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2012-08-23 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Class directory connects families
Open houses are here, and with them an opportunity to help kids and parents connect.  Bring a sign up sheet to your child's open house, asking parents to sign up to have their name and contact information in a class directory.  Type in all the info, make ... read more

2011-12-03 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Attendance is Vital Right at the Start : Correction
I think it's great that you are encouraging parents to send their children to school everyday.  Kudos to you for supporting education; for the sake of credibility though, may I recommend the following corrections?  

Your original post:
"She also pointed ... read more

2011-09-01 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Attendance is Vital Right at the Start
My first grader's teacher taught fourth grade last year, and she noticed something: the kids who were struggling the most, who couldn't read and didn't get the math, were the same ones who missed excessive days when they were in first grade.  She points ... read more

2011-05-15 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Holladay Intermediate Magnet School : Holladay approved for K-5 : Offers Performing Arts, Free Summer School, Extended Day
The Holladay community had something to celebrate this week.  For two years, the school had been in a precarious position as a 3-5 without a feeder school, as Borton Elementary, which used to feed into Holladay, had decided to add a third grade and then ... read more

2010-08-18 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Holladay Intermediate Magnet School : Free Extended Day: Sports, Art, Chorus, Variety/Games & more
While many Tucson schools have had to cut back on after-school programs, Holladay Elementary is fortunate to offer some amazing - and free - extended day programs for enrolled students.  Fine art, chorus and sports are some of the options available. ... read more

2010-02-27 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Holladay Intermediate Magnet School : Interview with Principal Larry Haynes
As a parent, I think that Principal Larry Haynes has had a really positive, calming influence at Holladay school.  In this interview he talks about the new Expeditionary Learning focus, bully-proofing program, fine arts, and the future of the school.

2010-02-17 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Holladay Intermediate Magnet School : Holladay School!
I feel so lucky to be a part of the incredibly hardworking, warm, close-knit community at Holladay school.  Like all TUSD schools we are getting hit with budget cuts but the parent community is coming together to keep and build the things we love about ... read more

2009-07-27 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Walker Elementary School : Great but needs parent volunteers
There is not as much parent participation as there is in other amphi elementary schools but the teachers provide a lot despite this.  The test scores outrank all other amphi schools and AZ schools as well. Staff is positive and encouraging.

2008-06-11 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Erickson Elementary School : Erickson Elementary
I'd be scared to death to send my kids to this school."

2008-02-29 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Sunrise Drive Elementary School : I love this school!
I think that Sunrise elemantary school is the funnest learning school in the whole universe! I wouls love to visit someday! I love it so much! I think about all my friends in there that I miss and all the teachers that I loved very dearly when I was there ... read more

2007-10-27 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Borton Primary Magnet School : Successful fundraiser! Jump-a-thon/Luau
This is our first year at Borton and I am impressed with many aspects of the school, including the curriculum, the way learners at all levels are challenged, and the focus on reading.  The big fundraiser for the school is a jump-a-thon, in which all the ... read more

2007-04-10 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Kellond Elementary School : Its the best
Kellond is the best place to be. I am in fifth grade there and I enjoy it a whole lot."

2007-04-10 \Tucson\Schools & Universities\Elementary Schools\
Kellond Elementary School : Its the best
Kellond is the best place to be. I am in fifth grade there and I enjoy it a whole lot."

2006-01-02 \Tucson\Business Directory\U\Unclassified\
Carden of Tucson
Carden is a charter school on the northwest side of town, it has been in operationfo 20 years, this is the first year as a charter school.

A Child's View School
2846 W Drexel Rd
(520) 578-2075
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"11279 W. Grier Rd.
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Acacia Elementary School
12955 E. Colossal Cave Rd.
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Academy Adventures Primary School
3902 N. Flowing Wells
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2006-01-01 Academy of Math and Science
1557 W Prince Rd
(520) 293-2676
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Academy of Tucson Elementary School
9209 E. Wrightstown Rd.
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Accelerated Learning Laboratory Elementary School
5245 N. Camino de Oeste
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Agua Caliente School
11420 E Limberlost Rd
(520) 749-2235
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Ajo Calvary Christian Academy
740 Rocalla Ave.
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Ajo School
111 Well Rd.
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Al-Huda Islamic School
901 E 1st St
(520) 624-8181
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Allsport Academy
8570 E 22nd St
(520) 731-2150
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2011-12-30 Altar Valley Middle School
16350 W Ajo Hwy
(520) 822-9343
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AmeriSchools Academy
1150 N. Country Club
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Arizona State School for the Deaf and Blind
1200 West Speedway Blvd.
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2011-12-30 Arizona Virtual Academy
1840 E Benson Hwy
(520) 623-1483
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2011-09-01 Attendance is Vital Right at the Start
My first grader's teacher taught fourth grade last year, and she noticed something: the kids who were struggling the most, who couldn't read and didn't get the math, were the same ones who missed excessive days when they were in first grade.  She points out: "If your child isn't here, I can't teach them anything".  Make sure kindergarteners and first graders don't miss school!

She also pointed out, that when this year's first graders gets to third grade, they will not be promoted if they do not pass the AIMS reading portion.  Read with your kids, be patient, and help them sound out or remember words.  Here are some simple and fun ideas for helping your kids learn to read:
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Aztec Middle College (NW)
7600 N. Shannon (PCC NW)
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Aztec Middle College (West)
2202 W. Anklam (PCC West)
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Banks Elementary School
3200 S. Lead Flower
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2006-01-01 Basis School
3825 East 2nd Street
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Blenman Elementary School
1695 N Country Club Rd
(520) 232-6500
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2006-01-01 Bloom Elementary School
8310 East Pima Street
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Bonillas Magnet Elementary School
4757 E. Winsett
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Booth-Fickett Magnet Elementary School
450 S. Montego Dr.
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Borman Elementary School
6630 E Lightning Dr
(520) 584-4600
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Borton Primary Magnet School
700 E 22nd St
(700) 322-6378
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2011-12-30 Brichta Elementary School
2110 W Brichta Dr
(520) 225-1100
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2006-01-01 Broadway Alternative Middle School
2120 East Broadway Boulevard
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Butterfield Elementary School
3400 W Massingale Rd
(520) 579-5000
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CAPE School - Juvenile
2225 E. Ajo Way
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Canyon View Elementary School
5725 N Sabino Canyon Rd
(520) 577-5335
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Carden Christian Academy Central
2727 N. Swan
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2006-01-02 Carden of Tucson
Carden is a charter school on the northwest side of town, it has been in operationfo 20 years, this is the first year as a charter school.

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Carrillo Intermediate Magnet School
440 S Main Ave
(520) 225-1200
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Casa Ninos School of Montessori
1 W. Orange Grove Rd.
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2006-01-01 Casas Christian School
10801 North La Cholla Boulevard
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Castlehill Country Day School
3225 N Craycroft Rd
(520) 795-0008
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Cavett Elementary School
2120 E Naco Vis
(520) 225-1300
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2011-12-30 Centennial Elementary School
2200 W Wetmore Rd
(520) 696-8200
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Chancellor Arizona Connections Academy
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Children Reaching for the Sky Preparatory
1844 S Alvernon Way
(520) 790-8400
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Children's Success Academy
935 E. Bilby Rd.
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Civano Community School
10673 E. Mira Ln.
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2012-08-23 Class directory connects families
Open houses are here, and with them an opportunity to help kids and parents connect.  Bring a sign up sheet to your child's open house, asking parents to sign up to have their name and contact information in a class directory.  Type in all the info, make copies and give them back to the teacher to distribute.   Having a directory of the children's parents contact information makes it much easier for families to arrange playdates during the year!  And it may even help with bullying problems, if your kids know that their parents all know each other.

Tucson Community School, a parent co-op since 1950, publishes a school directory every year and it really helps bring families together to be able to easily contact each other outside school""
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2006-01-01 Collier Elementary School
3900 N Bear Canyon Rd
(520) 584-4800
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Continental Elementary School
1991 E. White House Canyon Rd.
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Copper Creek Elementary School
11620 N Copper Spring Trl
(520) 696-6800
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2006-01-01 Corbett Elementary School
5949 E 29th St
(520) 584-4900
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2011-12-30 Cornerstone Christian Academy
2150 E Orange Grove Rd
(520) 529-7080
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Coronado K-8 School
3401 E. Wilds Rd.
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Cottonwood Elementary School
9950 E. Rees Loop
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Coyote Trail Elementary School
8000 N Silverbell Rd
(520) 682-4749
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Cragin Elementary School
2945 N Tucson Blvd
(520) 232-6700
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2011-12-30 Craycroft Elementary School
5455 E Littletown Rd
(520) 545-2600
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2011-12-30 Davidson Elementary School
3950 E Paradise Falls Dr
(520) 232-6800
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Davis Education Center
5660 S 12th Ave
(520) 722-8130
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Davis Magnet Elementary School
500 W. St. Mary's Rd.
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2011-12-30 Degrazia Elementary School
5051 W Overton Rd
(520) 579-4800
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Desert Christian Elementary School
7525 E. Speedway
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Desert Mosaic School
5757 W. Ajo Way
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2011-12-30 Desert Springs Academy
3833 E 2nd St
(520) 321-1709
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Desert Willow Elementary School
9400 E Esmond Loop
(520) 762-2300
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2006-01-01 Desert Winds Elementary School
12675 West Rudasill Road
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2011-12-30 Dietz Elementary School
7575 E Palma St
(520) 731-4000
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Direct Link
445 S. Park
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Donaldson Elementary School
2040 W. Omar Dr.
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2006-01-01 Dove Christian School
166 E Roger Rd
(520) 696-0884
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Downtown Alternative High School
39 N. 6th Ave.
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Drachman Primary Magnet School
1085 S 10th Ave
(520) 225-1500
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Drake Alternative Middle School
445 S. Park
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2011-12-30 Drexel Elementary School
801 E Drexel Rd
(520) 545-2700
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Duffy Elementary School
5145 E 5th St
(520) 232-7000
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Dunham Elementary School
9850 E. 29th St.
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2011-12-30 Elvira Elementary School
250 W Elvira Rd
(520) 545-2000
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Enchanted Desert School and Playgarden
3238 E. 1st St.
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Erickson Elementary School
6750 E. Stella Rd.
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2006-01-01 Esperanza Elementary School
2353 East Bantam Road
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Estes Elementary School
"11279 W. Grier Rd.
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Faith Community Academy
2551 W. Orange Grove Rd.
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2006-01-01 Faith Lutheran School
3925 E 5th St
(520) 881-0670
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2011-12-30 First Southern Christian School
445 E Speedway Blvd
(520) 623-5858
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Flowing Wells Early Childhood Center
1444 W. Prince Rd.
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Ford Elementary School
8001 E Stella Rd
(520) 731-4300
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2011-12-30 Fort Lowell Elementary School
5151 E Pima St
(520) 232-7100
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Fountain of Life Lutheran School
710 S Kolb Rd
(710) 756-5273
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2006-01-01 Fruchthendler Elementary School
7470 E Cloud Rd
(520) 731-4400
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2011-12-30 Gale Elementary School
678 S Gollob Rd
(520) 731-4500
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2011-12-30 Gallego Basic Elementary School
6200 S Hemisphere Pl
(520) 545-3000
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Great Expectations Academy
1466 W. Camino Antigua
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2006-01-01 Green Fields Country Day School
6000 North Camino De La Tierra
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Grijalva Elementary School
1795 W. Drexel Rd.
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Harelson Elementary School
826 W. Chapala Dr.
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2006-01-01 Hendricks Elementary School
3400 West Orange Grove Road
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Henry Elementary School
650 N Igo Way
(520) 731-4700
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Hermosa Montessori Charter School
12051 E Ft
(520) 749-5518
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2011-12-30 Highland Free School
510 S Highland Ave
(520) 623-0104
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Holaway Elementary School
3500 N. Cherry Ave.
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Holladay Intermediate Magnet School
1110 E 33rd St
(520) 617-6320
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2011-12-30 Hollinger Elementary School
150 W Ajo Way
(520) 225-1700
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2011-12-30 Homer Davis Elementary School
4250 N Romero Rd
(520) 690-2341
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Howell Elementary School
401 N Irving Ave
(520) 232-7200
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Hudlow Elementary School
502 N Caribe Ave
(520) 731-4800
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Hughes Elementary School
700 N. Wilson
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2011-12-30 Immaculate Heart Academy
410 E Magee Rd
(520) 297-6672
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Indian Oasis Intermediate School
State Route 86
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Indian Oasis Primary School
111 W. Main
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2006-01-01 Ironwood Elementary School
3300 West Freer Drive
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Ironwood Hills School
2245 W. Ironwood Hills Drive
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2006-01-01 Jefferson Park Elementary School
1701 East Seneca Street
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Johnson Primary School
6060 S. Joseph Ave.
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2011-12-30 KINO School
6625 N 1st Ave
(520) 297-7278
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Keeling Elementary School
2837 N. Los Altos
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Kellond Elementary School
6606 E. Lehigh Dr.
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Khalsa Montessori School
3701 E. River Rd.
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2006-01-01 LA Paloma Academy
225 North Country Club Road
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Laguna Elementary School
5001 N. Shannon Rd.
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Lawrence Intermediate School
4850 W. Jeffrey Rd.
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2006-01-01 Liberty Elementary School
5495 S Liberty Ave
(520) 545-3100
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2006-01-01 Lifelong Learning Academy
3295 W Orange Grove Rd
(520) 219-4383
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Lineweaver Elementary School
461 S Bryant Ave
(520) 232-7700
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2011-12-30 Los Amigos Elementary School
2200 E Drexel Rd
(520) 545-3200
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2006-01-01 Los Ninos Elementary School
5445 S Alvernon Way
(520) 545-3300
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Los Ranchitos Elementary School
2054 E. Ginter Rd.
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Lynn/Urquides Elementary School
1573 W. Ajo Way
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Lyons Elementary School
7555 E. Dogwood
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Maldonado Elementary School
3535 W Messala Way
(520) 908-4100
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Manzanita Elementary School
3000 E. Manzanita Ave.
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2006-01-01 Manzo Elementary School
855 N Melrose Ave
(520) 225-1900
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Marana Career and Technical High School
"11279 W. Grier Rd.
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Marana Middle School
"11279 W. Grier Rd.
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2011-12-30 Marshall Elementary School
9066 E 29th St
(520) 731-4900
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Menlo Park Elementary School
1100 W Fresno St
(520) 225-2100
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2006-01-01 Mesa Verde Elementary School
1661 W Sage St
(661) 972-4378
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Mesquite Elementary School
9455 E Rita Rd
(520) 762-2040
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Meta Academy High School
210 E. Broadway
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Miles Exploratory Learning Center Elementary School
1400 E. Broadway Blvd.
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Miller Elementary School
6951 S De La Cmno
(520) 908-4200
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2006-01-01 Mission Manor Elementary School
600 W Santa Rosa St
(520) 545-3500
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Mission View Elementary School
2600 S 8th Ave
(520) 225-2300
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Montessori Schoolhouse
1127 N. 6th Ave.
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Myers/Ganoung Elementary School
5000 E. Andrew
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Nash Elementary School
515 W. Kelso
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2006-01-01 Ochoa Elementary School
101 West 25th Street
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2006-01-01 Ocotillo Elementary School
5702 S Campbell Ave
(520) 545-3600
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2006-01-01 Old Pueblo Children's Academy
450 N Pantano Rd
(520) 296-1600
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Our Mother of Sorrows School
1800 S. Kolb Rd.
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Oyama Elementary School
2700 S. La Cholla Blvd.
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PPEP TEC-Victor Soltero Learning Center
"8230 E. 22nd. St
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2006-01-01 PPEP Tec-John David Arnold Learning Center
4140 W Ina Rd Ste 118
(520) 579-8560
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2011-12-30 Pace Alternative High School
594 S Campbell Ave
(520) 798-8663
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Painted Sky Elementary School
12620 N. Woodburne Ave.
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2006-01-01 Palo Verde Christian School
2151 North Palo Verde Boulevard
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2006-01-01 Pass Alternative High School
440 South Park Avenue
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2006-01-01 Picture Rocks Intermediate School
5875 N Sanders Rd
(520) 682-4749
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2006-01-01 Pima Academy
8050 East Tanque Verde Road
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2011-12-30 Pima Vocational High School
2801 E Ajo Way
(520) 243-1740
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Presidio Schools
1695 E. Fort Lowell
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Prince Elementary School
125 E. Prince Rd.
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2011-12-30 Pueblo Gardens Elementary School
2210 E 33rd St
(520) 617-6300
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2006-01-01 Quail Run Elementary School
4600 W Cortaro Farms Rd
(520) 579-4700
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Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran School
8845 N. Silverbell Rd.
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Reynolds Elementary School
7450 E Stella Rd
(520) 584-6900
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2006-01-01 Richardson Elementary School
6901 North Camino De La Tierra
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2011-12-30 Richey Elementary School
2209 N 15th Ave
(520) 225-2800
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2006-01-01 Rillito Center
266 E Pastime Rd
(520) 696-6420
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2006-01-01 Rio Vista Elementary School
1351 E Limberlost Dr
(520) 696-5250
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River of Life Christian School
6902 E. Golf Links Rd.
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Roadrunner Elementary School
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2006-01-01 Roberts Elementary School
4355 E Calle Aurora
(520) 584-7000
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2011-12-30 Robins Elementary School
3939 N Magnetite Ln
(520) 908-4300
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2011-12-30 Robison Elementary School
2745 E 18th St
(520) 232-7800
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2006-01-01 Robles Elementary School
9875 South Sasabe
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2011-12-30 Rogers Elementary School
6000 E 14th St
(520) 584-7100
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Rose Elementary School
710 W Michigan St
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Roskruge Elementary Magnet School
501 E. 6th St.
add comment
SS. Peter and Paul Catholic School
1436 N. Campbell Ave.
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Safford Elementary School
200 E. 13th St.
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Sahuarita Intermediate School
350 W. Sahuarita Rd.
add comment
Sahuarita Primary School
350 W. Sahuarita Rd.
add comment
San Fernando Elementary School
1 Schoolhouse Dr.
add comment
San Miguel Catholic High School
212 W. Medina
add comment
San Xavier Mission School
1980 W San Xavier Rd
(520) 294-0628
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2006-01-01 Santa Clara Elementary School
6910 South Santa Clara Avenue
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2011-12-30 Santa Cruz Catholic School
29 W 22nd St
(520) 624-2093
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Satori School
3727 N 1st Ave
(520) 887-4003
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2006-01-01 Schumaker Elementary School
501 N Maguire Ave
(520) 731-5200
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Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning School
add comment
Sewell Elementary School
425 N Sahuara Ave
(520) 584-7200
add comment
Smith Elementary School
5741 Ironwood
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2006-01-01 Soleng Tom Elementary School
11141 E Quince Cmno
(520) 731-5400
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2009-05-03 Sonoran Science Academy
2325 W. Sunset
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Sopori Elementary School
5000 W. Arivaca Rd.
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2011-12-30 Southgate Academy
850 W Valencia Rd
(520) 741-7900
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2011-12-30 Southside Community School
2701 S Campbell Ave
(520) 623-7102
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St. Ambrose Catholic Elementary
300 S. Tucson Blvd.
add comment
St. Cyril School
4725 E. Pima St.
add comment
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
8650 N. Shannon Rd.
add comment
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School
600 W. Ajo Way
624-7409 ext. 3
add comment
St. Joseph School
215 S. Craycroft Rd.
add comment
St. Michael's Parish Day School
602 N. Wilmot Rd.
add comment
St. Odila School
7570 N. Paseo del Norte
add comment
Steele Elementary School
700 S. Sarnoff Dr.
add comment
2006-01-01 Summit View Elementary School
1900 East Summit Street
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2009-02-17 Sun & Shield Christian Academy
8811 West Avra Valley Rd
add comment
Sun and Shield Christian Academy
add comment
Sunrise Drive Elementary School
5301 E Sunrise Dr
(520) 577-5325
add comment
Sycamore Elementary School
16701 S. Houghton
add comment
TAG Elementary
10129 E. Speedway
add comment
2006-01-01 Tanque Verde Elementary School
2600 North Fennimore Avenue
add comment
The Beginning School
4440 N. Campbell
add comment
Thornydale Elementary School
7651 N Oldfather Dr
(520) 579-4900
add comment
2011-12-30 Tolson Elementary School
1000 S Greasewood Rd
(520) 225-3300
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Transformational Learning Centers
2555 N. Stone
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2010-03-24 Tucson Academy of Leadership and Arts
210 E Broadway Blvd
(520) 882-9144
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Tucson Country Day School
9239 E. Wrightstown Rd.
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2011-12-30 Tucson Hebrew Academy
3888 E River Rd
(520) 529-3888
add comment
2011-12-30 Tucson International Academy
1230 E Broadway Blvd
(520) 624-3448
add comment
2006-01-01 Tucson Preparatory School
104 E Prince Rd
(520) 622-4185
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2011-12-30 Tuller School
5870 E 14th St
(520) 747-5280
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2006-01-01 Tully Elementary Accelerated Magnet School
1701 W El Rio Dr
(520) 225-3400
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2011-12-30 Turning Point School
200 E Yavapai Rd
(602) 292-9300
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2006-01-01 Twin Peaks Elementary School
7995 West Twin Peaks Road
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2006-01-01 Valley View Preschool
5281 North Valley View Road
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2011-12-30 Van Buskirk Elementary School
725 E Fair St
(520) 225-3700
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2011-12-30 Van Horne Elementary School
7550 E Pima St
(520) 731-6900
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Ventana Vista Elementary School
6085 N. Kolb Rd.
add comment
Vesey Elementary School
5005 S. Butts Rd.
add comment
Walker Elementary School
1750 W. Roller Coaster
add comment
Walter Douglas Elementary School
3302 N Flowing Wells Rd
(520) 690-2351
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Warren Elementary School
3505 W Milton Rd
(520) 908-4700
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2006-01-01 Wheeler Elementary School
1818 South Avenida Del Sol
add comment
White Elementary School
2315 W. Canada St.
add comment
Whitmore Elementary School
5330 E. Glenn
add comment
Wilson K-8 School
2330 W. Glover Rd.
add comment
Wright Elementary School
4311 E. Linden
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2006-01-01 Wrightstown Elementary School
8950 E Wrightstown Rd
(520) 731-7000
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