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Ethnic Studies Audit actually positive, Huppenthal apparently misrepresented it

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2011-06-20 : The Huffington Post ran a hard-hitting article Jun 17:Did Arizona Education Chief Huppenthal Commit a Felony in Growing Ethnic Studies Scandal?

The Tucson Weekly has posted a full PDF of the ethnic studies audit online

The audit appears to be a thorough review including unannounced classroom observations, student interviews and curriculum analysis.  The audit firm, Cambium Learning, was chosen by Huppenthal's department to conduct the audit.  

Some quotes:

"The curriculum auditors observed teachers using researched-based[sic] instructional strategies that were developmentally appropriate and provided students with assignments which required the use of higher-order and critical thinking skills.  Every classroom demonstrated all students actively engaged and when asked to work together, they all worked collaboratively with each other across various sociocultural backgrounds and academic abilities"
"...both [TUSD and MASD, the Mexican American Studies Dept vision and goal statements] agree that the academic focus of culturally relevent coursework, critical consiousness, and authentic caring is fundamental....During all classroom visitations, the auditors observed evidence of properly aligned and multiple uses of Arizona's State Standards."

"In each of the last six years, students who failed the reading and writing AIMS subtests in their sophomore year and then took a MASD course during their junior year were indeed more likely than the comparison group to pass these two AIMS subjects by the end of their junior year."

"No evidence exists in any format that Arizona Revised Statute 15-112(A) is being violated in any of the five Latino Literature courses visited.

"No evidence exists in any format that Arizona Revised Statute 15-112(A) is being violated in any of the six American History from Mexican American Perspective courses visited

"No evidence exists in any format that Arizona Revised Statute 15-112(A) is being violated in any of the four American Government/Social Justice courses visited

What part of 'no evidence exists in any format' was John Huppenthal unable to understand?

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2011-07-08 On an unrelated note, Huppenthal also bullies little old ladies
Excerpts from coverage of Huppenthal's 2009 trial for theft and tampering with a campaign sign:
"I began to shout, 'Stop it,' and he ignored me as if I was not even there," she testified Wednesday.

Though seemingly frail as she walked slowly toward the witness stand, Levin was fiery in her testimony, making it easy to believe she would battle a much younger man over a sign.

The white-haired woman said she was sitting on her husband's walker on the sidewalk near the complex when she saw Huppenthal get out of his car with a utility knife.

"I dropped my fliers, and I picked the sign up and grabbed hold of the lower corners with both hands, and I held on tight as I could, yelling for him to stop," she said, acknowledging the two never touched during the encounter.

"He was able to pull it away from me pretty easily for him. And as he ran to his car, he said 'I have permission,' " she said. "I didn't believe him."
" --gv

Information above is from a privately purchased database and/or unverified user submissions. Please verify all information before depending on it for anything critical. We welcome corrections!

From the May 2 2011 Curriculum Audit by Cambium Learning.

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