:15 Wednesday 10/3/07
Reid Park Zoo - meet inside main entrance

Please contact Golda 520-440-1420 for details and locations. Check back to this page for updates and tools!

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2007-10-01 \Tucson\Politics & Government\DemocratsPlaygroup\
Take action on Burma : Here is a site with pretty deep information and call for action.

"Please use your liberty to promote ours " --Aung San Suu Kyi, imprisoned Nobel Peace Price winner"

2007-06-17 \Tucson\Politics & Government\DemocratsPlaygroup\
Manual count may be needed. : The RTA vote of May 2006 investigation(s) and/or suites should be persued
with a most important "certified fact".

The "certified fact" is the actual counting of the paper ballots.  This
will provide all parties with confirmation of the RTA vote count.

One or more parties ought to ask a Judge to appoint a Master to conduct
a 100% manual count or a 10% manual sample count.  If the 10% sample count
yields a 0.1% or greater than 0.1% error, than complete counting the
remaining 90% balanced.

Please note that this certification count might not have an impact on
the "official outcome" of the May 2006 as some public official have
indicated in recent news items.  

Thanks and Good Luck

Frank Henry
Cottonwood, Arizona
Tel:  928-649-0249
e-mail:  fmhenry4 at netzero dot com   ""

2006-12-07 \Tucson\Politics & Government\DemocratsPlaygroup\
Vote Integrity : We had a very interesting briefing today from Jim March on vote integrity and a possible event right here in Pima County that may have broken federal law about release of voting data.

Apparently unauthorized printouts were made from the Diebold machines right before election day, that contained vote by mail data.  If this data was used by a political party for unfair advantage it would be a felony, but the video showing who might have printed it has been erased...

2006-11-30 \Tucson\Politics & Government\DemocratsPlaygroup\
Very Young Democrats of Pima County : are now meeting at Demo Hdqtrs at 10AM on Thursdays thru the winter months, or at least when it is cold out!  See the website http://btucson.com/momdems/ for contact info.

2006-10-22 \Tucson\Politics & Government\DemocratsPlaygroup\
Clint Curtis for Congress vs Feeney : Oh this is so cool, I am so psyched now.  Clint Curtis, the programmer whistleblower, is actually running against Feeney in Florida.  This guy has totally dedicated himself to making things honest - a real modern honest-to-goodness hero!

2006-10-21 \Tucson\Politics & Government\DemocratsPlaygroup\
even the Economist says Diebold is a scandal... : "The wrong kind of voting machines..." - maybe if we collect enough of these articles we can get the Diebold thing reconsidered for next election?  I agree with Andy this is a really key issue. --GV

2006-10-21 \Tucson\Politics & Government\DemocratsPlaygroup\
Wikipedia article with details on Hagel and also the intimidation of whisteblowers : This is a really complete overview, worth reading.  Some quotes: "When Hagel stepped down as head of this company to compete for the Senate, he became "...the first Republican in 24 years to win a Senate seat in Nebraska, nearly all on unauditable machines he had just sold the state ... including many largely black communities that had never before voted Republican"  and regarding the programmer whistleblower, Clint Curtis ""Clint Curtis ... reported that his previously healthy three-year old German Shepard has been found dead. Just a few hours after I published my story on Mr. Curtis. I don't wish to give any other details for the moment, but the story should get out there. And I'm sorry to say that this is the second time this has occurred to Mr. Curtis over the years since he began trying to tell his story."  What country are we in???